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light_object.c File Reference
#include "global.h"
#include "sproto.h"
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void do_light (object *item, const char *lighter_name, object *applier)

Detailed Description

This file contains methods used for lighting objects, whether via applying the tool or by applying the lightable object.

Definition in file light_object.c.

Function Documentation

◆ do_light()

void do_light ( object item,
const char *  lighter_name,
object applier 

Common code for both lighting an item for applying the lighter and for lighting the lightable object.

itemThe item to light.
lighter_nameThe name of the tool used to light the item
applierThe object applying the lighter/lightable

Definition at line 36 of file light_object.c.

References AT_FIRE, disinfect::count, draw_ext_info_format(), fix_object(), MAX_BUF, MSG_TYPE_APPLY, MSG_TYPE_APPLY_FAILURE, MSG_TYPE_APPLY_SUCCESS, NDI_UNIQUE, object_get_player_container(), safe_strncpy, and save_throw_object().

Referenced by lightable_type_apply(), and lighter_type_apply().

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