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Re: CF: 1 thought on new spell

> From: Kundi Xue writes:
> 	Just had 1 thought on a new kind of spell. A spell that can only be
> casted when there are more than one player cooperate together. Players of
> minimal level requirement and spell availability stands in set pattern and
> the main caster invoke the spell, that drains sp from each character. e.g.
> [snip]

	I like it! A kind of 'ritual' magic. I would expect that this
	casting would share experience points equally for kills. Alos,
	since magic is more powerfull this way, it always has a 
	casting time.

	Here's a thought-- why not make *all*  spells possible as ritual
	spells. When cast as a rtiual, 2 or more characters share the 
	spellpoint cost (mana or grace, depending on the spell). The 
	trade-off is that ritual spells take time to cast (if CASTING_
	TIME is defined, the amount of time is a multiple of the number
	of spellcasters!) *and* the experience is split.

	Of course, priests must share the same god in order to cast
	rituals. Similarly, we take the most unfavorable caster 
	(level, spellpath) to determine the spellpoint cost.

	We might want to think about making some powerful spells (like
	retributive strike, meteor swarm, resurrection) *only* available
	as rituals. On the other hand, we could just raise the casting 
	cost so that this would be the case (try casting a 800 mana
	incantation on your own!).