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Re: CF: cone bug fix

 Yeah  - I looked briefly into the ok_to_put_more function, and it seemed a
little odd.

 Basically, it appears to me that all that function is used for is to determine
if a cone keeps on moving.

 I personally believe the cases where it should stop are:
 1) It hits a wall.
 2) its off the map.
 3) It hits cancellation spaces.
 4) Optionally, it hits a no magic space and it is using magic or it hits
unholy ground and it is a holy spell.

 I don't personally think it hitting a monster should affect it.  Although,
no cone propogate might have something to say about that, but I guess that
is handled someplace else?

 Note - this is how I think it should work, not necessarily how it works right
now.  Anyone have any input on this?  IF not, I'll code in the changes.

 As a note to #4 above, it would actually be interesting to have unholy ground
based on gods.  For example, in a holy area of lucifer, jehovah spells probably
should not work, but lucifers spells should work (ie, a definate home field

 I think a lot more interesting stuff could be done with the gods (make sure
each has a temple, maybe even change it so that word of recall returns you to
the appropriate temple or something.  In the temple, have book about the god
lore, etc.)  It would certainly be nice if gods played a bit more into the game
- I realize a lot of this has to do with their relatively recent addition.
 Some of the more interesting features might require coding, but that is how
things get more interesting.


-- Mark Wedel

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