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Re: party system (was: CF: colors 2)

>> From: Jason Largen writes:
> Would anyone be interested in an upgraded party system?  We are working on it (we all
> used to play a lot of muds so making it alot more mudlike) making some simple changes, so that
> it splits based on level, displays hps and sps and grace on the party who (might make it 
> party status once it works right).  Anyways just curious. 

	Sure! One thing you might want to also look into-- I believe that
	the current party system doesnt hand out experience to the right
	exp objects. In other words, if you have a spell readied (current
	skill: wizardry, current experience:magic) and your buddy kills 
	a monster wi his sword (current skill: melee weapons, current
	experience: physique) you will get experience added to your "magic"
	category, *not* physique! 

	Every player has the same number of experience objects (always) so	
	this isnt an intractible problem. Probalby a name search of the other
	party members inventory for the right experience object to add
	experience to should work.


> Jason