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Re: CF: Newbie'ish questions

Sean McInerney wrote:
> 2. Poinsonous food.  I was exploring the other day and had around 60hp left
> when I ate some food off the ground and died instantly.  Is this really
> necessary for poisonous food to do so much damage?  Shouldn't it simply
> poison you or something?  This seems kinda harsh to me.

 You probably out the most poisonous of food (there is normal poisonous food,
but you can also get really seriously poisonous food which obviously does that
much damage).  Also, if you chose a good that makes you vulnerable to poison
(not sure if any do that), you would take double damage.

 But in some sense, it should be that serious.  If the worst thing poisonous
food does is to be annoying (loss a few hp), there wouldn't be a huge reason to
have it in the game).  Think the same thing with traps - if traps were not
deadly, but only obnoxious interruptions, having them around doesn't add much to
the game.
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