Crossfire Server, Trunk
global.h File Reference
#include "autoconf.h"
#include <sys/socket.h>
#include <inttypes.h>
#include <stdbool.h>
#include <stdio.h>
#include <unistd.h>
#include "compat.h"
#include "config.h"
#include "define.h"
#include "logger.h"
#include "shared/newclient.h"
#include "face.h"
#include "attack.h"
#include "material.h"
#include "living.h"
#include "object.h"
#include "map.h"
#include "tod.h"
#include "skills.h"
#include "account_char.h"
#include "newserver.h"
#include "party.h"
#include "player.h"
#include "treasure.h"
#include "commands.h"
#include "book.h"
#include "ob_methods.h"
#include "ob_types.h"
#include "artifact.h"
#include "god.h"
#include "race.h"
#include "recipe.h"
#include "spells.h"
#include "stringbuffer.h"
#include "libproto.h"
#include "sockproto.h"
#include "typesproto.h"
#include <dirent.h>
#include "plugin.h"
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Data Structures

struct  linked_char
struct  Settings
struct  Statistics


#define EXTERN   extern
#define FREE_AND_CLEAR(xyz)   { free(xyz); xyz = NULL; }
#define FREE_AND_CLEAR_STR(xyz)   { free_string(xyz); xyz = NULL; }
#define FREE_AND_CLEAR_STR_IF(xyz)   { if (xyz) { free_string(xyz); xyz = NULL; } }
#define FREE_AND_COPY(sv, nv)   { if (sv) free_string(sv); sv = add_string(nv); }
#define FREE_AND_COPY_IF(sv, nv)   { if (sv) free_string(sv); sv = nv ? add_string(nv) : NULL; }
#define GET_ANIM(ob)   (ob->temp_animation ? ob->temp_animation : ob->animation)
#define GET_ANIM_ID(ob)   (ob->temp_animation ? ob->temp_animation->num : (ob->animation ? ob->animation->num : 0))
#define GET_ANIMATION(ob, anim)   ((ob->temp_animation ? ob->temp_animation : ob->animation)->faces[anim])
#define MAX_TOTAL_EXPERIENCE   (settings.permanent_exp_ratio ? (MAX_EXPERIENCE * 100 / settings.permanent_exp_ratio) : 0)
#define NAMLEN(dirent)   strlen((dirent)->d_name)
#define NUM_ANIMATIONS(ob)   ((ob->temp_animation ? ob->temp_animation : ob->animation)->num_animations)
#define NUM_FACINGS(ob)   ((ob->temp_animation ? ob->temp_animation : ob->animation)->facings)
#define PERM_EXP(exptotal)   (exptotal * settings.permanent_exp_ratio / 100 )
#define PROFILE_BEGIN(expr)
#define PROFILE_END(var, expr)
#define ROTATE_RIGHT(c)   if ((c)&01) (c) = ((c)>>1)+0x80000000; else (c) >>= 1;
#define SCRIPT_FIX_ALL   1
#define SET_ANIMATION(ob, newanim)   { ob->face = (ob->temp_animation ? ob->temp_animation : ob->animation)->faces[newanim]; }
#define SPELL_MAPPINGS   206


typedef void(* collectorHook) (BufferReader *, const char *)
typedef void(* fatalHook) (enum fatal_error err)
typedef struct linked_char linked_char
typedef struct Settings Settings
typedef struct Statistics Statistics


EXTERN archetypeamulet_arch
const Faceblank_face
EXTERN sstring blocks_prayer
EXTERN archetypecrown_arch
EXTERN archetypeempty_archetype
const Faceempty_face
EXTERN int exiting
EXTERN artifactlistfirst_artifactlist
EXTERN mapstructfirst_map
EXTERN char first_map_ext_path [MAX_BUF]
EXTERN char first_map_path [MAX_BUF]
EXTERN playerfirst_player
EXTERN regionfirst_region
short freearr_x [SIZEOFFREE]
short freearr_y [SIZEOFFREE]
int freedir [SIZEOFFREE]
EXTERN FILE * logfile
int maxfree [SIZEOFFREE]
EXTERN long nrofallowedstr
EXTERN long nrofartifacts
EXTERN long nroferrors
EXTERN long ob_count
uint32_t pticks
int reopen_logfile
EXTERN archetypering_arch
Settings settings
const Facesmooth_face
const char *const spell_mapping [SPELL_MAPPINGS]
const typedef char * sstring
Statistics statistics
uint32_t tick_duration
EXTERN long trying_emergency_save
const EXTERN char * undead_name

Detailed Description

Global type definitions and header inclusions.

Definition in file global.h.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define EXTERN   extern

Define external variables. This is used in an ugly hack where EXTERN is re-defined to "" in 'init.c' in order to resolve missing symbols. Do not use this macro in new code.

Definition at line 15 of file global.h.


#define FREE_AND_CLEAR (   xyz)    { free(xyz); xyz = NULL; }

Free the pointer and then set it to NULL. This is generally done as a safety, and having this macro makes the code a bit cleaner when doing so.

Definition at line 190 of file global.h.


#define FREE_AND_CLEAR_STR (   xyz)    { free_string(xyz); xyz = NULL; }

Release the shared string, and set it to NULL. Must not be NULL.

Definition at line 195 of file global.h.


#define FREE_AND_CLEAR_STR_IF (   xyz)    { if (xyz) { free_string(xyz); xyz = NULL; } }

Definition at line 197 of file global.h.


#define FREE_AND_COPY (   sv,
)    { if (sv) free_string(sv); sv = add_string(nv); }

Release the shared string if not NULL, and make it a reference to nv.

Definition at line 201 of file global.h.


#define FREE_AND_COPY_IF (   sv,
)    { if (sv) free_string(sv); sv = nv ? add_string(nv) : NULL; }

Definition at line 203 of file global.h.


#define GET_ANIM (   ob)    (ob->temp_animation ? ob->temp_animation : ob->animation)

Definition at line 161 of file global.h.


#define GET_ANIM_ID (   ob)    (ob->temp_animation ? ob->temp_animation->num : (ob->animation ? ob->animation->num : 0))

Definition at line 162 of file global.h.


#define GET_ANIMATION (   ob,
)    ((ob->temp_animation ? ob->temp_animation : ob->animation)->faces[anim])

Definition at line 160 of file global.h.


#define MAX_TOTAL_EXPERIENCE   (settings.permanent_exp_ratio ? (MAX_EXPERIENCE * 100 / settings.permanent_exp_ratio) : 0)

Definition at line 228 of file global.h.


#define NAMLEN (   dirent)    strlen((dirent)->d_name)

Definition at line 208 of file global.h.


#define NUM_ANIMATIONS (   ob)    ((ob->temp_animation ? ob->temp_animation : ob->animation)->num_animations)

Definition at line 168 of file global.h.


#define NUM_FACINGS (   ob)    ((ob->temp_animation ? ob->temp_animation : ob->animation)->facings)

Definition at line 169 of file global.h.


#define PERM_EXP (   exptotal)    (exptotal * settings.permanent_exp_ratio / 100 )

Convert saved total experience into permanent experience

Definition at line 227 of file global.h.


#define PROFILE_BEGIN (   expr)
{ \
struct timespec _begin, _end; \
clock_gettime(CLOCK_MONOTONIC, &_begin); \

Definition at line 361 of file global.h.


#define PROFILE_END (   var,
clock_gettime(CLOCK_MONOTONIC, &_end); \
long var = timespec_diff(&_end, &_begin); \
expr; }

Definition at line 366 of file global.h.


#define ROTATE_RIGHT (   c)    if ((c)&01) (c) = ((c)>>1)+0x80000000; else (c) >>= 1;

Definition at line 157 of file global.h.



Definition at line 376 of file global.h.


#define SCRIPT_FIX_ALL   1

Definition at line 377 of file global.h.



Definition at line 378 of file global.h.


#define SET_ANIMATION (   ob,
)    { ob->face = (ob->temp_animation ? ob->temp_animation : ob->animation)->faces[newanim]; }

Definition at line 159 of file global.h.


#define SPELL_MAPPINGS   206

Definition at line 145 of file global.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ collectorHook

typedef void(* collectorHook) (BufferReader *, const char *)

Definition at line 230 of file global.h.

◆ fatalHook

typedef void(* fatalHook) (enum fatal_error err)

Definition at line 231 of file global.h.

◆ linked_char

typedef struct linked_char linked_char

◆ Settings

typedef struct Settings Settings

Server settings.

◆ Statistics

typedef struct Statistics Statistics

This is used for various performance tracking statistics, or just how often certain events are done. It is much better to use a common structure then variables about. Note that since these are often counters, I'm using uint64s - this may be overkill, but it is just a couple extra bytes. This is initialized/declared in common/init.c. Note that if it only contains integer values, very easy to initialize/clear it - just a memset.

Variable Documentation

◆ amulet_arch

EXTERN archetype * amulet_arch

Definition at line 152 of file global.h.

Referenced by fix_generated_item(), init_archetype_pointers(), and init_globals().

◆ blank_face

const Face* blank_face

Following can just as easily be pointers, but it is easier to keep them like this.

Definition at line 35 of file image.c.

Referenced by add_abilities(), animate_object(), artifact_get_face(), Faces::Faces(), knowledge_monster_face(), magic_mapping_mark(), magic_mapping_mark_recursive(), object_clear(), recipe_get_face(), tear_down_wall(), update_position(), and write_rune().

◆ blocks_prayer

EXTERN sstring blocks_prayer

For update_position() mostly.

Definition at line 154 of file global.h.

Referenced by free_globals(), init_globals(), and update_position().

◆ crown_arch

EXTERN archetype * crown_arch

Definition at line 152 of file global.h.

Referenced by fix_generated_item(), and init_archetype_pointers().

◆ empty_archetype

EXTERN archetype* empty_archetype

◆ empty_face

const Face * empty_face

Definition at line 174 of file global.h.

◆ exiting

EXTERN int exiting

True if the game is about to exit.

Definition at line 136 of file global.h.

Referenced by init_globals(), and LOG().

◆ first_artifactlist

◆ first_map

◆ first_map_ext_path

EXTERN char first_map_ext_path[MAX_BUF]

Path used for per-race start maps.

Definition at line 142 of file global.h.

Referenced by CREMapInformationManager::browseMaps(), init_globals(), and key_change_class().

◆ first_map_path

EXTERN char first_map_path[MAX_BUF]

◆ first_player

◆ first_region

◆ freearr_x

short freearr_x[SIZEOFFREE]

X offset when searching around a spot.

Definition at line 299 of file object.c.

Referenced by animate_bomb(), animate_weapon(), AnimationControl::AnimationControl(), apply_builder_floor(), apply_builder_remove(), apply_map_builder(), attempt_jump(), can_see_monsterP(), cast_cause_disease(), cast_cone(), cast_create_obj(), cast_light(), cast_polymorph(), cast_raise_dead_spell(), cast_spell(), cast_transfer(), cfapi_object_insert(), command_summon(), command_teleport(), common_process_projectile(), counterspell(), create_bomb(), dimension_door(), dispel_rune(), do_follow(), do_harvest(), do_skill_ident(), do_throw(), enter_map(), expand_sight(), explosion(), find_closest_monster(), find_doors_in_room_recursive(), find_enclosed_spot(), find_monster_in_room_recursive(), find_spot_in_room_recursive(), find_target_for_friendly_spell(), find_traps(), fix_summon_pet(), forklightning(), gate_type_process(), get_pointed_target(), hideability(), hit_map(), keyplace(), magic_wall(), mimic_type_apply(), monster_communicate(), monster_compute_path(), monster_find_nearest_enemy(), monster_use_bow(), move_ball_spell(), move_bolt(), move_cone(), move_ob(), move_player_attack(), move_player_mover(), move_swarm_spell(), object_find_first_free_spot(), object_find_free_spot(), object_insert_to_free_spot_or_free(), path_to_player(), pets_follow_owner(), pets_get_enemy(), pets_move(), pets_summon_golem(), pets_summon_object(), pick_arrow_target(), pick_lock(), place_chest(), place_exits(), place_fountain_with_specials(), place_monsters(), place_special_exit(), player_fire_bow(), polymorph_living(), probe(), push_ob(), put_a_monster(), remove_adjacent_doors(), remove_door(), remove_locked_door(), remove_trap(), roll_ob(), shop_mat_type_move_on(), singing(), skill_attack(), spell_find_dir(), stand_near_hostile(), steal(), surround_by_doors(), teleport(), transfer_ob(), turn_one_transport(), use_oratory(), and write_rune().

◆ freearr_y

short freearr_y[SIZEOFFREE]

Definition at line 171 of file global.h.

◆ freedir

int freedir[SIZEOFFREE]

Definition at line 172 of file global.h.

◆ init_sockets

socket_struct* init_sockets

Established connections for clients not yet playing. See the page on the login process for a description of its use. Socket at index 0 is the socket listening for connections, and must not be freed. If this socket becomes invalid, then the server will try to reopen it.

Definition at line 58 of file init.c.

Referenced by account_get_logged_in_init_socket(), block_until_new_connection(), command_recollect(), do_server(), free_all_newserver(), init_server(), and new_connection().

◆ logfile

◆ maxfree

int maxfree[SIZEOFFREE]

Number of spots around a location, including that location (except for 0)

Definition at line 311 of file object.c.

Referenced by object_find_free_spot().

◆ nrofallowedstr

EXTERN long nrofallowedstr

Only used in malloc_info().

Definition at line 138 of file global.h.

Referenced by init_globals(), ArtifactLoader::load(), and malloc_info().

◆ nrofartifacts

EXTERN long nrofartifacts

Only used in malloc_info().

Definition at line 137 of file global.h.

Referenced by init_globals(), ArtifactLoader::load(), and malloc_info().

◆ nroferrors

EXTERN long nroferrors

If it exceeds MAX_ERRORS, call fatal()

Definition at line 126 of file global.h.

Referenced by init_defaults(), LOG(), and server_main().

◆ ob_count

EXTERN long ob_count

Definition at line 144 of file global.h.

Referenced by object_new().

◆ pticks

uint32_t pticks

Used by various function to determine how often to save the character

Number of ticks since time reset

Definition at line 47 of file time.c.

Referenced by apply_race_and_class(), check_login(), do_specials(), get_tod(), handle_newcs_player(), key_change_class(), process_players1(), reset_sleep(), send_tick(), tick_game_time(), and time_info().

◆ reopen_logfile

int reopen_logfile

Definition at line 26 of file logger.c.

Referenced by LOG(), and rec_sighup().

◆ ring_arch

EXTERN archetype* ring_arch

Definition at line 152 of file global.h.

Referenced by fix_generated_item(), init_archetype_pointers(), and init_globals().

◆ settings

Settings settings

Server settings.

Definition at line 39 of file init.c.

Referenced by CREFilterDialog::accept(), CREReportDialog::accept(), account_block_create(), account_char_load_from_file(), account_char_save(), account_new_cmd(), accounts_load(), accounts_save(), add_me_cmd(), add_player_exp(), add_server_collect_hooks(), apply_check_item_power(), apply_check_personalized_blessings(), apply_death_exp_penalty(), apply_race_and_class(), assets_collect(), attack_ob_simple(), attempt_steal(), block_until_new_connection(), calc_perm_exp(), calc_skill_exp(), cast_create_town_portal(), cast_spell(), cctk_init_std_archetypes(), cctk_setdatadir(), cctk_setlog(), cfapi_system_directory(), cfcitybell_init(), change_abil(), check_exp_loss(), check_login(), check_pick(), check_probe(), check_race_and_class(), checkbanned(), checkdm(), citylife_init(), clean_tmp_files(), CREMapInformationManager::clearCache(), close_modules(), CREMainWindow::closeEvent(), command_abil(), command_addexp(), command_banish(), command_create(), command_debug(), command_help(), command_loadtest(), command_nowiz(), command_patch(), command_players(), command_purge_quest_definitions(), command_search_items(), command_settings(), command_title(), compute_price_variation_with_bargaining(), convert_item(), create_items_path(), create_overlay_pathname(), create_pathname(), create_player_cmd(), create_template_pathname(), CREMainWindow::createMenus(), CREExperienceWindow::CREExperienceWindow(), CREFilterDialog::CREFilterDialog(), CREMainWindow::CREMainWindow(), CREReportDialog::CREReportDialog(), CRESettingsDialog::CRESettingsDialog(), crypt_string(), dead_player(), delete_character(), display_motd(), do_symptoms(), do_throw(), dragon_eat_flesh(), dump_experience(), enter_exit(), enter_player_maplevel(), enter_player_savebed(), exp_level(), FaceMakerDialog::FaceMakerDialog(), fatal(), CREMainWindow::fillFacesets(), find_help_file_in(), find_maps(), find_spot_for_submap(), find_style(), MessageManager::findPrePost(), fix_object(), fix_player(), forbid_play(), free_globals(), free_server(), get_cha_bonus(), get_cleric_chance(), get_con_bonus(), get_dam_bonus(), get_dex_bonus(), get_fear_bonus(), get_grace_bonus(), get_learn_spell(), get_sp_bonus(), get_speed_bonus(), get_thaco_bonus(), get_turn_bonus(), get_weight_limit(), god_enchants_weapon(), help_topics(), ChangesDock::helpReady(), hiscore_init(), hit_player(), i18n_init(), improve_armour(), improve_weapon(), CREPixmap::init(), init_beforeplay(), init_book_archive(), init_clocks(), init_emergency_mappath(), init_environ(), init_experience(), init_globals(), init_library(), init_modules(), init_server(), init_startup(), init_stats(), initPlugins(), is_legal_2ways_exit(), key_change_class(), key_confirm_quit(), kill_object(), kill_player(), kill_player_not_permadeath(), kill_player_permadeath(), knowledge_read_player_data(), knowledge_write_player_data(), level_exp(), list_players(), ResourcesManager::load(), load_assets(), load_settings(), load_table_float(), load_table_int(), CREMapInformationManager::loadCache(), MessageManager::loadDirectory(), LOG(), main(), map_remove_unique_files(), mapfile_load(), metaserver2_init(), monsterFight(), object_clear(), CREMainWindow::onReportQuests(), CREMainWindow::onToolReloadAssets(), MessageFile::parseFile(), pay_for_item(), pick_up_object(), player_lvl_adj(), plugins_init_plugin(), process_events(), process_players1(), quest_read_player_data(), quest_write_player_data(), random_house_generator_init(), rangetostring(), read_map_log(), ready_map_name(), resurrect_player(), roll_stats(), MessageFile::save(), save_map(), save_player(), scroll_failure(), scroll_type_apply(), send_exp_table(), send_file(), send_new_char_info(), send_news(), send_rules(), set_abs_magic(), set_confdir(), set_csport(), set_datadir(), set_debug(), set_disable_plugin(), set_dumpmon1(), set_dumpmon2(), set_dumpmon3(), set_dumpmon4(), set_dumpmon5(), set_dumpmon6(), set_dumpmon7(), set_dumpmon8(), set_dumpmon9(), set_dumpmont(), set_ignore_assets_errors(), set_localdir(), set_logfile(), set_mapdir(), set_mondebug(), set_playerdir(), set_regions(), set_templatedir(), set_tmpdir(), set_uniquedir(), CREPixmap::setFaceset(), CREPixmap::setUseFacesetFallback(), show_skills(), SP_level_spellpoint_cost(), spell_failure(), spellbook_type_apply(), START_TEST(), CREMapInformationManager::storeCache(), swap_map(), town_portal_destroy_existing(), unset_debug(), CREResourcesWindow::updateFilters(), CREResourcesWindow::updateReports(), verify_player(), while(), write_book_archive(), write_map_log(), write_scroll(), and write_todclock().

◆ smooth_face

const Face* smooth_face

Definition at line 35 of file image.c.

Referenced by Faces::Faces(), and send_smooth().

◆ spell_mapping

const char* const spell_mapping[SPELL_MAPPINGS]

This table is only necessary to convert objects that existed before the spell object conversion to the new object. It was not practical to go through every mapping looking for every potion, rod, wand, etc that had a sp set and update to the new value. So this maps the old spell numbers to the name of the new archs. If you are adding a new spell, you should not modify this - your new spell won't have been used, and thus won't have any legacy object. NULL entries in this table are valid - to denote objects that should not be updated for whatever reason.

is this still required? it's used, but can it happen?

Definition at line 74 of file object.c.

Referenced by fix_generated_item(), and local_check_loaded_object().

◆ sstring

const typedef char* sstring

Strings that should be manipulated through add_string() and free_string().

Definition at line 40 of file global.h.

Referenced by add_abilities(), add_one_item(), append_spell(), apply_check_race_restrictions(), ResourcesManager::archetypeUse(), cf_add_string(), cf_archetype_get_name(), cf_find_string(), cf_map_get_sstring_property(), cf_object_get_msg(), cf_object_get_sstring_property(), cf_party_get_name(), cf_party_get_password(), cf_player_get_ip(), cf_query_name_pl(), cf_region_get_jail_path(), cf_region_get_longname(), cf_region_get_message(), cf_region_get_name(), cfapi_archetype_get_property(), cfapi_generate_random_map(), cfapi_map_get_map_property(), cfapi_object_get_property(), cfapi_party_get_property(), cfapi_player_quest(), cfapi_region_get_property(), cfapi_system_add_string(), cfapi_system_find_string(), cfapi_system_remove_string(), change_book(), command_cast_spell(), compilePython(), do_exit_map(), do_harvest(), esrv_add_spells(), find_artifact(), knowledge_read(), mon_info_msg(), monster_move_randomly(), move_aura(), object_give_identified_properties(), object_handle_death_animation(), CREMainWindow::onReportDuplicate(), play_sound_player_only(), Player_QuestGetState(), Player_QuestSetState(), Player_QuestStart(), Player_QuestWasCompleted(), process_object(), reportSummon(), scroll_type_apply(), set_object_face_main(), set_object_face_other(), SP_level_wc_adjust(), spell_consume_items(), START_TEST(), stringbuffer_finish_shared(), and ArchetypeWrapper::uses().

◆ statistics

Statistics statistics

Merged spell statistics.

Definition at line 100 of file init.c.

Referenced by init_globals(), main(), object_merge_spell(), and ok_to_put_more().

◆ tick_duration

uint32_t tick_duration

Gloabal variables:

Definition at line 35 of file time.c.

Referenced by command_speed(), command_statistics(), get_sleep_remaining(), set_tick_duration(), tick_game_time(), tick_length(), and time_info().

◆ trying_emergency_save

EXTERN long trying_emergency_save

True when emergency_save() is reached.

Definition at line 125 of file global.h.

Referenced by emergency_save(), init_globals(), and LOG().

◆ undead_name

const EXTERN char* undead_name
long timespec_diff(struct timespec *end, struct timespec *start)
Definition: time.c:163