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Re: CF: Multi-square avatars broken

 I've fixed the bug and checked it into the CVS repository.  Note that the bug
applied for all multi square golem creatures, of which avatars were just one
type.  from the changes file:

server/spell_util.c: Fix move_golem so that multi square avatars (golems)
don't hit themselves.  Remove will_hit_self function (only used in
move_golem), since it did not work.  Change structure & indenting of
move_golem function so it isn't quite so nested - functionality
remains the same.  When we do find something to kill in move_golem,
call attack_ob against it instead of hit_map - hit_map is not save
for multi object hitters.  MSW 4/24/2000

Jan Echternach wrote:
> Hi,
> There is a long-standing bug somewhere (at least since 0.93.1) that makes
> large avatars almost useless.  For example, if the avatar attacks a dread
> from the east, the dread is killed after a while.  But if the avatar
> attacks from the north, the avatar dies very quickly.
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