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Re: CF: Holy Ground (was cone bug fix)

At 21:02 7/05/98 -0700,  wrote:
> As a note to #4 above, it would actually be interesting to have unholy
>based on gods.  For example, in a holy area of lucifer, jehovah spells
>should not work, but lucifers spells should work (ie, a definate home field
  What you want is a new archetype/field/whatever it is:
	Holy Ground of [Whichever God is appropriate].

  Unholy ground should probably stay as it is: its purpose is to completely
block out all clerical spells in the area.

  Holy ground, on the other hand, should treat priests of its own god as a
priest a few levels higher, and those of an opposing god as a priest a few
levels lower.
  To block out an opposing gods priests intirely would probably be going a
little too far, although having the number of levels lower as a variable
(with some default value) might not be a bad idea either.

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