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1999-03-28 23:46
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2006-09-19 02:24
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Totals 506 (100.0%) 183 (100.0%) 0.3
avogl 12 (2.4%) 53 (29.0%) 4.4
mwedel 298 (58.9%) 38 (20.8%) 0.1
temitchell 2 (0.4%) 34 (18.6%) 17.0
cvs 53 (10.5%) 26 (14.2%) 0.4
bbotbuilder 11 (2.2%) 26 (14.2%) 2.3
mikeeusa 14 (2.8%) 4 (2.2%) 0.2
uid200 116 (22.9%) 2 (1.1%) 0.0

Most Recent Commits

mwedel 2006-09-19 02:24 Rev.: 4942

make branche directories, delete old trunk.

0 lines of code changed in 237 files:

  • trunk/arch/connect/Gates: gate.arc (del), gateTrg1.arc (del), gateTrg2.arc (del), gate_1.111 (del), gate_1.111.png (del), gate_1.111.xpm (del), gate_1.112 (del), gate_1.112.png (del), gate_1.112.xpm (del), gate_1.113 (del), gate_1.113.png (del), gate_1.113.xpm (del), gate_1.114 (del), gate_1.114.png (del), gate_1.114.xpm (del), gate_1.115 (del), gate_1.115.png (del), gate_1.115.xpm (del), gate_1.116 (del), gate_1.116.png (del), gate_1.116.xpm (del), gate_1.117 (del), gate_1.117.png (del), gate_1.117.xpm (del), gate_1.base.111.png (del), gate_1.base.112.png (del), gate_1.base.113.png (del), gate_1.base.114.png (del), gate_1.base.115.png (del), gate_1.base.116.png (del), gate_1.base.117.png (del), gate_2.111 (del), gate_2.111.png (del), gate_2.111.xpm (del), gate_2.112 (del), gate_2.112.png (del), gate_2.112.xpm (del), gate_2.113 (del), gate_2.113.png (del), gate_2.113.xpm (del), gate_2.114 (del), gate_2.114.png (del), gate_2.114.xpm (del), gate_2.115 (del), gate_2.115.png (del), gate_2.115.xpm (del), gate_2.base.111.png (del), gate_2.base.112.png (del), gate_2.base.113.png (del), gate_2.base.114.png (del), gate_2.base.115.png (del), grate.arc (del), grate_1.111 (del), grate_1.111.png (del), grate_1.111.xpm (del), grate_1.112 (del), grate_1.112.png (del), grate_1.112.xpm (del), grate_1.113 (del), grate_1.113.png (del), grate_1.113.xpm (del), grate_1.114 (del), grate_1.114.png (del), grate_1.114.xpm (del), grate_1.115 (del), grate_1.115.png (del), grate_1.115.xpm (del), grate_1.116 (del), grate_1.116.png (del), grate_1.116.xpm (del), grate_1.117 (del), grate_1.117.png (del), grate_1.117.xpm (del), grate_1.118 (del), grate_1.118.png (del), grate_1.118.xpm (del), grate_1.base.111.png (del), grate_1.base.112.png (del), grate_1.base.113.png (del), grate_1.base.114.png (del), grate_1.base.115.png (del), grate_1.base.116.png (del), grate_1.base.117.png (del), grate_1.base.118.png (del), grate_2.111 (del), grate_2.111.png (del), grate_2.111.xpm (del), grate_2.112 (del), grate_2.112.png (del), grate_2.112.xpm (del), grate_2.113 (del), grate_2.113.png (del), grate_2.113.xpm (del), grate_2.114 (del), grate_2.114.png (del), grate_2.114.xpm (del), grate_2.115 (del), grate_2.115.png (del), grate_2.115.xpm (del), grate_2.116 (del), grate_2.116.png (del), grate_2.116.xpm (del), grate_2.117 (del), grate_2.117.png (del), grate_2.117.xpm (del), grate_2.118 (del), grate_2.118.png (del), grate_2.118.xpm (del), grate_2.base.111.png (del), grate_2.base.112.png (del), grate_2.base.113.png (del), grate_2.base.114.png (del), grate_2.base.115.png (del), grate_2.base.116.png (del), grate_2.base.117.png (del), grate_2.base.118.png (del), gratedoor1.111 (del), gratedoor1.111.png (del), gratedoor1.111.xpm (del), gratedoor1.arc (del), gratedoor1.base.111.png (del), gratedoor2.111 (del), gratedoor2.111.png (del), gratedoor2.111.xpm (del), gratedoor2.arc (del), gratedoor2.base.111.png (del), igateTrg1.arc (del), igateTrg2.arc (del), iron_gate.arc (del), iron_gate1.111 (del), iron_gate1.111.png (del), iron_gate1.111.xpm (del), iron_gate1.112 (del), iron_gate1.112.png (del), iron_gate1.112.xpm (del), iron_gate1.113 (del), iron_gate1.113.png (del), iron_gate1.113.xpm (del), iron_gate1.114 (del), iron_gate1.114.png (del), iron_gate1.114.xpm (del), iron_gate1.115 (del), iron_gate1.115.png (del), iron_gate1.115.xpm (del), iron_gate1.116 (del), iron_gate1.116.png (del), iron_gate1.116.xpm (del), iron_gate1.117 (del), iron_gate1.117.png (del), iron_gate1.117.xpm (del), iron_gate1.118 (del), iron_gate1.118.png (del), iron_gate1.118.xpm (del), iron_gate1.base.111.png (del), iron_gate1.base.112.png (del), iron_gate1.base.113.png (del), iron_gate1.base.114.png (del), iron_gate1.base.115.png (del), iron_gate1.base.116.png (del), iron_gate1.base.117.png (del), iron_gate1.base.118.png (del), iron_gate2.111 (del), iron_gate2.111.png (del), iron_gate2.111.xpm (del), iron_gate2.112 (del), iron_gate2.112.png (del), iron_gate2.112.xpm (del), iron_gate2.113 (del), iron_gate2.113.png (del), iron_gate2.113.xpm (del), iron_gate2.114 (del), iron_gate2.114.png (del), iron_gate2.114.xpm (del), iron_gate2.115 (del), iron_gate2.115.png (del), iron_gate2.115.xpm (del), iron_gate2.116 (del), iron_gate2.116.png (del), iron_gate2.116.xpm (del), iron_gate2.base.111.png (del), iron_gate2.base.112.png (del), iron_gate2.base.113.png (del), iron_gate2.base.114.png (del), iron_gate2.base.115.png (del), iron_gate2.base.116.png (del), spike.arc (del), spike.base.110.png (del), spike.base.111.png (del), spike.base.112.png (del), spike.base.113.png (del), spike.base.114.png (del), spike.base.115.png (del), spike.base.116.png (del), spike.base.117.png (del), spike.base.118.png (del), spike.base.119.png (del), spike.base.120.png (del), spike.base.121.png (del), spike.base.122.png (del), spikes.111 (del), spikes.111.png (del), spikes.111.xpm (del), spikes.112 (del), spikes.112.png (del), spikes.112.xpm (del), spikes.113 (del), spikes.113.png (del), spikes.113.xpm (del), spikes.114 (del), spikes.114.png (del), spikes.114.xpm (del), spikes.115 (del), spikes.115.png (del), spikes.115.xpm (del), spikes.116 (del), spikes.116.png (del), spikes.116.xpm (del), spikes.117 (del), spikes.117.png (del), spikes.117.xpm (del), spikes.118 (del), spikes.118.png (del), spikes.118.xpm (del), spikes.119 (del), spikes.119.png (del), spikes.119.xpm (del), spikes.arc (del), spikes.base.110.png (del), spikes.base.111.png (del), spikes.base.112.png (del), spikes.base.113.png (del), spikes.base.114.png (del), spikes.base.115.png (del), spikes.base.116.png (del), spikes.base.117.png (del), spikes.base.118.png (del), spikes.base.119.png (del)
bbotbuilder 2006-01-09 17:02 Rev.: 4362

Update more "color_fg"s

26 lines of code changed in 11 files:

  • trunk/arch/connect/Gates: gate.arc (+4 -4), gateTrg1.arc (+1 -1), gateTrg2.arc (+1 -1), grate.arc (+4 -4), gratedoor1.arc (+1 -1), gratedoor2.arc (+1 -1), igateTrg1.arc (+1 -1), igateTrg2.arc (+1 -1), iron_gate.arc (+4 -4), spike.arc (+4 -4), spikes.arc (+4 -4)
mikeeusa 2005-10-10 13:58 Rev.: 3854

CVS: Arch: added big nasty spike

4 lines of code changed in 14 files:

  • trunk/arch/connect/Gates: spike.arc (new 4), spike.base.110.png (new), spike.base.111.png (new), spike.base.112.png (new), spike.base.113.png (new), spike.base.114.png (new), spike.base.115.png (new), spike.base.116.png (new), spike.base.117.png (new), spike.base.118.png (new), spike.base.119.png (new), spike.base.120.png (new), spike.base.121.png (new), spike.base.122.png (new)
temitchell 2004-07-10 16:23 Rev.: 2859

- add a harder to spot spike

34 lines of code changed in 2 files:

  • trunk/arch/connect/Gates: spikes.arc (+27), spikes.base.110.png (new 7)
mwedel 2002-09-18 00:52 Rev.: 1730

Update connected objects to have 'activate_on_push' and
'activate_on_release' flags - this corresponds to code changes in the
server. Remove some of the 'unused' entries, as they are in
fact in use now.
MSW 2002-09-17

38 lines of code changed in 8 files:

  • trunk/arch/connect/Gates: gate.arc (+8), gateTrg1.arc (+2), gateTrg2.arc (+2), grate.arc (+8), igateTrg1.arc (+2), igateTrg2.arc (+2), iron_gate.arc (+8), spikes.arc (+6)
mwedel 2001-12-31 02:02 Rev.: 1487

Rename of files to include base in name - for multiple image set support
in the server. MSW 2001-12-30

0 lines of code changed in 53 files:

  • trunk/arch/connect/Gates: gate_1.base.111.png (new), gate_1.base.112.png (new), gate_1.base.113.png (new), gate_1.base.114.png (new), gate_1.base.115.png (new), gate_1.base.116.png (new), gate_1.base.117.png (new), gate_2.base.111.png (new), gate_2.base.112.png (new), gate_2.base.113.png (new), gate_2.base.114.png (new), gate_2.base.115.png (new), grate_1.base.111.png (new), grate_1.base.112.png (new), grate_1.base.113.png (new), grate_1.base.114.png (new), grate_1.base.115.png (new), grate_1.base.116.png (new), grate_1.base.117.png (new), grate_1.base.118.png (new), grate_2.base.111.png (new), grate_2.base.112.png (new), grate_2.base.113.png (new), grate_2.base.114.png (new), grate_2.base.115.png (new), grate_2.base.116.png (new), grate_2.base.117.png (new), grate_2.base.118.png (new), gratedoor1.base.111.png (new), gratedoor2.base.111.png (new), iron_gate1.base.111.png (new), iron_gate1.base.112.png (new), iron_gate1.base.113.png (new), iron_gate1.base.114.png (new), iron_gate1.base.115.png (new), iron_gate1.base.116.png (new), iron_gate1.base.117.png (new), iron_gate1.base.118.png (new), iron_gate2.base.111.png (new), iron_gate2.base.112.png (new), iron_gate2.base.113.png (new), iron_gate2.base.114.png (new), iron_gate2.base.115.png (new), iron_gate2.base.116.png (new), spikes.base.111.png (new), spikes.base.112.png (new), spikes.base.113.png (new), spikes.base.114.png (new), spikes.base.115.png (new), spikes.base.116.png (new), spikes.base.117.png (new), spikes.base.118.png (new), spikes.base.119.png (new)
avogl 2001-08-26 20:04 Rev.: 1260

Some new png graphics for standard set.

53 lines of code changed in 12 files:

  • trunk/arch/connect/Gates: gate_1.111.png (+2 -1), gate_1.112.png (+3 -2), gate_1.113.png (+5 -2), gate_1.114.png (+6 -1), gate_1.115.png (+3 -5), gate_1.116.png (+6 -3), gate_1.117.png (+6 -1), gate_2.111.png (+4 -3), gate_2.112.png (+4 -1), gate_2.113.png (+4 -3), gate_2.114.png (+6 -3), gate_2.115.png (+4 -1)
cvs 2000-05-31 02:15 Rev.: 284

Addition of PNG images. MSW 5/30/2000

26 lines of code changed in 53 files:

  • trunk/arch/connect/Gates: gate_1.111.png (new 1), gate_1.112.png (new 2), gate_1.113.png (new 2), gate_1.114.png (new 1), gate_1.115.png (new 5), gate_1.116.png (new 3), gate_1.117.png (new 1), gate_2.111.png (new 3), gate_2.112.png (new 1), gate_2.113.png (new 3), gate_2.114.png (new 3), gate_2.115.png (new 1), grate_1.111.png (new), grate_1.112.png (new), grate_1.113.png (new), grate_1.114.png (new), grate_1.115.png (new), grate_1.116.png (new), grate_1.117.png (new), grate_1.118.png (new), grate_2.111.png (new), grate_2.112.png (new), grate_2.113.png (new), grate_2.114.png (new), grate_2.115.png (new), grate_2.116.png (new), grate_2.117.png (new), grate_2.118.png (new), gratedoor1.111.png (new), gratedoor2.111.png (new), iron_gate1.111.png (new), iron_gate1.112.png (new), iron_gate1.113.png (new), iron_gate1.114.png (new), iron_gate1.115.png (new), iron_gate1.116.png (new), iron_gate1.117.png (new), iron_gate1.118.png (new), iron_gate2.111.png (new), iron_gate2.112.png (new), iron_gate2.113.png (new), iron_gate2.114.png (new), iron_gate2.115.png (new), iron_gate2.116.png (new), spikes.111.png (new), spikes.112.png (new), spikes.113.png (new), spikes.114.png (new), spikes.115.png (new), spikes.116.png (new), spikes.117.png (new), spikes.118.png (new), spikes.119.png (new)
uid200 1999-03-28 23:46 Rev.: 2

Initial revision

2 lines of code changed in 116 files:

  • trunk/arch/connect/Gates: gate.arc (new), gateTrg1.arc (new), gateTrg2.arc (new), gate_1.111 (new), gate_1.111.xpm (new), gate_1.112 (new), gate_1.112.xpm (new), gate_1.113 (new), gate_1.113.xpm (new), gate_1.114 (new), gate_1.114.xpm (new), gate_1.115 (new), gate_1.115.xpm (new), gate_1.116 (new), gate_1.116.xpm (new), gate_1.117 (new), gate_1.117.xpm (new), gate_2.111 (new), gate_2.111.xpm (new), gate_2.112 (new), gate_2.112.xpm (new), gate_2.113 (new), gate_2.113.xpm (new), gate_2.114 (new), gate_2.114.xpm (new), gate_2.115 (new), gate_2.115.xpm (new), grate.arc (new), grate_1.111 (new), grate_1.111.xpm (new), grate_1.112 (new), grate_1.112.xpm (new), grate_1.113 (new), grate_1.113.xpm (new), grate_1.114 (new), grate_1.114.xpm (new), grate_1.115 (new), grate_1.115.xpm (new), grate_1.116 (new), grate_1.116.xpm (new), grate_1.117 (new), grate_1.117.xpm (new), grate_1.118 (new), grate_1.118.xpm (new), grate_2.111 (new), grate_2.111.xpm (new), grate_2.112 (new), grate_2.112.xpm (new), grate_2.113 (new), grate_2.113.xpm (new), grate_2.114 (new), grate_2.114.xpm (new), grate_2.115 (new), grate_2.115.xpm (new), grate_2.116 (new), grate_2.116.xpm (new), grate_2.117 (new), grate_2.117.xpm (new), grate_2.118 (new), grate_2.118.xpm (new), gratedoor1.111 (new), gratedoor1.111.xpm (new), gratedoor1.arc (new 1), gratedoor2.111 (new), gratedoor2.111.xpm (new), gratedoor2.arc (new 1), igateTrg1.arc (new), igateTrg2.arc (new), iron_gate.arc (new), iron_gate1.111 (new), iron_gate1.111.xpm (new), iron_gate1.112 (new), iron_gate1.112.xpm (new), iron_gate1.113 (new), iron_gate1.113.xpm (new), iron_gate1.114 (new), iron_gate1.114.xpm (new), iron_gate1.115 (new), iron_gate1.115.xpm (new), iron_gate1.116 (new), iron_gate1.116.xpm (new), iron_gate1.117 (new), iron_gate1.117.xpm (new), iron_gate1.118 (new), iron_gate1.118.xpm (new), iron_gate2.111 (new), iron_gate2.111.xpm (new), iron_gate2.112 (new), iron_gate2.112.xpm (new), iron_gate2.113 (new), iron_gate2.113.xpm (new), iron_gate2.114 (new), iron_gate2.114.xpm (new), iron_gate2.115 (new), iron_gate2.115.xpm (new), iron_gate2.116 (new), iron_gate2.116.xpm (new), spikes.111 (new), spikes.111.xpm (new), spikes.112 (new), spikes.112.xpm (new), spikes.113 (new), spikes.113.xpm (new), spikes.114 (new), spikes.114.xpm (new), spikes.115 (new), spikes.115.xpm (new), spikes.116 (new), spikes.116.xpm (new), spikes.117 (new), spikes.117.xpm (new), spikes.118 (new), spikes.118.xpm (new), spikes.119 (new), spikes.119.xpm (new), spikes.arc (new)
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