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Re: CF: Experience awards with skills, map design

> From: "Mark Wedel" writes:
>  I have noticed that a lot of the cone spells that monsters are casting
> seem pretty wimpy right now - it is almost like NO_CONE_PROPROGATE is
> set no matter what it is set to in teh config.h file.  I have really noticed
> this against wyverns - their cone goes 1 space then stops.  This makes a lot
> of stuff much easier (even if you are sitting next to the monster and still
> in the area, you are being hit for less time.)

	In 0.92.5? Damn. I thought I fixed this. Before, when this 
	was happening, it was a result of the set_owner code not
	seting the spell properties (from the owner) right. Thus, 
	the wyvern (or whatever) would start casting 0 level spells
	which had a range of (you guessed it) 1 (also, the damage
	for such spells is quite wimpy too).

	I'll take another look. Again, I havent seen this on my 
	server in a while. I can't imagine that this is related to
	the invoke bug I just patched. 

> >
> >I am now carrying a "cauldron +3", which weights only 56.  Much
> >lighter than the normal cauldron, and I can carry as much as I want
> >while still running at top speed.  Hmmm...  Is that fair?
> >
>  As said, I fixed the containment bug.  But magical cauldrons seem a little
> strange - you don't find +3 sacks or +3 quivers.

	Well, the magic value on a cauldron does effect the ability 
	to make a potion. I have no problem with removing this on 
	an estetic basis though.


> -- 
>  --Mark