Crossfire Server, Trunk  R22047
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6 #ifndef PLAYER_H
7 #define PLAYER_H
15 typedef enum rangetype {
16  range_bottom = -1,
17  range_none = 0,
18  range_bow = 1,
20  range_misc = 3,
25 } rangetype;
28 typedef enum _bowtype {
29  bow_normal = 0,
32  bow_n = 3,
33  bow_ne = 4,
34  bow_e = 5,
35  bow_se = 6,
36  bow_s = 7,
37  bow_sw = 8,
38  bow_w = 9,
39  bow_nw = 10,
41 } bowtype_t;
44 typedef enum _petmode {
45  pet_normal = 0,
46  pet_sad = 1,
47  pet_defend = 2,
48  pet_arena = 3
49 } petmode_t;
52 typedef enum usekeytype {
54  keyrings = 1,
56 } usekeytype;
62 typedef enum unapplymode {
69 } unapplymode;
74 typedef struct client_spell {
75  object *spell;
79  struct client_spell *next;
80 } client_spell;
85 typedef enum party_rejoin_mode {
92 typedef struct pl {
93  struct pl *next;
96  char maplevel[MAX_BUF];
103  object *ranges[range_size];
123  /* Try to put all the bitfields together - saves some small amount of memory */
135  const char *invis_race;
154  float last_speed;
158  object *ob;
165  char title[BIG_NAME];
167  int8_t levhp[11];
168  int8_t levsp[11];
171  char killer[BIG_NAME];
176  char password[16];
177  char new_password[16];
180 #ifdef SAVE_INTERVAL
181  time_t last_save_time;
182 #endif /* SAVE_INTERVAL */
183 #ifdef AUTOSAVE
184  uint32_t last_save_tick;
185 #endif
194  object *mark;
195  object *transport;
197  /* Special DM fields */
198  tag_t *stack_items;
201  int language;
202  const char *unarmed_skill;
204 } player;
213 #define FIND_PLAYER_NO_HIDDEN_DM 0x2
222 #define ADD_PLAYER_NEW 0x1
223 #define ADD_PLAYER_NO_MAP 0x2
224 #define ADD_PLAYER_NO_STATS_ROLL 0x4
227 #endif /* PLAYER_H */
int16_t last_golem_maxhp
Definition: player.h:157
Definition: player.h:28
Definition: player.h:92
int16_t last_sp
Definition: player.h:76
int swap_first
Definition: player.h:147
int16_t gen_hp
Definition: player.h:113
Definition: player.h:39
char input_buf[MAX_BUF]
Definition: player.h:175
living last_race_stats
Definition: player.h:151
int16_t last_dam
Definition: player.h:78
int16_t bed_x
Definition: player.h:98
uint32_t run_on
Definition: player.h:128
uint32_t braced
Definition: player.h:124
unsigned char uint8_t
Definition: win32.h:161
char spellparam[MAX_BUF]
Definition: player.h:100
uint32_t name_changed
Definition: player.h:130
int16_t last_resist[NROFATTACKS]
Definition: player.h:155
uint32_t has_directory
Definition: player.h:134
object * spell
Definition: player.h:75
int16_t gen_grace
Definition: player.h:116
#define BIG_NAME
Definition: define.h:42
Definition: player.h:62
struct pl player
char new_password[16]
Definition: player.h:177
int8_t levsp[11]
Definition: player.h:168
socket_struct socket
Definition: player.h:94
rangetype shoottype
Definition: player.h:99
object * ranges[range_size]
Definition: player.h:103
uint32_t mark_count
Definition: player.h:193
int16_t last_golem_hp
Definition: player.h:156
int language
Definition: player.h:201
Definition: living.h:35
uint32_t hidden
Definition: player.h:132
char savebed_map[MAX_BUF]
Definition: player.h:97
int stack_position
Definition: player.h:200
partylist * party
Definition: player.h:186
Definition: player.h:32
uint32_t no_shout
Definition: player.h:133
uint32_t ticks_played
Definition: player.h:203
Definition: player.h:34
Definition: player.h:85
living applied_stats
Definition: player.h:152
Definition: player.h:44
Definition: player.h:36
Definition: player.h:52
unapplymode unapply
Definition: player.h:108
int16_t gen_sp
Definition: player.h:114
int8_t last_level
Definition: player.h:121
signed short int16_t
Definition: win32.h:160
enum _petmode petmode_t
uint16_t last_flags
Definition: player.h:141
uint32_t tmp_invis
Definition: player.h:125
char search_str[MAX_BUF]
Definition: player.h:192
tag_t * stack_items
Definition: player.h:198
Definition: player.h:33
object * transport
Definition: player.h:195
int16_t bed_y
Definition: player.h:98
living orig_stats
Definition: player.h:148
Definition: player.h:37
living last_applied_stats
Definition: player.h:153
uint8_t state
Definition: player.h:118
char last_tell[MAX_NAME]
Definition: player.h:172
int16_t last_grace
Definition: player.h:77
uint8_t listening
Definition: player.h:120
uint32_t has_hit
Definition: player.h:129
int32_t last_weight_limit
Definition: player.h:143
int8_t blocked_los[MAP_CLIENT_X][MAP_CLIENT_Y]
Definition: player.h:159
party_rejoin_mode rejoin_party
Definition: player.h:191
uint32_t golem_count
Definition: player.h:106
#define MAX_BUF
Definition: define.h:35
uint32_t peaceful
Definition: player.h:131
enum _bowtype bowtype_t
char own_title[MAX_NAME]
Definition: player.h:163
int16_t encumbrance
Definition: player.h:179
int8_t levhp[11]
Definition: player.h:167
#define MAP_CLIENT_X
Definition: config.h:237
struct client_spell client_spell
int64_t last_skill_exp[MAX_SKILLS]
Definition: player.h:138
unsigned short uint16_t
Definition: win32.h:163
signed __int64 int64_t
Definition: win32.h:168
client_spell * spell_state
Definition: player.h:196
object * ob
Definition: player.h:158
const char * sstring
Definition: global.h:40
unsigned int uint32_t
Definition: win32.h:162
struct client_spell * next
Definition: player.h:79
bowtype_t bowtype
Definition: player.h:101
char killer[BIG_NAME]
Definition: player.h:171
#define MAP_CLIENT_Y
Definition: config.h:238
Definition: player.h:35
float last_speed
Definition: player.h:154
living last_stats
Definition: player.h:149
const char * invis_race
Definition: player.h:135
signed char int8_t
Definition: win32.h:158
uint32_t fire_on
Definition: player.h:127
char password[16]
Definition: player.h:176
int32_t last_weight
Definition: player.h:142
float last_weapon_sp
Definition: player.h:140
uint32_t do_los
Definition: player.h:126
uint32_t mode
Definition: player.h:110
Definition: player.h:15
Definition: attack.h:17
signed int int32_t
Definition: win32.h:159
Definition: player.h:38
int16_t gen_sp_armour
Definition: player.h:115
struct pl * next
Definition: player.h:93
petmode_t petmode
Definition: player.h:102
uint32_t last_path_repelled
Definition: player.h:145
char maplevel[MAX_BUF]
Definition: player.h:96
usekeytype usekeys
Definition: player.h:107
Definition: player.h:46
int16_t item_power
Definition: player.h:117
object * last_skill_ob[MAX_SKILLS]
Definition: player.h:137
object * mark
Definition: player.h:194
#define MAX_NAME
Definition: define.h:41
uint32_t last_path_attuned
Definition: player.h:144
#define MAX_SKILLS
Definition: skills.h:70
char write_buf[MAX_BUF]
Definition: player.h:174
int8_t levgrace[11]
Definition: player.h:169
const char * unarmed_skill
Definition: player.h:202
partylist * party_to_join
Definition: player.h:187
int16_t digestion
Definition: player.h:112
sstring followed_player
Definition: player.h:199
uint32_t last_path_denied
Definition: player.h:146
living last_orig_stats
Definition: player.h:150
uint32_t count
Definition: player.h:109