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Totals 292 (100.0%) 583 (100.0%) 1.9
rjtanner 60 (20.5%) 379 (65.0%) 6.3
akirschbaum 51 (17.5%) 95 (16.3%) 1.8
kbulgrien 34 (11.6%) 93 (16.0%) 2.7
ryo_saeba 3 (1.0%) 16 (2.7%) 5.3
qal21 6 (2.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
anmaster 138 (47.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0

Most Recent Commits

anmaster 2010-10-11 13:15 Rev.: 13991

Fix incorrect svn properties, for example .png should not have svn:keywords set, that could in worst case result in corruption. While we are updating properties anyway, clean up incorrect (but mostly harmless) svn:mime-type, svn:executable and so on.

0 lines of code changed in 78 files:

  • ground/Lake: blake.arc (changed), blake_0.base.111.png (changed), blake_1.base.111.png (changed), blake_1.base.112.png (changed), blake_1.base.113.png (changed), blake_1.base.114.png (changed), blake_1.clsc.111.png (changed), blake_2.base.111.png (changed), blake_2.base.112.png (changed), blake_2.base.113.png (changed), blake_2.base.114.png (changed), blake_2.clsc.111.png (changed), blake_3.base.111.png (changed), blake_3.base.112.png (changed), blake_3.base.113.png (changed), blake_3.base.114.png (changed), blake_3.clsc.111.png (changed), blake_4.base.111.png (changed), blake_4.base.112.png (changed), blake_4.base.113.png (changed), blake_4.base.114.png (changed), blake_4.clsc.111.png (changed), blake_5.base.111.png (changed), blake_5.base.112.png (changed), blake_5.base.113.png (changed), blake_5.base.114.png (changed), blake_5.clsc.111.png (changed), blake_6.base.111.png (changed), blake_6.base.112.png (changed), blake_6.base.113.png (changed), blake_6.base.114.png (changed), blake_6.clsc.111.png (changed), blake_7.base.111.png (changed), blake_7.base.112.png (changed), blake_7.base.113.png (changed), blake_7.base.114.png (changed), blake_7.clsc.111.png (changed), blake_8.base.111.png (changed), blake_8.base.112.png (changed), blake_8.base.113.png (changed), blake_8.base.114.png (changed), blake_8.clsc.111.png (changed), blake_9.base.111.png (changed), blake_9.base.112.png (changed), blake_9.base.113.png (changed), blake_9.base.114.png (changed), blake_9.clsc.111.png (changed), blake_A.base.111.png (changed), blake_A.base.112.png (changed), blake_A.base.113.png (changed), blake_A.base.114.png (changed), blake_A.clsc.111.png (changed), blake_B.base.111.png (changed), blake_B.base.112.png (changed), blake_B.base.113.png (changed), blake_B.base.114.png (changed), blake_B.clsc.111.png (changed), blake_C.base.111.png (changed), blake_C.base.112.png (changed), blake_C.base.113.png (changed), blake_C.base.114.png (changed), blake_C.clsc.111.png (changed), blake_D.base.111.png (changed), blake_D.base.112.png (changed), blake_D.base.113.png (changed), blake_D.base.114.png (changed), blake_D.clsc.111.png (changed), blake_E.base.111.png (changed), blake_E.base.112.png (changed), blake_E.base.113.png (changed), blake_E.base.114.png (changed), blake_E.clsc.111.png (changed), blake_F.base.111.png (changed), blake_F.base.112.png (changed), blake_F.base.113.png (changed), blake_F.base.114.png (changed), blake_F.clsc.111.png (changed), lake.arc (changed)
kbulgrien 2009-06-02 20:33 Rev.: 11748

- Finished fixing up bad pixel issues or redrawing the 111 images. The whole
set is pretty messed up, but at least the primaries are ok now.

0 lines of code changed in 7 files:

  • ground/Lake: blake_3.base.111.png (changed), blake_6.base.111.png (changed), blake_9.base.111.png (changed), blake_B.base.111.png (changed), blake_C.base.111.png (changed), blake_D.base.111.png (changed), blake_E.base.111.png (changed)
kbulgrien 2009-05-19 04:04 Rev.: 11694

- New lake graphics were created at 10251 that replaced the original graphics
drawn in the style of ../deep_sea.clc.*.png. Since the original style is
still in use by the classic face set, the old style graphics are recalled
from 8170 and re-instantiated as classic style graphics.

93 lines of code changed in 15 files:

  • ground/Lake: blake_1.clsc.111.png (new 8), blake_2.clsc.111.png (new 8), blake_3.clsc.111.png (new 5), blake_4.clsc.111.png (new 8), blake_5.clsc.111.png (new 8), blake_6.clsc.111.png (new 4), blake_7.clsc.111.png (new 4), blake_8.clsc.111.png (new 8), blake_9.clsc.111.png (new 6), blake_A.clsc.111.png (new 8), blake_B.clsc.111.png (new 7), blake_C.clsc.111.png (new 4), blake_D.clsc.111.png (new 4), blake_E.clsc.111.png (new 6), blake_F.clsc.111.png (new 5)
kbulgrien 2009-05-19 02:48 Rev.: 11693

- The ground/Lake/blake_[7BDE]_base_11[1234].png graphics have been messed up
somehow. The small lake in Scorn uses them, and pixel errors are obvious
along the top edge and in the middle of the water. 7, D, and E are fixed
by pixel edits. The damage to B, however, is very bad and will need to be
done starting over from an undamaged 1, 2, 8, or A graphic and repairs are
not included with this commit.

0 lines of code changed in 12 files:

  • ground/Lake: blake_7.base.111.png (changed), blake_7.base.112.png (changed), blake_7.base.113.png (changed), blake_7.base.114.png (changed), blake_D.base.111.png (changed), blake_D.base.112.png (changed), blake_D.base.113.png (changed), blake_D.base.114.png (changed), blake_E.base.111.png (changed), blake_E.base.112.png (changed), blake_E.base.113.png (changed), blake_E.base.114.png (changed)
akirschbaum 2009-01-31 19:44 Rev.: 11299

Add explicit animations; extract some 'magicmap' and 'visibility' attributes into .face files.

63 lines of code changed in 17 files:

  • ground/Lake: blake.arc (-31), blake_0.face (new 4), blake_1.face (new 4), blake_2.face (new 4), blake_3.face (new 4), blake_4.face (new 4), blake_5.face (new 4), blake_6.face (new 4), blake_7.face (new 4), blake_8.face (new 4), blake_9.face (new 4), blake_A.face (new 4), blake_B.face (new 4), blake_C.face (new 4), blake_D.face (new 4), blake_E.face (new 4), blake_F.face (new 3)
anmaster 2009-01-25 04:02 Rev.: 11267

Losslessly recompress some PNG images for smaller size to reduce the bandwidth needed for sending images to clients.̈́

0 lines of code changed in 60 files:

  • ground/Lake: blake_1.base.111.png (changed), blake_1.base.112.png (changed), blake_1.base.113.png (changed), blake_1.base.114.png (changed), blake_2.base.111.png (changed), blake_2.base.112.png (changed), blake_2.base.113.png (changed), blake_2.base.114.png (changed), blake_3.base.111.png (changed), blake_3.base.112.png (changed), blake_3.base.113.png (changed), blake_3.base.114.png (changed), blake_4.base.111.png (changed), blake_4.base.112.png (changed), blake_4.base.113.png (changed), blake_4.base.114.png (changed), blake_5.base.111.png (changed), blake_5.base.112.png (changed), blake_5.base.113.png (changed), blake_5.base.114.png (changed), blake_6.base.111.png (changed), blake_6.base.112.png (changed), blake_6.base.113.png (changed), blake_6.base.114.png (changed), blake_7.base.111.png (changed), blake_7.base.112.png (changed), blake_7.base.113.png (changed), blake_7.base.114.png (changed), blake_8.base.111.png (changed), blake_8.base.112.png (changed), blake_8.base.113.png (changed), blake_8.base.114.png (changed), blake_9.base.111.png (changed), blake_9.base.112.png (changed), blake_9.base.113.png (changed), blake_9.base.114.png (changed), blake_A.base.111.png (changed), blake_A.base.112.png (changed), blake_A.base.113.png (changed), blake_A.base.114.png (changed), blake_B.base.111.png (changed), blake_B.base.112.png (changed), blake_B.base.113.png (changed), blake_B.base.114.png (changed), blake_C.base.111.png (changed), blake_C.base.112.png (changed), blake_C.base.113.png (changed), blake_C.base.114.png (changed), blake_D.base.111.png (changed), blake_D.base.112.png (changed), blake_D.base.113.png (changed), blake_D.base.114.png (changed), blake_E.base.111.png (changed), blake_E.base.112.png (changed), blake_E.base.113.png (changed), blake_E.base.114.png (changed), blake_F.base.111.png (changed), blake_F.base.112.png (changed), blake_F.base.113.png (changed), blake_F.base.114.png (changed)
ryo_saeba 2008-11-10 06:38 Rev.: 10379

Remove obsolete color_fg.

16 lines of code changed in 1 file:

  • ground/Lake: blake.arc (+16 -16)
rjtanner 2008-11-03 19:27 Rev.: 10251

New lake graphics using the current graphic style. Still needs smoothing and animation.

379 lines of code changed in 60 files:

  • ground/Lake: blake_1.base.111.png (changed), blake_1.base.112.png (new 11), blake_1.base.113.png (new 6), blake_1.base.114.png (new 9), blake_2.base.111.png (changed), blake_2.base.112.png (new 11), blake_2.base.113.png (new 6), blake_2.base.114.png (new 9), blake_3.base.111.png (changed), blake_3.base.112.png (new 9), blake_3.base.113.png (new 7), blake_3.base.114.png (new 9), blake_4.base.111.png (changed), blake_4.base.112.png (new 11), blake_4.base.113.png (new 6), blake_4.base.114.png (new 9), blake_5.base.111.png (changed), blake_5.base.112.png (new 11), blake_5.base.113.png (new 6), blake_5.base.114.png (new 9), blake_6.base.111.png (changed), blake_6.base.112.png (new 10), blake_6.base.113.png (new 9), blake_6.base.114.png (new 12), blake_7.base.111.png (changed), blake_7.base.112.png (new 6), blake_7.base.113.png (new 13), blake_7.base.114.png (new 7), blake_8.base.111.png (changed), blake_8.base.112.png (new 11), blake_8.base.113.png (new 6), blake_8.base.114.png (new 9), blake_9.base.111.png (changed), blake_9.base.112.png (new 9), blake_9.base.113.png (new 10), blake_9.base.114.png (new 8), blake_A.base.111.png (changed), blake_A.base.112.png (new 11), blake_A.base.113.png (new 6), blake_A.base.114.png (new 9), blake_B.base.111.png (changed), blake_B.base.112.png (new 4), blake_B.base.113.png (new 7), blake_B.base.114.png (new 5), blake_C.base.111.png (changed), blake_C.base.112.png (new 6), blake_C.base.113.png (new 7), blake_C.base.114.png (new 8), blake_D.base.111.png (changed), blake_D.base.112.png (new 9), blake_D.base.113.png (new 9), blake_D.base.114.png (new 12), blake_E.base.111.png (changed), blake_E.base.112.png (new 7), blake_E.base.113.png (new 8), blake_E.base.114.png (new 6), blake_F.base.111.png (changed), blake_F.base.112.png (new 11), blake_F.base.113.png (new 6), blake_F.base.114.png (new 9)
akirschbaum 2008-01-11 21:22 Rev.: 8170

Use better compression to reduce image sizes.

0 lines of code changed in 32 files:

  • ground/Lake: blake_0.base.111.png (new), blake_1.base.111.png (changed), blake_2.base.111.png (changed), blake_3.base.111.png (changed), blake_4.base.111.png (changed), blake_5.base.111.png (changed), blake_6.base.111.png (changed), blake_7.base.111.png (changed), blake_8.base.111.png (new), blake_9.base.111.png (new), blake_A.base.111.png (new), blake_B.base.111.png (new), blake_C.base.111.png (new), blake_D.base.111.png (new), blake_E.base.111.png (new), blake_F.base.111.png (new)
ryo_saeba 2007-06-13 13:41 Rev.: 6550

Remove obsolete field.

0 lines of code changed in 2 files:

  • ground/Lake: blake.arc (-16), lake.arc (-16)
akirschbaum 2007-04-05 16:00 Rev.: 5939

Replace "no_pass 1" with "move_block all".

32 lines of code changed in 2 files:

  • ground/Lake: blake.arc (+16 -16), lake.arc (+16 -16)
qal21 2006-12-16 19:59 Rev.: 5178

Set svn:eol-style to LF for all arch files.

0 lines of code changed in 2 files:

  • ground/Lake: blake.arc (changed), lake.arc (changed)
qal21 2006-12-12 23:24 Rev.: 5175

propdel svn:eol-style on all arch files. Fixes broken win32 checkouts of arches.

0 lines of code changed in 4 files:

  • ground/Lake: blake.arc (new), lake.arc (new)
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