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CF: the creator object, i don't think i ever documented it.

Hello all,

Some things Kundi mentioned reminded me of the 'creator' object
which I had coded up long ago.  

What a creator is, is an object which creates another object
when it is triggered.  The daughter object can be anything.
(yet another way other than runes to create surprise monsters,
though runes are better for that, they're smarter at placing

You've seen a creator demonstrated if you've solved the
Tower of Demonology:  when you summon a demon you also 
get some firetrails.  It made for a nice effect, i thought.
Anyway, could someone please add this to the documentation:

Creator object:  an object which creates other objects.
It is usually invisible.

  connected:  what will trigger it
  hp:  how many times it may create before stopping
  lifesave:  if set, it'll never disappear but will go on creating
        everytime it's triggered
  other_arch:  the object to create


As a project someone might want to have the created object
inherit any modifications the mapmaker makes to the creator object:
for example, St 2 would be passed onto any object created by
the creator, perhaps a sword or a crown.  

The code is in time.c, "move_creator"


(crossfire programmer emeritus)