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Re: CF: 0.95.3 bugs (OR CHEATS)

Philip Brown () wrote:
>     The problem with that is that crossfire doesn't have classes. "Mages",
>     "Barbarians", "Wizards" etc. differ slightly in the way they get started,
>     but everybody (everybody that I know...) starts doing the same things
>     and getting the same items _really_ soon (starting at level 7 or so).
> there may not be explicit classes, but there are certainly functional
> classes.  Why couldn't a weapon have a great combat bonus,b ut a negative
> for spellcasting somehow?

No problem with that --- but this won't change anything, since you can
a) just unwield the weapon when you want to cast spells
b) crossfire is biased towards fighters --- even wizards and priests
   stop using spells after a while

The problem with classes is probably rather simple: other RPGs usually
have parties, so a wizard (being unable to wear most armor/weapon
items and a very bad fighter anyway) is protected by other party
members such as warriors or dwarves. These can't cast at all --- but
they don't need to, since elves and wizards can. So each class has
strengths and weaknesses, but since the player controls a group of
characters he can choose a good combination. In crossfire the player
just controls one single character, so that character has to be able
to do everything --- a RPG wizard would be very difficult to play, and
a RPG warrior would not be the best choice either. That's why crossfire
barbarians can cast spells just as well as crossfire wizards.


Christian Stieber
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