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Re: party system (was: CF: colors 2)

Well I looked into it, just thru play testing, not going thru the code.
And I had no problem with it sending the xp to the proper skill.  Whatever
skill one of the mages in my group had active is what they got, while my
physque (spelling?) went up from melee weapons.  Kinda on vacation
until next weds, but some of the things we are changing to it
changing party who to show hp, sp, and gr.  Making the party split
be based on number of players AND each of thiers level.  (keeps it
from being patheticaly easy for a higher level character to get
a first level character up in levels).

Thanks for the cool game.
				Jason Largen
				System Administrator
				First Coast Online
				(904)247-2067 pgr.

On Sun, 15 Sep 1996, Brian Thomas wrote:

> >> From: Jason Largen writes:
> >
> > Would anyone be interested in an upgraded party system?  We are working on it (we all
> > used to play a lot of muds so making it alot more mudlike) making some simple changes, so that
> > it splits based on level, displays hps and sps and grace on the party who (might make it 
> > party status once it works right).  Anyways just curious. 
> > 
> 	Sure! One thing you might want to also look into-- I believe that
> 	the current party system doesnt hand out experience to the right
> 	exp objects. In other words, if you have a spell readied (current
> 	skill: wizardry, current experience:magic) and your buddy kills 
> 	a monster wi his sword (current skill: melee weapons, current
> 	experience: physique) you will get experience added to your "magic"
> 	category, *not* physique! 
> 	Every player has the same number of experience objects (always) so	
> 	this isnt an intractible problem. Probalby a name search of the other
> 	party members inventory for the right experience object to add
> 	experience to should work.
> 								-b.t.
> > Jason
> >