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CF: client CVS updates.

 I've just checked in a bunch of updates for the client.  Here they are:

cfsndserv.c: Various changes
1) Add support for sound on Sun (solaris) systems - another init_audio
function added.
2) If in SOUND_DEBUG mode, also print out the audio device we would try to
use.  Also, add x,y coordinates when printing debug information when
playing a sound.
3) Add various casts to reduce compiler warnings on going from
signed char to unsigned char data types.
4) For 16 bit output, big endian (sparc) should now work - have two
sections when packing the sound information to pack it the write direction
depending on endianess of the machine.
5) Ignore the device entry in the .crossfire/sndstat file - using that
resulted in incompatibilities between system types.  If player needs
to use a specific audio device, the AUDIODEV environmental variable
can be used.
--MSW 4/20/2000 (and configure): Many fixes:
1) On solaris, add -R flag to linker options if --with-xpm-lib=dir is
used - needed to run the client when dynamic linking is used.
2) Add AC_C_BIGENDIAN check - we need to know the byte order for sound
to work on both sparc and other systems properly.  NOTE - when running
autoconf, you will get a warning about that line.
3) Add detecition for solaris audio include, and add appropriate declarations
to use it.
4) Fix for xpm check - if X11 includes are in a nonstandard place,
it would fail to find xpm.h since that includes some standard X11 files.
Add X_CFLAGS which includes any necessary -I options for this to work.
--MSW 4/20/2000

config.h, Add WORDS_BIGENDIAN define to file.  MSW 4/20/2000

x11.c, xutil.c, client.h,  Only update keycodes for the
local keyboard for standard keybindings.  Custom keybindings will keep their
old/original keycodes, which is often needed.  Add -updatekeycodes option so
have it update all keycodes. updated to describe the
-updatekeycodes command.  MSW 4/20/2000

gx11.c: Above update for keycodes added.  Also, update so that it
has the same set of command line options that x11.c does (-nocache, -nosound)
MSW 4/20/2000

x11.c:add closing comment - the missing close comment was just resulting in
warnings of 'comment detected inside comment' - the change does not affect the
execution of the code.  MSW 4/20/2000

item.c: Remove extra semicolon that was resulting in compiler warnings.
Update mail address/copyright date.  Mark Wedel 4/18/2000
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