Crossfire Server, Trunk  R20590
random_maps Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for random_maps:


file  decor.c [code]
 Those functions handle the decor in the random maps.
file  door.c [code]
 door-related functions.
file  exit.c [code]
 Handle exit placement in map.
file  expand2x.c [code]
 Expands a layout by 2x in each dimension.
file  floor.c [code]
 Floor handling.
file  main.c [code]
 Command-line interface to the map generator used to test layouts.
file  maze_gen.c [code]
 General maze generator.
file  monster.c [code]
 Monster placement for random maps.
file  random_map.c [code]
 Routines for random map generation.
file  rogue_layout.c [code]
 Rogue/NetHack style room generation.
file  room_gen_onion.c [code]
 The onion room generator: Onion rooms are like this:
file  room_gen_spiral.c [code]
 The spiral room generator:
file  snake.c [code]
 Snake-like layout generator.
file  special.c [code]
 Those functions handle placement of fountains, submaps, and so on.
file  square_spiral.c [code]
 Square-spiral layout generator.
file  style.c [code]
 Those functions deal with style for random maps.
file  treasure.c [code]
 This deals with inserting treasures in random maps.
file  wall.c [code]