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Re: CF: 0.95.3 bugs (OR CHEATS)

Anthony Thyssen () wrote:

> |  That is somewhat true.  If you look at other games closer to nethack
> |  or games in which you really control one character, it is similar to
> |  crossfire - the character can really do anything, and the class you
> |  choose basically determines starting disposition.
> | 
> And here is where the BIG difference comes.
> Nethack has lots of items, AND can have stats rasied. BUT it is
> difficult and rare to get the different items. You have to work hard to
> get the good stuff.

I don't think that's the BIG difference :-) The BIG difference, IMHO,
is that you play nethack to perform a task --- recover the amulet of
yendor, reach the astral plane, and sacrifice the damned
thing. Crossfire, on the other hand, is a game that never ends, so
sooner or later everybody has all the good items, no matter what.  I
waited a long time for a cloak of the underworld, and even longer for
the ring of ruling (in fact, we had to play games with ruggili to get
the ring).

In nethack you just polymorph the items you haven't found yet (one of
those orcish helmets that you find tons of can easily turn into a
helmet of brilliance, for example), or do other things --- how about a
post-quest tourist with a wand of death? Wands of create monster are
useful to get artifacts, you can teleport around at will (teleport is
easy to get; teleport control isn't that difficult to obtain either),

> Hmm the stat increase potion in nethack has an increadably LOW chance of
> being generated, but then characters don't know what potions are when
> they start either.

However, when you get one (and it's not that difficult to get some:
rob a potion shop, use polymorph) all you have to do is bless it ---
then it will raise _all_ stats, not just a (random) one. Also, some
food grants permanent immunities or permanently raises your strength.
You can also charge rings so they give more plusses.


Christian Stieber
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