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CF: Configuring a Crossfire Server.

Hello Crossfire players.

I'm running RedHat 5.0 on my Intel-based home PC, and I'm a Linux
newbie, and have installed the following 0.94 RPM sets:


When I run the server as root by executing the following command:

crossfire -server

I can connect to it thusly:

crossclient -server mycomputername

I can tell the server is keeping a shared game environment going because
my player died and when I came back with another one, the monsters that
killed him were still there.

The server and client both disappear when my player pushes against
something like a door or something like it within a shop, pushing the
player back to the most recent save command.

When I connect to the server, I see this in the root window where I
started it:
Can't open (null)
Can't read map file: No such file or directory.

I'm guessing I've botched the configuration of the server somehow, but
I'm looking for advice on how to fix it so it stays up when my player
bumps into things in a shop, for example.

Thanks for any tips you have,


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