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Re: CF: Configuring a Crossfire Server.

At 18:01 8/05/98 -0700,  wrote:
>I can tell the server is keeping a shared game environment going because
>my player died and when I came back with another one, the monsters that
>killed him were still there.
If you don't want this, remove the configuration option.

>The server and client both disappear when my player pushes against
>something like a door or something like it within a shop, pushing the
>player back to the most recent save command.
There was a bugfix for this a while ago on the list. Look for the message
containing the patch, then use it.

>When I connect to the server, I see this in the root window where I
>started it:
>Can't open (null)
>Can't read map file: No such file or directory.
This is probably the server looking for temporary maps from the previous
time you played, or something (this is the voice of ignorance speaking...),
but it doesn't seem to be a critical problem.

>I'm guessing I've botched the configuration of the server somehow, but
>I'm looking for advice on how to fix it so it stays up when my player
>bumps into things in a shop, for example.
The only configuration error you seem to have is the option to save maps
across games; and this is only an error if you don't want it.

If you don't still have the message containing the fix for the key/door
bug, send me an offlist message, and I'll dig it out for you.

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