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Re: CF: Map Generation

On Jun 21,  4:15am, Florian Beck wrote:
> Subject: CF: Map Generation
> Hi!
> - I like the library and the alchemy patch. But bevore putting them
> into my maps: Will they be part of the next version? Will they be modifed?
> Will I be able to use the alchemy archetypes?

 I plan to put those patches in the upcoming release (hopefully be out in a
week or so.  I think I said this once before, but a hard drive failure put a
bit of a delay on things.)

> - I'd like to make some maps which have less hack'and slay but mory
> "story". What'd you say? Perhaps that's not "crossfire-style".

 These are just fine.  Hack and Slash maps tend to be the most common because
they are the easiest to make (make a few rooms, put a few monsters in, and your
done.)  I find the maps with some story more interesting myself.

> - Archetypes: The Documentations sounds like "If it's not really,
>  really necesary - don't make own archetypes. Understandable, as they
>  won't be part of the distribution.
>  Still, I'm doing some ;-) They houses are in need of some more furniture
>  (e.g kitchen items), IMHO.

 That statement is more on the basis that if you are just creating a tougher
wyvern, you don't need an archetype to do it.  You should only really need
a new archetype if you are also adding new images.  It also depends on how much
use it gets.  If it is a common object that will be generally useful, and new
archetype is a good idea.  If it is a special monster/item for a dungeon, a new
archetype is not all that useful.

>  That are simple archetyoes, but:
>  * I first did the XPM-Format; I'm no artist, but they are O.K. Then I save
>    them as XBM - but that just looks VERY ugly, so I have to recreate them.
>    Is there a better way?

 Starting with XBM tends to work best.  Backwards conversion is difficult,
because most programs will try to dither them (which makes them look terrible.)
 You could try something like XV or maybe the ppm package so that you can make
sure they are not dithered, but in that case, dark colors are assumed black,
light colors white - this still may not give the desired result.  In any
conversion, there will certainly be some touchup required.  With this in mind,
it may not be that more difficult to just redraw them.

>  * There is one documentation file which does a partial rundown of the
>    archetype attributes. Can I get a complete rundown without actually
>    digging throgh the source?

 There is no more written documentation than what is in the docs file.  If you
have questions, you can send it to the list, and some of us might know the
answer from memory or working on it.

> - What I'd really like would be enhanced interaction with NPC's.

 That is always talked about, but no one has yet done anything to improve the
NPC language.  Being able to take/give things and states is a nice idea.  I
wonder if it is worth it to try to expand the existing one, or just grab some
existing parsing language out there and use that instead (save some coding