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treasurestruct Struct Reference

#include <treasure.h>

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Data Fields

uint8_t chance
struct _change_arch change_arch
struct archtitem
uint8_t magic
sstring name
struct treasurestructnext
struct treasurestructnext_no
struct treasurestructnext_yes
uint16_t nrof

Detailed Description

treasure is one element in a linked list, which together consist of a complete treasure-list. Any arch can point to a treasure-list to get generated standard treasure when an archetype of that type is generated (from a generator)

Definition at line 63 of file treasure.h.

Field Documentation

◆ chance

uint8_t treasurestruct::chance

◆ change_arch

struct _change_arch treasurestruct::change_arch

Override default arch values if set in treasure list

Definition at line 69 of file treasure.h.

◆ item

◆ magic

uint8_t treasurestruct::magic

Max magic bonus to item If the entry is a list transition, 'magic' contains the difficulty required to go to the new list

Definition at line 71 of file treasure.h.

Referenced by dragon_ability_gain(), equal(), generate_random_treasure(), and TreasureWrapper::setMagic().

◆ name

◆ next

◆ next_no

◆ next_yes

struct treasurestruct* treasurestruct::next_yes

◆ nrof

uint16_t treasurestruct::nrof

Random 1 to nrof items are generated

Definition at line 76 of file treasure.h.

Referenced by TreasureWrapper::displayName(), equal(), generate_random_treasure(), pets_summon_object(), TreasureWrapper::setNrof(), and CREUtils::treasureNode().

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