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CF: Keys searching method checked into CVS

 Here is the entry from the CHANGELOG

 (one note not included in the change below is that only keys in
active containers will be automatically used, but all containers will
be searched for possible usuable keys)

Key usage change:  Add new command 'usekeys' that specify how keys
are searched for. The three options are inventory, keyrings, and containers.
These options apply to both standard keys and special keys.  If the player
has a key for the door but it is in a container that will not be used,
print a friendly message of the key name and container name.  Files
help/usekeys: Added describing options
lib/ Addition of help/usekeys above.
include/player.h: Add new enumeration and entry into player structure
include/sproto.h: New function prototype
server/apply.c: change of Find_Key to new function with slightly
        different options
server/c_misc.c: add function to support 'usekeys command.
server/commands.c: addition of usekeys command
server/player.c: rewrite & rename of find_key command, as well as changes
to move_player_attack
Mark Wedel 4/21/2000
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