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9,579 (2.9%)
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59,541 (0.1%)
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1999-05-05 13:01

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Totals 9579 (100.0%) 59541 (100.0%) 6.2
trunk/crossfire/doc/ 29 (0.3%) 26275 (44.1%) 906.0
trunk/crossfire/server/ 41 (0.4%) 8629 (14.5%) 210.4
trunk/crossfire/lib/ 21 (0.2%) 7259 (12.2%) 345.6
trunk/client/ 45 (0.5%) 3542 (5.9%) 78.7
trunk/crossfire/ 12 (0.1%) 3262 (5.5%) 271.8
trunk/crossfire/common/ 30 (0.3%) 3157 (5.3%) 105.2
trunk/crossfire/include/ 39 (0.4%) 2710 (4.6%) 69.4
trunk/crossfire/random_maps/ 19 (0.2%) 730 (1.2%) 38.4
trunk/crossfire/crossedit/ 30 (0.3%) 535 (0.9%) 17.8
trunk/crossfire/utils/ 11 (0.1%) 524 (0.9%) 47.6
trunk/client/utils/ 7 (0.1%) 456 (0.8%) 65.1
trunk/crossfire/doc/spoiler-html/ 17 (0.2%) 290 (0.5%) 17.0
trunk/crossfire/socket/ 9 (0.1%) 236 (0.4%) 26.2
trunk/crossfire/doc/playbook/ 31 (0.3%) 156 (0.3%) 5.0
trunk/arch/monster/demon/GreatDemon/ 86 (0.9%) 130 (0.2%) 1.5
trunk/arch/monster/misc/Chess/ 18 (0.2%) 102 (0.2%) 5.6
trunk/arch/gods/elemental/ 28 (0.3%) 76 (0.1%) 2.7
trunk/arch/construct/town/ 238 (2.5%) 72 (0.1%) 0.3
trunk/arch/monster/demon/ 81 (0.8%) 61 (0.1%) 0.7
trunk/arch/monster/troll/Gaelotroll/ 37 (0.4%) 57 (0.1%) 1.5
trunk/arch/indoor/altars/ 30 (0.3%) 56 (0.1%) 1.8
trunk/crossfire/lib/adm/ 10 (0.1%) 52 (0.1%) 5.2
trunk/arch/monster/animal/shadowtiger/ 66 (0.7%) 51 (0.1%) 0.7
trunk/crossfire/doc/playbook-html/ 27 (0.3%) 50 (0.1%) 1.8
trunk/arch/disease/ 34 (0.4%) 49 (0.1%) 1.4
trunk/arch/construct/Palace/ 31 (0.3%) 48 (0.1%) 1.5
trunk/crossfire/crossedit/Cnv/ 19 (0.2%) 45 (0.1%) 2.3
trunk/arch/gods/demihumans/ 3 (0.0%) 44 (0.1%) 14.6
trunk/arch/monster/troll/Troll/ 50 (0.5%) 42 (0.1%) 0.8
trunk/crossfire/doc/spoiler/ 16 (0.2%) 37 (0.1%) 2.3
trunk/arch/monster/misc/Ent/ 25 (0.3%) 37 (0.1%) 1.4
trunk/client/help/ 3 (0.0%) 28 (0.0%) 9.3
trunk/arch/shop/ 64 (0.7%) 26 (0.0%) 0.4
trunk/arch/talisman/ 40 (0.4%) 24 (0.0%) 0.6
trunk/arch/monster/insect/ant/ 58 (0.6%) 24 (0.0%) 0.4
trunk/arch/monster/misc/ 79 (0.8%) 23 (0.0%) 0.2
trunk/arch/monster/giant/cyclops/ 49 (0.5%) 22 (0.0%) 0.4
trunk/client/pixmaps/ 22 (0.2%) 21 (0.0%) 0.9
trunk/arch/armour/mail/ 68 (0.7%) 21 (0.0%) 0.3
trunk/arch/monster/undead/ 101 (1.1%) 19 (0.0%) 0.1
trunk/arch/misc/ 90 (0.9%) 19 (0.0%) 0.2
trunk/arch/connect/ 61 (0.6%) 19 (0.0%) 0.3
trunk/arch/inorganic/ 63 (0.7%) 16 (0.0%) 0.2
trunk/arch/ground/new/ 27 (0.3%) 16 (0.0%) 0.5
trunk/arch/armour/shield/ 44 (0.5%) 16 (0.0%) 0.3
trunk/arch/construct/castle/ 20 (0.2%) 15 (0.0%) 0.7
trunk/arch/monster/beholder/ 33 (0.3%) 14 (0.0%) 0.4
trunk/arch/monster/animal/ 89 (0.9%) 14 (0.0%) 0.1
trunk/arch/construct/hold/ 56 (0.6%) 14 (0.0%) 0.2
trunk/arch/player/ 158 (1.6%) 13 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/monster/misc/Baslic/ 25 (0.3%) 13 (0.0%) 0.5
trunk/arch/river/ 109 (1.1%) 12 (0.0%) 0.1
trunk/arch/monster/giant/Titan/ 97 (1.0%) 12 (0.0%) 0.1
trunk/crossfire/crossedit/include/ 8 (0.1%) 10 (0.0%) 1.2
trunk/arch/monster/misc/Unicorn/ 25 (0.3%) 10 (0.0%) 0.4
trunk/arch/monster/misc/Ngolem/ 25 (0.3%) 10 (0.0%) 0.4
trunk/arch/misc/Container/ 71 (0.7%) 10 (0.0%) 0.1
trunk/arch/ground/ 78 (0.8%) 10 (0.0%) 0.1
trunk/crossfire/doc/spell-docs/ 11 (0.1%) 9 (0.0%) 0.8
trunk/crossfire/crossedit/doc/ 5 (0.1%) 9 (0.0%) 1.8
trunk/crossfire/crossedit/bitmaps/ 4 (0.0%) 9 (0.0%) 2.2
trunk/arch/weapon/artifact/ 53 (0.6%) 9 (0.0%) 0.1
trunk/arch/monster/dragon/Dragon/ 73 (0.8%) 9 (0.0%) 0.1
trunk/arch/monster/animal/Behemoth/ 50 (0.5%) 9 (0.0%) 0.1
trunk/arch/gods/supernatural/ 3 (0.0%) 9 (0.0%) 3.0
trunk/arch/skills/ 80 (0.8%) 8 (0.0%) 0.1
trunk/arch/monster/dragon/Dragonman/ 25 (0.3%) 8 (0.0%) 0.3
trunk/arch/monster/dragon/ 53 (0.6%) 8 (0.0%) 0.1
trunk/arch/construct/house/ 52 (0.5%) 8 (0.0%) 0.1
trunk/arch/armour/helmet/ 42 (0.4%) 8 (0.0%) 0.1
trunk/arch/weapon/bow/ 78 (0.8%) 7 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/magic/ 67 (0.7%) 7 (0.0%) 0.1
trunk/arch/connect/Spinner/ 27 (0.3%) 7 (0.0%) 0.2
trunk/arch/monster/human/ 53 (0.6%) 6 (0.0%) 0.1
trunk/arch/floor/ 48 (0.5%) 6 (0.0%) 0.1
trunk/arch/armour/gauntlets/ 18 (0.2%) 6 (0.0%) 0.3
trunk/arch/traps/ 15 (0.2%) 5 (0.0%) 0.3
trunk/arch/monster/misc/lokanth/ 9 (0.1%) 5 (0.0%) 0.5
trunk/arch/monster/giant/ 21 (0.2%) 5 (0.0%) 0.2
trunk/arch/monster/elemental/Para/ 60 (0.6%) 5 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/monster/elemental/ 25 (0.3%) 5 (0.0%) 0.2
trunk/arch/magic/Fire/ 29 (0.3%) 5 (0.0%) 0.1
trunk/arch/exit/Town/ 61 (0.6%) 5 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/construct/temple/ 37 (0.4%) 5 (0.0%) 0.1
trunk/arch/ 3 (0.0%) 5 (0.0%) 1.6
trunk/arch/potion/ 56 (0.6%) 4 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/monster/human/arabic/ 56 (0.6%) 4 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/monster/human/Town/ 49 (0.5%) 4 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/monster/human/Guard/ 20 (0.2%) 4 (0.0%) 0.2
trunk/arch/magic/Cold/ 26 (0.3%) 4 (0.0%) 0.1
trunk/arch/light/ 19 (0.2%) 4 (0.0%) 0.2
trunk/arch/construct/keep/ 12 (0.1%) 4 (0.0%) 0.3
trunk/arch/construct/barrack/ 22 (0.2%) 4 (0.0%) 0.1
trunk/arch/connect/Hole/ 33 (0.3%) 4 (0.0%) 0.1
trunk/arch/armour/cloak/ 12 (0.1%) 4 (0.0%) 0.3
trunk/arch/system/ 50 (0.5%) 3 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/monster/misc/serpmen/ 17 (0.2%) 3 (0.0%) 0.1
trunk/arch/monster/misc/lamia/ 17 (0.2%) 3 (0.0%) 0.1
trunk/arch/monster/giant/djinn/ 18 (0.2%) 3 (0.0%) 0.1
trunk/arch/monster/giant/byakie/ 17 (0.2%) 3 (0.0%) 0.1
trunk/arch/monster/dragon/WDragon/ 73 (0.8%) 3 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/monster/dragon/Hatchlings/ 24 (0.3%) 3 (0.0%) 0.1
trunk/arch/monster/dragon/Chinese_Dra/ 49 (0.5%) 3 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/monster/chaos/ 9 (0.1%) 3 (0.0%) 0.3
trunk/arch/monster/acid/ 72 (0.8%) 3 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/jewel/ 61 (0.6%) 3 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/exit/ 49 (0.5%) 3 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/door/Locked/ 19 (0.2%) 3 (0.0%) 0.1
trunk/arch/dev/unused/0.91.1/Undead/ 15 (0.2%) 3 (0.0%) 0.2
trunk/arch/armour/boots/ 27 (0.3%) 3 (0.0%) 0.1
trunk/arch/monster/misc/crawl/ 7 (0.1%) 2 (0.0%) 0.2
trunk/arch/monster/goblin/ 48 (0.5%) 2 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/monster/giant/slug/ 17 (0.2%) 2 (0.0%) 0.1
trunk/arch/monster/giant/serpent/ 18 (0.2%) 2 (0.0%) 0.1
trunk/arch/monster/giant/DreadKnight/ 108 (1.1%) 2 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/monster/giant/Belzebub/ 25 (0.3%) 2 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/monster/dragon/Electric/ 25 (0.3%) 2 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/monster/demon/Demon_Lord/ 129 (1.3%) 2 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/monster/demon/Big_Demon/ 50 (0.5%) 2 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/food/ 100 (1.0%) 2 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/exit/magic_portal/ 45 (0.5%) 2 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/door/ 15 (0.2%) 2 (0.0%) 0.1
trunk/arch/dev/unused/0.91.7/chaos/ 12 (0.1%) 2 (0.0%) 0.1
trunk/arch/dev/unused/0.91.1/ 48 (0.5%) 2 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/connect/Gates/ 116 (1.2%) 2 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/crossfire/lib/help/ 25 (0.3%) 1 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/weapon/sword/ 66 (0.7%) 1 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/weapon/artifact/Usword/ 15 (0.2%) 1 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/weapon/artifact/UW_Sword/ 11 (0.1%) 1 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/weapon/artifact/Masamune/ 9 (0.1%) 1 (0.0%) 0.1
trunk/arch/weapon/artifact/Lslasher/ 8 (0.1%) 1 (0.0%) 0.1
trunk/arch/weapon/artifact/HolyAvenger/ 25 (0.3%) 1 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/weapon/artifact/Firestar/ 8 (0.1%) 1 (0.0%) 0.1
trunk/arch/weapon/artifact/Darkblade/ 15 (0.2%) 1 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/weapon/artifact/ChaosSword/ 25 (0.3%) 1 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/wall/bwall/ 88 (0.9%) 1 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/system/ability/ 34 (0.4%) 1 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/monster/goblin/Kobold/ 10 (0.1%) 1 (0.0%) 0.1
trunk/arch/monster/giant/JessyB/ 95 (1.0%) 1 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/monster/giant/Big_Wiz/ 94 (1.0%) 1 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/ 6 (0.1%) 1 (0.0%) 0.1
trunk/arch/construct/fountain/ 7 (0.1%) 1 (0.0%) 0.1
trunk/arch/armour/girdle/ 20 (0.2%) 1 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/crossfire/doc/playbook-html/fig/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/weapon/other/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/weapon/misc/ 61 (0.6%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/weapon/mace/ 6 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/weapon/hammer/ 25 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/weapon/club/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/weapon/chained/ 15 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/weapon/axe/ 21 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/weapon/artifact/Sting/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/weapon/artifact/Kdagger/ 3 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/weapon/artifact/Gram/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/weapon/artifact/Fhammer/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/weapon/artifact/Fdagger/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/weapon/artifact/Demonbane/ 19 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/wall/yellow/ 33 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/wall/wwall/ 67 (0.7%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/wall/woodwall/ 33 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/wall/wall/ 33 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/wall/timberwall/ 33 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/wall/swall/ 33 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/wall/stwall/ 33 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/wall/speedbwall/ 5 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/wall/slevel/ 33 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/wall/rough/ 34 (0.4%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/wall/pier/ 33 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/wall/paved/ 33 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/wall/moat/ 33 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/wall/mine/ 93 (1.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/wall/longtable/ 33 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/wall/lightningwall/ 19 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/wall/lbulletwall/ 19 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/wall/jcity/ 34 (0.4%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/wall/hedge/ 33 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/wall/gwall/ 52 (0.5%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/wall/flagstone/ 33 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/wall/firewall/ 17 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/wall/dwall/ 33 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/wall/dun/ 20 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/wall/dirtroad/ 33 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/wall/cwall/ 86 (0.9%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/wall/cave/ 120 (1.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/wall/bulletwall/ 19 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/wall/bench/ 33 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/wall/awall/ 68 (0.7%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/transport/ 41 (0.4%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/system/mood_floors/ 17 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/spell/Pentagram/ 19 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/spell/ 75 (0.8%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/shop/Floors/ 52 (0.5%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/readable/ 41 (0.4%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/random/ 46 (0.5%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/player/Wizard/ 26 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/optical/ 3 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/monster/troll/ 8 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/monster/insect/ 55 (0.6%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/monster/human/Town/postman/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/monster/human/Dwarf/ 29 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/monster/human/Demihuman/ 17 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/monster/human/Class/Warrior/ 22 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/monster/human/Class/ 33 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/monster/animal/farmyard/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/monster/animal/Neko/ 17 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/misc/item/ 3 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/misc/Shell/ 19 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/misc/Bagpipe/ 21 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/magic/Runes/ 66 (0.7%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/magic/Protection/ 15 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/magic/Magic_Miss/ 17 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/magic/Lightning/ 27 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/magic/Light/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/magic/Golem/ 8 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/magic/Explosion/ 32 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/magic/Enchantment/ 11 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/magic/Effect/ 67 (0.7%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/magic/Burnout/ 54 (0.6%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/magic/Bullet/ 37 (0.4%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/magic/Ball/ 22 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/indoor/ 58 (0.6%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/ground/Wood/ 47 (0.5%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/ground/Stone/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/ground/Pstone/ 30 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/ground/Mountain/ 27 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/ground/Lake/ 27 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/gods/ 1 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/floor/Afloor/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/flesh/misc/ 39 (0.4%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/flesh/human/ 35 (0.4%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/flesh/goblin/ 3 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/flesh/generic/ 18 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/flesh/dragon/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/flesh/demon/ 28 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/flesh/ 1 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/exit/Up_down/ 42 (0.4%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/exit/Ladder/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/door/Door/ 33 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/ground/Wood/ 11 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/ground/ 3 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/construct/house/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/construct/barrack/ 2 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Wood/ 5 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Weapon/Artifact/Demonbane/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Weapon/Artifact/ 8 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Up_down/ 3 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Talisman/ 3 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Swall2/ 15 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Swall1/ 16 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Shop/ 2 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Pstone/ 4 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Players/ 61 (0.6%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Mountain/ 21 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Monster/undead/ 10 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Monster/misc/ 3 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Monster/insect/ 5 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Monster/human/Town/ 2 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Monster/human/Dwarf/ 8 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Monster/goblin/ 4 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Monster/giant/ 1 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Monster/dragon/ 1 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Monster/demon/ 3 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Monster/beholder/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Monster/animal/ 4 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Monster/acid/ 19 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Misc/ 1 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Mail/ 8 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Magic/ 1 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/House/ 2 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Hole/ 14 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Helmet/ 6 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Ground/ 6 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Gates/ 4 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Food/ 1 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Floor/ 4 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Container/ 1 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Connect/ 5 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Cave/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Boots/ 2 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/ 37 (0.4%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/unused/0.91.7/newtown/temple/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/unused/0.91.7/newtown/ 86 (0.9%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/unused/0.91.7/newfood/ 15 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/unused/0.91.7/mood_floors/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/unused/0.91.7/Town/ 25 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/unused/0.91.6/ 7 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/unused/0.91.1/Store/ 18 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/unused/0.91.1/Monolith/ 15 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/unused/0.91.1/Lg_bungalow/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/unused/0.91.1/Flyingnote/ 23 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/unused/ 1 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/unused.93.2/ 4 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/obsolete/monster/ 46 (0.5%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/obsolete/misc/ 16 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/obsolete/magic/ 39 (0.4%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/obsolete/ 27 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/merged/ 17 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/Kanji/ 69 (0.7%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/Gloran/ 35 (0.4%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/dev/Britan/ 31 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/construct/tower/ 23 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/construct/fort/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/construct/ 3 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/connect/Garden_gate/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/connect/Director/ 65 (0.7%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
trunk/arch/armour/bracers/ 6 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0

Activity of uid200

Most Recent Commits

uid200 1999-05-05 13:01 Rev.: 17

limited the duration of some of the more common disease
so they'll cure themselves after a while.

5 lines of code changed in 5 files:

  • trunk/arch/disease: diarrhea.arc (+1 -2), flaming_fart.arc (+1 -2), scurvy.arc (+1 -2), tooth_decay.arc (+1 -2), warts.arc (+1 -2)
uid200 1999-05-05 12:57 Rev.: 16

Slowed down the speeds of these diseases so symptoms occur
less frequently. Reduces the annoyance factor.

7 lines of code changed in 7 files:

  • trunk/arch/disease: arthritis.arc (+1 -1), diarrhea.arc (+1 -1), flaming_fart.arc (+1 -1), incontinence.arc (+1 -1), scurvy.arc (+1 -1), tapeworms.arc (+1 -1), warts.arc (+1 -1)
uid200 1999-05-05 01:34 Rev.: 15

*** empty log message ***

5 lines of code changed in 1 file:

  • trunk/crossfire: CHANGES (+5)
uid200 1999-05-05 01:30 Rev.: 14

Remove berzerk code/variable from player structure. The code had
no effect - whatever functionality it once had has been removed in the

0 lines of code changed in 6 files:

  • trunk/crossfire/include: player.h (-1), sproto.h (-1)
  • trunk/crossfire/server: commands.c (-1), input.c (-9), login.c (-3), player.c (-2)
uid200 1999-04-02 14:10 Rev.: 5

Initial revision

53980 lines of code changed in 419 files:

  • trunk/crossfire: CHANGES (new), CREDITS (new 1), DEVELOPERS (new 8), DONE (new), INSTALL (new 135), License (new), (new 121), README (new 83), TODO (new 308), configure (new 2418), (new 183)
  • trunk/crossfire/common: (new 41), README (new), anim.c (new 2), arch.c (new 4), button.c (new 74), exp.c (new 57), friend.c (new 28), glue.c (new 237), holy.c (new 15), image.c (new 52), info.c (new 17), init.c (new 1), item.c (new 264), links.c (new 2), living.c (new 331), loader.l (new 7), logger.c (new 1), los.c (new 410), ltostr.c (new), map.c (new 842), object.c (new 332), player.c (new 59), porting.c (new 17), re-cmp.c (new 3), readable.c (new 68), recipe.c (new 12), shstr.c (new 4), sqrt.c (new), time.c (new 27), treasure.c (new 250)
  • trunk/crossfire/crossedit: App.c (new 30), App.h (new 5), Attr.c (new 1), Attr.h (new 1), Bitmaps.c (new), Bitmaps.h (new), CrEdit.c (new 33), CrEdit.h (new), CrEditP.h (new), CrFace.c (new 3), CrFace.h (new), CrFaceP.h (new), CrList.c (new 10), CrList.h (new), CrListP.h (new), CrUtil.c (new 42), CrUtil.h (new 1), (new 13), (new 13), Defines.h (new 73), Edit.c (new 19), Edit.h (new 1), (new 67), README (new), Str.c (new), Str.h (new 4), TODO (new), crossedit.c (new 1), proto.h (new 72), xutil.c (new 146)
  • trunk/crossfire/crossedit/Cnv: Cnv.h (new 1), CnvBrowse.c (new), CnvFiles.c (new 1), CnvMenu.c (new), CnvNotify.c (new), CnvPath.c (new 1), CnvPrompt.c (new 1), CnvUtil.c (new), (new 40), README (new), config.h (new), excloff.xbm (new), exclon.xbm (new), flagoff.xbm (new), flagon.xbm (new), notify.xbm (new), prompt.xbm (new), submenu.xbm (new), test.c (new 1)
  • trunk/crossfire/crossedit/bitmaps: (new 9), (new), (new), (new)
  • trunk/crossfire/crossedit/doc: Conventions.doc (new), Features.doc (new), (new 9), README (new), (new)
  • trunk/crossfire/crossedit/include: Ansi.h (new), (new 10), Posix.h (new), README (new), X11.h (new), Xaw.h (new), debug.h (new), util.h (new)
  • trunk/crossfire/doc: Crossedit.doc (new), (new 25), PlayerStats (new), README (new 1), RandomMaps.doc (new 2), RunTimeCommands (new), Styles.doc (new), SurvivalGuide (new 2), alchemy.doc (new), (new 5), crossfire.doc (new 16), (new 349), crosslib.doc (new), experience (new), (new 10128), (new 1), mapguide (new 5), mapmakers_guide_to_runes (new), multigod (new), programming_guide (new 145), skills.doc (new), skills_developer.doc (new), spell-paths (new), spell_params.doc (new), spellcasters_guide_to_runes (new), spells (new 2), (new 15594), teleporter.doc (new), (new)
  • trunk/crossfire/doc/playbook-html: (new 36), appA.html (new), appB.html (new), appC.shtml (new), bonus-extract (new), chap1.html (new 6), chap2.shtml (new), chap3.shtml (new), chap4.shtml (new), chap5.shtml (new), chap6.shtml (new), chap7.html (new), char-extract (new), empty.pbm (new 2), generic-extract (new), gods-extract (new 1), handbook.shtml (new), items-extract (new 3), levels-extract (new 1), makeps (new 1), skills-extract (new), skills2-extract (new), sorter (new), spellpath-extract (new), statskmod-extract (new), treas1-extract (new), treas2-extract (new)
  • trunk/crossfire/doc/playbook-html/fig: book.gif (new), earrow.gif (new), narrow.gif (new), nearrow.gif (new), nwarrow.gif (new), sarrow.gif (new), screen_dia.gif (new), searrow.gif (new), stairdown.gif (new), stairup.gif (new), swarrow.gif (new), warrow.gif (new)
  • trunk/crossfire/doc/playbook: (new 44), appA.tex (new), appB.tex (new), appC.tex (new), bonus-extract (new), chap1.tex (new 8), chap2.tex (new), chap3.tex (new), chap4.tex (new), chap5.tex (new 18), chap6.tex (new), chap7.tex (new), char-extract (new), empty.pbm (new 2), generic-extract (new), gods-extract (new), handbook.idx (new 79), handbook.tex (new 1), items-extract (new 2), levels-extract (new 1), local.sty (new), (new 1), makeps (new), skills-extract (new), skills2-extract (new), sorter (new), spellpath-extract (new), statskmod-extract (new), title.tex (new), treas1-extract (new), treas2-extract (new)
  • trunk/crossfire/doc/spell-docs: Makefile (new), (new 9), README (new), (new), prayer-list.txt (new), (new), spell-info.txt (new), (new), (new), (new), tome-of-magic.txt (new)
  • trunk/crossfire/doc/spoiler-html: (new 34), arche-extract (new), arm-extract (new), bow-extract (new), empty.pbm (new 2), helm-extract (new), items-extract (new 1), mag-extract (new), makeps (new 1), (new 24), monster-extract (new), shield-extract (new), spells-extract (new), spoiler.html (new 228), spoiler.shtml (new), stats-extract (new), weap-extract (new)
  • trunk/crossfire/doc/spoiler: (new 33), arche-extract (new), arm-extract (new), bow-extract (new), empty.pbm (new 2), helm-extract (new), items-extract (new 1), mag-extract (new), makeps (new), monster-extract (new), shield-extract (new), sorter (new), spells-extract (new), spoiler.tex (new 1), stats-extract (new), weap-extract (new)
  • trunk/crossfire/include: (new 11), arch.h (new 10), artifact.h (new), (new 131), book.h (new 2), commands.h (new 3), config.h (new 278), define.h (new 537), face.h (new 7), funcpoint.h (new 16), global.h (new 4), god.h (new 2), includes.h (new), libproto.h (new 360), living.h (new 12), loader.h (new 41), logger.h (new 1), map.h (new 36), newclient.h (new 2), newserver.h (new 3), object.h (new 81), patchlevel.h (new 2), player.h (new 107), race.h (new 1), re-cmp.h (new), recipe.h (new 14), shstr.h (new 1), skillist.h (new 27), skills.h (new 102), sockproto.h (new 81), sounds.h (new), spellist.h (new 40), spells.h (new 166), sproto.h (new 626), treasure.h (new 1), version.h (new 5), xdir.h (new)
  • trunk/crossfire/lib: .collect-stamp (new), (new 91), README (new 32), artifacts (new 262), ban_file (new 12), (new 2), crossfire.cfb (new 1), crossfire.xpm (new 6848), def_help (new), dm_file (new), forbid (new), formulae (new 4), messages (new), motd (new 5), races (new 1), skill_params (new), spell_params (new), treasures (new), (new), xbmtobdf.c (new), (new 1)
  • trunk/crossfire/lib/adm: README (new), (new 4), (new), dilate_xpm_files (new), fix_xpm_colors (new), (new 1), map_check (new 12), (new 18), map_info (new 17), (new)
  • trunk/crossfire/lib/help: apply (new), bind (new), cast (new), golem (new), invoke (new), keys (new), mark (new), melee (new), mouse (new), move (new), name (new), output (new), output-count (new), output-sync (new), party (new), pickup (new), quit (new), range (new), save (new), sort_inventory (new), spells (new), statistics (new), take (new), traps (new), unbind (new 1)
  • trunk/crossfire/random_maps: (new 51), decor.c (new 27), door.c (new 9), exit.c (new 78), floor.c (new 4), maze_gen.c (new 4), maze_gen.h (new 1), monster.c (new 13), random_map.c (new 115), random_map.h (new 31), reader.l (new 30), room_gen.h (new), room_gen_onion.c (new 12), rproto.h (new 75), special.c (new 12), standalone.c (new 7), style.c (new 76), treasure.c (new 80), wall.c (new 105)
  • trunk/crossfire/server: (new 47), alchemy.c (new 120), apply.c (new 747), attack.c (new 9), ban.c (new 38), c_chat.c (new 8), c_misc.c (new), c_move.c (new 56), c_new.c (new 2), c_object.c (new 49), c_party.c (new 10), c_wiz.c (new 3), commands.c (new 1), daemon.c (new 1), disease.c (new 60), egoitem.c (new 1), encounter.c (new 2), gods.c (new 138), hiscore.c (new 5), init.c (new 8), input.c (new 21), login.c (new 213), main.c (new 870), monster.c (new 252), move.c (new 75), pets.c (new 110), player.c (new 32), resurrection.c (new 198), rune.c (new 152), shop.c (new 51), skill_util.c (new 1153), skills.c (new 656), spell_effect.c (new 1700), spell_util.c (new 1764), swamp.c (new 30), swap.c (new 45), time.c (new 2)
  • trunk/crossfire/socket: (new 34), README (new), info.c (new 67), init.c (new 96), item.c (new 19), loop.c (new 10), lowlevel.c (new 2), request.c (new 4), sounds.c (new 4)
  • trunk/crossfire/utils: (new 33), ad2c.script (new), add_throw.perl (new 1), config.guess (new 238), config.sub (new 66), crossfire-loop.c (new), crossloop (new 4), (new 1), flushlocks (new), install-sh (new 180), mktable.script (new 1)
uid200 1999-03-29 00:13 Rev.: 4

Initial revision

4047 lines of code changed in 77 files:

  • trunk/client: CHANGES (new), COPYING (new), Makefile (new 3), (new 108), Protocol (new 8), README (new 1), aclocal.m4 (new 143), cconfig.h (new 7), cfclient (new), cfsndserv (new), cfsndserv.c (new 50), client.c (new 30), client.h (new 6), (new 1), clientbmap.h (new), commands.c (new 2), config.cache (new), config.h (new 3), (new 2), config.log (new), config.status (new 2), configure (new 1055), (new 12), def-keys.h (new), def_keys (new), gcfclient (new), gx11.c (new 1537), init.c (new), item.c (new 31), item.h (new 9), item_types (new 48), item_types.h (new 15), (new), logfile (new), misc.c (new), newsocket.c (new 1), player.c (new 15), proto.h (new 1), sound (new), sound.c (new 1), sounds (new 159), sounds.dist (new), soundsdef.h (new 159), x11.c (new 9), xutil.c (new 124)
  • trunk/client/help: about.h (new 1), chelp.h (new 27), shelp.h (new)
  • trunk/client/pixmaps: all.xpm (new 1), applied.xpm (new), bg.xpm (new), close.xpm (new 1), coin.xpm (new 1), crossfiretitle.xpm (new 1), cursed.xpm (new), damned.xpm (new), hand.xpm (new 1), hand2.xpm (new 1), lock.xpm (new 1), locked.xpm (new), mag.xpm (new 1), magic.xpm (new), nonmag.xpm (new 1), question.111 (new 8), question.xpm (new 1), skull.xpm (new 1), stipple.111 (new 1), stipple.112 (new 1), test.xpm (new), unpaid.xpm (new)
  • trunk/client/utils: config.guess (new 318), config.sub (new 105), (new), install-sh (new), (new 1), missing (new 32), mkinstalldirs (new)
uid200 1999-03-29 00:02 Rev.: 3

Initial revision

271 lines of code changed in 639 files:

  • trunk/arch/disease: anthrax.arc (new 1), arthritis.arc (new 1), atheletes_foot.arc (new 1), diarrhea.arc (new 3), diseased_needle.arc (new 1), ebola.arc (new 2), egg_disease.arc (new 2), flaming_fart.arc (new 2), flu.arc (new 1), immunity.arc (new), incontinence.arc (new 3), insanity.arc (new 2), leprosy.arc (new 1), plague.arc (new 2), pneumonic_plague.arc (new), scurvy.arc (new 2), smallpox.arc (new 3), symptom.arc (new), tapeworms.arc (new 2), tooth_decay.arc (new 3), typhoid.arc (new 3), warts.arc (new 2)
  • trunk/arch/flesh: README (new)
  • trunk/arch/flesh/demon: demon_head.111 (new), demon_head.111.xpm (new), demon_head.arc (new), icor.111 (new), icor.111.xpm (new), icor.112 (new), icor.112.xpm (new), icor.113 (new), icor.113.xpm (new), icor.114 (new), icor.114.xpm (new), icor.115 (new), icor.115.xpm (new), icor.116 (new), icor.116.xpm (new), icor.117 (new), icor.117.xpm (new), icor.118 (new), icor.118.xpm (new), icor.119 (new), icor.119.xpm (new), icor.11A (new), icor.11A.xpm (new), icor.11B (new), icor.11B.xpm (new), icor.11C (new), icor.11C.xpm (new), icor.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/flesh/dragon: dragon_claw.111 (new), dragon_claw.111.xpm (new), dragon_claw.arc (new), dragon_eye.111 (new), dragon_eye.111.xpm (new), dragon_eye.arc (new), dragon_sca.111 (new), dragon_sca.111.xpm (new), dragon_sca.arc (new), dragon_wing.111 (new), dragon_wing.111.xpm (new), dragon_wing.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/flesh/generic: big_eye.111 (new), big_eye.111.xpm (new), big_eye.arc (new), eye.111 (new), eye.111.xpm (new), eye.arc (new), eyes.111 (new), eyes.111.xpm (new), eyes.arc (new), heart.111 (new), heart.111.xpm (new), heart.arc (new), liver.111 (new), liver.111.xpm (new), liver.arc (new), tongue.111 (new), tongue.111.xpm (new), tongue.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/flesh/goblin: goblin_head.111 (new), goblin_head.111.xpm (new), goblin_head.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/flesh/human: arm.111 (new), arm.111.xpm (new), arm.arc (new), corpse.111 (new), corpse.111.xpm (new), corpse.arc (new), corpse1.111 (new), corpse1.111.xpm (new), corpse1.arc (new), corpse_pl.arc (new), finger.111 (new), finger.111.xpm (new), finger.arc (new), fl_corpse.arc (new), foot.111 (new), foot.111.xpm (new), foot.arc (new), hand.111 (new), hand.111.xpm (new), hand.arc (new), hands.111 (new), hands.111.xpm (new), hands.arc (new), head.111 (new), head.111.xpm (new), head.arc (new), leg.111 (new), leg.111.xpm (new), leg.arc (new), skin.111 (new), skin.111.xpm (new), skin.arc (new), tooth.111 (new), tooth.111.xpm (new), tooth.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/flesh/misc: behold_eye.111 (new), behold_eye.111.xpm (new), behold_eye.arc (new), dead_neko.111 (new), dead_neko.111.xpm (new), dead_neko.arc (new), ectoplasm.111 (new), ectoplasm.111.xpm (new), ectoplasm.arc (new), insect_sting.111 (new), insect_sting.111.xpm (new), insect_sting.arc (new), insect_wing.111 (new), insect_wing.111.xpm (new), insect_wing.arc (new), lich_dust.arc (new), pix_dust.111 (new), pix_dust.111.xpm (new), pix_dust.arc (new), pix_wing.111 (new), pix_wing.111.xpm (new), pix_wing.arc (new), residue.111 (new), residue.111.xpm (new), residue.arc (new), serpent_skin.111 (new), serpent_skin.111.xpm (new), serpent_skin.arc (new), u_horn.111 (new), u_horn.111.xpm (new), u_horn.112 (new), u_horn.112.xpm (new), u_horn.113 (new), u_horn.113.xpm (new), u_horn.114 (new), u_horn.114.xpm (new), u_horn.115 (new), u_horn.115.xpm (new), u_horn.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/gods: README (new)
  • trunk/arch/gods/demihumans: gnarg.arc (new 37), lythander.arc (new 5), mostrai.arc (new 2)
  • trunk/arch/gods/elemental: gaea.arc (new 37), ruggilli.111 (new), ruggilli.111.xpm (new), ruggilli.112 (new), ruggilli.112.xpm (new), ruggilli.113 (new), ruggilli.113.xpm (new), ruggilli.211 (new), ruggilli.211.xpm (new), ruggilli.212 (new), ruggilli.212.xpm (new), ruggilli.213 (new), ruggilli.213.xpm (new), ruggilli.311 (new), ruggilli.311.xpm (new), ruggilli.312 (new), ruggilli.312.xpm (new), ruggilli.313 (new), ruggilli.313.xpm (new), ruggilli.411 (new), ruggilli.411.xpm (new), ruggilli.412 (new), ruggilli.412.xpm (new), ruggilli.413 (new), ruggilli.413.xpm (new), ruggilli.arc (new 36), rugilli.face (new), sorig.arc (new 3)
  • trunk/arch/gods/supernatural: devourers.arc (new 3), gorokh.arc (new 3), valriel.arc (new 3)
  • trunk/arch/inorganic: cinna.111 (new), cinna.111.xpm (new), dirt.111 (new), dirt.111.xpm (new), dust_effect.111 (new), dust_effect.111.xpm (new), dust_effect.112 (new), dust_effect.112.xpm (new), dust_effect.113 (new), dust_effect.113.xpm (new), dust_effect.arc (new), fix_mercury.111 (new), fix_mercury.111.xpm (new), fix_mercury.112 (new), fix_mercury.112.xpm (new), grave_dirt.arc (new), gypsum.111 (new), gypsum.111.xpm (new), lead.111 (new), lead.111.xpm (new), lead.arc (new 2), lstone.111 (new), lstone.111.xpm (new), mercury.111 (new), mercury.111.xpm (new), mercury.arc (new), min_oil.111 (new), min_oil.111.xpm (new), minerals.arc (new 6), phil_minerals.arc (new 5), phil_phos.111 (new), phil_phos.111.xpm (new), phil_phos.112 (new), phil_phos.112.xpm (new), phil_phos.113 (new), phil_phos.113.xpm (new), phil_salt.111 (new), phil_salt.111.xpm (new), phil_salt.112 (new), phil_salt.112.xpm (new), phil_salt.113 (new), phil_salt.113.xpm (new), phil_sulphur.111 (new), phil_sulphur.111.xpm (new), phil_sulphur.112 (new), phil_sulphur.112.xpm (new), phil_sulphur.113 (new), phil_sulphur.113.xpm (new), phosphor.111 (new), phosphor.111.xpm (new), pyrite.111 (new), pyrite.111.xpm (new), rock2.111 (new), rock2.111.xpm (new), rock2.arc (new), salt.111 (new), salt.111.xpm (new), stone.arc (new 3), sulphur.111 (new), sulphur.111.xpm (new), true_lead.111 (new), true_lead.111.xpm (new), true_lead.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/light: flint_and_steel.111 (new), flint_and_steel.111.xpm (new), flint_and_steel.arc (new), light_bulb.arc (new), light_bulb_1.111 (new), light_bulb_1.111.xpm (new), light_bulb_2.111 (new), light_bulb_2.111.xpm (new), light_bulb_3.111 (new), light_bulb_3.111.xpm (new), light_bulb_4.111 (new), light_bulb_4.111.xpm (new), torch.arc (new 4), torch_lit1.111 (new), torch_lit1.111.xpm (new), torch_lit2.111 (new), torch_lit2.111.xpm (new), torch_unlit.111 (new), torch_unlit.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/monster/animal: bat.111 (new), bat.111.xpm (new), bat.112 (new), bat.112.xpm (new), bat.113 (new), bat.113.xpm (new), bat.arc (new), bat_gen.111 (new), bat_gen.111.xpm (new), bat_gen.arc (new), bird.111 (new), bird.111.xpm (new), bird.112 (new), bird.112.xpm (new), bird.arc (new), bird_gen.111 (new), bird_gen.111.xpm (new), bird_gen.arc (new), cobra.111 (new), cobra.111.xpm (new), cobra.112 (new), cobra.112.xpm (new), cobra.113 (new), cobra.113.xpm (new), cobra.211 (new), cobra.211.xpm (new), cobra.212 (new), cobra.212.xpm (new), cobra.213 (new), cobra.213.xpm (new), cobra.arc (new 1), dog.111 (new), dog.111.xpm (new), dog.112 (new), dog.112.xpm (new), dog.113 (new), dog.113.xpm (new), dog.arc (new 8), fungus.111 (new), fungus.111.xpm (new), fungus.112 (new), fungus.112.xpm (new), fungus.113 (new), fungus.113.xpm (new), fungus.114 (new), fungus.114.xpm (new), fungus.115 (new), fungus.115.xpm (new), fungus.arc (new), giant_bat.111 (new), giant_bat.111.xpm (new), giant_bat.112 (new), giant_bat.112.xpm (new), giant_bat.113 (new), giant_bat.113.xpm (new), giant_bat.arc (new), mouse.111 (new), mouse.111.xpm (new), mouse.112 (new), mouse.112.xpm (new), mouse.arc (new), mouse_gen.111 (new), mouse_gen.111.xpm (new), mouse_gen.arc (new), panther.111 (new), panther.111.xpm (new), panther.112 (new), panther.112.xpm (new), panther.113 (new), panther.113.xpm (new), panther.arc (new 3), panthergen.111 (new), panthergen.111.xpm (new), panthergen.arc (new), scorpi_gen.111 (new), scorpi_gen.111.xpm (new), scorpi_gen.arc (new), scorpion.111 (new), scorpion.111.xpm (new), scorpion.112 (new), scorpion.112.xpm (new), scorpion.arc (new 2), snake.111 (new), snake.111.xpm (new), snake.112 (new), snake.112.xpm (new), snake.113 (new), snake.113.xpm (new), snake.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/monster/animal/Behemoth: behemoth.111 (new), behemoth.111.xpm (new), behemoth.112 (new), behemoth.112.xpm (new), behemoth.113 (new), behemoth.113.xpm (new), behemoth.114 (new), behemoth.114.xpm (new), behemoth.115 (new), behemoth.115.xpm (new), behemoth.116 (new), behemoth.116.xpm (new), behemoth.211 (new), behemoth.211.xpm (new), behemoth.212 (new), behemoth.212.xpm (new), behemoth.213 (new), behemoth.213.xpm (new), behemoth.214 (new), behemoth.214.xpm (new), behemoth.215 (new), behemoth.215.xpm (new), behemoth.216 (new), behemoth.216.xpm (new), behemoth.311 (new), behemoth.311.xpm (new), behemoth.312 (new), behemoth.312.xpm (new), behemoth.313 (new), behemoth.313.xpm (new), behemoth.314 (new), behemoth.314.xpm (new), behemoth.315 (new), behemoth.315.xpm (new), behemoth.316 (new), behemoth.316.xpm (new), behemoth.411 (new), behemoth.411.xpm (new), behemoth.412 (new), behemoth.412.xpm (new), behemoth.413 (new), behemoth.413.xpm (new), behemoth.414 (new), behemoth.414.xpm (new), behemoth.415 (new), behemoth.415.xpm (new), behemoth.416 (new), behemoth.416.xpm (new), behemoth.arc (new 9), behemoth.face (new)
  • trunk/arch/monster/animal/Neko: neko.111 (new), neko.111.xpm (new), neko.112 (new), neko.112.xpm (new), neko.113 (new), neko.113.xpm (new), neko.114 (new), neko.114.xpm (new), neko.115 (new), neko.115.xpm (new), neko.116 (new), neko.116.xpm (new), neko.117 (new), neko.117.xpm (new), neko.118 (new), neko.118.xpm (new), neko.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/monster/animal/farmyard: chicken.131 (new), chicken.131.xpm (new), chicken.132 (new), chicken.132.xpm (new), chicken.171 (new), chicken.171.xpm (new), chicken.172 (new), chicken.172.xpm (new), chicken.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/monster/animal/shadowtiger: shadowpup.arc (new 5), shadowtiger.111 (new), shadowtiger.111.xpm (new), shadowtiger.112 (new), shadowtiger.112.xpm (new), shadowtiger.113 (new), shadowtiger.113.xpm (new), shadowtiger.114 (new), shadowtiger.114.xpm (new), shadowtiger.171 (new), shadowtiger.171.xpm (new), shadowtiger.172 (new), shadowtiger.172.xpm (new), shadowtiger.173 (new), shadowtiger.173.xpm (new), shadowtiger.174 (new), shadowtiger.174.xpm (new), shadowtiger.211 (new), shadowtiger.211.xpm (new), shadowtiger.212 (new), shadowtiger.212.xpm (new), shadowtiger.213 (new), shadowtiger.213.xpm (new), shadowtiger.214 (new), shadowtiger.214.xpm (new), shadowtiger.271 (new), shadowtiger.271.xpm (new), shadowtiger.272 (new), shadowtiger.272.xpm (new), shadowtiger.273 (new), shadowtiger.273.xpm (new), shadowtiger.274 (new), shadowtiger.274.xpm (new), shadowtiger.311 (new), shadowtiger.311.xpm (new), shadowtiger.312 (new), shadowtiger.312.xpm (new), shadowtiger.313 (new), shadowtiger.313.xpm (new), shadowtiger.314 (new), shadowtiger.314.xpm (new), shadowtiger.371 (new), shadowtiger.371.xpm (new), shadowtiger.372 (new), shadowtiger.372.xpm (new), shadowtiger.373 (new), shadowtiger.373.xpm (new), shadowtiger.374 (new), shadowtiger.374.xpm (new), shadowtiger.411 (new), shadowtiger.411.xpm (new), shadowtiger.412 (new), shadowtiger.412.xpm (new), shadowtiger.413 (new), shadowtiger.413.xpm (new), shadowtiger.414 (new), shadowtiger.414.xpm (new), shadowtiger.471 (new), shadowtiger.471.xpm (new), shadowtiger.472 (new), shadowtiger.472.xpm (new), shadowtiger.473 (new), shadowtiger.473.xpm (new), shadowtiger.474 (new), shadowtiger.474.xpm (new), shadowtiger.arc (new 46)
  • trunk/arch/monster/chaos: liv_chaos.111 (new), liv_chaos.111.xpm (new), liv_chaos.222 (new), liv_chaos.222.xpm (new), liv_chaos.333 (new), liv_chaos.333.xpm (new), liv_chaos.444 (new), liv_chaos.444.xpm (new), liv_chaos.arc (new 3)
  • trunk/arch/optical: crystalball.111 (new), crystalball.111.xpm (new), crystalball.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/skills: alchemist.arc (new 1), bargaining.arc (new), bowyer.arc (new), clawing.arc (new), climbing.arc (new), disarm_trap.arc (new), exp_agility.arc (new), exp_charisma.arc (new), exp_mental.arc (new), exp_physical.arc (new), exp_power.arc (new), exp_wis.arc (new), find_traps.arc (new), flame_touch.arc (new), hide.arc (new), holy_symbol.111 (new), holy_symbol.111.xpm (new), holy_symbol.arc (new), inscription.arc (new), jeweler.arc (new), jumping.arc (new), karate.arc (new), literacy.arc (new), lockpicking.arc (new), lockpicks.111 (new), lockpicks.111.xpm (new), lockpicks.arc (new), meditation.arc (new), melee_weap.arc (new), missile_weap.arc (new), mountaineer.arc (new), oratory.arc (new), praying.arc (new), punching.arc (new), scroll_alchemy.arc (new), scroll_bargain.arc (new), scroll_bowyer.arc (new), scroll_boxing.arc (new), scroll_cast_cleric.arc (new), scroll_climbing.arc (new), scroll_find_traps.arc (new), scroll_hiding.arc (new), scroll_jeweler.arc (new), scroll_jumping.arc (new 1), scroll_karate.arc (new), scroll_literacy.arc (new), scroll_lockpick.arc (new 1), scroll_missile_weap.arc (new), scroll_mountaineer.arc (new), scroll_oratory.arc (new 1), scroll_praying.arc (new), scroll_punching.arc (new), scroll_sense_curse.arc (new), scroll_sense_mag.arc (new), scroll_set_traps.arc (new 1), scroll_singing.arc (new 1), scroll_smith.arc (new), scroll_spellcasting.arc (new 1), scroll_stealing.arc (new), scroll_thaumaturgy.arc (new), scroll_woodsman.arc (new), scroll_wrestling.arc (new 1), sense_curse.arc (new), sense_magic.arc (new), set_trap.arc (new), singing.arc (new), smithery.arc (new), spellcasting.arc (new), stealing.arc (new), stylus.111 (new), stylus.111.xpm (new), stylus.arc (new), talisman.111 (new), talisman.111.xpm (new), talisman.arc (new), thaumagragist.arc (new), throwing.arc (new), use_magic_item.arc (new), woodsman.arc (new), wrestling.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/transport: biggalleon.111 (new), biggalleon.111.xpm (new), biggalleon.211 (new), biggalleon.211.xpm (new), biggalleon.311 (new), biggalleon.311.xpm (new), biggalleon.411 (new), biggalleon.411.xpm (new), biggalleon.arc (new), dragonexit.arc (new), fishboat.111 (new), fishboat.111.xpm (new), fishboat.211 (new), fishboat.211.xpm (new), fishboat.arc (new), galleon.111 (new), galleon.111.xpm (new), galleon.arc (new), galleon.xpm (new), longship.111 (new), longship.111.xpm (new), longship.211 (new), longship.211.xpm (new), longship.arc (new), rowboat.111 (new), rowboat.111.xpm (new), rowboat.211 (new), rowboat.211.xpm (new), rowboat.arc (new), s_ship.111 (new), s_ship.111.xpm (new), s_ship.211 (new), s_ship.211.xpm (new), s_ship.311 (new), s_ship.311.xpm (new), s_ship.411 (new), s_ship.411.xpm (new), s_ship.arc (new), wagon.111 (new), wagon.111.xpm (new), wagon.arc (new)
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  • trunk/arch: CHANGES (new), Naming.doc (new 1), README (new 4)
  • trunk/arch/armour/boots: elvenboots.111 (new), elvenboots.111.xpm (new), elvenboots.arc (new), high_boots.111 (new), high_boots.111.xpm (new), high_boots.arc (new 1), idaten.111 (new), idaten.111.xpm (new), idaten.112 (new), idaten.112.xpm (new), idaten.arc (new), lev_boots.111 (new), lev_boots.111.xpm (new), lev_boots.arc (new), low_boots.111 (new), low_boots.111.xpm (new), low_boots.arc (new 1), sandals.111 (new), sandals.111.xpm (new), sandals.arc (new 1), speedboots.111 (new), speedboots.111.xpm (new), speedboots.112 (new), speedboots.112.xpm (new), speedboots.113 (new), speedboots.113.xpm (new), speedboots.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/armour/bracers: bracers_ac.111 (new), bracers_ac.111.xpm (new), bracers_ac.arc (new), bracersdex.111 (new), bracersdex.111.xpm (new), bracersdex.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/armour/cloak: cloak.111 (new), cloak.111.xpm (new), cloak.arc (new), magic_resist.111 (new), magic_resist.111.xpm (new), magic_resist.arc (new 1), oilskin.111 (new), oilskin.111.xpm (new), oilskin.arc (new 2), serp_cloak.111 (new), serp_cloak.111.xpm (new), serp_cloak.arc (new 1)
  • trunk/arch/armour/gauntlets: gauntlet.arc (new 1), gauntlet_d.arc (new 1), gauntlet_s.111 (new), gauntlet_s.111.xpm (new), gauntlet_s.arc (new 1), gloves.111 (new), gloves.111.xpm (new), gloves.arc (new 1), god_finger.111 (new), god_finger.111.xpm (new), god_finger.112 (new), god_finger.112.xpm (new), god_finger.arc (new 1), shining_finger.111 (new), shining_finger.111.xpm (new), shining_finger.112 (new), shining_finger.112.xpm (new), shining_finger.arc (new 1)
  • trunk/arch/armour/girdle: gir_strcon.111 (new), gir_strcon.111.xpm (new), gir_strcon.112 (new), gir_strcon.112.xpm (new), gir_strcon.arc (new), girdle_con.111 (new), girdle_con.111.xpm (new), girdle_con.112 (new), girdle_con.112.xpm (new), girdle_con.arc (new), girdle_dam.111 (new), girdle_dam.111.xpm (new), girdle_dam.112 (new), girdle_dam.112.xpm (new), girdle_dam.arc (new 1), girdle_str.111 (new), girdle_str.111.xpm (new), girdle_str.112 (new), girdle_str.112.xpm (new), girdle_str.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/armour/helmet: a_helmet.111 (new), a_helmet.111.xpm (new), a_helmet.arc (new 1), bighorn_he.111 (new), bighorn_he.111.xpm (new), bighorn_he.arc (new 1), eyeglasses.111 (new), eyeglasses.111.xpm (new), eyeglasses.arc (new), fullhelmet.111 (new), fullhelmet.111.xpm (new), fullhelmet.arc (new 1), helmet.111 (new), helmet.111.xpm (new), helmet.arc (new 1), helmet_bri.111 (new), helmet_bri.111.xpm (new), helmet_bri.arc (new), helmetxray.111 (new), helmetxray.111.xpm (new), helmetxray.112 (new), helmetxray.112.xpm (new), helmetxray.arc (new), hornhelmet.111 (new), hornhelmet.111.xpm (new), hornhelmet.arc (new 1), kog.111 (new), kog.111.xpm (new), kog.arc (new 1), turban.111 (new), turban.111.xpm (new), turban.arc (new 1), wig.111 (new), wig.111.xpm (new), wig.arc (new), wiz_hat.111 (new), wiz_hat.111.xpm (new), wiz_hat.112 (new), wiz_hat.112.xpm (new), wiz_hat.113 (new), wiz_hat.113.xpm (new), wiz_hat.arc (new 1)
  • trunk/arch/armour/mail: Pdragonmail.111 (new), Pdragonmail.111.xpm (new), Pdragonmail.112 (new), Pdragonmail.112.xpm (new), Pdragonmail.arc (new 1), chainmail.111 (new), chainmail.111.xpm (new), chainmail.arc (new 1), dragonmail.111 (new), dragonmail.111.xpm (new), dragonmail.arc (new 1), dress1.111 (new), dress1.111.xpm (new), dress1.arc (new 1), dress2.111 (new), dress2.111.xpm (new), dress2.arc (new), dress3.111 (new), dress3.111.xpm (new), dress3.arc (new), gale.111 (new), gale.111.xpm (new), gale.arc (new 1), lapron.111 (new), lapron.111.xpm (new), lapron.arc (new 1), leather_ar.111 (new), leather_ar.111.xpm (new), leather_ar.arc (new 2), mithril_ar.111 (new), mithril_ar.111.xpm (new), mithril_ar.112 (new), mithril_ar.112.xpm (new), mithril_ar.113 (new), mithril_ar.113.xpm (new), mithril_ar.arc (new 3), mithril_ar_ele.arc (new 3), plate_mail.111 (new), plate_mail.111.xpm (new), plate_mail.arc (new 1), ring_mail.111 (new), ring_mail.111.xpm (new), ring_mail.arc (new 1), ring_mail2.111 (new), ring_mail2.111.xpm (new), ring_mail2.arc (new 1), robe.111 (new), robe.111.xpm (new), robe.arc (new), robe2.111 (new), robe2.111.xpm (new), robe2.arc (new), robe_midnight.111 (new), robe_midnight.111.xpm (new), robe_midnight.112 (new), robe_midnight.112.xpm (new), robe_midnight.113 (new), robe_midnight.113.xpm (new), robe_midnight.arc (new 2), scale_mail.111 (new), scale_mail.111.xpm (new), scale_mail.arc (new 1), tunic.111 (new), tunic.111.xpm (new), tunic.arc (new), wdsm.111 (new), wdsm.111.xpm (new), wdsm.arc (new 1)
  • trunk/arch/armour/shield: DShield.111 (new), DShield.111.xpm (new), DShield.112 (new), DShield.112.xpm (new), DShield.113 (new), DShield.113.xpm (new), DShield.arc (new 2), DShieldm.arc (new 2), DShieldms.arc (new 2), DShields.arc (new 2), dragon_shi.111 (new), dragon_shi.111.xpm (new), dragon_shi.arc (new 1), eyeshield.111 (new), eyeshield.111.xpm (new), eyeshield.arc (new 1), highshield.111 (new), highshield.111.xpm (new), highshield.arc (new 1), holyshield.111 (new), holyshield.111.xpm (new), holyshield.arc (new 1), reflector.111 (new), reflector.111.xpm (new), reflector.112 (new), reflector.112.xpm (new), reflector.113 (new), reflector.113.xpm (new), reflector.arc (new), round_shiel.111 (new), round_shiel.111.xpm (new), round_shiel.arc (new 1), shield.111 (new), shield.111.xpm (new), shield.arc (new 1), small_shie.111 (new), small_shie.111.xpm (new), small_shie.arc (new), uw_shield.111 (new), uw_shield.111.xpm (new), uw_shield.arc (new 1), wds.111 (new), wds.111.xpm (new), wds.arc (new 1)
  • trunk/arch/connect: altar.111 (new), altar.111.xpm (new), altar.112 (new), altar.112.xpm (new), altar.arc (new), button_big.111 (new), button_big.111.xpm (new), button_big.112 (new), button_big.112.xpm (new), button_big.arc (new), button_sma.111 (new), button_sma.111.xpm (new), button_sma.112 (new), button_sma.112.xpm (new), button_sma.arc (new), check_inv.111 (new), check_inv.111.xpm (new), check_inv.arc (new 1), detector.arc (new), handle.111 (new), handle.111.xpm (new), handle.112 (new), handle.112.xpm (new), handle.arc (new), lever.111 (new), lever.111.xpm (new), lever.112 (new), lever.112.xpm (new), lever.arc (new), magic_ear.111 (new), magic_ear.111.xpm (new), magic_ear.arc (new 1), magicmouth.111 (new), magicmouth.111.xpm (new), magicmouth.arc (new), mover.arc (new 10), pedestal.111 (new), pedestal.111.xpm (new), pedestal.112 (new), pedestal.112.xpm (new), pedestal.arc (new), stwallsec.111 (new), stwallsec.111.xpm (new), stwallsec.112 (new), stwallsec.112.xpm (new), stwallsec.113 (new), stwallsec.113.xpm (new), stwallsec.114 (new), stwallsec.114.xpm (new), stwallsec.115 (new), stwallsec.115.xpm (new), stwallsec.116 (new), stwallsec.116.xpm (new), stwallsec.117 (new), stwallsec.117.xpm (new), stwallsec.118 (new), stwallsec.118.xpm (new), stwallsec.arc (new), trig_altar.arc (new 3), trig_lever.arc (new 2), trig_pedes.arc (new 2)
  • trunk/arch/connect/Director: director.111 (new), director.111.xpm (new), director.112 (new), director.112.xpm (new), director.113 (new), director.113.xpm (new), director.121 (new), director.121.xpm (new), director.122 (new), director.122.xpm (new), director.123 (new), director.123.xpm (new), director.124 (new), director.124.xpm (new), director.125 (new), director.125.xpm (new), director.131 (new), director.131.xpm (new), director.132 (new), director.132.xpm (new), director.133 (new), director.133.xpm (new), director.141 (new), director.141.xpm (new), director.142 (new), director.142.xpm (new), director.143 (new), director.143.xpm (new), director.144 (new), director.144.xpm (new), director.145 (new), director.145.xpm (new), director.151 (new), director.151.xpm (new), director.152 (new), director.152.xpm (new), director.153 (new), director.153.xpm (new), director.161 (new), director.161.xpm (new), director.162 (new), director.162.xpm (new), director.163 (new), director.163.xpm (new), director.164 (new), director.164.xpm (new), director.165 (new), director.165.xpm (new), director.171 (new), director.171.xpm (new), director.172 (new), director.172.xpm (new), director.173 (new), director.173.xpm (new), director.181 (new), director.181.xpm (new), director.182 (new), director.182.xpm (new), director.183 (new), director.183.xpm (new), director.184 (new), director.184.xpm (new), director.185 (new), director.185.xpm (new), director.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/connect/Garden_gate: gard_gate.111 (new), gard_gate.111.xpm (new), gard_gate.112 (new), gard_gate.112.xpm (new), gard_gate.113 (new), gard_gate.113.xpm (new), gard_gate.114 (new), gard_gate.114.xpm (new), gard_gate.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/connect/Gates: gate.arc (new), gateTrg1.arc (new), gateTrg2.arc (new), gate_1.111 (new), gate_1.111.xpm (new), gate_1.112 (new), gate_1.112.xpm (new), gate_1.113 (new), gate_1.113.xpm (new), gate_1.114 (new), gate_1.114.xpm (new), gate_1.115 (new), gate_1.115.xpm (new), gate_1.116 (new), gate_1.116.xpm (new), gate_1.117 (new), gate_1.117.xpm (new), gate_2.111 (new), gate_2.111.xpm (new), gate_2.112 (new), gate_2.112.xpm (new), gate_2.113 (new), gate_2.113.xpm (new), gate_2.114 (new), gate_2.114.xpm (new), gate_2.115 (new), gate_2.115.xpm (new), grate.arc (new), grate_1.111 (new), grate_1.111.xpm (new), grate_1.112 (new), grate_1.112.xpm (new), grate_1.113 (new), grate_1.113.xpm (new), grate_1.114 (new), grate_1.114.xpm (new), grate_1.115 (new), grate_1.115.xpm (new), grate_1.116 (new), grate_1.116.xpm (new), grate_1.117 (new), grate_1.117.xpm (new), grate_1.118 (new), grate_1.118.xpm (new), grate_2.111 (new), grate_2.111.xpm (new), grate_2.112 (new), grate_2.112.xpm (new), grate_2.113 (new), grate_2.113.xpm (new), grate_2.114 (new), grate_2.114.xpm (new), grate_2.115 (new), grate_2.115.xpm (new), grate_2.116 (new), grate_2.116.xpm (new), grate_2.117 (new), grate_2.117.xpm (new), grate_2.118 (new), grate_2.118.xpm (new), gratedoor1.111 (new), gratedoor1.111.xpm (new), gratedoor1.arc (new 1), gratedoor2.111 (new), gratedoor2.111.xpm (new), gratedoor2.arc (new 1), igateTrg1.arc (new), igateTrg2.arc (new), iron_gate.arc (new), iron_gate1.111 (new), iron_gate1.111.xpm (new), iron_gate1.112 (new), iron_gate1.112.xpm (new), iron_gate1.113 (new), iron_gate1.113.xpm (new), iron_gate1.114 (new), iron_gate1.114.xpm (new), iron_gate1.115 (new), iron_gate1.115.xpm (new), iron_gate1.116 (new), iron_gate1.116.xpm (new), iron_gate1.117 (new), iron_gate1.117.xpm (new), iron_gate1.118 (new), iron_gate1.118.xpm (new), iron_gate2.111 (new), iron_gate2.111.xpm (new), iron_gate2.112 (new), iron_gate2.112.xpm (new), iron_gate2.113 (new), iron_gate2.113.xpm (new), iron_gate2.114 (new), iron_gate2.114.xpm (new), iron_gate2.115 (new), iron_gate2.115.xpm (new), iron_gate2.116 (new), iron_gate2.116.xpm (new), spikes.111 (new), spikes.111.xpm (new), spikes.112 (new), spikes.112.xpm (new), spikes.113 (new), spikes.113.xpm (new), spikes.114 (new), spikes.114.xpm (new), spikes.115 (new), spikes.115.xpm (new), spikes.116 (new), spikes.116.xpm (new), spikes.117 (new), spikes.117.xpm (new), spikes.118 (new), spikes.118.xpm (new), spikes.119 (new), spikes.119.xpm (new), spikes.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/connect/Hole: hole.111 (new), hole.111.xpm (new), hole.112 (new), hole.112.xpm (new), hole.113 (new), hole.113.xpm (new), hole.114 (new), hole.114.xpm (new), hole.115 (new), hole.115.xpm (new), hole.116 (new), hole.116.xpm (new), hole.117 (new), hole.117.xpm (new), hole.118 (new), hole.118.xpm (new), hole.119 (new), hole.119.xpm (new), hole.11A (new), hole.11A.xpm (new), pit.arc (new), trapdoor_1.111 (new), trapdoor_1.111.xpm (new), trapdoor_1.arc (new 1), trapdoor_2.111 (new), trapdoor_2.111.xpm (new), trapdoor_2.arc (new 1), trapdoor_3.111 (new), trapdoor_3.111.xpm (new), trapdoor_3.arc (new 1), trapdoor_4.111 (new), trapdoor_4.111.xpm (new), trapdoor_4.arc (new 1)
  • trunk/arch/connect/Spinner: spinner.111 (new), spinner.111.xpm (new), spinner.112 (new), spinner.112.xpm (new), spinner.113 (new), spinner.113.xpm (new), spinner.114 (new), spinner.114.xpm (new), spinner.115 (new), spinner.115.xpm (new), spinner.116 (new), spinner.116.xpm (new), spinner.117 (new), spinner.117.xpm (new), spinner.118 (new), spinner.118.xpm (new), spinner.119 (new), spinner.119.xpm (new), spinner.11A (new), spinner.11A.xpm (new), spinner.11B (new), spinner.11B.xpm (new), spinner.11C (new), spinner.11C.xpm (new), spinner.11D (new), spinner.11D.xpm (new), spinner.arc (new 7)
  • trunk/arch/construct: bungalow.111 (new), bungalow.111.xpm (new), bungalow.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/construct/Palace: palace.111 (new), palace.111.xpm (new), palace.211 (new), palace.211.xpm (new), palace.311 (new), palace.311.xpm (new), palace.411 (new), palace.411.xpm (new), palace.511 (new), palace.511.xpm (new), palace.611 (new), palace.611.xpm (new), palace.711 (new), palace.711.xpm (new), palace.811 (new), palace.811.xpm (new), palace.911 (new), palace.911.xpm (new), palace.A11 (new), palace.A11.xpm (new), palace.B11 (new), palace.B11.xpm (new), palace.C11 (new), palace.C11.xpm (new), palace.D11 (new), palace.D11.xpm (new), palace.E11 (new), palace.E11.xpm (new), palace.F11 (new), palace.F11.xpm (new), palace.arc (new 48)
  • trunk/arch/construct/barrack: barn.111 (new), barn.111.xpm (new), barn.211 (new), barn.211.xpm (new), barn.311 (new), barn.311.xpm (new), barn.411 (new), barn.411.xpm (new), barn.arc (new), barrack_l.111 (new), barrack_l.111.xpm (new), barrack_l.211 (new), barrack_l.211.xpm (new), barrack_l.arc (new 2), barrack_s.111 (new), barrack_s.111.xpm (new), barrack_s.arc (new), barrack_u.111 (new), barrack_u.111.xpm (new), barrack_u.211 (new), barrack_u.211.xpm (new), barrack_u.arc (new 2)
  • trunk/arch/construct/castle: castle.111 (new), castle.111.xpm (new), castle.arc (new), castle_a.111 (new), castle_a.111.xpm (new), castle_a.112 (new), castle_a.112.xpm (new), castle_a.211 (new), castle_a.211.xpm (new), castle_a.212 (new), castle_a.212.xpm (new), castle_a.311 (new), castle_a.311.xpm (new), castle_a.312 (new), castle_a.312.xpm (new), castle_a.411 (new), castle_a.411.xpm (new), castle_a.412 (new), castle_a.412.xpm (new), castle_a.arc (new 15)
  • trunk/arch/construct/fort: fort.111 (new), fort.111.xpm (new), fort.211 (new), fort.211.xpm (new), fort.311 (new), fort.311.xpm (new), fort.411 (new), fort.411.xpm (new), fort.arc (new), fort_sym.111 (new), fort_sym.111.xpm (new), fort_sym.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/construct/fountain: fountain.111 (new), fountain.111.xpm (new), fountain.112 (new), fountain.112.xpm (new), fountain.113 (new), fountain.113.xpm (new), fountain.arc (new 1)
  • trunk/arch/construct/hold: darkhold.111 (new), darkhold.111.xpm (new), darkhold.211 (new), darkhold.211.xpm (new), darkhold.311 (new), darkhold.311.xpm (new), darkhold.411 (new), darkhold.411.xpm (new), darkhold.511 (new), darkhold.511.xpm (new), darkhold.611 (new), darkhold.611.xpm (new), darkhold.711 (new), darkhold.711.xpm (new), darkhold.811 (new), darkhold.811.xpm (new), darkhold.911 (new), darkhold.911.xpm (new), darkhold.A11 (new), darkhold.A11.xpm (new), darkhold.B11 (new), darkhold.B11.xpm (new), darkhold.C11 (new), darkhold.C11.xpm (new), darkhold.D11 (new), darkhold.D11.xpm (new), darkhold.E11 (new), darkhold.E11.xpm (new), darkhold.F11 (new), darkhold.F11.xpm (new), darkhold.arc (new 3), darkhold_s.111 (new), darkhold_s.111.xpm (new), darkhold_s.arc (new), stronghold.111 (new), stronghold.111.xpm (new), stronghold.211 (new), stronghold.211.xpm (new), stronghold.311 (new), stronghold.311.xpm (new), stronghold.411 (new), stronghold.411.xpm (new), stronghold.511 (new), stronghold.511.xpm (new), stronghold.611 (new), stronghold.611.xpm (new), stronghold.711 (new), stronghold.711.xpm (new), stronghold.811 (new), stronghold.811.xpm (new), stronghold.911 (new), stronghold.911.xpm (new), stronghold.arc (new 11), stronghsym.111 (new), stronghsym.111.xpm (new), stronghsym.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/construct/house: farmhouse.111 (new), farmhouse.111.xpm (new), farmhouse.211 (new), farmhouse.211.xpm (new), farmhouse.arc (new), house_1.111 (new), house_1.111.xpm (new), house_1.arc (new), house_2.111 (new), house_2.111.xpm (new), house_2.arc (new), house_larg.111 (new), house_larg.111.xpm (new), house_larg.211 (new), house_larg.211.xpm (new), house_larg.arc (new 2), house_long.111 (new), house_long.111.xpm (new), house_long.211 (new), house_long.211.xpm (new), house_long.arc (new 2), house_up.111 (new), house_up.111.xpm (new), house_up.211 (new), house_up.211.xpm (new), house_up.arc (new 2), housesmall.111 (new), housesmall.111.xpm (new), housesmall.arc (new), hut.111 (new), hut.111.xpm (new), hut.arc (new), inn.111 (new), inn.111.xpm (new), inn.211 (new), inn.211.xpm (new), inn.arc (new 2), minihouse.111 (new), minihouse.111.xpm (new), minihouse.arc (new), smalltemple.111 (new), smalltemple.111.xpm (new), smalltemple.arc (new), smalltemple2.111 (new), smalltemple2.111.xpm (new), smalltemple2.arc (new), tavern.111 (new), tavern.111.xpm (new), tavern.arc (new), woodhouse.111 (new), woodhouse.111.xpm (new), woodhouse.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/construct/keep: keep.111 (new), keep.111.xpm (new), keep.211 (new), keep.211.xpm (new), keep.311 (new), keep.311.xpm (new), keep.411 (new), keep.411.xpm (new), keep.arc (new 4), keep_sym.111 (new), keep_sym.111.xpm (new), keep_sym.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/construct/temple: cathedral.111 (new), cathedral.111.xpm (new), cathedral.211 (new), cathedral.211.xpm (new), cathedral.311 (new), cathedral.311.xpm (new), cathedral.411 (new), cathedral.411.xpm (new), cathedral.511 (new), cathedral.511.xpm (new), cathedral.611 (new), cathedral.611.xpm (new), cathedral.711 (new), cathedral.711.xpm (new), cathedral.811 (new), cathedral.811.xpm (new), cathedral.911 (new), cathedral.911.xpm (new), cathedral.A11 (new), cathedral.A11.xpm (new), cathedral.B11 (new), cathedral.B11.xpm (new), cathedral.C11 (new), cathedral.C11.xpm (new), cathedral.arc (new 1), shrine.111 (new), shrine.111.xpm (new), shrine.arc (new), temple1.111 (new), temple1.111.xpm (new), temple1.211 (new), temple1.211.xpm (new), temple1.311 (new), temple1.311.xpm (new), temple1.411 (new), temple1.411.xpm (new), temple1.arc (new 4)
  • trunk/arch/construct/tower: city-tower.111 (new), city-tower.111.xpm (new), city-tower.211 (new), city-tower.211.xpm (new), city_tower.arc (new), s_tower1.111 (new), s_tower1.111.xpm (new), s_tower1.211 (new), s_tower1.211.xpm (new), s_tower1.arc (new), s_tower2.111 (new), s_tower2.111.xpm (new), s_tower2.211 (new), s_tower2.211.xpm (new), s_tower2.arc (new), tower_a.111 (new), tower_a.111.xpm (new), tower_a.211 (new), tower_a.211.xpm (new), tower_a.arc (new), tower_tob.111 (new), tower_tob.111.xpm (new), tower_tob.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/construct/town: a_bridge1.111 (new), a_bridge1.111.xpm (new), a_bridge1.arc (new 1), a_bridge2.111 (new), a_bridge2.111.xpm (new), a_bridge2.arc (new 1), a_civic.111 (new), a_civic.111.xpm (new), a_civic.211 (new), a_civic.211.xpm (new), a_civic.311 (new), a_civic.311.xpm (new), a_civic.411 (new), a_civic.411.xpm (new), a_civic.511 (new), a_civic.511.xpm (new), a_civic.611 (new), a_civic.611.xpm (new), a_civic.711 (new), a_civic.711.xpm (new), a_civic.811 (new), a_civic.811.xpm (new), a_civic.911 (new), a_civic.911.xpm (new), a_civic.arc (new 9), church.111 (new), church.111.xpm (new), church.211 (new), church.211.xpm (new), church.311 (new), church.311.xpm (new), church.411 (new), church.411.xpm (new), church.arc (new 4), collesium.111 (new), collesium.111.xpm (new), collesium.211 (new), collesium.211.xpm (new), collesium.311 (new), collesium.311.xpm (new), collesium.411 (new), collesium.411.xpm (new), collesium.511 (new), collesium.511.xpm (new), collesium.611 (new), collesium.611.xpm (new), collesium.711 (new), collesium.711.xpm (new), collesium.811 (new), collesium.811.xpm (new), collesium.911 (new), collesium.911.xpm (new), collesium.A11 (new), collesium.A11.xpm (new), collesium.B11 (new), collesium.B11.xpm (new), collesium.C11 (new), collesium.C11.xpm (new), collesium.D11 (new), collesium.D11.xpm (new), collesium.E11 (new), collesium.E11.xpm (new), collesium.F11 (new), collesium.F11.xpm (new), collesium.arc (new 16), courthouse.111 (new), courthouse.111.xpm (new), courthouse.211 (new), courthouse.211.xpm (new), courthouse.311 (new), courthouse.311.xpm (new), courthouse.411 (new), courthouse.411.xpm (new), courthouse.arc (new 4), guild.111 (new), guild.111.xpm (new), guild.211 (new), guild.211.xpm (new), guild.311 (new), guild.311.xpm (new), guild.411 (new), guild.411.xpm (new), guild.arc (new 4), hovels.111 (new), hovels.111.xpm (new), hovels.arc (new 1), hovels2.111 (new), hovels2.111.xpm (new), hovels2.211 (new), hovels2.211.xpm (new), hovels2.311 (new), hovels2.311.xpm (new), hovels2.411 (new), hovels2.411.xpm (new), hovels2.arc (new), l_shop.arc (new), l_shop1.111 (new), l_shop1.111.xpm (new), l_shop1.211 (new), l_shop1.211.xpm (new), l_shop1.311 (new), l_shop1.311.xpm (new), l_shop1.411 (new), l_shop1.411.xpm (new), market1.111 (new), market1.111.xpm (new), market1.arc (new), market2.111 (new), market2.111.xpm (new), market2.arc (new), market3.111 (new), market3.111.xpm (new), market3.arc (new), prison.111 (new), prison.111.xpm (new), prison.211 (new), prison.211.xpm (new), prison.311 (new), prison.311.xpm (new), prison.411 (new), prison.411.xpm (new), prison.arc (new), r_house1.111 (new), r_house1.111.xpm (new), r_house1.arc (new), r_house2.111 (new), r_house2.111.xpm (new), r_house2.arc (new), rl_house1.111 (new), rl_house1.111.xpm (new), rl_house1.211 (new), rl_house1.211.xpm (new), rl_house1.311 (new), rl_house1.311.xpm (new), rl_house1.411 (new), rl_house1.411.xpm (new), rl_house1.arc (new), rl_house2.111 (new), rl_house2.111.xpm (new), rl_house2.211 (new), rl_house2.211.xpm (new), rl_house2.311 (new), rl_house2.311.xpm (new), rl_house2.411 (new), rl_house2.411.xpm (new), rl_house2.arc (new), rl_house3.111 (new), rl_house3.111.xpm (new), rl_house3.211 (new), rl_house3.211.xpm (new), rl_house3.311 (new), rl_house3.311.xpm (new), rl_house3.411 (new), rl_house3.411.xpm (new), rl_house3.arc (new 8), s_house1.111 (new), s_house1.111.xpm (new), s_house1.arc (new), s_shop1.111 (new), s_shop1.111.xpm (new), s_shop1.arc (new), s_shop2.111 (new), s_shop2.111.xpm (new), s_shop2.arc (new), slum1.111 (new), slum1.111.xpm (new), slum1.211 (new), slum1.211.xpm (new), slum1.arc (new), slum2.111 (new), slum2.111.xpm (new), slum2.211 (new), slum2.211.xpm (new), slum2.arc (new), slum3.111 (new), slum3.111.xpm (new), slum3.211 (new), slum3.211.xpm (new), slum3.arc (new), t_house1.111 (new), t_house1.111.xpm (new), t_house1.211 (new), t_house1.211.xpm (new), t_house1.311 (new), t_house1.311.xpm (new), t_house1.411 (new), t_house1.411.xpm (new), t_house1.arc (new), t_house2.111 (new), t_house2.111.xpm (new), t_house2.211 (new), t_house2.211.xpm (new), t_house2.311 (new), t_house2.311.xpm (new), t_house2.411 (new), t_house2.411.xpm (new), t_house2.arc (new 4), university.111 (new), university.111.xpm (new), university.211 (new), university.211.xpm (new), university.311 (new), university.311.xpm (new), university.411 (new), university.411.xpm (new), university.511 (new), university.511.xpm (new), university.611 (new), university.611.xpm (new), university.711 (new), university.711.xpm (new), university.811 (new), university.811.xpm (new), university.911 (new), university.911.xpm (new), university.A11 (new), university.A11.xpm (new), university.B11 (new), university.B11.xpm (new), university.C11 (new), university.C11.xpm (new), university.D11 (new), university.D11.xpm (new), university.E11 (new), university.E11.xpm (new), university.F11 (new), university.F11.xpm (new), university.G11 (new), university.G11.xpm (new), university.H11 (new), university.H11.xpm (new), university.I11 (new), university.I11.xpm (new), university.J11 (new), university.J11.xpm (new), university.K11 (new), university.K11.xpm (new), university.arc (new 20)
  • trunk/arch/dev: README (new), merge.csh (new), (new 1), xpm.template (new), xpm.template.ppm (new), xpm.template1 (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/Britan: A (new), Ankh (new), B (new), C (new), D (new), E (new), EE (new), F (new), G (new), H (new), I (new), J (new), K (new), L (new), M (new), N (new), NG (new), O (new), P (new), Q (new), R (new), S (new), ST (new), T (new), TH (new), U (new), V (new), W (new), X (new), Y (new), Z (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/Gloran: Air (new), Beast (new), Chain (new), Chaos (new), Cold (new), DarkEarth (new), Darkness (new), Death (new), Disorder (new), Dragon (new), Dragonewt (new), Earth (new), Fate (new), Fertility (new), Fire (new), Harmony (new), Heat (new), Ice (new), Illusion (new), Infinity (new), Law (new), Light (new), Luck (new), Magic (new), Man (new), Mastery (new), Moon (new), Pamalt (new), Plant (new), Shadow (new), Spirit (new), Stasis (new), Truth (new), Undead (new), Water (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/Kanji: antimagic.rune (new), blasting.rune (new), death.rune (new), fire.rune (new), frost.rune (new), generic.rune (new), healing.rune (new), k2 (new), k3 (new), k4 (new), k5 (new), k6 (new), k7 (new), k8 (new), k9 (new), ka (new), kb (new), kc (new), kd (new), ke (new), kf (new), kg (new), kh (new), ki (new), kj (new), kk (new), kl (new), km (new), kn (new), ko (new), kp (new), kq (new), kr (new), ks (new), ku (new), kv (new), kw (new), kx (new), ky (new), kz (new), kza (new), lb (new), lc (new), ld (new), le (new), lf (new), lh (new), lj (new), lk (new), ll (new), lm (new), ln (new), lo (new), lp (new), lq (new), lr (new), ls (new), lt (new), lu (new), lv (new), lw (new), lx (new), ly (new), lz (new), lza (new), lzb (new), marking.rune (new), shock.rune (new), transfer.rune (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/merged: cyclops1.xbm (new), cyclops1.xpm (new), cyclops2.xbm (new), cyclops3.xbm (new), cyclops4.xbm (new), mountain_2.xpm (new), store_armo.xpm (new), temple1.xbm (new), town_2.x11.xpm (new), town_3.x11.xpm (new), town_4.x11.xpm (new), town_5.x11.xpm (new), town_6.x11.xpm (new), town_7.x11.xpm (new), troll.x31.xpm (new), troll.x32.xpm (new), troll.x33.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/obsolete: bar.111 (new), dung_magic.111 (new), hidden_door_1.1 (new), hidden_door_1.2 (new), hidden_door_2.1 (new), hidden_door_2.2 (new), hidden_door_3.1 (new), hidden_door_3.2 (new), hidden_door_4.1 (new), hidden_door_4.2 (new), hidden_door_5.1 (new), hidden_door_5.2 (new), hidden_door_6.1 (new), hidden_door_6.2 (new), mine (new), platemail2 (new), randomCont.111 (new), randomCont.arc (new), shuriken (new), shuriken_moving_1 (new), shuriken_moving_2 (new), twohanded_1 (new), twohanded_2 (new), wallgate_4.111 (new), wallgate_4.112 (new), wallgate_8.111 (new), wallgate_8.112 (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/obsolete/magic: Crystal.111 (new), Crystal.112 (new), Crystal.113 (new), Crystal.114 (new), Crystal.115 (new), Crystal.116 (new), Crystal.117 (new), Crystal.118 (new), Crystal.119 (new), Crystal.11A (new), Crystal.11B (new), Crystal.11C (new), Crystal.11D (new), blindness1 (new), blindness2 (new), sound_1.1 (new), sound_1.2 (new), sound_1.3 (new), sound_2.1 (new), sound_2.2 (new), sound_2.3 (new), sound_3.1 (new), sound_3.2 (new), sound_3.3 (new), sqr.111 (new), sqr.112 (new), sqr.113 (new), sqr.114 (new), sqr.115 (new), sqr.116 (new), sqr.117 (new), sqr.118 (new), sqr.119 (new), sqr.11A (new), sqr.11B (new), unholyword.111 (new), wand_straight_0 (new), wand_straight_1 (new), wand_straight_2 (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/obsolete/misc: globe (new), globe2 (new), headband1 (new), headband2 (new), headband3 (new), headband4 (new), headband5 (new), headband6 (new), headband7 (new), no_teleport (new), one_pearl.111 (new), one_ruby.111 (new), pipe1 (new), pipe2 (new), pipe3 (new), rope (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/obsolete/monster: arab.111 (new), arab.111.xpm (new), arab.112 (new), arab.112.xpm (new), arab.113 (new), arab.113.xpm (new), arab.114 (new), arab.114.xpm (new), bfly1 (new), bfly2 (new), dread_gen (new), eye1 (new), eye10 (new), eye11 (new), eye12 (new), eye13 (new), eye14 (new), eye15 (new), eye16 (new), eye2 (new), eye3 (new), eye4 (new), eye5 (new), eye6 (new), eye7 (new), eye8 (new), eye9 (new), fuzzba_gen.112 (new), fuzzball.111 (new), fuzzball.112 (new), it1 (new), it2 (new), ithus (new), meleeguy1 (new), meleeguy2 (new), meleeguy3 (new), rups1 (new), rups2 (new), rupshus (new), spider1.1 (new), spider1.2 (new), spider2.1 (new), spider2.2 (new), thief1 (new), thief2 (new), thiefhus (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/unused.93.2: cloak.112 (new), cloak.112.xpm (new), holy_orb.112 (new), holy_orb.112.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/unused: README (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/unused/0.91.1: centaur.111 (new), centaur.111.xpm (new), centaur.112 (new), centaur.112.xpm (new), centaur.113 (new), centaur.113.xpm (new), centaur.arc (new), crystal_bl.111 (new), crystal_bl.111.xpm (new), crystal_bl.arc (new), dark_uni.111 (new), dark_uni.111.xpm (new), dark_uni.112 (new), dark_uni.112.xpm (new), dark_uni.211 (new), dark_uni.211.xpm (new), dark_uni.212 (new), dark_uni.212.xpm (new), dark_uni.arc (new 1), dopplegang.arc (new), grateTrg1.arc (new), grateTrg2.arc (new), grave.arc (new 1), grave_clos.111 (new), grave_clos.111.xpm (new), grave_open.111 (new), grave_open.111.xpm (new), lwoodhouse.111 (new), lwoodhouse.111.xpm (new), lwoodhouse.211 (new), lwoodhouse.211.xpm (new), lwoodhouse.311 (new), lwoodhouse.311.xpm (new), lwoodhouse.411 (new), lwoodhouse.411.xpm (new), lwoodhouse.arc (new), mountain_1.111 (new), mountain_1.111.xpm (new), mountain_1.211 (new), mountain_1.211.xpm (new), mountain_1.311 (new), mountain_1.311.xpm (new), mountain_1.411 (new), mountain_1.411.xpm (new), mountain_1.arc (new), shop.111 (new), shop.111.xpm (new), shop.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/unused/0.91.1/Flyingnote: flyingnote.111 (new), flyingnote.111.xpm (new), flyingnote.112 (new), flyingnote.112.xpm (new), flyingnote.113 (new), flyingnote.113.xpm (new), flyingnote.114 (new), flyingnote.114.xpm (new), flyingnote.115 (new), flyingnote.115.xpm (new), flyingnote.116 (new), flyingnote.116.xpm (new), flyingnote.117 (new), flyingnote.117.xpm (new), flyingnote.118 (new), flyingnote.118.xpm (new), flyingnote.119 (new), flyingnote.119.xpm (new), flyingnote.11A (new), flyingnote.11A.xpm (new), flyingnote.11B (new), flyingnote.11B.xpm (new), flyingnote.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/unused/0.91.1/Lg_bungalow: lbungalow.111 (new), lbungalow.111.xpm (new), lbungalow.211 (new), lbungalow.211.xpm (new), lbungalow.311 (new), lbungalow.311.xpm (new), lbungalow.411 (new), lbungalow.411.xpm (new), lbungalow.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/unused/0.91.1/Monolith: monolith.111 (new), monolith.111.xpm (new), monolith.211 (new), monolith.211.xpm (new), monolith.212 (new), monolith.212.xpm (new), monolith.213 (new), monolith.213.xpm (new), monolith.214 (new), monolith.214.xpm (new), monolith.215 (new), monolith.215.xpm (new), monolith.216 (new), monolith.216.xpm (new), monolith.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/unused/0.91.1/Store: store_book.111 (new), store_book.111.xpm (new), store_book.211 (new), store_book.211.xpm (new), store_book.311 (new), store_book.311.xpm (new), store_book.411 (new), store_book.411.xpm (new), store_book.arc (new), store_food.111 (new), store_food.111.xpm (new), store_food.211 (new), store_food.211.xpm (new), store_food.311 (new), store_food.311.xpm (new), store_food.411 (new), store_food.411.xpm (new), store_food.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/unused/0.91.1/Undead: shadow.111 (new), shadow.111.xpm (new), shadow.112 (new), shadow.112.xpm (new), shadow.113 (new), shadow.113.xpm (new), shadow.arc (new 2), werewolf.111 (new), werewolf.111.xpm (new), werewolf.112 (new), werewolf.112.xpm (new), werewolf.113 (new), werewolf.113.xpm (new), werewolf.arc (new 1), werewolf.arch (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/unused/0.91.6: potionrstr.arc (new), restorecha.111.xpm (new), restorecon.111.xpm (new), restoredex.111.xpm (new), restoreint.111.xpm (new), restorestr.111.xpm (new), restorewis.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/unused/0.91.7/Town: beggar.111 (new), beggar.111.xpm (new), beggar.arc (new), child.111 (new), child.111.xpm (new), child.arc (new), courier.111 (new), courier.111.xpm (new), courier.arc (new), fatman.111 (new), fatman.111.xpm (new), fatman.arc (new), fatwoman.111 (new), fatwoman.111.xpm (new), fatwoman.arc (new), merchant.111 (new), merchant.111.xpm (new), merchant.131 (new), merchant.131.xpm (new), merchant.171 (new), merchant.171.xpm (new), merchant.arc (new), sailor.111 (new), sailor.111.xpm (new), sailor.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/unused/0.91.7/chaos: broo.111 (new), broo.111.xpm (new), broo.112 (new), broo.112.xpm (new), broo.113 (new), broo.113.xpm (new), broo.arc (new 1), c_knight.111 (new), c_knight.111.xpm (new), c_knight.112 (new), c_knight.112.xpm (new), c_knight.arc (new 1)
  • trunk/arch/dev/unused/0.91.7/mood_floors: calm_floor.111 (new), calm_floor.111.xpm (new), calm_floor.arc (new), charm_floor.111 (new), charm_floor.111.xpm (new), charm_floor.arc (new), furious_floor.111 (new), furious_floor.111.xpm (new), furious_floor.arc (new), sleep_floor.111 (new), sleep_floor.111.xpm (new), sleep_floor.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/unused/0.91.7/newfood: bag_popcorn.111 (new), bag_popcorn.111.xpm (new), bag_popcorn.arc (new), onion.111 (new), onion.111.xpm (new), onion.arc (new), orange.111 (new), orange.111.xpm (new), orange.arc (new), pear.111 (new), pear.111.xpm (new), pear.arc (new), s_weasel.111 (new), s_weasel.111.xpm (new), s_weasel.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/unused/0.91.7/newtown: collesium.111 (new), collesium.111.xpm (new), collesium.211 (new), collesium.211.xpm (new), collesium.311 (new), collesium.311.xpm (new), collesium.411 (new), collesium.411.xpm (new), collesium.arc (new), market1.111 (new), market1.111.xpm (new), market1.arc (new), market2.111 (new), market2.111.xpm (new), market2.arc (new), market3.111 (new), market3.111.xpm (new), market3.arc (new), r_house1.111 (new), r_house1.111.xpm (new), r_house1.arc (new), r_house2.111 (new), r_house2.111.xpm (new), r_house2.arc (new), s_shop1.111 (new), s_shop1.111.xpm (new), s_shop1.arc (new), s_shop2.111 (new), s_shop2.111.xpm (new), s_shop2.arc (new), s_tower1.111 (new), s_tower1.111.xpm (new), s_tower1.211 (new), s_tower1.211.xpm (new), s_tower1.arc (new), s_tower2.111 (new), s_tower2.111.xpm (new), s_tower2.211 (new), s_tower2.211.xpm (new), s_tower2.arc (new), slum1.111 (new), slum1.111.xpm (new), slum1.211 (new), slum1.211.xpm (new), slum1.arc (new), slum2.111 (new), slum2.111.xpm (new), slum2.211 (new), slum2.211.xpm (new), slum2.arc (new), slum3.111 (new), slum3.111.xpm (new), slum3.211 (new), slum3.211.xpm (new), slum3.arc (new), t_house1.111 (new), t_house1.111.xpm (new), t_house1.211 (new), t_house1.211.xpm (new), t_house1.311 (new), t_house1.311.xpm (new), t_house1.411 (new), t_house1.411.xpm (new), t_house1.arc (new), t_house2.111 (new), t_house2.111.xpm (new), t_house2.211 (new), t_house2.211.xpm (new), t_house2.311 (new), t_house2.311.xpm (new), t_house2.411 (new), t_house2.411.xpm (new), t_house2.arc (new), university.111 (new), university.111.xpm (new), university.211 (new), university.211.xpm (new), university.311 (new), university.311.xpm (new), university.411 (new), university.411.xpm (new), university.511 (new), university.511.xpm (new), university.611 (new), university.611.xpm (new), university.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/unused/0.91.7/newtown/temple: temple1.111 (new), temple1.111.xpm (new), temple1.211 (new), temple1.211.xpm (new), temple1.311 (new), temple1.311.xpm (new), temple1.411 (new), temple1.411.xpm (new), temple1.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref: baby_drag.111.xpm (new), baby_drag.112.xpm (new), baby_drag.113.xpm (new), bracers_ac.111.xpm (new), bracersdex.111.xpm (new), coppercoin.111.xpm (new), emerald.111.xpm (new), goldcoin.111.xpm (new), letter.111.xpm (new), lich.111.xpm (new), lich.112.xpm (new), lich.113.xpm (new), mystic_fist.111.xpm (new), mystic_fist.112.xpm (new), mystic_fist.113.xpm (new), note.111.xpm (new), plt_coin.111.xpm (new), shop_amule.111.xpm (new), shop_armou.111.xpm (new), shop_books.111.xpm (new), shop_empty.111.xpm (new), shop_food.111.xpm (new), shop_gems.111.xpm (new), shop_potio.111.xpm (new), shop_ring.111.xpm (new), shop_scrol.111.xpm (new), shop_speci.111.xpm (new), shop_wands.111.xpm (new), shop_weapo.111.xpm (new), sign.111.xpm (new), sign_e.111.xpm (new), sign_w.111.xpm (new), silvercoin.111.xpm (new), thief.111.xpm (new), thief.131.xpm (new), thief.151.xpm (new), thief.171.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Boots: elvenboots.111.xpm (new), speedboots.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Cave: cave1.111.xpm (new), cave2.111.xpm (new), cave3.111.xpm (new), cave4.111.xpm (new), cave5.111.xpm (new), cave6.111.xpm (new), cave7.111.xpm (new), cave8.111.xpm (new), cave9.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Connect: oakdoor.111.xpm (new), ruins.111.xpm (new), teleporter.111.xpm (new), teleporter.112.xpm (new), teleporter.113.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Container: chest_1.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Floor: cobblesto1.111.xpm (new), dung_floor.111.xpm (new), goldfloor.111.xpm (new), woodfloor.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Food: drag_steak.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Gates: gard_gate.111.xpm (new), gard_gate.112.xpm (new), gard_gate.113.xpm (new), gard_gate.114.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Ground: desert.111.xpm (new), grasspond.111.xpm (new), hills.111.xpm (new), hillsrocky.111.xpm (new), woods_1.111.xpm (new), woods_2.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Helmet: bighorn_he.111.xpm (new), fullhelmet.111.xpm (new), helmet_bri.111.xpm (new), helmetxray.111.xpm (new), helmetxray.112.xpm (new), hornhelmet.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Hole: hole.111.xpm (new), hole.112.xpm (new), hole.113.xpm (new), hole.114.xpm (new), hole.115.xpm (new), hole.116.xpm (new), hole.117.xpm (new), hole.118.xpm (new), hole.119.xpm (new), hole.11A.xpm (new), trapdoor_1.111.xpm (new), trapdoor_2.111.xpm (new), trapdoor_3.111.xpm (new), trapdoor_4.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/House: farmhouse.111.xpm (new), farmhouse.211.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Magic: meteor.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Mail: dragonmail.111.xpm (new), dragonmail.111.xpm1 (new), leather_ar.111.xpm (new), mithril_ar.111.xpm (new), mithril_ar.112.xpm (new), mithril_ar.113.xpm (new), plate_mail.111.xpm (new), ring_mail.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Misc: corpse1.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Monster/acid: acid_pool.111.xpm (new), acid_pool.112.xpm (new), acidsphere.111.xpm (new), acidsphere.112.xpm (new), acidsphere.113.xpm (new), acidsphere.114.xpm (new), bpudding.111.xpm (new), bpudding.112.xpm (new), bpudding_g.111.xpm (new), bpudding_g.112.xpm (new), bpudding_g.113.xpm (new), bpudding_g.115.xpm (new), bpudding_g.116.xpm (new), bpudding_g.117.xpm (new), bpudding_g.119.xpm (new), bpudding_s.111.xpm (new), bpudding_s.112.xpm (new), bpudding_s.113.xpm (new), bpudding_s.114.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Monster/animal: cobra.111.xpm (new), cobra.112.xpm (new), cobra.113.xpm (new), scorpi_gen.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Monster/beholder: dread.111.xpm (new), dread.112.xpm (new), dread.113.xpm (new), dread.211.xpm (new), dread.212.xpm (new), dread.213.xpm (new), dread.311.xpm (new), dread.312.xpm (new), dread.313.xpm (new), dread.411.xpm (new), dread.412.xpm (new), dread.413.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Monster/demon: devil.111.xpm (new), devil.112.xpm (new), devil_gen.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Monster/dragon: dragoncave.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Monster/giant: giant_gen.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Monster/goblin: gnoll.111.xpm (new), gnoll.112.xpm (new), kobold.111.xpm (new), kobold.112.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Monster/human/Dwarf: dwarf.111.xpm (new), dwarf.112.xpm (new), dwarf_pr.111.xpm (new), dwarf_pr.112.xpm (new), dwarf_pr.113.xpm (new), dwarf_wiz.111.xpm (new), dwarf_wiz.112.xpm (new), dwarf_wiz.113.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Monster/human/Town: pir_lass.111.xpm (new), pir_lass.112.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Monster/insect: ant.111.xpm (new), ant.112.xpm (new), bee.111.xpm (new), bee.112.xpm (new), bee_gen.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Monster/misc: pixie.111.xpm (new), pixie.112.xpm (new), pixie_gen.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Monster/undead: demilich.111.xpm (new), demilich.112.xpm (new), demilich.113.xpm (new), ghost.111.xpm (new), ghost.112.xpm (new), ghost_gen.111.xpm (new), zombie.111.xpm (new), zombie.112.xpm (new), zombie.113.xpm (new), zombie_gen.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Mountain: moun_cave1.111 (new), moun_cave1.111.xpm (new), moun_cave1.arc (new), moun_cave2.111 (new), moun_cave2.111.xpm (new), moun_cave2.arc (new), mountain1.111 (new), mountain1.111.xpm (new), mountain1.arc (new), mountain2.111 (new), mountain2.111.xpm (new), mountain2.arc (new), mountain_2.111 (new), mountain_2.111.xpm (new), mountain_2.211 (new), mountain_2.211.xpm (new), mountain_2.311 (new), mountain_2.311.xpm (new), mountain_2.411 (new), mountain_2.411.xpm (new), mountain_2.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Players: barbarian.111.xpm (new), barbarian.131.xpm (new), barbarian.151.xpm (new), barbarian.171.xpm (new), cleric.111.xpm (new), cleric.131.xpm (new), cleric.151.xpm (new), cleric.171.xpm (new), dwarf_p.111.xpm (new), dwarf_p.131.xpm (new), dwarf_p.151.xpm (new), dwarf_p.171.xpm (new), elf.111.xpm (new), elf.131.xpm (new), elf.151.xpm (new), elf.171.xpm (new), halfling.111.xpm (new), halfling.131.xpm (new), halfling.151.xpm (new), halfling.171.xpm (new), mage.111.xpm (new), mage.131.xpm (new), mage.151.xpm (new), mage.171.xpm (new), monk.111.xpm (new), monk.131.xpm (new), monk.151.xpm (new), monk.171.xpm (new), ninja.111.xpm (new), ninja.131.xpm (new), ninja.151.xpm (new), ninja.171.xpm (new), pl_half_orc.111.xpm (new), pl_half_orc.131.xpm (new), pl_half_orc.151.xpm (new), pl_half_orc.171.xpm (new), priest.131.xpm (new), priest.151.xpm (new), priest.171.xpm (new), swashbuckl.111.xpm (new), swashbuckl.131.xpm (new), swashbuckl.151.xpm (new), swashbuckl.171.xpm (new), thief.111.xpm (new), thief.131.xpm (new), thief.151.xpm (new), thief.171.xpm (new), viking.111.xpm (new), viking.131.xpm (new), viking.151.xpm (new), viking.171.xpm (new), warrior.111.xpm (new), warrior.131.xpm (new), warrior.151.xpm (new), warrior.171.xpm (new), wizard.151.xpm (new), wizard.171.xpm (new), wraithp.111.xpm (new), wraithp.131.xpm (new), wraithp.151.xpm (new), wraithp.171.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Pstone: sandy.111.xpm (new), sandy.112.xpm (new), sandy.113.xpm (new), sandy.114.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Shop: conv.111.xpm (new), shop_mat.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Swall1: swall_0.111.xpm (new), swall_1.111.xpm (new), swall_2.111.xpm (new), swall_3.111.xpm (new), swall_4.111.xpm (new), swall_5.111.xpm (new), swall_6.111.xpm (new), swall_7.111.xpm (new), swall_8.111.xpm (new), swall_9.111.xpm (new), swall_A.111.xpm (new), swall_B.111.xpm (new), swall_C.111.xpm (new), swall_D.111.xpm (new), swall_E.111.xpm (new), swall_F.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Swall2: swall_0.111.xpm (new), swall_1.111.xpm (new), swall_2.111.xpm (new), swall_3.111.xpm (new), swall_4.111.xpm (new), swall_5.111.xpm (new), swall_6.111.xpm (new), swall_7.111.xpm (new), swall_8.111.xpm (new), swall_9.111.xpm (new), swall_B.111.xpm (new), swall_C.111.xpm (new), swall_D.111.xpm (new), swall_E.111.xpm (new), swall_F.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Talisman: amulet_jes.111.xpm (new), amulet_lif.111.xpm (new), ring.110.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Up_down: stair2_do.111.xpm (new), stair2_up.111.xpm (new), stair3_do.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Weapon/Artifact: bonecrush.111.xpm (new), deathbring.111.xpm (new), defender.111.xpm (new), dragonslay.111.xpm (new), excalibur.111.xpm (new), frostbrand.111.xpm (new), mjoellnir.111.xpm (new), mournblade.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Weapon/Artifact/Demonbane: demonbane.111.xpm (new), demonbane.112.xpm (new), demonbane.113.xpm (new), demonbane.114.xpm (new), demonbane.115.xpm (new), demonbane.116.xpm (new), demonbane.117.xpm (new), demonbane.118.xpm (new), demonbane.119.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/Wood: tree_1.111.xpm (new), tree_2.111.xpm (new), woods_1.111.xpm (new), woods_2.111.xpm (new), woods_3.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/construct/barrack: barrack_l.111.xpm (new), barrack_l.211.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/construct/house: house_1.111.xpm (new), house_2.111.xpm (new), house_larg.111.xpm (new), house_larg.211.xpm (new), house_long.111.xpm (new), house_long.211.xpm (new), housesmall.111.xpm (new), minihouse.111.xpm (new), woodhouse.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/ground: hills.111.xpm (new), hillsrocky.111.xpm (new), swamp.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/dev/xpm_pref/ground/Wood: brush.111.xpm (new), evergreens.111.xpm (new), jungle_1.111.xpm (new), jungle_2.111.xpm (new), tree_1.111.xpm (new), tree_2.111.xpm (new), woods_1.111.xpm (new), woods_2.111.xpm (new), woods_3.111.xpm (new), ytree_1.111.xpm (new), ytree_2.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/door: key1.111 (new), key1.111.xpm (new), key1.arc (new 2), odoor_1.111 (new), odoor_1.111.xpm (new), odoor_1.arc (new), odoor_2.111 (new), odoor_2.111.xpm (new), odoor_2.arc (new), wooddoor_1.111 (new), wooddoor_1.111.xpm (new), wooddoor_1.arc (new), wooddoor_2.111 (new), wooddoor_2.111.xpm (new), wooddoor_2.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/door/Door: door.arc (new), door_0.111 (new), door_0.111.xpm (new), door_1.111 (new), door_1.111.xpm (new), door_2.111 (new), door_2.111.xpm (new), door_3.111 (new), door_3.111.xpm (new), door_4.111 (new), door_4.111.xpm (new), door_5.111 (new), door_5.111.xpm (new), door_6.111 (new), door_6.111.xpm (new), door_7.111 (new), door_7.111.xpm (new), door_8.111 (new), door_8.111.xpm (new), door_9.111 (new), door_9.111.xpm (new), door_A.111 (new), door_A.111.xpm (new), door_B.111 (new), door_B.111.xpm (new), door_C.111 (new), door_C.111.xpm (new), door_D.111 (new), door_D.111.xpm (new), door_E.111 (new), door_E.111.xpm (new), door_F.111 (new), door_F.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/door/Locked: key.face (new), key2.111 (new), key2.111.xpm (new), key2.arc (new 1), key_blue.111.xpm (new), key_brown.111.xpm (new), ldoor.face (new), ldoor1.111 (new), ldoor1.111.xpm (new), ldoor1.arc (new 1), ldoor2.111 (new), ldoor2.111.xpm (new), ldoor2.arc (new 1), ldoor_blue1.111.xpm (new), ldoor_blue2.111.xpm (new), ldoor_brown1.111.xpm (new), ldoor_brown2.111.xpm (new), ldoor_white1.111.xpm (new), ldoor_white2.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/exit: chole_1.111 (new), chole_1.111.xpm (new), chole_1.arc (new), chole_2.111 (new), chole_2.111.xpm (new), chole_2.arc (new 1), exit.111 (new), exit.111.xpm (new), exit.112 (new), exit.112.xpm (new), exit.113 (new), exit.113.xpm (new), exit.arc (new 2), fogexit.arc (new), hole1.111 (new), hole1.111.xpm (new), hole1.arc (new), invis_exit.arc (new), oakdoor.111 (new), oakdoor.111.xpm (new), oakdoor.arc (new), ruins.111 (new), ruins.111.xpm (new), ruins.arc (new), teleporter.111 (new), teleporter.111.xpm (new), teleporter.112 (new), teleporter.112.xpm (new), teleporter.113 (new), teleporter.113.xpm (new), teleporter.arc (new), volcano_hi.111 (new), volcano_hi.111.xpm (new), volcano_hi.211 (new), volcano_hi.211.xpm (new), volcano_hi.311 (new), volcano_hi.311.xpm (new), volcano_hi.411 (new), volcano_hi.411.xpm (new), volcano_hi.arc (new), volcano_lo.111 (new), volcano_lo.111.xpm (new), volcano_lo.211 (new), volcano_lo.211.xpm (new), volcano_lo.arc (new), well.111 (new), well.111.xpm (new), well.arc (new), whirlwind.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/exit/Ladder: ladder2_do.111 (new), ladder2_do.111.xpm (new), ladder2_do.arc (new), ladder2_up.111 (new), ladder2_up.111.xpm (new), ladder2_up.arc (new), ladder_down.111 (new), ladder_down.111.xpm (new), ladder_down.arc (new), ladder_up.111 (new), ladder_up.111.xpm (new), ladder_up.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/exit/Town: town.arc (new 5), town_1.111 (new), town_1.111.xpm (new), town_2.111 (new), town_2.111.xpm (new), town_2.211 (new), town_2.211.xpm (new), town_3.111 (new), town_3.111.xpm (new), town_3.211 (new), town_3.211.xpm (new), town_4.111 (new), town_4.111.xpm (new), town_4.211 (new), town_4.211.xpm (new), town_4.311 (new), town_4.311.xpm (new), town_4.411 (new), town_4.411.xpm (new), town_5.111 (new), town_5.111.xpm (new), town_5.211 (new), town_5.211.xpm (new), town_5.311 (new), town_5.311.xpm (new), town_5.411 (new), town_5.411.xpm (new), town_5.511 (new), town_5.511.xpm (new), town_5.611 (new), town_5.611.xpm (new), town_6.111 (new), town_6.111.xpm (new), town_6.211 (new), town_6.211.xpm (new), town_6.311 (new), town_6.311.xpm (new), town_6.411 (new), town_6.411.xpm (new), town_6.511 (new), town_6.511.xpm (new), town_6.611 (new), town_6.611.xpm (new), town_7.111 (new), town_7.111.xpm (new), town_7.211 (new), town_7.211.xpm (new), town_7.311 (new), town_7.311.xpm (new), town_7.411 (new), town_7.411.xpm (new), town_7.511 (new), town_7.511.xpm (new), town_7.611 (new), town_7.611.xpm (new), town_7.711 (new), town_7.711.xpm (new), town_7.811 (new), town_7.811.xpm (new), town_7.911 (new), town_7.911.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/exit/Up_down: stair2_do.111 (new), stair2_do.111.xpm (new), stair2_do.arc (new), stair2_up.111 (new), stair2_up.111.xpm (new), stair2_up.arc (new), stair3_do.111 (new), stair3_do.111.xpm (new), stair3_do.arc (new), stair3_up.111 (new), stair3_up.111.xpm (new), stair3_up.arc (new), stair_down.111 (new), stair_down.111.xpm (new), stair_down.arc (new), stair_down_1.111 (new), stair_down_1.111.xpm (new), stair_down_1.arc (new), stair_down_2.111 (new), stair_down_2.111.xpm (new), stair_down_2.arc (new), stair_down_3.111 (new), stair_down_3.111.xpm (new), stair_down_3.arc (new), stair_down_4.111 (new), stair_down_4.111.xpm (new), stair_down_4.arc (new), stair_up.111 (new), stair_up.111.xpm (new), stair_up.arc (new), stair_up_1.111 (new), stair_up_1.111.xpm (new), stair_up_1.arc (new), stair_up_2.111 (new), stair_up_2.111.xpm (new), stair_up_2.arc (new), stair_up_3.111 (new), stair_up_3.111.xpm (new), stair_up_3.arc (new), stair_up_4.111 (new), stair_up_4.111.xpm (new), stair_up_4.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/exit/magic_portal: magic_portal.111 (new), magic_portal.111.xpm (new), magic_portal.112 (new), magic_portal.112.xpm (new), magic_portal.113 (new), magic_portal.113.xpm (new), magic_portal.114 (new), magic_portal.114.xpm (new), magic_portal.115 (new), magic_portal.115.xpm (new), magic_portal.116 (new), magic_portal.116.xpm (new), magic_portal.117 (new), magic_portal.117.xpm (new), magic_portal.118 (new), magic_portal.118.xpm (new), magic_portal.119 (new), magic_portal.119.xpm (new), magic_portal.11A (new), magic_portal.11A.xpm (new), magic_portal.11B (new), magic_portal.11B.xpm (new), magic_portal.11C (new), magic_portal.11C.xpm (new), magic_portal.11D (new), magic_portal.11D.xpm (new), magic_portal.11E (new), magic_portal.11E.xpm (new), magic_portal.11F (new), magic_portal.11F.xpm (new), magic_portal.11G (new), magic_portal.11G.xpm (new), magic_portal.11H (new), magic_portal.11H.xpm (new), magic_portal.11I (new), magic_portal.11I.xpm (new), magic_portal.11J (new), magic_portal.11J.xpm (new), magic_portal.11K (new), magic_portal.11K.xpm (new), magic_portal.11L (new), magic_portal.11L.xpm (new), magic_portal.11M (new), magic_portal.11M.xpm (new), magic_portal.arc (new 2)
  • trunk/arch/floor: blackmarble.111 (new), blackmarble.111.xpm (new), blackmarble.arc (new), cobblesto1.111 (new), cobblesto1.111.xpm (new), cobblesto1.arc (new), cobblesto2.111 (new), cobblesto2.111.xpm (new), cobblesto2.arc (new), cobblesto3.111.xpm (new), dirtfloor.111 (new), dirtfloor.111.xpm (new), dirtfloor.arc (new), dung_floor.111 (new), dung_floor.111.xpm (new 4), dung_floor.arc (new), fireholes.111 (new), fireholes.111.xpm (new), fireholes.arc (new), flagstone.111 (new), flagstone.111.xpm (new), flagstone.arc (new), goldfloor.111 (new), goldfloor.111.xpm (new), goldfloor.arc (new), marble.111 (new), marble.111.xpm (new 2), marble.arc (new), marble.face (new), marble_blgr.111.xpm (new), no_magic.111 (new), no_magic.111.xpm (new), no_magic.arc (new), no_spells.111 (new), no_spells.111.xpm (new), no_spells.arc (new), stfloor.111 (new), stfloor.111.xpm (new), stfloor.arc (new), unholy_ground.111 (new), unholy_ground.111.xpm (new), unholy_ground.arc (new), woodfloor.111 (new), woodfloor.111.xpm (new), woodfloor.arc (new), woodfloor2.111 (new), woodfloor2.111.xpm (new), woodfloor2.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/floor/Afloor: afloor.131 (new), afloor.131.xpm (new), afloor.171 (new), afloor.171.xpm (new), afloor.arc (new), ahole.131 (new), ahole.131.xpm (new), ahole.171 (new), ahole.171.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/food: apple.111 (new), apple.111.xpm (new), apple.arc (new), bag_popcorn.111 (new), bag_popcorn.111.xpm (new), bag_popcorn.arc (new), booze.111 (new), booze.111.xpm (new), booze.arc (new), cabbage.111 (new), cabbage.111.xpm (new), cabbage.arc (new), cake.111 (new), cake.111.xpm (new), cake.arc (new), carrot.111 (new), carrot.111.xpm (new), carrot.arc (new), chocolate.111 (new), chocolate.111.xpm (new), chocolate.arc (new), clover.111 (new), clover.111.xpm (new), clover.arc (new), coffee.111 (new), coffee.111.xpm (new), coffee.arc (new), drag_steak.111 (new), drag_steak.111.xpm (new), drag_steak.arc (new), fishfood.111 (new), fishfood.111.xpm (new), fishfood.arc (new), food.111 (new), food.111.xpm (new), food.arc (new), gen_mushroom.111 (new), gen_mushroom.111.xpm (new), gen_mushroom.arc (new), loaf.111 (new), loaf.111.xpm (new), loaf.arc (new), man_root.arc (new), mint.111 (new), mint.111.xpm (new), mint.arc (new), mushroom_1.111 (new), mushroom_1.111.xpm (new), mushroom_1.arc (new), mushroom_2.111 (new), mushroom_2.111.xpm (new), mushroom_2.arc (new), mushroom_3.111 (new), mushroom_3.111.xpm (new), mushroom_3.arc (new), onion.111 (new), onion.111.xpm (new), onion.arc (new), orange.111 (new), orange.111.xpm (new), orange.arc (new), orcchop.111 (new), orcchop.111.xpm (new), orcchop.arc (new), pear.111 (new), pear.111.xpm (new), pear.arc (new), poisonfood.111 (new), poisonfood.111.xpm (new), poisonfood.arc (new 2), potato.111 (new), potato.111.xpm (new), potato.arc (new), roast_bird.111 (new), roast_bird.111.xpm (new), roast_bird.arc (new), root.111 (new), root.111.xpm (new), rose.arc (new), rose_red.111 (new), rose_red.111.xpm (new), rose_wh.111 (new), rose_wh.111.xpm (new), rose_yel.111 (new), rose_yel.111.xpm (new), s_weasel.111 (new), s_weasel.111.xpm (new), s_weasel.arc (new), w_glass.111 (new), w_glass.111.xpm (new), w_glass.arc (new), water.111 (new), water.111.xpm (new), water.arc (new), waybread.111 (new), waybread.111.xpm (new), waybread.arc (new), wine.111 (new), wine.111.xpm (new), wine.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/ground: brefjell.111 (new), brefjell.111.xpm (new), brefjell.arc (new), chaos.arc (new 2), chaos_ball.arc (new), deep_swamp.111 (new), deep_swamp.111.xpm (new), deep_swamp.112 (new), deep_swamp.112.xpm (new), deep_swamp.arc (new), desert.111 (new), desert.111.xpm (new), desert.arc (new), falls.111 (new), falls.111.xpm (new), falls.arc (new), farmland.111 (new), farmland.111.xpm (new), farmland.arc (new), flowers_perm.arc (new), fog.111 (new), fog.111.xpm (new), fog.112 (new), fog.112.xpm (new), fog.arc (new 1), fog_wall.arc (new 1), glue.111 (new), glue.111.xpm (new), glue.112 (new), glue.112.xpm (new), glue.arc (new), grass.111 (new), grass.111.xpm (new), grass.arc (new), grasspond.111 (new), grasspond.111.xpm (new), grasspond.arc (new), hills.111 (new), hills.111.xpm (new), hills.arc (new), hillsrocky.111 (new), hillsrocky.111.xpm (new), hillsrocky.arc (new), lava.111 (new), lava.111.xpm (new), lava.112 (new), lava.112.xpm (new), lava.113 (new), lava.113.xpm (new), lava.114 (new), lava.114.xpm (new), lava.115 (new), lava.115.xpm (new), lava.arc (new), sea.111 (new), sea.111.xpm (new), sea.112 (new), sea.112.xpm (new), sea.113 (new), sea.113.xpm (new), sea.114 (new), sea.114.xpm (new), sea.arc (new 3), spider_web.arc (new), steppe.111 (new), steppe.111.xpm (new), steppe.arc (new), swamp.111 (new), swamp.111.xpm (new), swamp.arc (new), temp_fog.arc (new 1), thorns.111 (new), thorns.111.xpm (new), thorns.arc (new 2), volcano.arc (new), wasteland.111 (new), wasteland.111.xpm (new), wasteland.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/ground/Lake: blake.arc (new), blake_0.111 (new), blake_0.111.xpm (new), blake_1.111 (new), blake_2.111 (new), blake_3.111 (new), blake_3.111.xpm (new), blake_4.111 (new), blake_5.111 (new), blake_6.111 (new), blake_6.111.xpm (new), blake_7.111 (new), blake_7.111.xpm (new), blake_8.111 (new), blake_9.111 (new), blake_9.111.xpm (new), blake_A.111 (new), blake_B.111 (new), blake_B.111.xpm (new), blake_C.111 (new), blake_C.111.xpm (new), blake_D.111 (new), blake_D.111.xpm (new), blake_E.111 (new), blake_E.111.xpm (new), blake_F.111.xpm (new), lake.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/ground/Mountain: moun_cave1.111 (new), moun_cave1.111.xpm (new), moun_cave1.arc (new), moun_cave2.111 (new), moun_cave2.111.xpm (new), moun_cave2.arc (new), mountain1.111 (new), mountain1.111.xpm (new), mountain1.arc (new), mountain2.111 (new), mountain2.111.xpm (new), mountain2.arc (new), mountain3.111 (new), mountain3.111.xpm (new), mountain3.arc (new), mountain4.111 (new), mountain4.111.xpm (new), mountain4.arc (new), mountain_2.111 (new), mountain_2.111.xpm (new), mountain_2.211 (new), mountain_2.211.xpm (new), mountain_2.311 (new), mountain_2.311.xpm (new), mountain_2.411 (new), mountain_2.411.xpm (new), mountain_2.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/ground/Pstone: gstone_4.111.xpm (new), gstone_4.arc (new), phole_1.111 (new), phole_1.111.xpm (new), phole_1.arc (new), phole_2.111 (new), phole_2.111.xpm (new), phole_2.arc (new), phole_3.111 (new), phole_3.111.xpm (new), phole_3.arc (new), pstone_1.111 (new), pstone_1.111.xpm (new), pstone_1.arc (new), pstone_2.111 (new), pstone_2.111.xpm (new), pstone_2.arc (new), pstone_3.111 (new), pstone_3.111.xpm (new), pstone_3.arc (new), pstone_4.111 (new), pstone_4.111.xpm (new), pstone_4.arc (new), pstone_5.111 (new), pstone_5.111.xpm (new), pstone_5.arc (new), rstone.face (new), rstone_3.111 (new), rstone_3.111.xpm (new), rstone_4.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/ground/Stone: crater.111 (new), crater.111.xpm (new), crater.arc (new), largestone.111 (new), largestone.111.xpm (new), largestone.arc (new), mediumston.111 (new), mediumston.111.xpm (new), mediumston.arc (new), smallstone.111 (new), smallstone.111.xpm (new), smallstone.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/ground/Wood: bforest.111.xpm (new), bforest.face (new), brush.111 (new), brush.111.xpm (new), brush.arc (new), evergreens.111 (new), evergreens.111.xpm (new), evergreens.arc (new), jungle_1.111 (new), jungle_1.111.xpm (new), jungle_1.arc (new), jungle_2.111 (new), jungle_2.111.xpm (new), jungle_2.arc (new), tree_1.111 (new), tree_1.111.xpm (new), tree_1.arc (new), tree_2.111 (new), tree_2.111.xpm (new), tree_2.arc (new), tree_3.111 (new), tree_3.111.xpm (new), tree_3.arc (new), tree_4.111 (new), tree_4.111.xpm (new), tree_4.arc (new), tree_5.111 (new), tree_5.111.xpm (new), tree_5.arc (new), tree_6.111 (new), tree_6.111.xpm (new), tree_6.arc (new), woods_1.111 (new), woods_1.111.xpm (new), woods_1.arc (new), woods_2.111 (new), woods_2.111.xpm (new), woods_2.arc (new), woods_3.111 (new), woods_3.111.xpm (new), woods_3.arc (new), ytree_1.111 (new), ytree_1.111.xpm (new), ytree_1.arc (new), ytree_2.111 (new), ytree_2.111.xpm (new), ytree_2.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/ground/new: dunes.111 (new), dunes.111.xpm (new), dunes.arc (new 1), earth.111 (new), earth.111.xpm (new), earth.arc (new 1), fernsdense.111 (new), fernsdense.111.xpm (new), fernsdense.arc (new 1), fernssparse.111 (new), fernssparse.111.xpm (new), fernssparse.arc (new 2), forestsparse.111 (new), forestsparse.111.xpm (new), forestsparse.arc (new 3), grassdark.111 (new), grassdark.111.xpm (new), grassdark.arc (new 1), grassmedium.111 (new), grassmedium.111.xpm (new), grassmedium.arc (new 2), palm.111 (new), palm.111.xpm (new), palm.arc (new 1), palms.111 (new), palms.111.xpm (new), palms.arc (new 4)
  • trunk/arch/indoor: barrel.111 (new), barrel.111.xpm (new), barrel.arc (new), bed_1.111 (new), bed_1.111.xpm (new), bed_1.arc (new), bed_save.111 (new), bed_save.111.xpm (new), bed_save.arc (new), chair.111 (new), chair.111.xpm (new), chair.arc (new), chair_1.101 (new), chair_1.101.xpm (new), chair_1.111 (new), chair_1.111.xpm (new), chair_1.121 (new), chair_1.121.xpm (new), chair_1.131 (new), chair_1.131.xpm (new), chair_1.arc (new), chair_2.101 (new), chair_2.101.xpm (new), chair_2.111 (new), chair_2.111.xpm (new), chair_2.121 (new), chair_2.121.xpm (new), chair_2.131 (new), chair_2.131.xpm (new), chair_2.arc (new), chair_3.101 (new), chair_3.101.xpm (new), chair_3.111 (new), chair_3.111.xpm (new), chair_3.arc (new), clock.111 (new), clock.111.xpm (new), clock.112 (new), clock.112.xpm (new), clock.arc (new), stolking_1.111 (new), stolking_1.111.xpm (new), stolking_1.arc (new), stolking_2.111 (new), stolking_2.111.xpm (new), stolking_2.arc (new), table_1.111 (new), table_1.111.xpm (new), table_1.arc (new), table_2.111 (new), table_2.111.xpm (new), table_2.arc (new), table_3.111 (new), table_3.111.xpm (new), table_3.arc (new), table_4.111 (new), table_4.111.xpm (new), table_4.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/indoor/altars: altardevo.111 (new), altardevo.111.xpm (new), altardevo.arc (new 5), altargaea.111 (new), altargaea.111.xpm (new), altargaea.arc (new 6), altargnarg.111 (new), altargnarg.111.xpm (new), altargnarg.arc (new 6), altargoro.111 (new), altargoro.111.xpm (new), altargoro.arc (new 6), altarlyth.111 (new), altarlyth.111.xpm (new), altarlyth.arc (new 6), altarmostr.111 (new), altarmostr.111.xpm (new), altarmostr.arc (new 6), altarnone.111 (new), altarnone.111.xpm (new), altarnone.arc (new 4), altarrugg.111 (new), altarrugg.111.xpm (new), altarrugg.arc (new 6), altarsori.111 (new), altarsori.111.xpm (new), altarsori.arc (new 6), altarvalr.111 (new), altarvalr.111.xpm (new), altarvalr.arc (new 5)
  • trunk/arch/jewel: emerald.111 (new), emerald.111.xpm (new), emerald.112 (new), emerald.112.xpm (new), emerald.arc (new), gem.111 (new), gem.111.xpm (new), gem.112 (new), gem.112.xpm (new), gem.arc (new), goldcoin.111 (new), goldcoin.111.xpm (new), goldcoin.arc (new 1), mithril.111 (new), mithril.111.xpm (new), mithril.112 (new), mithril.112.xpm (new), mithril.113 (new), mithril.113.xpm (new), mithril.114 (new), mithril.114.xpm (new), mithril.arc (new), nugget_huge.111 (new), nugget_huge.111.xpm (new), nugget_huge.arc (new), nugget_lar.111 (new), nugget_lar.111.xpm (new), nugget_lar.arc (new), nugget_sma.111 (new), nugget_sma.111.xpm (new), nugget_sma.arc (new), pearl.111 (new), pearl.111.xpm (new), pearl.112 (new), pearl.112.xpm (new), pearl.arc (new), plt_coin.111 (new), plt_coin.111.xpm (new), plt_coin.arc (new 1), pretty_crystal.111 (new), pretty_crystal.111.xpm (new), pretty_crystal.face (new), pretty_emerald.111 (new), pretty_emerald.111.xpm (new), pretty_ruby.111 (new), pretty_ruby.111.xpm (new), pretty_sapphire.111 (new), pretty_sapphire.111.xpm (new), ruby.111 (new), ruby.111.xpm (new), ruby.112 (new), ruby.112.xpm (new), ruby.arc (new 1), sapphire.111 (new), sapphire.111.xpm (new), sapphire.112 (new), sapphire.112.xpm (new), sapphire.arc (new), silvercoin.111 (new), silvercoin.111.xpm (new), silvercoin.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/magic: avatar.131 (new), avatar.131.xpm (new), avatar.132 (new), avatar.132.xpm (new), avatar.171 (new), avatar.171.xpm (new), avatar.172 (new), avatar.172.xpm (new), avatar.arc (new 2), avatar.face (new), banishment.arc (new), blindness.arc (new), cause_wounds.arc (new), colorspray.arc (new), counterspell.111.xpm (new), counterspell.arc (new), depletion.arc (new), det_magic.111 (new), det_magic.111.xpm (new), det_magic.112 (new), det_magic.112.xpm (new), det_magic.113 (new), det_magic.113.xpm (new), det_magic.arc (new), face_of_death.111 (new), face_of_death.111.xpm (new), face_of_death.arc (new), flowers.111 (new), flowers.111.xpm (new), flowers.arc (new), force.arc (new), god_power.arc (new), holy_effect.arc (new), holy_orb.111 (new), holy_orb.111.xpm (new), holy_orb.arc (new), holy_servant.arc (new 2), holy_wrath.arc (new), insect_plague.arc (new), meteor.111 (new), meteor.111.xpm (new), meteor.arc (new 2), mystic_fist.111 (new), mystic_fist.111.xpm (new), mystic_fist.112 (new), mystic_fist.112.xpm (new), mystic_fist.113 (new), mystic_fist.113.xpm (new), mystic_fist.arc (new), poisonc.111 (new), poisonc.111.xpm (new), poisonc.112 (new), poisonc.112.xpm (new), poisonc.113 (new), poisonc.113.xpm (new), poisonc.arc (new), shockwave.arc (new), snake_golem.arc (new 1), spell_failure.arc (new), splint.111 (new), splint.111.xpm (new), splint.arc (new), steam.111 (new), steam.111.xpm (new), steam.112 (new), steam.112.xpm (new), steambolt.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/magic/Ball: speedball.111 (new), speedball.111.xpm (new), speedball.112 (new), speedball.112.xpm (new), speedball.arc (new), spellball.111 (new), spellball.111.xpm (new), spellball.121 (new), spellball.121.xpm (new), spellball.131 (new), spellball.131.xpm (new), spellball.141 (new), spellball.141.xpm (new), spellball.151 (new), spellball.151.xpm (new), spellball.161 (new), spellball.161.xpm (new), spellball.171 (new), spellball.171.xpm (new), spellball.181 (new), spellball.181.xpm (new), spellball.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/magic/Bullet: bullet.111 (new), bullet.111.xpm (new), bullet.112 (new), bullet.112.xpm (new), bullet.121 (new), bullet.121.xpm (new), bullet.131 (new), bullet.131.xpm (new), bullet.141 (new), bullet.141.xpm (new), bullet.151 (new), bullet.151.xpm (new), bullet.161 (new), bullet.161.xpm (new), bullet.171 (new), bullet.171.xpm (new), bullet.181 (new), bullet.181.xpm (new), bullet.arc (new), bullet_mnia.arc (new), lbullet.111 (new), lbullet.111.xpm (new), lbullet.121 (new), lbullet.121.xpm (new), lbullet.131 (new), lbullet.131.xpm (new), lbullet.141 (new), lbullet.141.xpm (new), lbullet.151 (new), lbullet.151.xpm (new), lbullet.161 (new), lbullet.161.xpm (new), lbullet.171 (new), lbullet.171.xpm (new), lbullet.181 (new), lbullet.181.xpm (new), lbullet.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/magic/Burnout: burnout.111 (new), burnout.111.xpm (new), burnout.112 (new), burnout.112.xpm (new), burnout.113 (new), burnout.113.xpm (new), burnout.114 (new), burnout.114.xpm (new), burnout.115 (new), burnout.115.xpm (new), burnout.116 (new), burnout.116.xpm (new), burnout.117 (new), burnout.117.xpm (new), burnout.118 (new), burnout.118.xpm (new), burnout.119 (new), burnout.119.xpm (new), burnout.11A (new), burnout.11A.xpm (new), burnout.11B (new), burnout.11B.xpm (new), burnout.11C (new), burnout.11C.xpm (new), burnout.11D (new), burnout.11D.xpm (new), burnout.11E (new), burnout.11E.xpm (new), burnout.11F (new), burnout.11F.xpm (new), burnout.11G (new), burnout.11G.xpm (new), burnout.11H (new), burnout.11H.xpm (new), burnout.11J (new), burnout.11J.xpm (new), burnout.11K (new), burnout.11K.xpm (new), burnout.11L (new), burnout.11L.xpm (new), burnout.11M (new), burnout.11M.xpm (new), burnout.11N (new), burnout.11N.xpm (new), burnout.11O (new), burnout.11O.xpm (new), burnout.11P (new), burnout.11P.xpm (new), burnout.11Q (new), burnout.11Q.xpm (new), burnout.11R (new), burnout.11R.xpm (new), burnout.arc (new), swarm.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/magic/Cold: frostbolt.arc (new 4), icestorm.111 (new), icestorm.111.xpm (new), icestorm.112 (new), icestorm.112.xpm (new), icestorm.113 (new), icestorm.113.xpm (new), icestorm.arc (new), snowball.111 (new), snowball.111.xpm (new), snowball.121 (new), snowball.121.xpm (new), snowball.131 (new), snowball.131.xpm (new), snowball.141 (new), snowball.141.xpm (new), snowball.151 (new), snowball.151.xpm (new), snowball.161 (new), snowball.161.xpm (new), snowball.171 (new), snowball.171.xpm (new), snowball.181 (new), snowball.181.xpm (new), snowbull.arc (new), snowstorm.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/magic/Effect: cancellati.111 (new), cancellati.111.xpm (new), cancellati.112 (new), cancellati.112.xpm (new), cancellati.113 (new), cancellati.113.xpm (new), cancellati.arc (new), confuse.arc (new), confusion.111 (new), confusion.111.xpm (new), confusion.112 (new), confusion.112.xpm (new), confusion.113 (new), confusion.113.xpm (new), confusion.114 (new), confusion.114.xpm (new), confusion.arc (new), fear.111 (new), fear.111.xpm (new), fear.112 (new), fear.112.xpm (new), fear.113 (new), fear.113.xpm (new), fear.arc (new), healing.111 (new), healing.111.xpm (new), healing.112 (new), healing.112.xpm (new), healing.113 (new), healing.113.xpm (new), healing.114 (new), healing.114.xpm (new), healing.115 (new), healing.115.xpm (new), healing.arc (new), holy_word.arc (new), paralyse.111 (new), paralyse.111.xpm (new), paralyse.112 (new), paralyse.112.xpm (new), paralyse.113 (new), paralyse.113.xpm (new), paralyze.arc (new), paralyze_a.arc (new), polymorph.111 (new), polymorph.111.xpm (new), polymorph.112 (new), polymorph.112.xpm (new), polymorph.113 (new), polymorph.113.xpm (new), polymorph.114 (new), polymorph.114.xpm (new), polymorph.arc (new), slow.111 (new), slow.111.xpm (new), slow.112 (new), slow.112.xpm (new), slow.113 (new), slow.113.xpm (new), slow.arc (new), turnundead.111 (new), turnundead.111.xpm (new), turnundead.112 (new), turnundead.112.xpm (new), turnundead.113 (new), turnundead.113.xpm (new), turnundead.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/magic/Enchantment: enchantment.111 (new), enchantment.111.xpm (new), enchantment.112 (new), enchantment.112.xpm (new), enchantment.113 (new), enchantment.113.xpm (new), enchantment.114 (new), enchantment.114.xpm (new), enchantment.115 (new), enchantment.115.xpm (new), enchantment.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/magic/Explosion: bomb.111 (new), bomb.111.xpm (new), bomb.112 (new), bomb.112.xpm (new), bomb.113 (new), bomb.113.xpm (new), bomb.114 (new), bomb.114.xpm (new), bomb.arc (new), destruction.111 (new), destruction.111.xpm (new), destruction.112 (new), destruction.112.xpm (new), destruction.113 (new), destruction.113.xpm (new), destruction.114 (new), destruction.114.xpm (new), destruction.arc (new), explosion.111 (new), explosion.111.xpm (new), explosion.112 (new), explosion.112.xpm (new), explosion.113 (new), explosion.113.xpm (new), explosion.arc (new), explosion2.111 (new), explosion2.111.xpm (new), explosion2.112 (new), explosion2.112.xpm (new), explosion2.113 (new), explosion2.113.xpm (new), explosion2.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/magic/Fire: fireball.111 (new), fireball.111.xpm (new), fireball.112 (new), fireball.112.xpm (new), fireball.113 (new), fireball.113.xpm (new), fireball.arc (new), firebolt.arc (new 5), firebreath.arc (new), firebull_l.arc (new), firebull_m.arc (new), firebull_s.arc (new), firebullet.111 (new), firebullet.111.xpm (new), firebullet.121 (new), firebullet.121.xpm (new), firebullet.131 (new), firebullet.131.xpm (new), firebullet.141 (new), firebullet.141.xpm (new), firebullet.151 (new), firebullet.151.xpm (new), firebullet.161 (new), firebullet.161.xpm (new), firebullet.171 (new), firebullet.171.xpm (new), firebullet.181 (new), firebullet.181.xpm (new), hellfire.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/magic/Golem: golem.111 (new), golem.111.xpm (new), golem.112 (new), golem.112.xpm (new), golem.arc (new), golem.face (new), golem_red.111.xpm (new), golem_red.112.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/magic/Light: darkness.arc (new), light.arc (new), sunspear.111 (new), sunspear.111.xpm (new), sunspear.112 (new), sunspear.112.xpm (new), sunspear.113 (new), sunspear.113.xpm (new), sunspear.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/magic/Lightning: ball_lightning.111 (new), ball_lightning.111.xpm (new), ball_lightning.222 (new), ball_lightning.222.xpm (new), ball_lightning.333 (new), ball_lightning.333.xpm (new), ball_lightning.444 (new), ball_lightning.444.xpm (new), ball_lightning.arc (new), lightnin_l.arc (new), lightnin_s.arc (new), lightning.111 (new), lightning.111.xpm (new), lightning.121 (new), lightning.121.xpm (new), lightning.131 (new), lightning.131.xpm (new), lightning.141 (new), lightning.141.xpm (new), lightning.151 (new), lightning.151.xpm (new), lightning.161 (new), lightning.161.xpm (new), lightning.171 (new), lightning.171.xpm (new), lightning.181 (new), lightning.181.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/magic/Magic_Miss: magic_miss.111 (new), magic_miss.111.xpm (new), magic_miss.121 (new), magic_miss.121.xpm (new), magic_miss.131 (new), magic_miss.131.xpm (new), magic_miss.141 (new), magic_miss.141.xpm (new), magic_miss.151 (new), magic_miss.151.xpm (new), magic_miss.161 (new), magic_miss.161.xpm (new), magic_miss.171 (new), magic_miss.171.xpm (new), magic_miss.181 (new), magic_miss.181.xpm (new), magic_miss.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/magic/Protection: protection.111 (new), protection.111.xpm (new), protection.112 (new), protection.112.xpm (new), protection.113 (new), protection.113.xpm (new), protection.114 (new), protection.114.xpm (new), protection.115 (new), protection.115.xpm (new), protection.116 (new), protection.116.xpm (new), protection.117 (new), protection.117.xpm (new), protection.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/magic/Runes: drain_magic.111 (new), drain_magic.111.xpm (new), drain_magic.arc (new), generic_rune.111 (new), generic_rune.111.xpm (new), generic_rune.arc (new), rune_antimagic.111 (new), rune_antimagic.111.xpm (new), rune_antimagic.arc (new), rune_blast.111 (new), rune_blast.111.xpm (new), rune_blast.arc (new), rune_blightning.111 (new), rune_blightning.111.xpm (new), rune_blightning.arc (new), rune_bomb.111 (new), rune_bomb.111.xpm (new), rune_bomb.arc (new), rune_confusion.111 (new), rune_confusion.111.xpm (new), rune_confusion.arc (new), rune_death.111 (new), rune_death.111.xpm (new), rune_death.arc (new), rune_fire.111 (new), rune_fire.111.xpm (new), rune_fire.arc (new), rune_fireball.111 (new), rune_fireball.111.xpm (new), rune_fireball.arc (new), rune_frost.111 (new), rune_frost.111.xpm (new), rune_frost.arc (new), rune_heal.111 (new), rune_heal.111.xpm (new), rune_heal.arc (new), rune_lightning.111 (new), rune_lightning.111.xpm (new), rune_lightning.arc (new), rune_mark.111 (new), rune_mark.111.xpm (new), rune_mark.arc (new), rune_paralysis.111 (new), rune_paralysis.111.xpm (new), rune_paralysis.112.xpm (new), rune_paralysis.arc (new), rune_pcloud.111 (new), rune_pcloud.111.xpm (new), rune_pcloud.arc (new), rune_restore.arc (new), rune_shock.111 (new), rune_shock.111.xpm (new), rune_shock.arc (new), rune_sp_res.111.xpm (new), rune_sp_restore.arc (new), rune_sum_earth.111.xpm (new), rune_sum_fire.111.xpm (new), rune_sum_water.111.xpm (new), rune_summon.111 (new), rune_summon.111.xpm (new), rune_summon.arc (new), rune_summon_air.111.xpm (new), rune_transfer.111 (new), rune_transfer.111.xpm (new), rune_transfer.arc (new), runedet.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/misc: acid_spit.arc (new 10), boulder.111 (new), boulder.111.xpm (new), boulder.arc (new 1), brazier.111 (new), brazier.111.xpm (new), brazier.arc (new 1), cannon.arc (new), cannon_0.111 (new), cannon_0.111.xpm (new), cannon_7.111 (new), cannon_7.111.xpm (new), chalice.111 (new), chalice.111.xpm (new), chalice.112 (new), chalice.112.xpm (new), chalice.113 (new), chalice.113.xpm (new), chalice.114 (new), chalice.114.xpm (new), chalice.arc (new), crown.111 (new), crown.111.xpm (new), crown.arc (new), crown_r.111.xpm (new), crown_r.face (new), doll.111 (new), doll.111.xpm (new), fireplace.111 (new), fireplace.111.xpm (new), fireplace.arc (new), gravestone.111 (new), gravestone.111.xpm (new), gravestone.arc (new), gravestone2.111 (new), gravestone2.111.xpm (new), gravestone2.arc (new), icecube.111 (new), icecube.111.xpm (new), icecube.arc (new 1), magnifier.111 (new), magnifier.111.xpm (new), magnifier.arc (new), naz_report.111 (new), naz_report.111.xpm (new), naz_report.arc (new 6), neko_kago.111 (new), neko_kago.111.xpm (new), penta.111 (new), penta.111.xpm (new), penta.arc (new), pillars.111 (new), pillars.111.xpm (new), pillars.arc (new), r_foot.111 (new), r_foot.111.xpm (new), rock.111 (new), rock.111.xpm (new), rock.arc (new), statue.111 (new), statue.111.xpm (new), statue.arc (new), statue2.111 (new), statue2.111.xpm (new), statue2.arc (new), t_boulder.arc (new), t_lboulder.arc (new), t_lrock.arc (new), t_rock.111 (new), t_rock.111.xpm (new), t_rock.arc (new), tissu.111 (new), tissu.111.xpm (new), torch_cyan.111 (new), torch_cyan.111.xpm (new), torch_cyan.112 (new), torch_cyan.112.xpm (new), torch_cyan.arc (new), torch_indigo.111 (new), torch_indigo.111.xpm (new), torch_indigo.112 (new), torch_indigo.112.xpm (new), torch_indigo.arc (new), torch_vermilion.111 (new), torch_vermilion.111.xpm (new), torch_vermilion.112 (new), torch_vermilion.112.xpm (new), torch_vermilion.arc (new), unluck.111 (new), unluck.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/misc/Bagpipe: bagpipe.111 (new), bagpipe.111.xpm (new), bagpipe.112 (new), bagpipe.112.xpm (new), bagpipe.113 (new), bagpipe.113.xpm (new), bagpipe.114 (new), bagpipe.114.xpm (new), bagpipe.115 (new), bagpipe.115.xpm (new), bagpipe.116 (new), bagpipe.116.xpm (new), bagpipe.117 (new), bagpipe.117.xpm (new), bagpipe.118 (new), bagpipe.118.xpm (new), bagpipe.119 (new), bagpipe.119.xpm (new), bagpipe.11A (new), bagpipe.11A.xpm (new), bagpipe.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/misc/Container: bag.111 (new), bag.111.xpm (new), bag.arc (new 1), bookshelf.111 (new), bookshelf.111.xpm (new), bookshelf.arc (new 1), cauldron.111 (new), cauldron.111.xpm (new), cauldron.arc (new 1), cauldron_open.111 (new), cauldron_open.111.xpm (new), chest_1.111 (new), chest_1.111.xpm (new), chest_1.arc (new), chest_2.arc (new 1), close_bag.111 (new), close_bag.111.xpm (new), close_dbox.111 (new), close_dbox.111.xpm (new), close_keys.111 (new), close_keys.111.xpm (new), close_pouc.111 (new), close_pouc.111.xpm (new), close_quiv.111 (new), close_quiv.111.xpm (new), close_rsack.111 (new), close_rsack.111.xpm (new), close_sack.111 (new), close_sack.111.xpm (new), closechest.111 (new), closechest.111.xpm (new), closemail.111 (new), closemail.111.xpm (new), depositbox.111 (new), depositbox.111.xpm (new), depositbox.arc (new 1), key_ring.111 (new), key_ring.111.xpm (new), key_ring.arc (new 1), luggage.111 (new), luggage.111.xpm (new), luggage.112 (new), luggage.112.xpm (new), luggage.113 (new), luggage.113.xpm (new), luggage.114 (new), luggage.114.xpm (new), luggage.115 (new), luggage.115.xpm (new), luggage.116 (new), luggage.116.xpm (new), luggage.117 (new), luggage.117.xpm (new), luggage.118 (new), luggage.118.xpm (new), luggage.arc (new), mailbox.111 (new), mailbox.111.xpm (new), mailbox.arc (new 1), pouch.111 (new), pouch.111.xpm (new), pouch.arc (new 1), quiver.111 (new), quiver.111.xpm (new), quiver.arc (new), r_sack.111 (new), r_sack.111.xpm (new), r_sack.arc (new 1), sack.111 (new), sack.111.xpm (new), sack.arc (new 1)
  • trunk/arch/misc/Shell: shell.111 (new), shell.111.xpm (new), shell.112 (new), shell.112.xpm (new), shell.121 (new), shell.121.xpm (new), shell.131 (new), shell.131.xpm (new), shell.141 (new), shell.141.xpm (new), shell.151 (new), shell.151.xpm (new), shell.161 (new), shell.161.xpm (new), shell.171 (new), shell.171.xpm (new), shell.181 (new), shell.181.xpm (new), shell.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/misc/item: bolt_silk.111 (new), bolt_silk.111.xpm (new), bolt_silk.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/monster/acid: acid_pool.111 (new), acid_pool.111.xpm (new), acid_pool.112 (new), acid_pool.112.xpm (new), acid_pool.arc (new), acidsphere.111 (new), acidsphere.111.xpm (new), acidsphere.112 (new), acidsphere.112.xpm (new), acidsphere.113 (new), acidsphere.113.xpm (new), acidsphere.114 (new), acidsphere.114.xpm (new), acidsphere.arc (new), bluesphere.111.xpm (new), bluesphere.112.xpm (new), bluesphere.113.xpm (new), bluesphere.114.xpm (new), bluesphere.face (new), bpudding.111 (new), bpudding.111.xpm (new), bpudding.112 (new), bpudding.112.xpm (new), bpudding.arc (new 2), bpudding_g.111 (new), bpudding_g.111.xpm (new), bpudding_g.112 (new), bpudding_g.112.xpm (new), bpudding_g.113 (new), bpudding_g.113.xpm (new), bpudding_g.114 (new), bpudding_g.114.xpm (new), bpudding_g.115 (new), bpudding_g.115.xpm (new), bpudding_g.116 (new), bpudding_g.116.xpm (new), bpudding_g.117 (new), bpudding_g.117.xpm (new), bpudding_g.118 (new), bpudding_g.118.xpm (new), bpudding_g.119 (new), bpudding_g.119.xpm (new), bpudding_s.111 (new), bpudding_s.111.xpm (new), bpudding_s.112 (new), bpudding_s.112.xpm (new), bpudding_s.113 (new), bpudding_s.113.xpm (new), bpudding_s.114 (new), bpudding_s.114.xpm (new), greenslime.111 (new), greenslime.111.xpm (new), greenslime.112 (new), greenslime.112.xpm (new), greenslime.arc (new), pet_necro.111 (new), pet_necro.111.xpm (new), pet_necro.112 (new), pet_necro.112.xpm (new), pet_necro.arc (new), rustmonste.111 (new), rustmonste.111.xpm (new), rustmonste.112 (new), rustmonste.112.xpm (new), rustmonste.arc (new 1), slime.111 (new), slime.111.xpm (new), slime.112 (new), slime.112.xpm (new), slime.113 (new), slime.113.xpm (new), slime.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/monster/beholder: behold_gen.111 (new), behold_gen.111.xpm (new), behold_gen.arc (new), beholder.111 (new), beholder.111.xpm (new), beholder.112 (new), beholder.112.xpm (new), beholder.arc (new), dread.111 (new), dread.111.xpm (new), dread.112 (new), dread.112.xpm (new), dread.113 (new), dread.113.xpm (new), dread.211 (new), dread.211.xpm (new), dread.212 (new), dread.212.xpm (new), dread.213 (new), dread.213.xpm (new), dread.311 (new), dread.311.xpm (new), dread.312 (new), dread.312.xpm (new), dread.313 (new), dread.313.xpm (new), dread.411 (new), dread.411.xpm (new), dread.412 (new), dread.412.xpm (new), dread.413 (new), dread.413.xpm (new), dread.arc (new 14)
  • trunk/arch/monster/demon: Balrog.arc (new 2), angel.111 (new), angel.111.xpm (new), angel.112 (new), angel.112.xpm (new), angel.113 (new), angel.113.xpm (new), angel.arc (new 1), archangel.111 (new), archangel.111.xpm (new), archangel.112 (new), archangel.112.xpm (new), archangel.113 (new), archangel.113.xpm (new), archangel.114 (new), archangel.114.xpm (new), archangel.115 (new), archangel.115.xpm (new), archangel.116 (new), archangel.116.xpm (new), archangel.117 (new), archangel.117.xpm (new), archangel.118 (new), archangel.118.xpm (new), archangel.arc (new 2), archangel.face (new), bone_head.111 (new), bone_head.111.xpm (new), bone_head.112 (new), bone_head.112.xpm (new), bone_head.113 (new), bone_head.113.xpm (new), bone_head.arc (new 2), devil.111 (new), devil.111.xpm (new), devil.112 (new), devil.112.xpm (new), devil.arc (new 3), devil_gen.111 (new), devil_gen.111.xpm (new), devil_gen.arc (new), evil_master.111 (new), evil_master.111.xpm (new), evil_master.112 (new), evil_master.112.xpm (new), evil_master1.arc (new 10), evil_master2.111 (new), evil_master2.111.xpm (new), evil_master2.112 (new), evil_master2.112.xpm (new), evil_master2.arc (new 11), evil_master3.111 (new), evil_master3.111.xpm (new), evil_master3.112 (new), evil_master3.112.xpm (new), evil_master3.arc (new 14), evil_master4.111 (new), evil_master4.111.xpm (new), evil_master4.112 (new), evil_master4.112.xpm (new), evil_master4.arc (new 9), imp.131 (new), imp.131.xpm (new), imp.171 (new), imp.171.xpm (new), imp.arc (new 3), liteangel.111 (new), liteangel.111.xpm (new), liteangel.112 (new), liteangel.112.xpm (new), liteangel.113 (new), liteangel.113.xpm (new), liteangel.114 (new), liteangel.114.xpm (new), liteangel.arc (new 1), mesangel.arc (new 1), raas.131 (new), raas.131.xpm (new), raas.171 (new), raas.171.xpm (new), raas.arc (new 2)
  • trunk/arch/monster/demon/Big_Demon: big_demon.131 (new), big_demon.131.xpm (new), big_demon.171 (new), big_demon.171.xpm (new), big_demon.231 (new), big_demon.231.xpm (new), big_demon.271 (new), big_demon.271.xpm (new), big_demon.331 (new), big_demon.331.xpm (new), big_demon.371 (new), big_demon.371.xpm (new), big_demon.431 (new), big_demon.431.xpm (new), big_demon.471 (new), big_demon.471.xpm (new), big_demon.531 (new), big_demon.531.xpm (new), big_demon.571 (new), big_demon.571.xpm (new), big_demon.631 (new), big_demon.631.xpm (new), big_demon.671 (new), big_demon.671.xpm (new), big_demon.731 (new), big_demon.731.xpm (new), big_demon.771 (new), big_demon.771.xpm (new), big_demon.831 (new), big_demon.831.xpm (new), big_demon.871 (new), big_demon.871.xpm (new), big_demon.931 (new), big_demon.931.xpm (new), big_demon.971 (new), big_demon.971.xpm (new), big_demon.A31 (new), big_demon.A31.xpm (new), big_demon.A71 (new), big_demon.A71.xpm (new), big_demon.B31 (new), big_demon.B31.xpm (new), big_demon.B71 (new), big_demon.B71.xpm (new), big_demon.C31 (new), big_demon.C31.xpm (new), big_demon.C71 (new), big_demon.C71.xpm (new), big_demon.arc (new 2), big_demon.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/monster/demon/Demon_Lord: demon_lord.111 (new), demon_lord.111.xpm (new), demon_lord.112 (new), demon_lord.112.xpm (new), demon_lord.211 (new), demon_lord.211.xpm (new), demon_lord.212 (new), demon_lord.212.xpm (new), demon_lord.311 (new), demon_lord.311.xpm (new), demon_lord.312 (new), demon_lord.312.xpm (new), demon_lord.411 (new), demon_lord.411.xpm (new), demon_lord.412 (new), demon_lord.412.xpm (new), demon_lord.511 (new), demon_lord.511.xpm (new), demon_lord.512 (new), demon_lord.512.xpm (new), demon_lord.611 (new), demon_lord.611.xpm (new), demon_lord.612 (new), demon_lord.612.xpm (new), demon_lord.711 (new), demon_lord.711.xpm (new), demon_lord.712 (new), demon_lord.712.xpm (new), demon_lord.811 (new), demon_lord.811.xpm (new), demon_lord.812 (new), demon_lord.812.xpm (new), demon_lord.911 (new), demon_lord.911.xpm (new), demon_lord.912 (new), demon_lord.912.xpm (new), demon_lord.A11 (new), demon_lord.A11.xpm (new), demon_lord.A12 (new), demon_lord.A12.xpm (new), demon_lord.B11 (new), demon_lord.B11.xpm (new), demon_lord.B12 (new), demon_lord.B12.xpm (new), demon_lord.C11 (new), demon_lord.C11.xpm (new), demon_lord.C12 (new), demon_lord.C12.xpm (new), demon_lord.D11 (new), demon_lord.D11.xpm (new), demon_lord.D12 (new), demon_lord.D12.xpm (new), demon_lord.E11 (new), demon_lord.E11.xpm (new), demon_lord.E12 (new), demon_lord.E12.xpm (new), demon_lord.F11 (new), demon_lord.F11.xpm (new), demon_lord.F12 (new), demon_lord.F12.xpm (new), demon_lord.G11 (new), demon_lord.G11.xpm (new), demon_lord.G12 (new), demon_lord.G12.xpm (new), demon_lord.H11 (new), demon_lord.H11.xpm (new), demon_lord.H12 (new), demon_lord.H12.xpm (new), demon_lord.I11 (new), demon_lord.I11.xpm (new), demon_lord.I12 (new), demon_lord.I12.xpm (new), demon_lord.J11 (new), demon_lord.J11.xpm (new), demon_lord.J12 (new), demon_lord.J12.xpm (new), demon_lord.K11 (new), demon_lord.K11.xpm (new), demon_lord.K12 (new), demon_lord.K12.xpm (new), demon_lord.L11 (new), demon_lord.L11.xpm (new), demon_lord.L12 (new), demon_lord.L12.xpm (new), demon_lord.M11 (new), demon_lord.M11.xpm (new), demon_lord.M12 (new), demon_lord.M12.xpm (new), demon_lord.N11 (new), demon_lord.N11.xpm (new), demon_lord.N12 (new), demon_lord.N12.xpm (new), demon_lord.O11 (new), demon_lord.O11.xpm (new), demon_lord.O12 (new), demon_lord.O12.xpm (new), demon_lord.P11 (new), demon_lord.P11.xpm (new), demon_lord.P12 (new), demon_lord.P12.xpm (new), demon_lord.Q11 (new), demon_lord.Q11.xpm (new), demon_lord.Q12 (new), demon_lord.Q12.xpm (new), demon_lord.R11 (new), demon_lord.R11.xpm (new), demon_lord.R12 (new), demon_lord.R12.xpm (new), demon_lord.S11 (new), demon_lord.S11.xpm (new), demon_lord.S12 (new), demon_lord.S12.xpm (new), demon_lord.T11 (new), demon_lord.T11.xpm (new), demon_lord.T12 (new), demon_lord.T12.xpm (new), demon_lord.U11 (new), demon_lord.U11.xpm (new), demon_lord.U12 (new), demon_lord.U12.xpm (new), demon_lord.V11 (new), demon_lord.V11.xpm (new), demon_lord.V12 (new), demon_lord.V12.xpm (new), demon_lord.W11 (new), demon_lord.W11.xpm (new), demon_lord.W12 (new), demon_lord.W12.xpm (new), demon_lord.arc (new 2)
  • trunk/arch/monster/demon/GreatDemon: GreatDemon.111 (new), GreatDemon.111.xpm (new), GreatDemon.211 (new), GreatDemon.211.xpm (new), GreatDemon.311 (new), GreatDemon.311.xpm (new), GreatDemon.411 (new), GreatDemon.411.xpm (new), GreatDemon.511 (new), GreatDemon.511.xpm (new), GreatDemon.611 (new), GreatDemon.611.xpm (new), GreatDemon.711 (new), GreatDemon.711.xpm (new), GreatDemon.811 (new), GreatDemon.811.xpm (new), GreatDemon.911 (new), GreatDemon.911.xpm (new), GreatDemon.A11 (new), GreatDemon.A11.xpm (new), GreatDemon.B11 (new), GreatDemon.B11.xpm (new), GreatDemon.C11 (new), GreatDemon.C11.xpm (new), GreatDemon.D11 (new), GreatDemon.D11.xpm (new), GreatDemon.E11 (new), GreatDemon.E11.xpm (new), GreatDemon.F11 (new), GreatDemon.F11.xpm (new), GreatDemon.G11 (new), GreatDemon.G11.xpm (new), GreatDemon.H11 (new), GreatDemon.H11.xpm (new), GreatDemon.I11 (new), GreatDemon.I11.xpm (new), GreatDemon.J11 (new), GreatDemon.J11.xpm (new), GreatDemon.K11 (new), GreatDemon.K11.xpm (new), GreatDemon.L11 (new), GreatDemon.L11.xpm (new), GreatDemon.M11 (new), GreatDemon.M11.xpm (new), GreatDemon.N11 (new), GreatDemon.N11.xpm (new), GreatDemon.O11 (new), GreatDemon.O11.xpm (new), GreatDemon.P11 (new), GreatDemon.P11.xpm (new), GreatDemon.Q11 (new), GreatDemon.Q11.xpm (new), GreatDemon.R11 (new), GreatDemon.R11.xpm (new), GreatDemon.S11 (new), GreatDemon.S11.xpm (new), GreatDemon.T11 (new), GreatDemon.T11.xpm (new), GreatDemon.U11 (new), GreatDemon.U11.xpm (new), GreatDemon.V11 (new), GreatDemon.V11.xpm (new), GreatDemon.W11 (new), GreatDemon.W11.xpm (new), GreatDemon.X11 (new), GreatDemon.X11.xpm (new), GreatDemon.Y11 (new), GreatDemon.Y11.xpm (new), GreatDemon.Z11 (new), GreatDemon.Z11.xpm (new), GreatDemon.a11 (new), GreatDemon.a11.xpm (new), GreatDemon.arc (new 130), GreatDemon.b11 (new), GreatDemon.b11.xpm (new), GreatDemon.c11 (new), GreatDemon.c11.xpm (new), GreatDemon.d11 (new), GreatDemon.d11.xpm (new), GreatDemon.e11 (new), GreatDemon.e11.xpm (new), GreatDemon.f11 (new), GreatDemon.f11.xpm (new), GreatDemon.g11 (new), GreatDemon.g11.xpm (new), GreatDemon.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/monster/dragon: Cwyvern.131 (new), Cwyvern.131.xpm (new), Cwyvern.132 (new), Cwyvern.132.xpm (new), Cwyvern.171 (new), Cwyvern.171.xpm (new), Cwyvern.172 (new), Cwyvern.172.xpm (new), Cwyvern.231 (new), Cwyvern.231.xpm (new), Cwyvern.232 (new), Cwyvern.232.xpm (new), Cwyvern.271 (new), Cwyvern.271.xpm (new), Cwyvern.272 (new), Cwyvern.272.xpm (new), Cwyvern.arc (new 2), baby_drag.111 (new), baby_drag.111.xpm (new), baby_drag.112 (new), baby_drag.112.xpm (new), baby_drag.113 (new), baby_drag.113.xpm (new), baby_drag.arc (new 3), dragoncave.111 (new), dragoncave.111.xpm (new), dragoncave.arc (new 1), fae_drag.131 (new), fae_drag.131.xpm (new), fae_drag.132 (new), fae_drag.132.xpm (new), fae_drag.171 (new), fae_drag.171.xpm (new), fae_drag.172 (new), fae_drag.172.xpm (new), fae_drag.arc (new), wyvern.131 (new), wyvern.131.xpm (new), wyvern.132 (new), wyvern.132.xpm (new), wyvern.171 (new), wyvern.171.xpm (new), wyvern.172 (new), wyvern.172.xpm (new), wyvern.231 (new), wyvern.231.xpm (new), wyvern.232 (new), wyvern.232.xpm (new), wyvern.271 (new), wyvern.271.xpm (new), wyvern.272 (new), wyvern.272.xpm (new), wyvern.arc (new 2)
  • trunk/arch/monster/dragon/Chinese_Dra: chinese_dr.131 (new), chinese_dr.131.xpm (new), chinese_dr.132 (new), chinese_dr.132.xpm (new), chinese_dr.133 (new), chinese_dr.133.xpm (new), chinese_dr.171 (new), chinese_dr.171.xpm (new), chinese_dr.172 (new), chinese_dr.172.xpm (new), chinese_dr.173 (new), chinese_dr.173.xpm (new), chinese_dr.231 (new), chinese_dr.231.xpm (new), chinese_dr.232 (new), chinese_dr.232.xpm (new), chinese_dr.233 (new), chinese_dr.233.xpm (new), chinese_dr.271 (new), chinese_dr.271.xpm (new), chinese_dr.272 (new), chinese_dr.272.xpm (new), chinese_dr.273 (new), chinese_dr.273.xpm (new), chinese_dr.331 (new), chinese_dr.331.xpm (new), chinese_dr.332 (new), chinese_dr.332.xpm (new), chinese_dr.333 (new), chinese_dr.333.xpm (new), chinese_dr.371 (new), chinese_dr.371.xpm (new), chinese_dr.372 (new), chinese_dr.372.xpm (new), chinese_dr.373 (new), chinese_dr.373.xpm (new), chinese_dr.431 (new), chinese_dr.431.xpm (new), chinese_dr.432 (new), chinese_dr.432.xpm (new), chinese_dr.433 (new), chinese_dr.433.xpm (new), chinese_dr.471 (new), chinese_dr.471.xpm (new), chinese_dr.472 (new), chinese_dr.472.xpm (new), chinese_dr.473 (new), chinese_dr.473.xpm (new), chinese_dr.arc (new 3)
  • trunk/arch/monster/dragon/Dragon: dragon.131 (new), dragon.131.xpm (new), dragon.132 (new), dragon.132.xpm (new), dragon.133 (new), dragon.133.xpm (new), dragon.171 (new), dragon.171.xpm (new), dragon.172 (new), dragon.172.xpm (new), dragon.173 (new), dragon.173.xpm (new), dragon.231 (new), dragon.231.xpm (new), dragon.232 (new), dragon.232.xpm (new), dragon.233 (new), dragon.233.xpm (new), dragon.271 (new), dragon.271.xpm (new), dragon.272 (new), dragon.272.xpm (new), dragon.273 (new), dragon.273.xpm (new), dragon.331 (new), dragon.331.xpm (new), dragon.332 (new), dragon.332.xpm (new), dragon.333 (new), dragon.333.xpm (new), dragon.371 (new), dragon.371.xpm (new), dragon.372 (new), dragon.372.xpm (new), dragon.373 (new), dragon.373.xpm (new), dragon.431 (new), dragon.431.xpm (new), dragon.432 (new), dragon.432.xpm (new), dragon.433 (new), dragon.433.xpm (new), dragon.471 (new), dragon.471.xpm (new), dragon.472 (new), dragon.472.xpm (new), dragon.473 (new), dragon.473.xpm (new), dragon.531 (new), dragon.531.xpm (new), dragon.532 (new), dragon.532.xpm (new), dragon.533 (new), dragon.533.xpm (new), dragon.571 (new), dragon.571.xpm (new), dragon.572 (new), dragon.572.xpm (new), dragon.573 (new), dragon.573.xpm (new), dragon.631 (new), dragon.631.xpm (new), dragon.632 (new), dragon.632.xpm (new), dragon.633 (new), dragon.633.xpm (new), dragon.671 (new), dragon.671.xpm (new), dragon.672 (new), dragon.672.xpm (new), dragon.673 (new), dragon.673.xpm (new), dragon.arc (new 9)
  • trunk/arch/monster/dragon/Dragonman: dragonman.131 (new), dragonman.131.xpm (new), dragonman.132 (new), dragonman.132.xpm (new), dragonman.133 (new), dragonman.133.xpm (new), dragonman.171 (new), dragonman.171.xpm (new), dragonman.172 (new), dragonman.172.xpm (new), dragonman.173 (new), dragonman.173.xpm (new), dragonman.231 (new), dragonman.231.xpm (new), dragonman.232 (new), dragonman.232.xpm (new), dragonman.233 (new), dragonman.233.xpm (new), dragonman.271 (new), dragonman.271.xpm (new), dragonman.272 (new), dragonman.272.xpm (new), dragonman.273 (new), dragonman.273.xpm (new), dragonman.arc (new 8)
  • trunk/arch/monster/dragon/Electric: elec_dr.111 (new), elec_dr.111.xpm (new), elec_dr.112 (new), elec_dr.112.xpm (new), elec_dr.211 (new), elec_dr.211.xpm (new), elec_dr.212 (new), elec_dr.212.xpm (new), elec_dr.311 (new), elec_dr.311.xpm (new), elec_dr.312 (new), elec_dr.312.xpm (new), elec_dr.411 (new), elec_dr.411.xpm (new), elec_dr.412 (new), elec_dr.412.xpm (new), elec_dr.511 (new), elec_dr.511.xpm (new), elec_dr.512 (new), elec_dr.512.xpm (new), elec_dr.611 (new), elec_dr.611.xpm (new), elec_dr.612 (new), elec_dr.612.xpm (new), elec_dr.arc (new 2)
  • trunk/arch/monster/dragon/Hatchlings: cold_drag.131 (new), cold_drag.131.xpm (new), cold_drag.132 (new), cold_drag.132.xpm (new), cold_drag.171 (new), cold_drag.171.xpm (new), cold_drag.172 (new), cold_drag.172.xpm (new), cold_drag.arc (new 1), elec_drag.131.xpm (new), elec_drag.132.xpm (new), elec_drag.171.xpm (new), elec_drag.172.xpm (new), elec_drag.arc (new 1), fire_drag.131.xpm (new), fire_drag.132.xpm (new), fire_drag.171.xpm (new), fire_drag.172.xpm (new), fire_drag.arc (new 1), grey_drag.131.xpm (new), grey_drag.132.xpm (new), grey_drag.171.xpm (new), grey_drag.172.xpm (new), grey_drag.face (new)
  • trunk/arch/monster/dragon/WDragon: worthless_dragon.131 (new), worthless_dragon.131.xpm (new), worthless_dragon.132 (new), worthless_dragon.132.xpm (new), worthless_dragon.133 (new), worthless_dragon.133.xpm (new), worthless_dragon.171 (new), worthless_dragon.171.xpm (new), worthless_dragon.172 (new), worthless_dragon.172.xpm (new), worthless_dragon.173 (new), worthless_dragon.173.xpm (new), worthless_dragon.231 (new), worthless_dragon.231.xpm (new), worthless_dragon.232 (new), worthless_dragon.232.xpm (new), worthless_dragon.233 (new), worthless_dragon.233.xpm (new), worthless_dragon.271 (new), worthless_dragon.271.xpm (new), worthless_dragon.272 (new), worthless_dragon.272.xpm (new), worthless_dragon.273 (new), worthless_dragon.273.xpm (new), worthless_dragon.331 (new), worthless_dragon.331.xpm (new), worthless_dragon.332 (new), worthless_dragon.332.xpm (new), worthless_dragon.333 (new), worthless_dragon.333.xpm (new), worthless_dragon.371 (new), worthless_dragon.371.xpm (new), worthless_dragon.372 (new), worthless_dragon.372.xpm (new), worthless_dragon.373 (new), worthless_dragon.373.xpm (new), worthless_dragon.431 (new), worthless_dragon.431.xpm (new), worthless_dragon.432 (new), worthless_dragon.432.xpm (new), worthless_dragon.433 (new), worthless_dragon.433.xpm (new), worthless_dragon.471 (new), worthless_dragon.471.xpm (new), worthless_dragon.472 (new), worthless_dragon.472.xpm (new), worthless_dragon.473 (new), worthless_dragon.473.xpm (new), worthless_dragon.531 (new), worthless_dragon.531.xpm (new), worthless_dragon.532 (new), worthless_dragon.532.xpm (new), worthless_dragon.533 (new), worthless_dragon.533.xpm (new), worthless_dragon.571 (new), worthless_dragon.571.xpm (new), worthless_dragon.572 (new), worthless_dragon.572.xpm (new), worthless_dragon.573 (new), worthless_dragon.573.xpm (new), worthless_dragon.631 (new), worthless_dragon.631.xpm (new), worthless_dragon.632 (new), worthless_dragon.632.xpm (new), worthless_dragon.633 (new), worthless_dragon.633.xpm (new), worthless_dragon.671 (new), worthless_dragon.671.xpm (new), worthless_dragon.672 (new), worthless_dragon.672.xpm (new), worthless_dragon.673 (new), worthless_dragon.673.xpm (new), worthless_dragon.arc (new 3)
  • trunk/arch/monster/elemental: elem.face (new), elem_air.111 (new), elem_air.111.xpm (new), elem_air.112 (new), elem_air.112.xpm (new), elem_air.arc (new 1), elem_dust.111.xpm (new), elem_dust.112.xpm (new), elem_earth.111 (new), elem_earth.111.xpm (new), elem_earth.112 (new), elem_earth.112.xpm (new), elem_earth.arc (new 2), elem_fire.111 (new), elem_fire.111.xpm (new), elem_fire.112 (new), elem_fire.112.xpm (new), elem_fire.arc (new 1), elem_fire_black.111.xpm (new), elem_fire_black.112.xpm (new), elem_water.111 (new), elem_water.111.xpm (new), elem_water.112 (new), elem_water.112.xpm (new), elem_water.arc (new 1)
  • trunk/arch/monster/elemental/Para: para_air.111 (new), para_air.111.xpm (new), para_air.112 (new), para_air.112.xpm (new), para_air.113 (new), para_air.113.xpm (new), para_air.114 (new), para_air.114.xpm (new), para_air.arc (new), para_earth.111 (new), para_earth.111.xpm (new), para_earth.112 (new), para_earth.112.xpm (new), para_earth.113 (new), para_earth.113.xpm (new), para_earth.arc (new), para_fire.111 (new), para_fire.111.xpm (new), para_fire.112 (new), para_fire.112.xpm (new), para_fire.arc (new 1), para_ice.111 (new), para_ice.111.xpm (new), para_ice.112 (new), para_ice.112.xpm (new), para_ice.113 (new), para_ice.113.xpm (new), para_ice.arc (new 1), para_lava.111 (new), para_lava.111.xpm (new), para_lava.112 (new), para_lava.112.xpm (new), para_lava.113 (new), para_lava.113.xpm (new), para_lava.arc (new 1), para_light.111 (new), para_light.111.xpm (new), para_light.112 (new), para_light.112.xpm (new), para_light.113 (new), para_light.113.xpm (new), para_light.arc (new), para_mud.111 (new), para_mud.111.xpm (new), para_mud.112 (new), para_mud.112.xpm (new), para_mud.113 (new), para_mud.113.xpm (new), para_mud.114 (new), para_mud.114.xpm (new), para_mud.115 (new), para_mud.115.xpm (new), para_mud.arc (new 1), para_water.111 (new), para_water.111.xpm (new), para_water.112 (new), para_water.112.xpm (new), para_water.113 (new), para_water.113.xpm (new), para_water.arc (new 1)
  • trunk/arch/monster/giant: giant.111 (new), giant.111.xpm (new), giant.112 (new), giant.112.xpm (new), giant.211 (new), giant.211.xpm (new), giant.212 (new), giant.212.xpm (new), giant.arc (new 2), giant_gen.111 (new), giant_gen.111.xpm (new), giant_gen.arc (new), mabu.111 (new), mabu.111.xpm (new), mabu.112 (new), mabu.112.xpm (new), mabu.211 (new), mabu.211.xpm (new), mabu.212 (new), mabu.212.xpm (new), mabu.arc (new 3)
  • trunk/arch/monster/giant/Belzebub: belzebub.111 (new), belzebub.111.xpm (new), belzebub.112 (new), belzebub.112.xpm (new), belzebub.211 (new), belzebub.211.xpm (new), belzebub.212 (new), belzebub.212.xpm (new), belzebub.311 (new), belzebub.311.xpm (new), belzebub.312 (new), belzebub.312.xpm (new), belzebub.411 (new), belzebub.411.xpm (new), belzebub.412 (new), belzebub.412.xpm (new), belzebub.511 (new), belzebub.511.xpm (new), belzebub.512 (new), belzebub.512.xpm (new), belzebub.611 (new), belzebub.611.xpm (new), belzebub.612 (new), belzebub.612.xpm (new), belzebub.arc (new 2)
  • trunk/arch/monster/giant/Big_Wiz: big_wiz.111 (new), big_wiz.111.xpm (new), big_wiz.112 (new), big_wiz.112.xpm (new), big_wiz.113 (new), big_wiz.113.xpm (new), big_wiz.114 (new), big_wiz.114.xpm (new), big_wiz.115 (new), big_wiz.115.xpm (new), big_wiz.211 (new), big_wiz.211.xpm (new), big_wiz.212 (new), big_wiz.212.xpm (new), big_wiz.213 (new), big_wiz.213.xpm (new), big_wiz.214 (new), big_wiz.214.xpm (new), big_wiz.215 (new), big_wiz.215.xpm (new), big_wiz.311 (new), big_wiz.311.xpm (new), big_wiz.312 (new), big_wiz.312.xpm (new), big_wiz.313 (new), big_wiz.313.xpm (new), big_wiz.314 (new), big_wiz.314.xpm (new), big_wiz.315 (new), big_wiz.315.xpm (new), big_wiz.411 (new), big_wiz.411.xpm (new), big_wiz.412 (new), big_wiz.412.xpm (new), big_wiz.413 (new), big_wiz.413.xpm (new), big_wiz.414 (new), big_wiz.414.xpm (new), big_wiz.415 (new), big_wiz.415.xpm (new), big_wiz.511 (new), big_wiz.511.xpm (new), big_wiz.512 (new), big_wiz.512.xpm (new), big_wiz.513 (new), big_wiz.513.xpm (new), big_wiz.514 (new), big_wiz.514.xpm (new), big_wiz.515 (new), big_wiz.515.xpm (new), big_wiz.611 (new), big_wiz.611.xpm (new), big_wiz.612 (new), big_wiz.612.xpm (new), big_wiz.613 (new), big_wiz.613.xpm (new), big_wiz.614 (new), big_wiz.614.xpm (new), big_wiz.615 (new), big_wiz.615.xpm (new), big_wiz.711 (new), big_wiz.711.xpm (new), big_wiz.712 (new), big_wiz.712.xpm (new), big_wiz.713 (new), big_wiz.713.xpm (new), big_wiz.714 (new), big_wiz.714.xpm (new), big_wiz.715 (new), big_wiz.715.xpm (new), big_wiz.811 (new), big_wiz.811.xpm (new), big_wiz.812 (new), big_wiz.812.xpm (new), big_wiz.813 (new), big_wiz.813.xpm (new), big_wiz.814 (new), big_wiz.814.xpm (new), big_wiz.815 (new), big_wiz.815.xpm (new), big_wiz.911 (new), big_wiz.911.xpm (new), big_wiz.912 (new), big_wiz.912.xpm (new), big_wiz.913 (new), big_wiz.913.xpm (new), big_wiz.914 (new), big_wiz.914.xpm (new), big_wiz.915 (new), big_wiz.915.xpm (new), big_wiz.arc (new 1), big_wiz.x11.xpm (new), big_wiz.x12.xpm (new), big_wiz.x13.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/monster/giant/DreadKnight: Bk.111 (new), Bk.111.xpm (new), Bk.112 (new), Bk.112.xpm (new), Bk.113 (new), Bk.113.xpm (new), Bk.114 (new), Bk.114.xpm (new), Bk.115 (new), Bk.115.xpm (new), Bk.171 (new), Bk.171.xpm (new), Bk.172 (new), Bk.172.xpm (new), Bk.173 (new), Bk.173.xpm (new), Bk.174.xpm (new), Bk.175 (new), Bk.175.xpm (new), Bk.211 (new), Bk.211.xpm (new), Bk.212 (new), Bk.212.xpm (new), Bk.213 (new), Bk.213.xpm (new), Bk.214.xpm (new), Bk.215 (new), Bk.215.xpm (new), Bk.271 (new), Bk.271.xpm (new), Bk.272 (new), Bk.272.xpm (new), Bk.273 (new), Bk.273.xpm (new), Bk.274 (new), Bk.274.xpm (new), Bk.275 (new), Bk.275.xpm (new), Bk.311 (new), Bk.311.xpm (new), Bk.312 (new), Bk.312.xpm (new), Bk.313 (new), Bk.313.xpm (new), Bk.314 (new), Bk.314.xpm (new), Bk.315 (new), Bk.315.xpm (new), Bk.371 (new), Bk.371.xpm (new), Bk.372.xpm (new), Bk.373 (new), Bk.373.xpm (new), Bk.374.xpm (new), Bk.375 (new), Bk.375.xpm (new), Bk.411 (new), Bk.411.xpm (new), Bk.412.xpm (new), Bk.413 (new), Bk.413.xpm (new), Bk.414.xpm (new), Bk.415 (new), Bk.415.xpm (new), Bk.471 (new), Bk.471.xpm (new), Bk.472 (new), Bk.472.xpm (new), Bk.473 (new), Bk.473.xpm (new), Bk.474 (new), Bk.474.xpm (new), Bk.475 (new), Bk.475.xpm (new), Bk.511 (new), Bk.511.xpm (new), Bk.512.xpm (new), Bk.513 (new), Bk.513.xpm (new), Bk.514.xpm (new), Bk.515 (new), Bk.515.xpm (new), Bk.571 (new), Bk.571.xpm (new), Bk.572.xpm (new), Bk.573 (new), Bk.573.xpm (new), Bk.574.xpm (new), Bk.575 (new), Bk.575.xpm (new), Bk.611 (new), Bk.611.xpm (new), Bk.612.xpm (new), Bk.613 (new), Bk.613.xpm (new), Bk.614.xpm (new), Bk.615 (new), Bk.615.xpm (new), Bk.671 (new), Bk.671.xpm (new), Bk.672.xpm (new), Bk.673 (new), Bk.673.xpm (new), Bk.674.xpm (new), Bk.675 (new), Bk.675.xpm (new), DK.arc (new 1), EDK.arc (new 1)
  • trunk/arch/monster/giant/JessyB: jessyb.111 (new), jessyb.111.xpm (new), jessyb.112 (new), jessyb.112.xpm (new), jessyb.113 (new), jessyb.113.xpm (new), jessyb.211 (new), jessyb.211.xpm (new), jessyb.212 (new), jessyb.212.xpm (new), jessyb.213 (new), jessyb.213.xpm (new), jessyb.311 (new), jessyb.311.xpm (new), jessyb.312 (new), jessyb.312.xpm (new), jessyb.313 (new), jessyb.313.xpm (new), jessyb.411 (new), jessyb.411.xpm (new), jessyb.412 (new), jessyb.412.xpm (new), jessyb.511 (new), jessyb.511.xpm (new), jessyb.512 (new), jessyb.512.xpm (new), jessyb.513 (new), jessyb.513.xpm (new), jessyb.611 (new), jessyb.611.xpm (new), jessyb.612 (new), jessyb.612.xpm (new), jessyb.613 (new), jessyb.613.xpm (new), jessyb.711 (new), jessyb.711.xpm (new), jessyb.712 (new), jessyb.712.xpm (new), jessyb.713 (new), jessyb.713.xpm (new), jessyb.811 (new), jessyb.811.xpm (new), jessyb.812 (new), jessyb.812.xpm (new), jessyb.813 (new), jessyb.813.xpm (new), jessyb.911 (new), jessyb.911.xpm (new), jessyb.912 (new), jessyb.912.xpm (new), jessyb.913 (new), jessyb.913.xpm (new), jessyb.A11 (new), jessyb.A11.xpm (new), jessyb.A12 (new), jessyb.A12.xpm (new), jessyb.A13 (new), jessyb.A13.xpm (new), jessyb.B11 (new), jessyb.B11.xpm (new), jessyb.B12 (new), jessyb.B12.xpm (new), jessyb.B13 (new), jessyb.B13.xpm (new), jessyb.C11 (new), jessyb.C11.xpm (new), jessyb.C12 (new), jessyb.C12.xpm (new), jessyb.C13 (new), jessyb.C13.xpm (new), jessyb.D11 (new), jessyb.D11.xpm (new), jessyb.D12 (new), jessyb.D12.xpm (new), jessyb.D13 (new), jessyb.D13.xpm (new), jessyb.E11 (new), jessyb.E11.xpm (new), jessyb.E12 (new), jessyb.E12.xpm (new), jessyb.E13 (new), jessyb.E13.xpm (new), jessyb.F11 (new), jessyb.F11.xpm (new), jessyb.F12 (new), jessyb.F12.xpm (new), jessyb.F13 (new), jessyb.F13.xpm (new), jessyb.G11 (new), jessyb.G11.xpm (new), jessyb.G12 (new), jessyb.G12.xpm (new), jessyb.G13 (new), jessyb.G13.xpm (new), jessyb.arc (new 1)
  • trunk/arch/monster/giant/Titan: titan.131 (new), titan.131.xpm (new), titan.132 (new), titan.132.xpm (new), titan.133 (new), titan.133.xpm (new), titan.171 (new), titan.171.xpm (new), titan.172 (new), titan.172.xpm (new), titan.173 (new), titan.173.xpm (new), titan.231 (new), titan.231.xpm (new), titan.232 (new), titan.232.xpm (new), titan.233 (new), titan.233.xpm (new), titan.271 (new), titan.271.xpm (new), titan.272 (new), titan.272.xpm (new), titan.273 (new), titan.273.xpm (new), titan.331 (new), titan.331.xpm (new), titan.332 (new), titan.332.xpm (new), titan.333 (new), titan.333.xpm (new), titan.371 (new), titan.371.xpm (new), titan.372 (new), titan.372.xpm (new), titan.373 (new), titan.373.xpm (new), titan.431 (new), titan.431.xpm (new), titan.432 (new), titan.432.xpm (new), titan.433 (new), titan.433.xpm (new), titan.471 (new), titan.471.xpm (new), titan.472 (new), titan.472.xpm (new), titan.473 (new), titan.473.xpm (new), titan.531 (new), titan.531.xpm (new), titan.532 (new), titan.532.xpm (new), titan.533 (new), titan.533.xpm (new), titan.571 (new), titan.571.xpm (new), titan.572 (new), titan.572.xpm (new), titan.573 (new), titan.573.xpm (new), titan.631 (new), titan.631.xpm (new), titan.632 (new), titan.632.xpm (new), titan.633 (new), titan.633.xpm (new), titan.671 (new), titan.671.xpm (new), titan.672 (new), titan.672.xpm (new), titan.673 (new), titan.673.xpm (new), titan.731 (new), titan.731.xpm (new), titan.732 (new), titan.732.xpm (new), titan.733 (new), titan.733.xpm (new), titan.831 (new), titan.831.xpm (new), titan.832 (new), titan.832.xpm (new), titan.833 (new), titan.833.xpm (new), titan.871 (new), titan.871.xpm (new), titan.872 (new), titan.872.xpm (new), titan.873 (new), titan.873.xpm (new), titan.971 (new), titan.971.xpm (new), titan.972 (new), titan.972.xpm (new), titan.973 (new), titan.973.xpm (new), titan.arc (new 12)
  • trunk/arch/monster/giant/byakie: byakie.111 (new), byakie.111.xpm (new), byakie.112 (new), byakie.112.xpm (new), byakie.211 (new), byakie.211.xpm (new), byakie.212 (new), byakie.212.xpm (new), byakie.311 (new), byakie.311.xpm (new), byakie.312 (new), byakie.312.xpm (new), byakie.411 (new), byakie.411.xpm (new), byakie.412 (new), byakie.412.xpm (new), byakie.arc (new 3)
  • trunk/arch/monster/giant/cyclops: cyclops.131 (new), cyclops.131.xpm (new), cyclops.132 (new), cyclops.132.xpm (new), cyclops.171 (new), cyclops.171.xpm (new), cyclops.172 (new), cyclops.172.xpm (new), cyclops.231 (new), cyclops.231.xpm (new), cyclops.232 (new), cyclops.232.xpm (new), cyclops.271 (new), cyclops.271.xpm (new), cyclops.272 (new), cyclops.272.xpm (new), cyclops.331 (new), cyclops.331.xpm (new), cyclops.332 (new), cyclops.332.xpm (new), cyclops.371 (new), cyclops.371.xpm (new), cyclops.372 (new), cyclops.372.xpm (new), cyclops.431 (new), cyclops.431.xpm (new), cyclops.432 (new), cyclops.432.xpm (new), cyclops.471 (new), cyclops.471.xpm (new), cyclops.472 (new), cyclops.472.xpm (new), cyclops.531 (new), cyclops.531.xpm (new), cyclops.532 (new), cyclops.532.xpm (new), cyclops.571 (new), cyclops.571.xpm (new), cyclops.572 (new), cyclops.572.xpm (new), cyclops.631 (new), cyclops.631.xpm (new), cyclops.632 (new), cyclops.632.xpm (new), cyclops.671 (new), cyclops.671.xpm (new), cyclops.672 (new), cyclops.672.xpm (new), cyclops.arc (new 22)
  • trunk/arch/monster/giant/djinn: djinn.131 (new), djinn.131.xpm (new), djinn.132 (new), djinn.132.xpm (new), djinn.171 (new), djinn.171.xpm (new), djinn.172 (new), djinn.172.xpm (new), djinn.231 (new), djinn.231.xpm (new), djinn.232 (new), djinn.232.xpm (new), djinn.271 (new), djinn.271.xpm (new), djinn.272 (new), djinn.272.xpm (new), djinn.arc (new 1), m_djinn.arc (new 2)
  • trunk/arch/monster/giant/serpent: fireserp.arc (new 1), serpent.131 (new), serpent.131.xpm (new), serpent.132 (new), serpent.132.xpm (new), serpent.171 (new), serpent.171.xpm (new), serpent.172 (new), serpent.172.xpm (new), serpent.231 (new), serpent.231.xpm (new), serpent.232 (new), serpent.232.xpm (new), serpent.271 (new), serpent.271.xpm (new), serpent.272 (new), serpent.272.xpm (new), serpent.arc (new 1)
  • trunk/arch/monster/giant/slug: slug.131 (new), slug.131.xpm (new), slug.132 (new), slug.132.xpm (new), slug.171 (new), slug.171.xpm (new), slug.172 (new), slug.172.xpm (new), slug.231 (new), slug.231.xpm (new), slug.232 (new), slug.232.xpm (new), slug.271 (new), slug.271.xpm (new), slug.272 (new), slug.272.xpm (new), slug.arc (new 2)
  • trunk/arch/monster/goblin: gnoll.111 (new), gnoll.111.xpm (new), gnoll.112 (new), gnoll.112.xpm (new), gnoll.arc (new), gnoll_gen.111 (new), gnoll_gen.111.xpm (new), gnoll_gen.arc (new), goblin.111 (new), goblin.111.xpm (new), goblin.112 (new), goblin.112.xpm (new), goblin.arc (new), goblin_gen.111 (new), goblin_gen.111.xpm (new), goblin_gen.arc (new), kobold.111 (new), kobold.111.xpm (new), kobold.112 (new), kobold.112.xpm (new), kobold.arc (new), kobold_gen.111 (new), kobold_gen.111.xpm (new), kobold_gen.arc (new), ogre.111 (new), ogre.111.xpm (new), ogre.112 (new), ogre.112.xpm (new), ogre.arc (new), ogre_gen.111 (new), ogre_gen.111.xpm (new), ogre_gen.arc (new), ogre_r.111.xpm (new), ogre_r.112.xpm (new), ogre_r.face (new), ologhi.111 (new), ologhi.111.xpm (new), ologhi.112 (new), ologhi.112.xpm (new), ologhi.arc (new 2), orc.111 (new), orc.111.xpm (new), orc.112 (new), orc.112.xpm (new), orc.arc (new), orc_gen.111 (new), orc_gen.111.xpm (new), orc_gen.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/monster/goblin/Kobold: h_kobold.111 (new), h_kobold.111.xpm (new), h_kobold.112 (new), h_kobold.112.xpm (new), h_kobold.arc (new), unusual_kobold.111 (new), unusual_kobold.111.xpm (new), unusual_kobold.112 (new), unusual_kobold.112.xpm (new), unusual_kobold.arc (new 1)
  • trunk/arch/monster/human: conjurer2.arc (new), lord_e.111 (new), lord_e.111.xpm (new), lord_e.112 (new), lord_e.112.xpm (new), lord_e.arc (new 2), madman.111 (new), madman.111.xpm (new), madman.112 (new), madman.112.xpm (new), madman.arc (new), madman_gen.111 (new), madman_gen.111.xpm (new), madman_gen.arc (new), necro.111 (new), necro.111.xpm (new), necro.112 (new), necro.112.xpm (new), necro.arc (new), princess.111 (new), princess.111.xpm (new), princess.112 (new), princess.112.xpm (new), princess.arc (new), prisoner.111 (new), prisoner.111.xpm (new), prisoner.112 (new), prisoner.112.xpm (new), prisoner.arc (new), pyro_gen.111 (new), pyro_gen.111.xpm (new), pyro_gen.arc (new), pyromaniac.111 (new), pyromaniac.111.xpm (new), pyromaniac.112 (new), pyromaniac.112.xpm (new), pyromaniac.113 (new), pyromaniac.113.xpm (new), pyromaniac.114 (new), pyromaniac.114.xpm (new), pyromaniac.arc (new), siegfried.111 (new), siegfried.111.xpm (new), siegfried.112 (new), siegfried.112.xpm (new), siegfried.arc (new), woman.111 (new), woman.111.xpm (new), woman.131 (new), woman.131.xpm (new), woman.171 (new), woman.171.xpm (new), woman.arc (new 4)
  • trunk/arch/monster/human/Class: conjurer.111 (new), conjurer.111.xpm (new), conjurer.112 (new), conjurer.112.xpm (new), conjurer.113 (new), conjurer.113.xpm (new), conjurer.arc (new), fighter.111 (new), fighter.111.xpm (new), fighter.112 (new), fighter.112.xpm (new), fighter.113 (new), fighter.113.xpm (new), fighter.arc (new), ninja_1.arc (new), ninja_2.111 (new), ninja_2.111.xpm (new), ninja_2.112 (new), ninja_2.112.xpm (new), ninja_2.113 (new), ninja_2.113.xpm (new), ninja_2.arc (new), northman.111 (new), northman.111.xpm (new), northman.112 (new), northman.112.xpm (new), northman.arc (new), pirate.111 (new), pirate.111.xpm (new), pirate.112 (new), pirate.112.xpm (new), pirate.arc (new), thief_1.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/monster/human/Class/Warrior: warrior.face (new), warrior_1.arc (new), warrior_blue.111.xpm (new), warrior_blue.131.xpm (new), warrior_blue.151.xpm (new), warrior_blue.171.xpm (new), warrior_green.111.xpm (new), warrior_green.131.xpm (new), warrior_green.151.xpm (new), warrior_green.171.xpm (new), warrior_grey.111.xpm (new), warrior_grey.131.xpm (new), warrior_grey.151.xpm (new), warrior_grey.171.xpm (new), warrior_lblue.111.xpm (new), warrior_lblue.131.xpm (new), warrior_lblue.151.xpm (new), warrior_lblue.171.xpm (new), warrior_red.111.xpm (new), warrior_red.131.xpm (new), warrior_red.151.xpm (new), warrior_red.171.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/monster/human/Demihuman: dark_elf.111 (new), dark_elf.111.xpm (new), dark_elf.112 (new), dark_elf.112.xpm (new), dark_elf.arc (new), elf_1.111 (new), elf_1.111.xpm (new), elf_1.112 (new), elf_1.112.xpm (new), elf_1.113 (new), elf_1.113.xpm (new), elf_1.arc (new), gnome.111 (new), gnome.111.xpm (new), gnome.112 (new), gnome.112.xpm (new), gnome.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/monster/human/Dwarf: dwarf.111 (new), dwarf.111.xpm (new), dwarf.112 (new), dwarf.112.xpm (new), dwarf.arc (new), dwarf_pr.111 (new), dwarf_pr.111.xpm (new), dwarf_pr.112 (new), dwarf_pr.112.xpm (new), dwarf_pr.113 (new), dwarf_pr.113.xpm (new), dwarf_pr.arc (new), dwarf_wiz.111 (new), dwarf_wiz.111.xpm (new), dwarf_wiz.112 (new), dwarf_wiz.112.xpm (new), dwarf_wiz.113 (new), dwarf_wiz.113.xpm (new), dwarf_wiz.arc (new), greater_dwarven_guard.111 (new), greater_dwarven_guard.111.xpm (new), greater_dwarven_guard.112 (new), greater_dwarven_guard.112.xpm (new), greater_dwarven_guard.arc (new), lesser_dwarven_guard.111 (new), lesser_dwarven_guard.111.xpm (new), lesser_dwarven_guard.112 (new), lesser_dwarven_guard.112.xpm (new), lesser_dwarven_guard.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/monster/human/Guard: guard_hard.111 (new), guard_hard.111.xpm (new), guard_hard.arc (new 1), guard_ligh.111 (new), guard_ligh.111.xpm (new), guard_ligh.arc (new 1), guard_med.111 (new), guard_med.111.xpm (new), guard_med.arc (new 1), knight.111 (new), knight.111.xpm (new), knight.112 (new), knight.112.xpm (new), knight.113 (new), knight.113.xpm (new), knight.114 (new), knight.114.xpm (new), knight.115 (new), knight.115.xpm (new), knight.arc (new 1)
  • trunk/arch/monster/human/Town: c_man.arc (new), c_sage.arc (new), c_woman.arc (new), charwoman.131 (new), charwoman.131.xpm (new), charwoman.132 (new), charwoman.132.xpm (new), charwoman.171 (new), charwoman.171.xpm (new), charwoman.172 (new), charwoman.172.xpm (new), charwoman.arc (new), child.111 (new), child.111.xpm (new), child.arc (new), child_thief.arc (new), courier.111 (new), courier.111.xpm (new), courier.arc (new), crone.111 (new), crone.111.xpm (new), crone.arc (new), fatman.111 (new), fatman.111.xpm (new), fatman.arc (new), fatwoman.111 (new), fatwoman.111.xpm (new), fatwoman.arc (new), guildmaste.111 (new), guildmaste.111.xpm (new), guildmaste.arc (new), man.111 (new), man.111.xpm (new), man.131 (new), man.131.xpm (new), man.171 (new), man.171.xpm (new), man.arc (new 4), pir_lass.111 (new), pir_lass.111.xpm (new), pir_lass.112 (new), pir_lass.112.xpm (new), pir_lass.arc (new), sage.111 (new), sage.111.xpm (new), sage.arc (new), sailor.111 (new), sailor.111.xpm (new), sailor.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/monster/human/Town/postman: postman.131 (new), postman.131.xpm (new), postman.132 (new), postman.132.xpm (new), postman.171 (new), postman.171.xpm (new), postman.172 (new), postman.172.xpm (new), postman.arc (new), postman_gen.111 (new), postman_gen.111.xpm (new), postman_gen.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/monster/human/arabic: a_guard_h.111 (new), a_guard_h.111.xpm (new), a_guard_h.arc (new 1), a_guard_l.111 (new), a_guard_l.111.xpm (new), a_guard_l.arc (new 1), a_guard_m.111 (new), a_guard_m.111.xpm (new), a_guard_m.arc (new 1), a_priest.111 (new), a_priest.111.xpm (new), a_priest.arc (new), a_townsman.111 (new), a_townsman.111.xpm (new), a_townsman.arc (new), a_townsman2.111 (new), a_townsman2.111.xpm (new), a_townsman2.arc (new), a_townsman3.111 (new), a_townsman3.111.xpm (new), a_townsman3.arc (new), beggar.111 (new), beggar.111.xpm (new), beggar.arc (new), big_slave.111 (new), big_slave.111.xpm (new), big_slave.arc (new), dancing_girl.111 (new), dancing_girl.111.xpm (new), dancing_girl.arc (new), holy_priest.111 (new), holy_priest.111.xpm (new), holy_priest.211 (new), holy_priest.211.xpm (new), holy_priest.311 (new), holy_priest.311.xpm (new), holy_priest.arc (new 1), merchant.111 (new), merchant.111.xpm (new), merchant.131 (new), merchant.131.xpm (new), merchant.171 (new), merchant.171.xpm (new), merchant.arc (new), slave.111 (new), slave.111.xpm (new), slave.arc (new), veiled_woman.111 (new), veiled_woman.111.xpm (new), veiled_woman.arc (new), veiled_woman2.111 (new), veiled_woman2.111.xpm (new), veiled_woman2.arc (new), veiled_woman3.111 (new), veiled_woman3.111.xpm (new), veiled_woman3.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/monster/insect: ant.111 (new), ant.111.xpm (new), ant.112 (new), ant.112.xpm (new), ant.arc (new), ant_gen.111 (new), ant_gen.111.xpm (new), ant_gen.arc (new), bee.111 (new), bee.111.xpm (new), bee.112 (new), bee.112.xpm (new), bee.arc (new), bee_gen.111 (new), bee_gen.111.xpm (new), bee_gen.arc (new), beehive.111 (new), beehive.111.xpm (new), beehive.112 (new), beehive.112.xpm (new), beehive.arc (new), centipede.111 (new), centipede.111.xpm (new), centipede.112 (new), centipede.112.xpm (new), centipede.113 (new), centipede.113.xpm (new), centipede.arc (new), centipede_r.111.xpm (new), centipede_r.112.xpm (new), centipede_r.113.xpm (new), centipede_r.arc (new), killerbee.111 (new), killerbee.111.xpm (new), killerbee.112 (new), killerbee.112.xpm (new), killerbee.arc (new), spider.111 (new), spider.111.xpm (new), spider.112 (new), spider.112.xpm (new), spider.arc (new), spider_gen.arc (new), spider_web.111 (new), spider_web.111.xpm (new), spider_web.112 (new), spider_web.112.xpm (new), xan.111 (new), xan.111.xpm (new), xan.112 (new), xan.112.xpm (new), xan.arc (new), xan_gen.111 (new), xan_gen.111.xpm (new), xan_gen.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/monster/insect/ant: ant_egg.111 (new), ant_egg.111.xpm (new), ant_egg.arc (new 2), ant_larvae.111 (new), ant_larvae.111.xpm (new), ant_larvae.112 (new), ant_larvae.112.xpm (new), ant_larvae.arc (new 3), breeder_ant.111 (new), breeder_ant.111.xpm (new), breeder_ant.112 (new), breeder_ant.112.xpm (new), breeder_ant.211 (new), breeder_ant.211.xpm (new), breeder_ant.212 (new), breeder_ant.212.xpm (new), breeder_ant.arc (new 4), fly_ant.131 (new), fly_ant.131.xpm (new), fly_ant.132 (new), fly_ant.132.xpm (new), fly_ant.171 (new), fly_ant.171.xpm (new), fly_ant.172 (new), fly_ant.172.xpm (new), fly_ant.arc (new 1), guard_ant.arc (new 4), spit_ant.131 (new), spit_ant.131.xpm (new), spit_ant.132 (new), spit_ant.132.xpm (new), spit_ant.133 (new), spit_ant.133.xpm (new), spit_ant.171 (new), spit_ant.171.xpm (new), spit_ant.172 (new), spit_ant.172.xpm (new), spit_ant.173 (new), spit_ant.173.xpm (new), spit_ant.arc (new 3), war_ant.131 (new), war_ant.131.xpm (new), war_ant.132 (new), war_ant.132.xpm (new), war_ant.171 (new), war_ant.171.xpm (new), war_ant.172 (new), war_ant.172.xpm (new), war_ant.arc (new 4), work_ant.131 (new), work_ant.131.xpm (new), work_ant.132 (new), work_ant.132.xpm (new), work_ant.171 (new), work_ant.171.xpm (new), work_ant.172 (new), work_ant.172.xpm (new), work_ant.arc (new 3)
  • trunk/arch/monster/misc: blob.111 (new), blob.111.xpm (new), blob.112 (new), blob.112.xpm (new), blob.113 (new), blob.113.xpm (new), blob.arc (new 1), broo.111 (new), broo.111.xpm (new), broo.112 (new), broo.112.xpm (new), broo.113 (new), broo.113.xpm (new), broo.arc (new 2), c_knight.111 (new), c_knight.111.xpm (new), c_knight.112 (new), c_knight.112.xpm (new), c_knight.arc (new 3), c_priest.131 (new), c_priest.131.xpm (new), c_priest.171 (new), c_priest.171.xpm (new), c_priest.arc (new 6), deathtree.111 (new), deathtree.111.xpm (new), deathtree.112 (new), deathtree.112.xpm (new), deathtree.113 (new), deathtree.113.xpm (new), deathtree.114 (new), deathtree.114.xpm (new), deathtree.115 (new), deathtree.115.xpm (new), deathtree.arc (new), firechest.111 (new), firechest.111.xpm (new), firechest.arc (new 1), gargoyle.111 (new), gargoyle.111.xpm (new), gargoyle.112 (new), gargoyle.112.xpm (new), gargoyle.arc (new 2), pixie.111 (new), pixie.111.xpm (new), pixie.112 (new), pixie.112.xpm (new), pixie.arc (new), pixie_gen.111 (new), pixie_gen.111.xpm (new), pixie_gen.arc (new), sandy.111 (new), sandy.111.xpm (new), sandy.112 (new), sandy.112.xpm (new), sandy.113 (new), sandy.113.xpm (new), sandy.114 (new), sandy.114.xpm (new), sandy.115 (new), sandy.115.xpm (new), sandy.arc (new 1), sphinx.131 (new), sphinx.131.xpm (new), sphinx.171 (new), sphinx.171.xpm (new), sphinx.231 (new), sphinx.231.xpm (new), sphinx.271 (new), sphinx.271.xpm (new), sphinx.arc (new 7), stalker.111 (new), stalker.111.xpm (new), stalker.112 (new), stalker.112.xpm (new), stalker.arc (new), stalkergen.111 (new), stalkergen.111.xpm (new), stalkergen.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/monster/misc/Baslic: baslic.171 (new), baslic.171.xpm (new), baslic.172 (new), baslic.172.xpm (new), baslic.271 (new), baslic.271.xpm (new), baslic.272 (new), baslic.272.xpm (new), baslic.371 (new), baslic.371.xpm (new), baslic.372 (new), baslic.372.xpm (new), baslic.471 (new), baslic.471.xpm (new), baslic.472 (new), baslic.472.xpm (new), baslic.571 (new), baslic.571.xpm (new), baslic.572 (new), baslic.572.xpm (new), baslic.671 (new), baslic.671.xpm (new), baslic.672 (new), baslic.672.xpm (new), baslic.arc (new 13)
  • trunk/arch/monster/misc/Chess: ch_bish.111 (new 9), ch_bish.111.xpm (new 23), ch_king.111 (new 9), ch_king.111.xpm (new 26), ch_knight.111 (new 9), ch_knight.111.xpm (new 4), ch_knight.arc (new), ch_pawn.111 (new), ch_pawn.111.xpm (new 20), ch_queen.111 (new), ch_queen.111.xpm (new), ch_queen.arc (new), ch_rook.111 (new), ch_rook.111.xpm (new 2), chess_bish.arc (new), chess_king.arc (new), chess_pawn.arc (new), chess_rook.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/monster/misc/Ent: ent.111 (new), ent.111.xpm (new), ent.112 (new), ent.112.xpm (new), ent.113 (new), ent.113.xpm (new), ent.211 (new), ent.211.xpm (new), ent.212 (new), ent.212.xpm (new), ent.213 (new), ent.213.xpm (new), ent.311 (new), ent.311.xpm (new), ent.312 (new), ent.312.xpm (new), ent.313 (new), ent.313.xpm (new), ent.411 (new), ent.411.xpm (new), ent.412 (new), ent.412.xpm (new), ent.413 (new), ent.413.xpm (new), ent.arc (new 37)
  • trunk/arch/monster/misc/Ngolem: gol.131 (new), gol.131.xpm (new), gol.132 (new), gol.132.xpm (new), gol.211 (new), gol.211.xpm (new), gol.212 (new), gol.212.xpm (new), gol.311 (new), gol.311.xpm (new), gol.312 (new), gol.312.xpm (new), gol.411 (new), gol.411.xpm (new), gol.412 (new), gol.412.xpm (new), gol.511 (new), gol.511.xpm (new), gol.512 (new), gol.512.xpm (new), gol.611 (new), gol.611.xpm (new), gol.612 (new), gol.612.xpm (new), gol.arc (new 10)
  • trunk/arch/monster/misc/Unicorn: unicorn.131 (new), unicorn.131.xpm (new), unicorn.132 (new), unicorn.132.xpm (new), unicorn.133 (new), unicorn.133.xpm (new), unicorn.171 (new), unicorn.171.xpm (new), unicorn.172 (new), unicorn.172.xpm (new), unicorn.173 (new), unicorn.173.xpm (new), unicorn.231 (new), unicorn.231.xpm (new), unicorn.232 (new), unicorn.232.xpm (new), unicorn.233 (new), unicorn.233.xpm (new), unicorn.271 (new), unicorn.271.xpm (new), unicorn.272 (new), unicorn.272.xpm (new), unicorn.273 (new), unicorn.273.xpm (new), unicorn.arc (new 10)
  • trunk/arch/monster/misc/crawl: crawling_chaos.111 (new), crawling_chaos.111.xpm (new), crawling_chaos.112 (new), crawling_chaos.112.xpm (new), crawling_chaos.113 (new), crawling_chaos.113.xpm (new), crawling_chaos.arc (new 2)
  • trunk/arch/monster/misc/lamia: lamia.131 (new), lamia.131.xpm (new), lamia.132 (new), lamia.132.xpm (new), lamia.171 (new), lamia.171.xpm (new), lamia.172 (new), lamia.172.xpm (new), lamia.231 (new), lamia.231.xpm (new), lamia.232 (new), lamia.232.xpm (new), lamia.271 (new), lamia.271.xpm (new), lamia.272 (new), lamia.272.xpm (new), lamia.arc (new 3)
  • trunk/arch/monster/misc/lokanth: lokanth.131 (new), lokanth.131.xpm (new), lokanth.132 (new), lokanth.132.xpm (new), lokanth.171 (new), lokanth.171.xpm (new), lokanth.172 (new), lokanth.172.xpm (new), lokanth.arc (new 5)
  • trunk/arch/monster/misc/serpmen: serp_man.131 (new), serp_man.131.xpm (new), serp_man.132 (new), serp_man.132.xpm (new), serp_man.171 (new), serp_man.171.xpm (new), serp_man.172 (new), serp_man.172.xpm (new), serp_man.arc (new 1), serp_priest.131 (new), serp_priest.131.xpm (new), serp_priest.171 (new), serp_priest.171.xpm (new), serp_priest.arc (new 2), serpman_gen.111 (new), serpman_gen.111.xpm (new), serpman_gen.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/monster/troll: smallt_green.111.xpm (new), smallt_green.112.xpm (new), smalltroll.111 (new), smalltroll.111.xpm (new), smalltroll.112 (new), smalltroll.112.xpm (new), smalltroll.arc (new), smalltroll.face (new)
  • trunk/arch/monster/troll/Gaelotroll: gaelotroll.111 (new), gaelotroll.111.xpm (new), gaelotroll.112 (new), gaelotroll.112.xpm (new), gaelotroll.113 (new), gaelotroll.113.xpm (new), gaelotroll.211 (new), gaelotroll.211.xpm (new), gaelotroll.212 (new), gaelotroll.212.xpm (new), gaelotroll.213 (new), gaelotroll.213.xpm (new), gaelotroll.311 (new), gaelotroll.311.xpm (new), gaelotroll.312 (new), gaelotroll.312.xpm (new), gaelotroll.313 (new), gaelotroll.313.xpm (new), gaelotroll.411 (new), gaelotroll.411.xpm (new), gaelotroll.412 (new), gaelotroll.412.xpm (new), gaelotroll.413 (new), gaelotroll.413.xpm (new), gaelotroll.511 (new), gaelotroll.511.xpm (new), gaelotroll.512 (new), gaelotroll.512.xpm (new), gaelotroll.513 (new), gaelotroll.513.xpm (new), gaelotroll.611 (new), gaelotroll.611.xpm (new), gaelotroll.612 (new), gaelotroll.612.xpm (new), gaelotroll.613 (new), gaelotroll.613.xpm (new), gaelotroll.arc (new 57)
  • trunk/arch/monster/troll/Troll: troll.131 (new), troll.131.xpm (new), troll.132 (new), troll.132.xpm (new), troll.133 (new), troll.133.xpm (new), troll.171 (new), troll.171.xpm (new), troll.172 (new), troll.172.xpm (new), troll.173 (new), troll.173.xpm (new), troll.231 (new), troll.231.xpm (new), troll.232 (new), troll.232.xpm (new), troll.233 (new), troll.233.xpm (new), troll.271 (new), troll.271.xpm (new), troll.272 (new), troll.272.xpm (new), troll.273 (new), troll.273.xpm (new), troll.331 (new), troll.331.xpm (new), troll.332 (new), troll.332.xpm (new), troll.333 (new), troll.333.xpm (new), troll.371 (new), troll.371.xpm (new), troll.372 (new), troll.372.xpm (new), troll.373 (new), troll.373.xpm (new), troll.431 (new), troll.431.xpm (new), troll.432 (new), troll.432.xpm (new), troll.433 (new), troll.433.xpm (new), troll.471 (new), troll.471.xpm (new), troll.472 (new), troll.472.xpm (new), troll.473 (new), troll.473.xpm (new), troll.arc (new 6), troll.face (new 36)
  • trunk/arch/monster/undead: dave.111 (new), dave.111.xpm (new), dave.112 (new), dave.112.xpm (new), dave.113 (new), dave.113.xpm (new), dave.arc (new), demilich.111 (new), demilich.111.xpm (new), demilich.112 (new), demilich.112.xpm (new), demilich.113 (new), demilich.113.xpm (new), demilich.arc (new 2), ghast.111 (new), ghast.111.xpm (new), ghast.112 (new), ghast.112.xpm (new), ghast.113 (new), ghast.113.xpm (new), ghast.arc (new 2), ghost.111 (new), ghost.111.xpm (new), ghost.112 (new), ghost.112.xpm (new), ghost.arc (new 1), ghost_gen.111 (new), ghost_gen.111.xpm (new), ghost_gen.arc (new), grimreaper.111 (new), grimreaper.111.xpm (new), grimreaper.112 (new), grimreaper.112.xpm (new), grimreaper.arc (new 2), lich.111 (new), lich.111.xpm (new), lich.112 (new), lich.112.xpm (new), lich.113 (new), lich.113.xpm (new), lich.arc (new), nazgul.111 (new), nazgul.111.xpm (new), nazgul.112 (new), nazgul.112.xpm (new), nazgul.arc (new 1), nightmare.111 (new), nightmare.111.xpm (new), nightmare.112 (new), nightmare.112.xpm (new), nightmare.arc (new 2), skelet_gen.arc (new), skeleton.111 (new), skeleton.111.xpm (new), skeleton.112 (new), skeleton.112.xpm (new), skeleton.arc (new 3), skull.111 (new), skull.111.xpm (new), skull.112 (new), skull.112.xpm (new), skull.arc (new 2), skull_gen.111 (new), skull_gen.111.xpm (new), skull_gen.arc (new), spectre.111.xpm (new), spectre.arc (new), vampire.111 (new), vampire.111.xpm (new), vampire.112 (new), vampire.112.xpm (new), vampire.arc (new), vampiregen.111 (new), vampiregen.111.xpm (new), vampiregen.arc (new), wight.111 (new), wight.111.xpm (new), wight.112 (new), wight.112.xpm (new), wight.113 (new), wight.113.xpm (new), wight.114 (new), wight.114.xpm (new), wight.arc (new 1), wraith.111 (new), wraith.111.xpm (new), wraith.112 (new), wraith.112.xpm (new), wraith.113 (new), wraith.113.xpm (new), wraith.arc (new 2), zombie.111 (new), zombie.111.xpm (new), zombie.112 (new), zombie.112.xpm (new), zombie.113 (new), zombie.113.xpm (new), zombie.arc (new 1), zombie_gen.111 (new), zombie_gen.111.xpm (new), zombie_gen.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/player: barbarian.111 (new), barbarian.111.xpm (new), barbarian.131 (new), barbarian.131.xpm (new), barbarian.151 (new), barbarian.151.xpm (new), barbarian.171 (new), barbarian.171.xpm (new), barbarian.arc (new), cleric.111 (new), cleric.111.xpm (new), cleric.131 (new), cleric.131.xpm (new), cleric.151 (new), cleric.151.xpm (new), cleric.171 (new), cleric.171.xpm (new), cleric.arc (new), dwarf_p.111 (new), dwarf_p.111.xpm (new), dwarf_p.131 (new), dwarf_p.131.xpm (new), dwarf_p.151 (new), dwarf_p.151.xpm (new), dwarf_p.171 (new), dwarf_p.171.xpm (new), dwarf_p.arc (new), elf.111 (new), elf.111.xpm (new), elf.131 (new), elf.131.xpm (new), elf.151 (new), elf.151.xpm (new), elf.171 (new), elf.171.xpm (new), elf.arc (new), fireborn.111 (new), fireborn.111.xpm (new), fireborn.222 (new), fireborn.222.xpm (new), fireborn.333 (new), fireborn.333.xpm (new), fireborn.444 (new), fireborn.444.xpm (new), fireborn.arc (new 3), halfling.111 (new), halfling.111.xpm (new), halfling.131 (new), halfling.131.xpm (new), halfling.151 (new), halfling.151.xpm (new), halfling.171 (new), halfling.171.xpm (new), halfling.arc (new), human.111 (new), human.111.xpm (new), human.131 (new), human.131.xpm (new), human.151 (new), human.151.xpm (new), human.171 (new), human.171.xpm (new), human.arc (new), mage.111 (new), mage.111.xpm (new), mage.131 (new), mage.131.xpm (new), mage.151 (new), mage.151.xpm (new), mage.171 (new), mage.171.xpm (new), mage.arc (new), monk.111 (new), monk.111.xpm (new), monk.131 (new), monk.131.xpm (new), monk.151 (new), monk.151.xpm (new), monk.171 (new), monk.171.xpm (new), monk.arc (new), ninja.111 (new), ninja.111.xpm (new), ninja.131 (new), ninja.131.xpm (new), ninja.151 (new), ninja.151.xpm (new), ninja.171 (new), ninja.171.xpm (new), ninja.arc (new), pl_half_orc.111 (new), pl_half_orc.111.xpm (new), pl_half_orc.131 (new), pl_half_orc.131.xpm (new), pl_half_orc.151 (new), pl_half_orc.151.xpm (new), pl_half_orc.171 (new), pl_half_orc.171.xpm (new), pl_half_orc.arc (new), priest.111 (new), priest.111.xpm (new), priest.131 (new), priest.131.xpm (new), priest.151 (new), priest.151.xpm (new), priest.171 (new), priest.171.xpm (new), priest.arc (new), quetzalcoatl.131.xpm (new), quetzalcoatl.132.xpm (new), quetzalcoatl.171.xpm (new), quetzalcoatl.172.xpm (new), quetzalcoatl.arc (new 6), swashbuckl.111 (new), swashbuckl.111.xpm (new), swashbuckl.131 (new), swashbuckl.131.xpm (new), swashbuckl.151 (new), swashbuckl.151.xpm (new), swashbuckl.171 (new), swashbuckl.171.xpm (new), swashbuckl.arc (new), thief.111 (new), thief.111.xpm (new), thief.131 (new), thief.131.xpm (new), thief.151 (new), thief.151.xpm (new), thief.171 (new), thief.171.xpm (new), thief.arc (new), viking.111 (new), viking.111.xpm (new), viking.131 (new), viking.131.xpm (new), viking.151 (new), viking.151.xpm (new), viking.171 (new), viking.171.xpm (new), viking.arc (new), warrior.111 (new), warrior.111.xpm (new), warrior.131 (new), warrior.131.xpm (new), warrior.151 (new), warrior.151.xpm (new), warrior.171 (new), warrior.171.xpm (new), warrior.arc (new), wraithp.111 (new), wraithp.111.xpm (new), wraithp.131 (new), wraithp.131.xpm (new), wraithp.151 (new), wraithp.151.xpm (new), wraithp.171 (new), wraithp.171.xpm (new), wraithp.arc (new 4)
  • trunk/arch/player/Wizard: wizard.111 (new), wizard.111.xpm (new), wizard.131 (new), wizard.131.xpm (new), wizard.151 (new), wizard.151.xpm (new), wizard.171 (new), wizard.171.xpm (new), wizard.arc (new), wizard.face (new), wizard_blue.111.xpm (new), wizard_blue.131.xpm (new), wizard_blue.151.xpm (new), wizard_blue.171.xpm (new), wizard_green.111.xpm (new), wizard_green.131.xpm (new), wizard_green.151.xpm (new), wizard_green.171.xpm (new), wizard_white.111.xpm (new), wizard_white.131.xpm (new), wizard_white.151.xpm (new), wizard_white.171.xpm (new), wizard_yellow.111.xpm (new), wizard_yellow.131.xpm (new), wizard_yellow.151.xpm (new), wizard_yellow.171.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/potion: README (new 4), balm_gen.111 (new), balm_gen.111.xpm (new), balm_gen.arc (new), dust_gen.111 (new), dust_gen.111.xpm (new), dust_gen.arc (new), figurine_gen.111 (new), figurine_gen.111.xpm (new), figurine_gen.arc (new), potioncha.111 (new), potioncha.111.xpm (new), potioncha.arc (new), potioncol.111 (new), potioncol.111.xpm (new), potioncol.arc (new), potioncon.111 (new), potioncon.111.xpm (new), potioncon.arc (new), potiondex.111 (new), potiondex.111.xpm (new), potiondex.arc (new), potionfir.111 (new), potionfir.111.xpm (new), potionfir.arc (new), potiongen.111 (new), potiongen.111.xpm (new), potiongen.arc (new), potionhea.111 (new), potionhea.111.xpm (new), potionhea.arc (new), potionhero.111 (new), potionhero.111.xpm (new), potionhero.arc (new), potionimp.111 (new), potionimp.111.xpm (new), potionimp.arc (new), potionint.111 (new), potionint.111.xpm (new), potionint.arc (new), potioninv.111 (new), potioninv.111.xpm (new), potioninv.arc (new), potionmag.111 (new), potionmag.111.xpm (new), potionmag.arc (new), potionpow.111 (new), potionpow.111.xpm (new), potionpow.arc (new), potionrstr.arc (new), potionstr.111 (new), potionstr.111.xpm (new), potionstr.arc (new), potionwis.111 (new), potionwis.111.xpm (new), potionwis.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/random: README (new), randomArti.111 (new), randomArti.111.xpm (new), randomArti.arc (new), randomBow.111 (new), randomBow.111.xpm (new), randomBow.arc (new), randomFood.111 (new), randomFood.111.xpm (new), randomFood.arc (new), randomGem.111 (new), randomGem.111.xpm (new), randomGem.arc (new), randomMin.111 (new), randomMin.111.xpm (new), randomMin.arc (new), randomPlt.111 (new), randomPlt.111.xpm (new), randomPlt.arc (new), randomPoti.111 (new), randomPoti.111.xpm (new), randomPoti.arc (new), randomRead.111 (new), randomRead.111.xpm (new), randomRead.arc (new), randomScro.111 (new), randomScro.111.xpm (new), randomScro.arc (new), randomShie.111 (new), randomShie.111.xpm (new), randomShie.arc (new), randomSpel.111 (new), randomSpel.111.xpm (new), randomSpel.arc (new), randomTali.111 (new), randomTali.111.xpm (new), randomTali.arc (new), randomTrea.111 (new), randomTrea.111.xpm (new), randomTrea.arc (new), randomWeal.111 (new), randomWeal.111.xpm (new), randomWeal.arc (new), randomWeap.111 (new), randomWeap.111.xpm (new), randomWeap.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/readable: bookRead.arc (new), book_clasp.111 (new), book_clasp.111.xpm (new), book_clasp.arc (new), card.111 (new), card.111.xpm (new), card.arc (new), diploma.111 (new), diploma.111.xpm (new), diploma.arc (new), letter.111 (new), letter.111.xpm (new), letter.arc (new), menu.arc (new), monument.111 (new), monument.111.xpm (new), monument.arc (new), note.111 (new), note.111.xpm (new), note.arc (new), quarto.111 (new), quarto.111.xpm (new), quarto.arc (new), scroll.arc (new), scroll_2.111 (new), scroll_2.111.xpm (new), scroll_2.arc (new), scrollr.111 (new), scrollr.111.xpm (new), sign.111 (new), sign.111.xpm (new), sign.arc (new), sign_e.111 (new), sign_e.111.xpm (new), sign_e.arc (new), sign_w.111 (new), sign_w.111.xpm (new), sign_w.arc (new), tome.111 (new), tome.111.xpm (new), tome.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/river: branch_125.111 (new), branch_125.111.xpm (new), branch_125.211 (new), branch_125.211.xpm (new), branch_125.arc (new 1), branch_135.111 (new), branch_135.111.xpm (new), branch_135.arc (new), branch_137.111 (new), branch_137.111.xpm (new), branch_137.arc (new), branch_145.111 (new), branch_145.111.xpm (new), branch_145.211 (new), branch_145.211.xpm (new), branch_145.arc (new 1), branch_156.111 (new), branch_156.111.xpm (new), branch_156.211 (new), branch_156.211.xpm (new), branch_156.arc (new 1), branch_157.111 (new), branch_157.111.xpm (new), branch_157.arc (new), branch_158.111 (new), branch_158.111.xpm (new), branch_158.211 (new), branch_158.211.xpm (new), branch_158.arc (new 1), branch_237.111 (new), branch_237.111.xpm (new), branch_237.211 (new), branch_237.211.xpm (new), branch_237.arc (new 1), branch_347.111 (new), branch_347.111.xpm (new), branch_347.211 (new), branch_347.211.xpm (new), branch_347.arc (new 1), branch_357.111 (new), branch_357.111.xpm (new), branch_357.arc (new), branch_367.111 (new), branch_367.111.xpm (new), branch_367.211 (new), branch_367.211.xpm (new), branch_367.arc (new 1), branch_378.111 (new), branch_378.111.xpm (new), branch_378.211 (new), branch_378.211.xpm (new), branch_378.arc (new 1), bridge_15.111 (new), bridge_15.111.xpm (new), bridge_15.arc (new), bridge_37.111 (new), bridge_37.111.xpm (new), bridge_37.arc (new), cobblesto1.111.xpm (new), ford_ns.111 (new), ford_ns.111.xpm (new), ford_ns.arc (new), ford_we.111 (new), ford_we.111.xpm (new), ford_we.arc (new), river_14.111 (new), river_14.111.xpm (new), river_14.arc (new), river_15.111 (new), river_15.111.xpm (new), river_15.arc (new), river_16.111 (new), river_16.111.xpm (new), river_16.arc (new), river_25.111 (new), river_25.111.xpm (new), river_25.arc (new), river_26.111 (new), river_26.111.xpm (new), river_26.211 (new), river_26.211.xpm (new), river_26.311 (new), river_26.311.xpm (new), river_26.arc (new 2), river_27.111 (new), river_27.111.xpm (new), river_27.arc (new), river_36.111 (new), river_36.111.xpm (new), river_36.arc (new), river_37.111 (new), river_37.111.xpm (new), river_37.arc (new), river_38.111 (new), river_38.111.xpm (new), river_38.arc (new), river_47.111 (new), river_47.111.xpm (new), river_47.arc (new), river_48.111 (new), river_48.111.xpm (new), river_48.211 (new), river_48.211.xpm (new), river_48.311 (new), river_48.311.xpm (new), river_48.arc (new 2), river_58.111 (new), river_58.111.xpm (new), river_58.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/shop: alchemy_gems.arc (new 10), ambolt.111 (new), ambolt.111.xpm (new), conv.111 (new), conv.111.xpm (new), conv.arc (new), crea_Pdra_m.arc (new), crea_dra_m.arc (new), crea_dra_s.arc (new), crea_eye_s.arc (new), crea_mithril_ar.arc (new), crea_serp_c.111 (new), crea_serp_c.111.xpm (new), crea_serp_c.arc (new), food_tables.arc (new), identify.arc (new), smith.111 (new), smith.111.xpm (new), smith.arc (new), store_alch.111 (new), store_alch.111.xpm (new), store_alch.211 (new), store_alch.211.xpm (new), store_alch.311 (new), store_alch.311.xpm (new), store_alch.411 (new), store_alch.411.xpm (new), store_alch.arc (new 4), store_armo.111 (new), store_armo.111.xpm (new), store_armo.211 (new), store_armo.211.xpm (new), store_armo.311 (new), store_armo.311.xpm (new), store_armo.411 (new), store_armo.411.xpm (new), store_armo.arc (new 4), store_gene.111 (new), store_gene.111.xpm (new), store_gene.211 (new), store_gene.211.xpm (new), store_gene.311 (new), store_gene.311.xpm (new), store_gene.411 (new), store_gene.411.xpm (new), store_gene.arc (new 4), store_magi.111 (new), store_magi.111.xpm (new), store_magi.211 (new), store_magi.211.xpm (new), store_magi.311 (new), store_magi.311.xpm (new), store_magi.411 (new), store_magi.411.xpm (new), store_magi.arc (new 4), store_weap.111 (new), store_weap.111.xpm (new), store_weap.211 (new), store_weap.211.xpm (new), store_weap.311 (new), store_weap.311.xpm (new), store_weap.411 (new), store_weap.411.xpm (new), store_weap.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/shop/Floors: shop_alchemy.111 (new), shop_alchemy.111.xpm (new), shop_alchemy.arc (new), shop_amule.111 (new), shop_amule.111.xpm (new), shop_amule.arc (new), shop_armou.111 (new), shop_armou.111.xpm (new), shop_armou.arc (new), shop_books.111 (new), shop_books.111.xpm (new), shop_books.arc (new), shop_empty.111 (new), shop_empty.111.xpm (new), shop_empty.arc (new), shop_floor.arc (new), shop_food.111 (new), shop_food.111.xpm (new), shop_food.arc (new), shop_gems.111 (new), shop_gems.111.xpm (new), shop_gems.arc (new), shop_gener.111 (new), shop_gener.111.xpm (new), shop_gener.arc (new), shop_mat.111 (new), shop_mat.111.xpm (new), shop_mat.arc (new), shop_mineral.111 (new), shop_mineral.111.xpm (new), shop_mineral.arc (new), shop_potio.111 (new), shop_potio.111.xpm (new), shop_potio.arc (new), shop_ring.111 (new), shop_ring.111.xpm (new), shop_ring.arc (new), shop_scrol.111 (new), shop_scrol.111.xpm (new), shop_scrol.arc (new), shop_speci.111 (new), shop_speci.111.xpm (new), shop_speci.arc (new), shop_throw.111 (new), shop_throw.111.xpm (new), shop_throw.arc (new), shop_wands.111 (new), shop_wands.111.xpm (new), shop_wands.arc (new), shop_weapo.111 (new), shop_weapo.111.xpm (new), shop_weapo.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/spell: book.111 (new), book.111.xpm (new), book.arc (new), cleric_book.arc (new), ench_armour.arc (new), gu_horn.111.xpm (new), gu_horn.112.xpm (new), gu_horn.113.xpm (new), gu_horn.114.xpm (new), gu_horn.115.xpm (new), gu_horn.arc (new), horn.111 (new), horn.111.xpm (new), horn.arc (new), horn2.111 (new), horn2.111.xpm (new), horn2.arc (new), horn3.111 (new), horn3.111.xpm (new), horn3.arc (new), impr_cha.arc (new), impr_con.arc (new), impr_dam.arc (new), impr_dex.arc (new), impr_ench.arc (new), impr_int.arc (new), impr_pow.arc (new), impr_str.arc (new), impr_weigh.arc (new), impr_wis.arc (new), power_crystal.111 (new), power_crystal.111.xpm (new), power_crystal.112 (new), power_crystal.112.xpm (new), power_crystal.113 (new), power_crystal.113.xpm (new), power_crystal.114 (new), power_crystal.114.xpm (new), power_crystal.arc (new), prep_weapo.arc (new), rod_heavy.111 (new), rod_heavy.111.xpm (new), rod_heavy.112 (new), rod_heavy.112.xpm (new), rod_heavy.113 (new), rod_heavy.113.xpm (new), rod_heavy.arc (new), rod_light.111 (new), rod_light.111.xpm (new), rod_light.112 (new), rod_light.112.xpm (new), rod_light.113 (new), rod_light.113.xpm (new), rod_light.arc (new), scroll.111 (new), scroll.111.xpm (new), scroll_new.arc (new), staff.111 (new), staff.111.xpm (new), staff.112 (new), staff.112.xpm (new), staff.113 (new), staff.113.xpm (new), staff.114 (new), staff.114.xpm (new), staff.115 (new), staff.115.xpm (new), staff.arc (new), wand.111 (new), wand.111.xpm (new), wand.112 (new), wand.112.xpm (new), wand.113 (new), wand.113.xpm (new), wand.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/spell/Pentagram: pentagram.111 (new), pentagram.111.xpm (new), pentagram.112 (new), pentagram.112.xpm (new), pentagram.113 (new), pentagram.113.xpm (new), pentagram.121 (new), pentagram.121.xpm (new), pentagram.122 (new), pentagram.122.xpm (new), pentagram.123 (new), pentagram.123.xpm (new), pentagram.131 (new), pentagram.131.xpm (new), pentagram.132 (new), pentagram.132.xpm (new), pentagram.133 (new), pentagram.133.xpm (new), pentagram.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/system: blank.111 (new), blank.111.xpm (new), blocked.111 (new), blocked.111.xpm (new), blocked.arc (new), bug.111 (new), bug.111.xpm (new), check_inv.arc (new), creator.111.xpm (new), creator.arc (new), dark1.111 (new), dark1.111.xpm (new), dark2.111 (new), dark2.111.xpm (new), dark3.111 (new), dark3.111.xpm (new), editcursor.arc (new), editor.arc (new), empty.111.xpm (new), empty_arch.arc (new), inv-curse.111 (new), inv-curse.111.xpm (new), inv-damn.111 (new), inv-damn.111.xpm (new), inv-equip.111 (new), inv-equip.111.xpm (new), inv-lock.111 (new), inv-lock.111.xpm (new), inv-magic.111 (new), inv-magic.111.xpm (new), inv-unpaid.111 (new), inv-unpaid.111.xpm (new), luck.arc (new), map.111 (new), map.111.xpm (new), map.arc (new 3), poisoning.arc (new), slowness.arc (new), stipple.111 (new), stipple.111.xpm (new), stipple.112 (new), stipple.112.xpm (new), wizardmask.111 (new), wizardmask.111.xpm (new), wizardmask.131 (new), wizardmask.131.xpm (new), wizardmask.151 (new), wizardmask.151.xpm (new), wizardmask.171 (new), wizardmask.171.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/system/ability: abil_bomb.arc (new), abil_bulle.arc (new), abil_cance.arc (new), abil_cause_l_wound.arc (new), abil_cause_m_wound.arc (new), abil_cause_s_wound.arc (new), abil_charm.arc (new), abil_cold.arc (new), abil_colds.arc (new), abil_dance.arc (new), abil_drago.arc (new), abil_fear.arc (new), abil_fire.arc (new), abil_fires.arc (new), abil_heal.arc (new), abil_hfire.arc (new), abil_light.arc (new), abil_major_heal.arc (new), abil_mconf.arc (new), abil_missi.arc (new), abil_para.arc (new), abil_pet.arc (new), abil_poiso.arc (new), abil_pool_chaos.arc (new), abil_sball.arc (new), abil_slow.arc (new), abil_spit_acid.arc (new), abil_sthrow.arc (new), abil_stone_throw.arc (new 1), abil_wyver.arc (new), summon_air.arc (new), sumn_earth.arc (new), sumn_water.arc (new), sumon_fire.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/system/mood_floors: angry_floor.111 (new), angry_floor.111.xpm (new), angry_floor.arc (new), calm_floor.111 (new), calm_floor.111.xpm (new), calm_floor.arc (new), charm_floor.111 (new), charm_floor.111.xpm (new), charm_floor.arc (new), check_floor.111 (new), check_floor.111.xpm (new), furious_floor.111 (new), furious_floor.111.xpm (new), furious_floor.arc (new), sleep_floor.111 (new), sleep_floor.111.xpm (new), sleep_floor.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/talisman: amulet.111 (new), amulet.111.xpm (new), amulet.arc (new), amulet_lif.111 (new), amulet_lif.111.xpm (new), amulet_lif.arc (new), collar.111 (new), collar.111.xpm (new), collar.112 (new), collar.112.xpm (new), collar.113 (new), collar.113.xpm (new), collar.arc (new), ring.110 (new), ring.110.xpm (new 24), ring.111 (new), ring.111.xpm (new), ring.112 (new), ring.112.xpm (new), ring.113 (new), ring.113.xpm (new), ring.114 (new), ring.114.xpm (new), ring.115 (new), ring.115.xpm (new), ring.116 (new), ring.116.xpm (new), ring.117 (new), ring.117.xpm (new), ring.arc (new), ring.face (new), ring_drain.111 (new), ring_drain.111.xpm (new), ring_drain.112 (new), ring_drain.112.xpm (new), ring_drain.113 (new), ring_drain.113.xpm (new), ring_drain.114 (new), ring_drain.114.xpm (new), ring_drain.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/traps: blades.111 (new), blades.111.xpm (new), blades.arc (new 1), falling_rocks.111 (new), falling_rocks.111.xpm (new), falling_rocks.arc (new 1), needle.111 (new), needle.111.xpm (new), needle.arc (new 1), spiked_pit.111 (new), spiked_pit.111.xpm (new), spiked_pit.arc (new 1), spikes.arc (new 1), tspikes.111 (new), tspikes.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/wall/awall: awall.arc (new), awall_0.111 (new), awall_0.111.xpm (new), awall_1.111 (new), awall_1.111.xpm (new), awall_2.111 (new), awall_2.111.xpm (new), awall_3.111 (new), awall_3.111.xpm (new), awall_4.111 (new), awall_4.111.xpm (new), awall_5.111 (new), awall_5.111.xpm (new), awall_6.111 (new), awall_6.111.xpm (new), awall_7.111 (new), awall_7.111.xpm (new), awall_8.111 (new), awall_8.111.xpm (new), awall_9.111 (new), awall_9.111.xpm (new), awall_A.111 (new), awall_A.111.xpm (new), awall_B.111 (new), awall_B.111.xpm (new), awall_C.111 (new), awall_C.111.xpm (new), awall_D.111 (new), awall_D.111.xpm (new), awall_E.111 (new), awall_E.111.xpm (new), awall_F.111 (new), awall_F.111.xpm (new), awall_w_0.111 (new), awall_w_0.111.xpm (new), awall_w_0.112 (new), awall_w_0.112.xpm (new), awall_w_0.113 (new), awall_w_0.113.xpm (new), awall_w_0.114 (new), awall_w_0.114.xpm (new), awall_w_0.115 (new), awall_w_0.115.xpm (new), awall_w_0.116 (new), awall_w_0.116.xpm (new), awall_w_0.117 (new), awall_w_0.117.xpm (new), awall_w_1.111 (new), awall_w_1.111.xpm (new), awall_w_1.112 (new), awall_w_1.112.xpm (new), awall_w_1.113 (new), awall_w_1.113.xpm (new), awall_w_1.114 (new), awall_w_1.114.xpm (new), awall_w_1.115 (new), awall_w_1.115.xpm (new), awall_w_1.116 (new), awall_w_1.116.xpm (new), awall_w_1.117 (new), awall_w_1.117.xpm (new), awall_w_1.118 (new), awall_w_1.118.xpm (new), awall_w_1.119 (new), awall_w_1.119.xpm (new), awall_w_1.11A (new), awall_w_1.11A.xpm (new), awall_weak.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/wall/bench: bench.arc (new), bench_0.111 (new), bench_0.111.xpm (new), bench_1.111 (new), bench_1.111.xpm (new), bench_2.111 (new), bench_2.111.xpm (new), bench_3.111 (new), bench_3.111.xpm (new), bench_4.111 (new), bench_4.111.xpm (new), bench_5.111 (new), bench_5.111.xpm (new), bench_6.111 (new), bench_6.111.xpm (new), bench_7.111 (new), bench_7.111.xpm (new), bench_8.111 (new), bench_8.111.xpm (new), bench_9.111 (new), bench_9.111.xpm (new), bench_A.111 (new), bench_A.111.xpm (new), bench_B.111 (new), bench_B.111.xpm (new), bench_C.111 (new), bench_C.111.xpm (new), bench_D.111 (new), bench_D.111.xpm (new), bench_E.111 (new), bench_E.111.xpm (new), bench_F.111 (new), bench_F.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/wall/bulletwall: bul_wall_0.111 (new), bul_wall_0.111.xpm (new), bul_wall_1.111 (new), bul_wall_1.111.xpm (new), bul_wall_2.111 (new), bul_wall_2.111.xpm (new), bul_wall_3.111 (new), bul_wall_3.111.xpm (new), bul_wall_4.111 (new), bul_wall_4.111.xpm (new), bul_wall_5.111 (new), bul_wall_5.111.xpm (new), bul_wall_6.111 (new), bul_wall_6.111.xpm (new), bul_wall_7.111 (new), bul_wall_7.111.xpm (new), bul_wall_8.111 (new), bul_wall_8.111.xpm (new), bulletwall.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/wall/bwall: bwall.arc (new), bwall_0.111 (new), bwall_0.111.xpm (new), bwall_1.111 (new), bwall_1.111.xpm (new), bwall_2.111 (new), bwall_2.111.xpm (new), bwall_3.111 (new), bwall_3.111.xpm (new), bwall_4.111 (new), bwall_4.111.xpm (new), bwall_5.111 (new), bwall_5.111.xpm (new), bwall_6.111 (new), bwall_6.111.xpm (new), bwall_7.111 (new), bwall_7.111.xpm (new), bwall_8.111 (new), bwall_8.111.xpm (new), bwall_9.111 (new), bwall_9.111.xpm (new), bwall_A.111 (new), bwall_A.111.xpm (new), bwall_B.111 (new), bwall_B.111.xpm (new), bwall_C.111 (new), bwall_C.111.xpm (new), bwall_D.111 (new), bwall_D.111.xpm (new), bwall_E.111 (new), bwall_E.111.xpm (new), bwall_F.111 (new), bwall_F.111.xpm (new), bwall_w_0.111 (new), bwall_w_0.111.xpm (new), bwall_w_0.112 (new), bwall_w_0.112.xpm (new), bwall_w_0.113 (new), bwall_w_0.113.xpm (new), bwall_w_0.114 (new), bwall_w_0.114.xpm (new), bwall_w_0.115 (new), bwall_w_0.115.xpm (new), bwall_w_0.116 (new), bwall_w_0.116.xpm (new), bwall_w_0.117 (new), bwall_w_0.117.xpm (new), bwall_w_1.111 (new), bwall_w_1.111.xpm (new), bwall_w_1.112 (new), bwall_w_1.112.xpm (new), bwall_w_1.113 (new), bwall_w_1.113.xpm (new), bwall_w_1.114 (new), bwall_w_1.114.xpm (new), bwall_w_1.115 (new), bwall_w_1.115.xpm (new), bwall_w_1.116 (new), bwall_w_1.116.xpm (new), bwall_w_1.117 (new), bwall_w_1.117.xpm (new), bwall_weak.arc (new), earthwall.111 (new), earthwall.111.xpm (new), earthwall.112 (new), earthwall.112.xpm (new), earthwall.113 (new), earthwall.113.xpm (new), earthwall.arc (new), false_wall.arc (new), hedge.111 (new), hedge.111.xpm (new), hedge.112 (new), hedge.112.xpm (new), hedge.113 (new), hedge.113.xpm (new), hedge.arc (new 1), stoneblock.111 (new), stoneblock.111.xpm (new), stoneblock.112 (new), stoneblock.112.xpm (new), stoneblock.113 (new), stoneblock.113.xpm (new), stoneblock.114 (new), stoneblock.114.xpm (new), stoneblock.115 (new), stoneblock.115.xpm (new), stoneblock.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/wall/cave: cave1.111 (new), cave1.111.xpm (new), cave1.arc (new), cave10.111 (new), cave10.111.xpm (new), cave10.arc (new), cave11.111 (new), cave11.111.xpm (new), cave11.arc (new), cave12.111 (new), cave12.111.xpm (new), cave12.arc (new), cave13.111 (new), cave13.111.xpm (new), cave13.arc (new), cave14.111 (new), cave14.111.xpm (new), cave14.arc (new), cave15.111 (new), cave15.111.xpm (new), cave15.arc (new), cave16.111 (new), cave16.111.xpm (new), cave16.arc (new), cave17.111 (new), cave17.111.xpm (new), cave17.arc (new), cave18.111 (new), cave18.111.xpm (new), cave18.arc (new), cave19.111 (new), cave19.111.xpm (new), cave19.arc (new), cave2.111 (new), cave2.111.xpm (new), cave2.arc (new), cave20.111 (new), cave20.111.xpm (new), cave20.arc (new), cave21.111 (new), cave21.111.xpm (new), cave21.arc (new), cave22.111 (new), cave22.111.xpm (new), cave22.arc (new), cave23.111 (new), cave23.111.xpm (new), cave23.arc (new), cave24.111 (new), cave24.111.xpm (new), cave24.arc (new), cave25.111 (new), cave25.111.xpm (new), cave25.arc (new), cave3.111 (new), cave3.111.xpm (new), cave3.arc (new), cave4.111 (new), cave4.111.xpm (new), cave4.arc (new), cave5.111 (new), cave5.111.xpm (new), cave5.arc (new), cave6.111 (new), cave6.111.xpm (new), cave6.arc (new), cave7.111 (new), cave7.111.xpm (new), cave7.arc (new), cave8.111 (new), cave8.111.xpm (new), cave8.arc (new), cave9.111 (new), cave9.111.xpm (new), cave9.arc (new), cave_0.111 (new), cave_0.111.xpm (new), cave_0.arc (new), cave_1.111 (new), cave_1.111.xpm (new), cave_1.arc (new), cave_10.111 (new), cave_10.111.xpm (new), cave_10.arc (new), cave_11.111 (new), cave_11.111.xpm (new), cave_11.arc (new), cave_12.111 (new), cave_12.111.xpm (new), cave_12.arc (new), cave_13.111 (new), cave_13.111.xpm (new), cave_13.arc (new), cave_14.111 (new), cave_14.111.xpm (new), cave_14.arc (new), cave_2.111 (new), cave_2.111.xpm (new), cave_2.arc (new), cave_3.111 (new), cave_3.111.xpm (new), cave_3.arc (new), cave_4.111 (new), cave_4.111.xpm (new), cave_4.arc (new), cave_5.111 (new), cave_5.111.xpm (new), cave_5.arc (new), cave_6.111 (new), cave_6.111.xpm (new), cave_6.arc (new), cave_7.111 (new), cave_7.111.xpm (new), cave_7.arc (new), cave_8.111 (new), cave_8.111.xpm (new), cave_8.arc (new), cave_9.111 (new), cave_9.111.xpm (new), cave_9.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/wall/cwall: cityport.arc (new), cityport_0.111 (new), cityport_0.111.xpm (new), cityport_1.111 (new), cityport_1.111.xpm (new), cwall.arc (new), cwall_0.111 (new), cwall_0.111.xpm (new), cwall_1.111 (new), cwall_1.111.xpm (new), cwall_2.111 (new), cwall_2.111.xpm (new), cwall_3.111 (new), cwall_3.111.xpm (new), cwall_4.111 (new), cwall_4.111.xpm (new), cwall_5.111 (new), cwall_5.111.xpm (new), cwall_6.111 (new), cwall_6.111.xpm (new), cwall_7.111 (new), cwall_7.111.xpm (new), cwall_8.111 (new), cwall_8.111.xpm (new), cwall_9.111 (new), cwall_9.111.xpm (new), cwall_A.111 (new), cwall_A.111.xpm (new), cwall_B.111 (new), cwall_B.111.xpm (new), cwall_C.111 (new), cwall_C.111.xpm (new), cwall_D.111 (new), cwall_D.111.xpm (new), cwall_E.111 (new), cwall_E.111.xpm (new), cwall_F.111 (new), cwall_F.111.xpm (new), cwall_w_0.111 (new), cwall_w_0.111.xpm (new), cwall_w_0.112 (new), cwall_w_0.112.xpm (new), cwall_w_0.113 (new), cwall_w_0.113.xpm (new), cwall_w_0.114 (new), cwall_w_0.114.xpm (new), cwall_w_0.115 (new), cwall_w_0.115.xpm (new), cwall_w_0.116 (new), cwall_w_0.116.xpm (new), cwall_w_0.117 (new), cwall_w_0.117.xpm (new), cwall_w_0.118 (new), cwall_w_0.118.xpm (new), cwall_w_0.119 (new), cwall_w_0.119.xpm (new), cwall_w_0.11A (new), cwall_w_0.11A.xpm (new), cwall_w_1.111 (new), cwall_w_1.111.xpm (new), cwall_w_1.112 (new), cwall_w_1.112.xpm (new), cwall_w_1.113 (new), cwall_w_1.113.xpm (new), cwall_w_1.114 (new), cwall_w_1.114.xpm (new), cwall_w_1.115 (new), cwall_w_1.115.xpm (new), cwall_w_1.116 (new), cwall_w_1.116.xpm (new), cwall_w_1.117 (new), cwall_w_1.117.xpm (new), cwall_w_1.118 (new), cwall_w_1.118.xpm (new), cwall_w_1.119 (new), cwall_w_1.119.xpm (new), cwall_weak.arc (new), guard_ho_1.111 (new), guard_ho_1.111.xpm (new), guard_ho_2.111 (new), guard_ho_2.111.xpm (new), guard_ho_4.111 (new), guard_ho_4.111.xpm (new), guard_ho_8.111 (new), guard_ho_8.111.xpm (new), guardhouse.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/wall/dirtroad: dirtroad.arc (new), dirtroad_0.111 (new), dirtroad_0.111.xpm (new), dirtroad_1.111 (new), dirtroad_1.111.xpm (new), dirtroad_2.111 (new), dirtroad_2.111.xpm (new), dirtroad_3.111 (new), dirtroad_3.111.xpm (new), dirtroad_4.111 (new), dirtroad_4.111.xpm (new), dirtroad_5.111 (new), dirtroad_5.111.xpm (new), dirtroad_6.111 (new), dirtroad_6.111.xpm (new), dirtroad_7.111 (new), dirtroad_7.111.xpm (new), dirtroad_8.111 (new), dirtroad_8.111.xpm (new), dirtroad_9.111 (new), dirtroad_9.111.xpm (new), dirtroad_A.111 (new), dirtroad_A.111.xpm (new), dirtroad_B.111 (new), dirtroad_B.111.xpm (new), dirtroad_C.111 (new), dirtroad_C.111.xpm (new), dirtroad_D.111 (new), dirtroad_D.111.xpm (new), dirtroad_E.111 (new), dirtroad_E.111.xpm (new), dirtroad_F.111 (new), dirtroad_F.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/wall/dun: dun.arc (new), dun_0.111 (new), dun_0.111.xpm (new), dun_1.111 (new), dun_1.111.xpm (new), dun_2.111 (new), dun_2.111.xpm (new), dun_3.111 (new), dun_3.111.xpm (new), dun_4.111 (new), dun_4.111.xpm (new), dun_5.111 (new), dun_5.111.xpm (new), dun_8.111 (new), dun_8.111.xpm (new), dun_A.111 (new), dun_A.111.xpm (new), dun_C.111 (new), dun_C.111.xpm (new), dungeon.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/wall/dwall: dwall.arc (new), dwall_0.111 (new), dwall_0.111.xpm (new), dwall_1.111 (new), dwall_1.111.xpm (new), dwall_2.111 (new), dwall_2.111.xpm (new), dwall_3.111 (new), dwall_3.111.xpm (new), dwall_4.111 (new), dwall_4.111.xpm (new), dwall_5.111 (new), dwall_5.111.xpm (new), dwall_6.111 (new), dwall_6.111.xpm (new), dwall_7.111 (new), dwall_7.111.xpm (new), dwall_8.111 (new), dwall_8.111.xpm (new), dwall_9.111 (new), dwall_9.111.xpm (new), dwall_A.111 (new), dwall_A.111.xpm (new), dwall_B.111 (new), dwall_B.111.xpm (new), dwall_C.111 (new), dwall_C.111.xpm (new), dwall_D.111 (new), dwall_D.111.xpm (new), dwall_E.111 (new), dwall_E.111.xpm (new), dwall_F.111 (new), dwall_F.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/wall/firewall: firewall.arc (new), firewall_1.111 (new), firewall_1.111.xpm (new), firewall_2.111 (new), firewall_2.111.xpm (new), firewall_3.111 (new), firewall_3.111.xpm (new), firewall_4.111 (new), firewall_4.111.xpm (new), firewall_5.111 (new), firewall_5.111.xpm (new), firewall_6.111 (new), firewall_6.111.xpm (new), firewall_7.111 (new), firewall_7.111.xpm (new), firewall_8.111 (new), firewall_8.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/wall/flagstone: flagstone.arc (new), flagstone_0.111 (new), flagstone_0.111.xpm (new), flagstone_1.111 (new), flagstone_1.111.xpm (new), flagstone_2.111 (new), flagstone_2.111.xpm (new), flagstone_3.111 (new), flagstone_3.111.xpm (new), flagstone_4.111 (new), flagstone_4.111.xpm (new), flagstone_5.111 (new), flagstone_5.111.xpm (new), flagstone_6.111 (new), flagstone_6.111.xpm (new), flagstone_7.111 (new), flagstone_7.111.xpm (new), flagstone_8.111 (new), flagstone_8.111.xpm (new), flagstone_9.111 (new), flagstone_9.111.xpm (new), flagstone_A.111 (new), flagstone_A.111.xpm (new), flagstone_B.111 (new), flagstone_B.111.xpm (new), flagstone_C.111 (new), flagstone_C.111.xpm (new), flagstone_D.111 (new), flagstone_D.111.xpm (new), flagstone_E.111 (new), flagstone_E.111.xpm (new), flagstone_F.111 (new), flagstone_F.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/wall/gwall: bridge_m0.111 (new), bridge_m0.111.xpm (new), bridge_m1.111 (new), bridge_m1.111.xpm (new), bridgemoat.arc (new), dbridge1.111 (new), dbridge1.111.xpm (new), dbridge2.111 (new), dbridge2.111.xpm (new), drawbridge.arc (new), gwall.arc (new), gwall_0.111 (new), gwall_0.111.xpm (new), gwall_1.111 (new), gwall_1.111.xpm (new), gwall_2.111 (new), gwall_2.111.xpm (new), gwall_3.111 (new), gwall_3.111.xpm (new), gwall_4.111 (new), gwall_4.111.xpm (new), gwall_5.111 (new), gwall_5.111.xpm (new), gwall_6.111 (new), gwall_6.111.xpm (new), gwall_7.111 (new), gwall_7.111.xpm (new), gwall_8.111 (new), gwall_8.111.xpm (new), gwall_9.111 (new), gwall_9.111.xpm (new), gwall_A.111 (new), gwall_A.111.xpm (new), gwall_B.111 (new), gwall_B.111.xpm (new), gwall_C.111 (new), gwall_C.111.xpm (new), gwall_D.111 (new), gwall_D.111.xpm (new), gwall_E.111 (new), gwall_E.111.xpm (new), gwall_F.111 (new), gwall_F.111.xpm (new), gwall_misc.arc (new), gwall_xa.111 (new), gwall_xa.111.xpm (new), gwall_xb.111 (new), gwall_xb.111.xpm (new), gwall_xc.111 (new), gwall_xc.111.xpm (new), gwall_xd.111 (new), gwall_xd.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/wall/hedge: hedge.arc (new), hedge_0.111 (new), hedge_0.111.xpm (new), hedge_1.111 (new), hedge_1.111.xpm (new), hedge_2.111 (new), hedge_2.111.xpm (new), hedge_3.111 (new), hedge_3.111.xpm (new), hedge_4.111 (new), hedge_4.111.xpm (new), hedge_5.111 (new), hedge_5.111.xpm (new), hedge_6.111 (new), hedge_6.111.xpm (new), hedge_7.111 (new), hedge_7.111.xpm (new), hedge_8.111 (new), hedge_8.111.xpm (new), hedge_9.111 (new), hedge_9.111.xpm (new), hedge_A.111 (new), hedge_A.111.xpm (new), hedge_B.111 (new), hedge_B.111.xpm (new), hedge_C.111 (new), hedge_C.111.xpm (new), hedge_D.111 (new), hedge_D.111.xpm (new), hedge_E.111 (new), hedge_E.111.xpm (new), hedge_F.111 (new), hedge_F.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/wall/jcity: jcity.arc (new), jcity_0.111 (new), jcity_0.111.xpm (new), jcity_1.111 (new), jcity_1.111.xpm (new), jcity_2.111 (new), jcity_2.111.xpm (new), jcity_3.111 (new), jcity_3.111.xpm (new), jcity_4.111 (new), jcity_4.111.xpm (new), jcity_5.111 (new), jcity_5.111.xpm (new), jcity_6.111 (new), jcity_6.111.xpm (new), jcity_7.111 (new), jcity_7.111.xpm (new), jcity_8.111 (new), jcity_8.111.xpm (new), jcity_9.111 (new), jcity_9.111.xpm (new), jcity_A.111 (new), jcity_A.111.xpm (new), jcity_B.111 (new), jcity_B.111.xpm (new), jcity_C.111 (new), jcity_C.111.xpm (new), jcity_D.111 (new), jcity_D.111.xpm (new), jcity_E.111 (new), jcity_E.111.xpm (new), jcity_F.111 (new), jcity_F.111.xpm (new), village_0.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/wall/lbulletwall: lbull_wall.101 (new), lbull_wall.101.xpm (new), lbull_wall.111 (new), lbull_wall.111.xpm (new), lbull_wall.121 (new), lbull_wall.121.xpm (new), lbull_wall.131 (new), lbull_wall.131.xpm (new), lbull_wall.141 (new), lbull_wall.141.xpm (new), lbull_wall.151 (new), lbull_wall.151.xpm (new), lbull_wall.161 (new), lbull_wall.161.xpm (new), lbull_wall.171 (new), lbull_wall.171.xpm (new), lbull_wall.181 (new), lbull_wall.181.xpm (new), lbull_wall.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/wall/lightningwall: light_wall.101 (new), light_wall.101.xpm (new), light_wall.111 (new), light_wall.111.xpm (new), light_wall.121 (new), light_wall.121.xpm (new), light_wall.131 (new), light_wall.131.xpm (new), light_wall.141 (new), light_wall.141.xpm (new), light_wall.151 (new), light_wall.151.xpm (new), light_wall.161 (new), light_wall.161.xpm (new), light_wall.171 (new), light_wall.171.xpm (new), light_wall.181 (new), light_wall.181.xpm (new), light_wall.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/wall/longtable: longtable.arc (new), longtable_0.111 (new), longtable_0.111.xpm (new), longtable_1.111 (new), longtable_1.111.xpm (new), longtable_2.111 (new), longtable_2.111.xpm (new), longtable_3.111 (new), longtable_3.111.xpm (new), longtable_4.111 (new), longtable_4.111.xpm (new), longtable_5.111 (new), longtable_5.111.xpm (new), longtable_6.111 (new), longtable_6.111.xpm (new), longtable_7.111 (new), longtable_7.111.xpm (new), longtable_8.111 (new), longtable_8.111.xpm (new), longtable_9.111 (new), longtable_9.111.xpm (new), longtable_A.111 (new), longtable_A.111.xpm (new), longtable_B.111 (new), longtable_B.111.xpm (new), longtable_C.111 (new), longtable_C.111.xpm (new), longtable_D.111 (new), longtable_D.111.xpm (new), longtable_E.111 (new), longtable_E.111.xpm (new), longtable_F.111 (new), longtable_F.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/wall/mine: mine.arc (new), mine1.arc (new), mine_0.111 (new), mine_0.111.xpm (new), mine_1.111 (new), mine_1.111.xpm (new), mine_2.111 (new), mine_2.111.xpm (new), mine_3.111 (new), mine_3.111.xpm (new), mine_4.111 (new), mine_4.111.xpm (new), mine_5.111 (new), mine_5.111.xpm (new), mine_8.111 (new), mine_8.111.xpm (new), mine_A.111 (new), mine_A.111.xpm (new), mine_C.111 (new), mine_C.111.xpm (new), minedoor.arc (new), minedoor_4.111 (new), minedoor_4.111.xpm (new), minedoor_4.112 (new), minedoor_4.112.xpm (new), minedoor_4.113 (new), minedoor_4.113.xpm (new), minedoor_4.114 (new), minedoor_4.114.xpm (new), minedoor_4.115 (new), minedoor_4.115.xpm (new), minedoor_4.116 (new), minedoor_4.116.xpm (new), minedoor_4.117 (new), minedoor_4.117.xpm (new), minedoor_4.118 (new), minedoor_4.118.xpm (new), minedoor_4.119 (new), minedoor_4.119.xpm (new), minedoor_4.211 (new), minedoor_4.211.xpm (new), minedoor_4.212 (new), minedoor_4.212.xpm (new), minedoor_4.213 (new), minedoor_4.213.xpm (new), minedoor_4.214 (new), minedoor_4.214.xpm (new), minedoor_4.215 (new), minedoor_4.215.xpm (new), minedoor_4.216 (new), minedoor_4.216.xpm (new), minedoor_4.217 (new), minedoor_4.217.xpm (new), minedoor_4.218 (new), minedoor_4.218.xpm (new), minedoor_4.219 (new), minedoor_4.219.xpm (new), minedoor_8.111 (new), minedoor_8.111.xpm (new), minedoor_8.112 (new), minedoor_8.112.xpm (new), minedoor_8.113 (new), minedoor_8.113.xpm (new), minedoor_8.114 (new), minedoor_8.114.xpm (new), minedoor_8.115 (new), minedoor_8.115.xpm (new), minedoor_8.116 (new), minedoor_8.116.xpm (new), minedoor_8.117 (new), minedoor_8.117.xpm (new), minedoor_8.118 (new), minedoor_8.118.xpm (new), minedoor_8.119 (new), minedoor_8.119.xpm (new), minedoor_8.211 (new), minedoor_8.211.xpm (new), minedoor_8.212 (new), minedoor_8.212.xpm (new), minedoor_8.213 (new), minedoor_8.213.xpm (new), minedoor_8.214 (new), minedoor_8.214.xpm (new), minedoor_8.215 (new), minedoor_8.215.xpm (new), minedoor_8.216 (new), minedoor_8.216.xpm (new), minedoor_8.217 (new), minedoor_8.217.xpm (new), minedoor_8.218 (new), minedoor_8.218.xpm (new), minedoor_8.219 (new), minedoor_8.219.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/wall/moat: moat.arc (new), moat_0.111 (new), moat_0.111.xpm (new), moat_1.111 (new), moat_1.111.xpm (new), moat_2.111 (new), moat_2.111.xpm (new), moat_3.111 (new), moat_3.111.xpm (new), moat_4.111 (new), moat_4.111.xpm (new), moat_5.111 (new), moat_5.111.xpm (new), moat_6.111 (new), moat_6.111.xpm (new), moat_7.111 (new), moat_7.111.xpm (new), moat_8.111 (new), moat_8.111.xpm (new), moat_9.111 (new), moat_9.111.xpm (new), moat_A.111 (new), moat_A.111.xpm (new), moat_B.111 (new), moat_B.111.xpm (new), moat_C.111 (new), moat_C.111.xpm (new), moat_D.111 (new), moat_D.111.xpm (new), moat_E.111 (new), moat_E.111.xpm (new), moat_F.111 (new), moat_F.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/wall/paved: paved.arc (new), paved_0.111 (new), paved_0.111.xpm (new), paved_1.111 (new), paved_1.111.xpm (new), paved_2.111 (new), paved_2.111.xpm (new), paved_3.111 (new), paved_3.111.xpm (new), paved_4.111 (new), paved_4.111.xpm (new), paved_5.111 (new), paved_5.111.xpm (new), paved_6.111 (new), paved_6.111.xpm (new), paved_7.111 (new), paved_7.111.xpm (new), paved_8.111 (new), paved_8.111.xpm (new), paved_9.111 (new), paved_9.111.xpm (new), paved_A.111 (new), paved_A.111.xpm (new), paved_B.111 (new), paved_B.111.xpm (new), paved_C.111 (new), paved_C.111.xpm (new), paved_D.111 (new), paved_D.111.xpm (new), paved_E.111 (new), paved_E.111.xpm (new), paved_F.111 (new), paved_F.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/wall/pier: pier.arc (new), pier_0.111 (new), pier_0.111.xpm (new), pier_1.111 (new), pier_1.111.xpm (new), pier_2.111 (new), pier_2.111.xpm (new), pier_3.111 (new), pier_3.111.xpm (new), pier_4.111 (new), pier_4.111.xpm (new), pier_5.111 (new), pier_5.111.xpm (new), pier_6.111 (new), pier_6.111.xpm (new), pier_7.111 (new), pier_7.111.xpm (new), pier_8.111 (new), pier_8.111.xpm (new), pier_9.111 (new), pier_9.111.xpm (new), pier_A.111 (new), pier_A.111.xpm (new), pier_B.111 (new), pier_B.111.xpm (new), pier_C.111 (new), pier_C.111.xpm (new), pier_D.111 (new), pier_D.111.xpm (new), pier_E.111 (new), pier_E.111.xpm (new), pier_F.111 (new), pier_F.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/wall/rough: rough_0.111 (new), rough_0.111.xpm (new), rough_1.111 (new), rough_1.111.xpm (new), rough_2.111 (new), rough_2.111.xpm (new), rough_3.111 (new), rough_3.111.xpm (new), rough_4.111 (new), rough_4.111.xpm (new), rough_5.111 (new), rough_5.111.xpm (new), rough_6.111 (new), rough_6.111.xpm (new), rough_7.111 (new), rough_7.111.xpm (new), rough_8.111 (new), rough_8.111.xpm (new), rough_9.111 (new), rough_9.111.xpm (new), rough_A.111 (new), rough_A.111.xpm (new), rough_B.111 (new), rough_B.111.xpm (new), rough_C.111 (new), rough_C.111.xpm (new), rough_D.111 (new), rough_D.111.xpm (new), rough_E.111 (new), rough_E.111.xpm (new), rough_F.111 (new), rough_F.111.xpm (new), rough_wall.arc (new), roughwall.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/wall/slevel: slevel.arc (new), slevel_0.111 (new), slevel_0.111.xpm (new), slevel_1.111 (new), slevel_1.111.xpm (new), slevel_2.111 (new), slevel_2.111.xpm (new), slevel_3.111 (new), slevel_3.111.xpm (new), slevel_4.111 (new), slevel_4.111.xpm (new), slevel_5.111 (new), slevel_5.111.xpm (new), slevel_6.111 (new), slevel_6.111.xpm (new), slevel_7.111 (new), slevel_7.111.xpm (new), slevel_8.111 (new), slevel_8.111.xpm (new), slevel_9.111 (new), slevel_9.111.xpm (new), slevel_A.111 (new), slevel_A.111.xpm (new), slevel_B.111 (new), slevel_B.111.xpm (new), slevel_C.111 (new), slevel_C.111.xpm (new), slevel_D.111 (new), slevel_D.111.xpm (new), slevel_E.111 (new), slevel_E.111.xpm (new), slevel_F.111 (new), slevel_F.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/wall/speedbwall: speedbwall.111 (new), speedbwall.111.xpm (new), speedbwall.112 (new), speedbwall.112.xpm (new), speedbwall.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/wall/stwall: stwall.arc (new), stwall_0.111 (new), stwall_0.111.xpm (new), stwall_1.111 (new), stwall_1.111.xpm (new), stwall_2.111 (new), stwall_2.111.xpm (new), stwall_3.111 (new), stwall_3.111.xpm (new), stwall_4.111 (new), stwall_4.111.xpm (new), stwall_5.111 (new), stwall_5.111.xpm (new), stwall_6.111 (new), stwall_6.111.xpm (new), stwall_7.111 (new), stwall_7.111.xpm (new), stwall_8.111 (new), stwall_8.111.xpm (new), stwall_9.111 (new), stwall_9.111.xpm (new), stwall_A.111 (new), stwall_A.111.xpm (new), stwall_B.111 (new), stwall_B.111.xpm (new), stwall_C.111 (new), stwall_C.111.xpm (new), stwall_D.111 (new), stwall_D.111.xpm (new), stwall_E.111 (new), stwall_E.111.xpm (new), stwall_F.111 (new), stwall_F.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/wall/swall: swall.arc (new), swall_0.111 (new), swall_0.111.xpm (new), swall_1.111 (new), swall_1.111.xpm (new), swall_2.111 (new), swall_2.111.xpm (new), swall_3.111 (new), swall_3.111.xpm (new), swall_4.111 (new), swall_4.111.xpm (new), swall_5.111 (new), swall_5.111.xpm (new), swall_6.111 (new), swall_6.111.xpm (new), swall_7.111 (new), swall_7.111.xpm (new), swall_8.111 (new), swall_8.111.xpm (new), swall_9.111 (new), swall_9.111.xpm (new), swall_A.111 (new), swall_A.111.xpm (new), swall_B.111 (new), swall_B.111.xpm (new), swall_C.111 (new), swall_C.111.xpm (new), swall_D.111 (new), swall_D.111.xpm (new), swall_E.111 (new), swall_E.111.xpm (new), swall_F.111 (new), swall_F.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/wall/timberwall: timberwall.arc (new), timberwall_0.111 (new), timberwall_0.111.xpm (new), timberwall_1.111 (new), timberwall_1.111.xpm (new), timberwall_2.111 (new), timberwall_2.111.xpm (new), timberwall_3.111 (new), timberwall_3.111.xpm (new), timberwall_4.111 (new), timberwall_4.111.xpm (new), timberwall_5.111 (new), timberwall_5.111.xpm (new), timberwall_6.111 (new), timberwall_6.111.xpm (new), timberwall_7.111 (new), timberwall_7.111.xpm (new), timberwall_8.111 (new), timberwall_8.111.xpm (new), timberwall_9.111 (new), timberwall_9.111.xpm (new), timberwall_A.111 (new), timberwall_A.111.xpm (new), timberwall_B.111 (new), timberwall_B.111.xpm (new), timberwall_C.111 (new), timberwall_C.111.xpm (new), timberwall_D.111 (new), timberwall_D.111.xpm (new), timberwall_E.111 (new), timberwall_E.111.xpm (new), timberwall_F.111 (new), timberwall_F.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/wall/wall: wall.arc (new), wall_0.111 (new), wall_0.111.xpm (new), wall_1.111 (new), wall_1.111.xpm (new), wall_2.111 (new), wall_2.111.xpm (new), wall_3.111 (new), wall_3.111.xpm (new), wall_4.111 (new), wall_4.111.xpm (new), wall_5.111 (new), wall_5.111.xpm (new), wall_6.111 (new), wall_6.111.xpm (new), wall_7.111 (new), wall_7.111.xpm (new), wall_8.111 (new), wall_8.111.xpm (new), wall_9.111 (new), wall_9.111.xpm (new), wall_A.111 (new), wall_A.111.xpm (new), wall_B.111 (new), wall_B.111.xpm (new), wall_C.111 (new), wall_C.111.xpm (new), wall_D.111 (new), wall_D.111.xpm (new), wall_E.111 (new), wall_E.111.xpm (new), wall_F.111 (new), wall_F.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/wall/woodwall: woodwall.arc (new), woodwall_0.111 (new), woodwall_0.111.xpm (new), woodwall_1.111 (new), woodwall_1.111.xpm (new), woodwall_2.111 (new), woodwall_2.111.xpm (new), woodwall_3.111 (new), woodwall_3.111.xpm (new), woodwall_4.111 (new), woodwall_4.111.xpm (new), woodwall_5.111 (new), woodwall_5.111.xpm (new), woodwall_6.111 (new), woodwall_6.111.xpm (new), woodwall_7.111 (new), woodwall_7.111.xpm (new), woodwall_8.111 (new), woodwall_8.111.xpm (new), woodwall_9.111 (new), woodwall_9.111.xpm (new), woodwall_A.111 (new), woodwall_A.111.xpm (new), woodwall_B.111 (new), woodwall_B.111.xpm (new), woodwall_C.111 (new), woodwall_C.111.xpm (new), woodwall_D.111 (new), woodwall_D.111.xpm (new), woodwall_E.111 (new), woodwall_E.111.xpm (new), woodwall_F.111 (new), woodwall_F.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/wall/wwall: wwall.arc (new), wwall_0.111 (new), wwall_0.111.xpm (new), wwall_1.111 (new), wwall_1.111.xpm (new), wwall_2.111 (new), wwall_2.111.xpm (new), wwall_3.111 (new), wwall_3.111.xpm (new), wwall_4.111 (new), wwall_4.111.xpm (new), wwall_5.111 (new), wwall_5.111.xpm (new), wwall_6.111 (new), wwall_6.111.xpm (new), wwall_7.111 (new), wwall_7.111.xpm (new), wwall_8.111 (new), wwall_8.111.xpm (new), wwall_9.111 (new), wwall_9.111.xpm (new), wwall_A.111 (new), wwall_A.111.xpm (new), wwall_B.111 (new), wwall_B.111.xpm (new), wwall_C.111 (new), wwall_C.111.xpm (new), wwall_D.111 (new), wwall_D.111.xpm (new), wwall_E.111 (new), wwall_E.111.xpm (new), wwall_F.111 (new), wwall_F.111.xpm (new), wwall_w_0.111 (new), wwall_w_0.111.xpm (new), wwall_w_0.112 (new), wwall_w_0.112.xpm (new), wwall_w_0.113 (new), wwall_w_0.113.xpm (new), wwall_w_0.114 (new), wwall_w_0.114.xpm (new), wwall_w_0.115 (new), wwall_w_0.115.xpm (new), wwall_w_0.116 (new), wwall_w_0.116.xpm (new), wwall_w_0.117 (new), wwall_w_0.117.xpm (new), wwall_w_1.111 (new), wwall_w_1.111.xpm (new), wwall_w_1.112 (new), wwall_w_1.112.xpm (new), wwall_w_1.113 (new), wwall_w_1.113.xpm (new), wwall_w_1.114 (new), wwall_w_1.114.xpm (new), wwall_w_1.115 (new), wwall_w_1.115.xpm (new), wwall_w_1.116 (new), wwall_w_1.116.xpm (new), wwall_w_1.117 (new), wwall_w_1.117.xpm (new), wwall_weak.arc (new), wwall_win.arc (new), wwindow_0.111 (new), wwindow_0.111.xpm (new), wwindow_1.111 (new), wwindow_1.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/wall/yellow: yellow.arc (new), yellow_0.111 (new), yellow_0.111.xpm (new), yellow_1.111 (new), yellow_1.111.xpm (new), yellow_2.111 (new), yellow_2.111.xpm (new), yellow_3.111 (new), yellow_3.111.xpm (new), yellow_4.111 (new), yellow_4.111.xpm (new), yellow_5.111 (new), yellow_5.111.xpm (new), yellow_6.111 (new), yellow_6.111.xpm (new), yellow_7.111 (new), yellow_7.111.xpm (new), yellow_8.111 (new), yellow_8.111.xpm (new), yellow_9.111 (new), yellow_9.111.xpm (new), yellow_A.111 (new), yellow_A.111.xpm (new), yellow_B.111 (new), yellow_B.111.xpm (new), yellow_C.111 (new), yellow_C.111.xpm (new), yellow_D.111 (new), yellow_D.111.xpm (new), yellow_E.111 (new), yellow_E.111.xpm (new), yellow_F.111 (new), yellow_F.111.xpm (new)
  • trunk/arch/weapon/artifact: bonecrush.111 (new), bonecrush.111.xpm (new), bonecrush.arc (new), deathbring.111 (new), deathbring.111.xpm (new), deathbring.arc (new 1), defender.111 (new), defender.111.xpm (new), defender.arc (new 1), dragonslay.111 (new), dragonslay.111.xpm (new), dragonslay.arc (new), excalibur.111 (new), excalibur.111.xpm (new), excalibur.arc (new 1), firebrand.111 (new), firebrand.111.xpm (new), firebrand.112 (new), firebrand.112.xpm (new), firebrand.113 (new), firebrand.113.xpm (new), firebrand.arc (new), frostbrand.111 (new), frostbrand.111.xpm (new), frostbrand.arc (new), harakiri.111 (new), harakiri.111.xpm (new), harakiri.arc (new), magi_staff.111 (new), magi_staff.111.xpm (new), magi_staff.112 (new), magi_staff.112.xpm (new), magi_staff.113 (new), magi_staff.113.xpm (new), magi_staff.arc (new 3), mjoellnir.111 (new), mjoellnir.111.xpm (new), mjoellnir.arc (new), mournblade.111 (new), mournblade.111.xpm (new), mournblade.arc (new 1), skullcleav.111 (new), skullcleav.111.xpm (new), skullcleav.112 (new), skullcleav.112.xpm (new), skullcleav.113 (new), skullcleav.113.xpm (new), skullcleav.114 (new), skullcleav.114.xpm (new), skullcleav.arc (new), stormbring.111 (new), stormbring.111.xpm (new), stormbring.arc (new 2)
  • trunk/arch/weapon/artifact/ChaosSword: CSword.111 (new), CSword.111.xpm (new), CSword.112 (new), CSword.112.xpm (new), CSword.113 (new), CSword.113.xpm (new), CSword.114 (new), CSword.114.xpm (new), CSword.115 (new), CSword.115.xpm (new), CSword.116 (new), CSword.116.xpm (new), CSword.117 (new), CSword.117.xpm (new), CSword.118 (new), CSword.118.xpm (new), CSword.119 (new), CSword.119.xpm (new), CSword.11A (new), CSword.11A.xpm (new), CSword.11B (new), CSword.11B.xpm (new), CSword.11C (new), CSword.11C.xpm (new), CSword.arc (new 1)
  • trunk/arch/weapon/artifact/Darkblade: darkblade.111 (new), darkblade.111.xpm (new), darkblade.112 (new), darkblade.112.xpm (new), darkblade.113 (new), darkblade.113.xpm (new), darkblade.114 (new), darkblade.114.xpm (new), darkblade.115 (new), darkblade.115.xpm (new), darkblade.116 (new), darkblade.116.xpm (new), darkblade.117 (new), darkblade.117.xpm (new), darkblade.arc (new 1)
  • trunk/arch/weapon/artifact/Demonbane: demonbane.111 (new), demonbane.111.xpm (new), demonbane.112 (new), demonbane.112.xpm (new), demonbane.113 (new), demonbane.113.xpm (new), demonbane.114 (new), demonbane.114.xpm (new), demonbane.115 (new), demonbane.115.xpm (new), demonbane.116 (new), demonbane.116.xpm (new), demonbane.117 (new), demonbane.117.xpm (new), demonbane.118 (new), demonbane.118.xpm (new), demonbane.119 (new), demonbane.119.xpm (new), demonbane.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/weapon/artifact/Fdagger: dagger_f.111 (new), dagger_f.111.xpm (new), dagger_f.112 (new), dagger_f.112.xpm (new), dagger_f.113 (new), dagger_f.113.xpm (new), dagger_f.114 (new), dagger_f.114.xpm (new), dagger_f.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/weapon/artifact/Fhammer: frost_hammer.111 (new), frost_hammer.111.xpm (new), frost_hammer.112 (new), frost_hammer.112.xpm (new), frost_hammer.113 (new), frost_hammer.113.xpm (new), frost_hammer.114 (new), frost_hammer.114.xpm (new), frost_hammer.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/weapon/artifact/Firestar: fakefirestar.arc (new), firestar.111 (new), firestar.111.xpm (new), firestar.112 (new), firestar.112.xpm (new), firestar.113 (new), firestar.113.xpm (new), firestar.arc (new 1)
  • trunk/arch/weapon/artifact/Gram: gram.111 (new), gram.111.xpm (new), gram.112 (new), gram.112.xpm (new), gram.113 (new), gram.113.xpm (new), gram.114 (new), gram.114.xpm (new), gram.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/weapon/artifact/HolyAvenger: holyave.111 (new), holyave.111.xpm (new), holyave.112 (new), holyave.112.xpm (new), holyave.113 (new), holyave.113.xpm (new), holyave.114 (new), holyave.114.xpm (new), holyave.115 (new), holyave.115.xpm (new), holyave.116 (new), holyave.116.xpm (new), holyave.117 (new), holyave.117.xpm (new), holyave.118 (new), holyave.118.xpm (new), holyave.119 (new), holyave.119.xpm (new), holyave.11A (new), holyave.11A.xpm (new), holyave.11B (new), holyave.11B.xpm (new), holyave.11C (new), holyave.11C.xpm (new), holyave.arc (new 1)
  • trunk/arch/weapon/artifact/Kdagger: k_dagger.111 (new), k_dagger.111.xpm (new), k_dagger.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/weapon/artifact/Lslasher: lava_s.111 (new), lava_s.111.xpm (new), (new), lava_s.112 (new), lava_s.112.xpm (new), lava_s.113 (new), lava_s.113.xpm (new), lava_s.arc (new 1)
  • trunk/arch/weapon/artifact/Masamune: masamune.111 (new), masamune.111.xpm (new), masamune.112 (new), masamune.112.xpm (new), masamune.113 (new), masamune.113.xpm (new), masamune.114 (new), masamune.114.xpm (new), masamune.arc (new 1)
  • trunk/arch/weapon/artifact/Sting: sting.111 (new), sting.111.xpm (new), sting.112 (new), sting.112.xpm (new), sting.113 (new), sting.113.xpm (new), sting.114 (new), sting.114.xpm (new), sting.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/weapon/artifact/UW_Sword: uw_sword.111 (new), uw_sword.111.xpm (new), uw_sword.112 (new), uw_sword.112.xpm (new), uw_sword.113 (new), uw_sword.113.xpm (new), uw_sword.114 (new), uw_sword.114.xpm (new), uw_sword.115 (new), uw_sword.115.xpm (new), uw_sword.arc (new 1)
  • trunk/arch/weapon/artifact/Usword: uk_sd.111 (new), uk_sd.111.xpm (new), uk_sd.112 (new), uk_sd.112.xpm (new), uk_sd.113 (new), uk_sd.113.xpm (new), uk_sd.114 (new), uk_sd.114.xpm (new), uk_sd.115 (new), uk_sd.115.xpm (new), uk_sd.116 (new), uk_sd.116.xpm (new), uk_sd.117 (new), uk_sd.117.xpm (new), uk_sd.arc (new 1)
  • trunk/arch/weapon/axe: axe_1.111 (new), axe_1.111.xpm (new), axe_1.arc (new), axe_2.111 (new), axe_2.111.xpm (new), axe_2.arc (new), axe_3.111 (new), axe_3.111.xpm (new), axe_3.arc (new), axe_4.111 (new), axe_4.111.xpm (new), axe_4.arc (new), axe_5.111 (new), axe_5.111.xpm (new), axe_5.arc (new), battle_axe.111 (new), battle_axe.111.xpm (new), battle_axe.arc (new), stoneaxe.111 (new), stoneaxe.111.xpm (new), stoneaxe.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/weapon/bow: arrow.101 (new), arrow.101.xpm (new), arrow.111 (new), arrow.111.xpm (new), arrow.121 (new), arrow.121.xpm (new), arrow.131 (new), arrow.131.xpm (new), arrow.141 (new), arrow.141.xpm (new), arrow.151 (new), arrow.151.xpm (new), arrow.161 (new), arrow.161.xpm (new), arrow.171 (new), arrow.171.xpm (new), arrow.181 (new), arrow.181.xpm (new), arrow.arc (new 1), bolt.101 (new), bolt.101.xpm (new), bolt.111 (new), bolt.111.xpm (new), bolt.121 (new), bolt.121.xpm (new), bolt.131 (new), bolt.131.xpm (new), bolt.141 (new), bolt.141.xpm (new), bolt.151 (new), bolt.151.xpm (new), bolt.161 (new), bolt.161.xpm (new), bolt.171 (new), bolt.171.xpm (new), bolt.181 (new), bolt.181.xpm (new), bolt.arc (new 1), bow.111 (new), bow.111.xpm (new), bow.arc (new 1), crossbow.111 (new), crossbow.111.xpm (new), crossbow.arc (new), elven_bow.111 (new), elven_bow.111.xpm (new), elven_bow.arc (new 3), lightning_bow.111 (new), lightning_bow.111.xpm (new), lightning_bow.arc (new 1), magic_bow.111 (new), magic_bow.111.xpm (new), magic_bow.112 (new), magic_bow.112.xpm (new), magic_bow.113 (new), magic_bow.113.xpm (new), magic_bow.114 (new), magic_bow.114.xpm (new), magic_bow.arc (new), thunder_bolt.101 (new), thunder_bolt.101.xpm (new), thunder_bolt.111 (new), thunder_bolt.111.xpm (new), thunder_bolt.121 (new), thunder_bolt.121.xpm (new), thunder_bolt.131 (new), thunder_bolt.131.xpm (new), thunder_bolt.141 (new), thunder_bolt.141.xpm (new), thunder_bolt.151 (new), thunder_bolt.151.xpm (new), thunder_bolt.161 (new), thunder_bolt.161.xpm (new), thunder_bolt.171 (new), thunder_bolt.171.xpm (new), thunder_bolt.181 (new), thunder_bolt.181.xpm (new), thunder_bolt.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/weapon/chained: lmornstar.111 (new), lmornstar.111.xpm (new), lmornstar.arc (new), mornstar.111 (new), mornstar.111.xpm (new), mornstar.arc (new), nunchacu_1.111 (new), nunchacu_1.111.xpm (new), nunchacu_1.arc (new), nunchacu_2.111 (new), nunchacu_2.111.xpm (new), nunchacu_2.arc (new), shootingstar.111 (new), shootingstar.111.xpm (new), shootingstar.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/weapon/club: big_club.111 (new), big_club.111.xpm (new), big_club.arc (new), club.111 (new), club.111.xpm (new), club.arc (new), quarters.111 (new), quarters.111.xpm (new), quarters.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/weapon/hammer: hammer_1.111 (new), hammer_1.111.xpm (new), hammer_1.arc (new), hammer_2.101 (new), hammer_2.101.xpm (new), hammer_2.111 (new), hammer_2.111.xpm (new), hammer_2.121 (new), hammer_2.121.xpm (new), hammer_2.131 (new), hammer_2.131.xpm (new), hammer_2.141 (new), hammer_2.141.xpm (new), hammer_2.151 (new), hammer_2.151.xpm (new), hammer_2.161 (new), hammer_2.161.xpm (new), hammer_2.171 (new), hammer_2.171.xpm (new), hammer_2.181 (new), hammer_2.181.xpm (new), hammer_2.arc (new), stonehamme.111 (new), stonehamme.111.xpm (new), stonehamme.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/weapon/mace: mace_1.111 (new), mace_1.111.xpm (new), mace_1.arc (new), mace_2.111 (new), mace_2.111.xpm (new), mace_2.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/weapon/misc: lspear.111 (new), lspear.111.xpm (new), lspear.arc (new), poleaxe.111 (new), poleaxe.111.xpm (new), poleaxe.arc (new), shovel_1.111 (new), shovel_1.111.xpm (new), shovel_1.112 (new), shovel_1.112.xpm (new), shovel_1.113 (new), shovel_1.113.xpm (new), shovel_1.114 (new), shovel_1.114.xpm (new), shovel_1.115 (new), shovel_1.115.xpm (new), shovel_1.arc (new), spear.101 (new), spear.101.xpm (new), spear.111 (new), spear.111.xpm (new), spear.121 (new), spear.121.xpm (new), spear.131 (new), spear.131.xpm (new), spear.141 (new), spear.141.xpm (new), spear.151 (new), spear.151.xpm (new), spear.161 (new), spear.161.xpm (new), spear.171 (new), spear.171.xpm (new), spear.181 (new), spear.181.xpm (new), spear.arc (new), stake.111 (new), stake.111.xpm (new), stake.arc (new), taifu_1.111 (new), taifu_1.111.xpm (new), taifu_1.arc (new), trident.101 (new), trident.101.xpm (new), trident.111 (new), trident.111.xpm (new), trident.121 (new), trident.121.xpm (new), trident.131 (new), trident.131.xpm (new), trident.141 (new), trident.141.xpm (new), trident.151 (new), trident.151.xpm (new), trident.161 (new), trident.161.xpm (new), trident.171 (new), trident.171.xpm (new), trident.181 (new), trident.181.xpm (new), trident.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/weapon/other: pipe.111 (new), pipe.111.xpm (new), pipe.arc (new), saw.111 (new), saw.111.xpm (new), saw.arc (new), wrench.111 (new), wrench.111.xpm (new), wrench.arc (new)
  • trunk/arch/weapon/sword: bsword_1.111 (new), bsword_1.111.xpm (new), bsword_1.arc (new), bsword_2.111 (new), bsword_2.111.xpm (new), bsword_2.arc (new), dager_r.face (new), dagger.111 (new), dagger.111.xpm (new), dagger.arc (new), dagger_r.111.xpm (new), falchion.111 (new), falchion.111.xpm (new), falchion.arc (new), katana_1.111 (new), katana_1.111.xpm (new), katana_1.arc (new), lsword.111 (new), lsword.111.xpm (new), lsword.arc (new), sabre.111 (new), sabre.111.xpm (new), sabre.arc (new), scimitar.111 (new), scimitar.111.xpm (new), scimitar.arc (new), serp_sword.111 (new), serp_sword.111.xpm (new), serp_sword.arc (new), ssword_1.111 (new), ssword_1.111.xpm (new), ssword_1.arc (new), ssword_2.111 (new), ssword_2.111.xpm (new), ssword_2.arc (new), sword_1.111 (new), sword_1.111.xpm (new), sword_1.arc (new), sword_2.111 (new), sword_2.111.xpm (new), sword_2.arc (new), sword_3.111 (new), sword_3.111.xpm (new), sword_3.arc (new 1), sword_4.111 (new), sword_4.111.xpm (new), sword_4.arc (new), t_dagger.101 (new), t_dagger.101.xpm (new), t_dagger.111 (new), t_dagger.111.xpm (new), t_dagger.121 (new), t_dagger.121.xpm (new), t_dagger.131 (new), t_dagger.131.xpm (new), t_dagger.141 (new), t_dagger.141.xpm (new), t_dagger.151 (new), t_dagger.151.xpm (new), t_dagger.161 (new), t_dagger.161.xpm (new), t_dagger.171 (new), t_dagger.171.xpm (new), t_dagger.181 (new), t_dagger.181.xpm (new), t_dagger.arc (new)
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