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Re: CF: Bugs listed in crosserver logs

Jan Echternach wrote:
> On Sun, May 28, 2000 at 10:27:08PM -0700, Mark Wedel wrote:
> >  Jan (and anyone making arch changes) - you should also rebuild and check in an
> > updated lib/archetypes file whenever changing the arch directory, so others can
> > just download the prebuilt one (or grab the snapshot) and not need to also deal
> > with the arch distribution.
> Updating lib/archetypes would be possible.  I suppose that I would also
> need to update bmaps.paths, crossfire.xbm, crossfire.xpm, crossfire.png
> and animations.
> BTW, there is still a PNG problem:  I can't rebuild crossfire.png
> because there are no PNG images.

 I'll check the png in shortly.

 You should not need to check in the images unless you add/remove archetypes or
change the images.  The collect script collects the images in alphabetical
order, so those should remain unchanged even if you run the collect script.
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