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CF: Client & sound.

 I'm working on getting the client to work nicely with the solaris based soudn

 In each users ~/.crossfire, there is a sndstat file.   Ones used for linux at
least are not compatible with solaris (different output device, as well as
frequency and other differences).  Even on solaris, the values of that file may
differ (trying to run at some incompatible sample rate will result in errors on
ioctl's to set that).  My personal thought is to basically ignore that file, and
use compiled in defaults based on OS type.

 The only issue I can see on this is if a user has multiple audio devices and
doesn't want to use the primary one.  Currently, that can still be worked around
by setting an environmental variable.

 I'm just curious if anyone might have a better way to handle a config file with
hardware specific information in it which may be used on different hardware
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