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Re: CF: Fix for Wizard crashes (fwd)

David Andrew Michael Noelle wrote:
> > Date: Sun, 28 May 2000 22:23:21 -0700
> > From: Mark Wedel <>
> >
> >  More important here is how something is getting the name 'animated dagger' in
> > the first place.  The only place animations should come from is the 'animations'
> > file - if there is code someplace adding in animations, that is just plain
> > wrong.
> Two different uses of the word: The example "animated dagger" is a
> dagger that moves by itself, not a sequence of pictures.  The Animate
> Weapon spell creates a golem to weild the weapon it is cast upon.  The
> golem is made to look like the weapon and given the name of the weapon
> with the word "animated" prepended to it.
> The archetype used as a base for this weapon-shaped golem is the
> dancing sword.

 But that should cause the animation for the item to change.  And looking at the
code for animate weapon, it appears how it sets the animation id should be OK. 
I'll have to see if I can reproduce it - or if someone can send me one of the
maps that causes it to fail, I would be interested in seeing that.
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