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CF: png for images.

 This was discussed on the mailing list quite a while ago, but nothing really
seemed to come from it.

 The general proposal is to add png to the server and the client.  At some
point, xpm would be discontinued, and maybe/maybe not bitmaps.

 Reasons this is a good thing:
1) png images are smaller than xpm's, so save bandwidth & disk
2) png is arguably has more wide spread support than Xpm does
3) png has some more advanced features in its library (although, I don't think
it will make much sense for the client to use most of these, as for reasons of
performance, the client is likely to convert the png to the native format as
soon as it gets it and not play around with png after that.)

 Reasons this could be a bad thing:
1) change from xpm is likely to break something, but that is true of most
2) Another library (png) that must be installed.  Note sure how bad that is, as
the xpm library is hardly standard, so requiring png probably is not any worse
than that.
3) a pngtoxpixmap function probably needs to be written.  It appears there are
some libraries out there that do that, but I don't want to start requiring too
many extra libraries - plus most of those libraries look to do other more
advanced stuff we are not interested in - this also makes it harder to just pull
the code from someplace else and put it in the client.

 Tha main reason this is coming up now is that quite a while ago, David
Sundqvist made a set of images in 32x32 format.  Originally, I was going to wait
until crossfire 0.96.0 to deal with that, but I can see right now that is still
a ways away.  I would rather get those in now because that way they will remain
up to date.  Also, the realization came to me that addition of these images will
only change the client and the protocol areas of the server - the later is not
likely to be affected in any substantial way in the cf96 changes.

 My further thinking was that instead of just using the new larger xpm images
and then having to deal with older clients that want 24x24 images and what not,
addition of a new image format (and size) makes life easier, and now would be
one of the better times to do it.
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