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Re: CF: Map Generation

> From: Florian Beck writes:
> Now what I want to know: 
> - I'd like to make some maps which have less hack'and slay but mory
> "story". What'd you say? Perhaps that's not "crossfire-style".
	Id think that this would be great. My personal opinion
	is that more "interesting" and "functional" maps are needed
	besides shops, the bank and area's where monsters reside.
	In maps I have made, I created apartment buildings for players
	(w/ unique keys), banks w/ deposit boxes. More could be done;
	Ive spend most of my free time coding though, so my map making
	efforts have dropped to nil. One person whose maps I admire
	(but arent yet in distribution) are from Kundi Xue. He put 
	together some pretty good high level maps at berkeley (try
	them out on the server). He has stuff like theives guild (you
	can join), special shops, quests, and other neat stuff. 
	Hopefully, CF 0.92.5 will have these in them. 

> - Archetypes: The Documentations sounds like "If it's not really,
>  really necesary - don't make own archetypes. Understandable, as they
>  won't be part of the distribution.
>  Still, I'm doing some ;-) They houses are in need of some more furniture
>  (e.g kitchen items), IMHO.
>  That are simple archetyoes, but:
>  * I first did the XPM-Format; I'm no artist, but they are O.K. Then I save
>    them as XBM - but that just looks VERY ugly, so I have to recreate them. 
>    Is there a better way?

	Not that Im aware off. I suggest making the XBM maps *first*; then
	colorize/change for XPM version. I get better results this way.

>  * There is one documentation file which does a partial rundown of the 
>    archetype attributes. Can I get a complete rundown without actually
>    digging throgh the source?
	No. This is one aspect of the documentation that I am looking into.

> - What I'd really like would be enhanced interaction with NPC's.

	Oh YES!	 I have this idea in my notes too. I think the unique-items
	code might be recycled to make this work. This would really
	open up the interaction between players and NPC's. But care
	will have to be taken to make it backward compatible w/ older
	maps (and to not make it too complex to create NPC's who remember
	you and answer appropriately). I would suggest 3 status levels
	for NPC reaction to players: nuetral, friendly, and enemy. Of
	course, we flag all NPC as "nuetral" until the player changes that
	with appropriate action.

> - I'd like to define EVENTS
>   Simple example: When I enter a room: "The red dragons laughs at you"
>   might be fine; but it's quite ridiculous after I've killed him
>   Probably that already can be done somehow (as altars can be trggerd only 
>   once) - but how?
	Im a little confused on what you mean here.. you can make a 
	room "talk" to the player by using the "talk" archetype. Just
	place it in the intrance square; alternatively, you can specify
	a msg to be sent to the player in the exit archetype that contects
	to the map just being entered.

> - Are there plans regarding the skill system?
>   I think it's not bad, but it could be expanded, couldn't it?
> -- 
	I would like to see the following changes to skills (and, if 
	I get the time, I will do this):
	- special attacks for weapons. For example, sai can be used 
	  to disarm an opponent, axe can chop open a door, mace can 
	  destroy worn armour. Also, some magical weapons should have
	  attacks (cf. vorpal sword); but this would require a bit more
	  coding effort.

	- fix up the throwing code (make a throwing skill). Potions should
	  effect the creature that they hit, also, we can allow items 
	  like lanterns, torches to catch hit creature on fire.

	- fix the oratory and singing skills. Right now, they are too
	  wimpy to be of much use.