Crossfire Server, Trunk  R21219
Here is a list of all modules:
[detail level 12]
 Treasure lists
 Attack types
 Subtypes for ::BUILDER objects.
 Subtypes for ::MATERIAL objects.
 Weapon types
 Pickup modes
 Convenience macros to determine what kind of things we are dealing with.
 Object flags
 Movement types and related macros.
 Monster movements
 Player state.
 Flags for apply_special().
 for apply_changes_to_player()
 Values returned by apply_can_apply_object().
 Beginnings of linked lists.
 Misc global variables.
 For plugin events
 God description flags, used with describe_god().
 Map layers
 Map loading flags
 Save object flags
 Save map flags
 Values for mapdef->in_memory field.
 Save error values
 Square flags.
 Material types.
 What monsters apply
 Object update flags
 Object free flags
 Object insertion flags.
 Flags to search players through find_player().
 Flags - flags passed to add_player()
 Random map layout
 Random map layout options.
 Random map symetry
 Type values present in map2 commands.
 FLOAT_xxx multipliers for changing floats to int.
 CS_STAT_xxx IDs for character statistics.
 SF_xxx Masks used in conjunction with fire and run states.
 ACL_xxx field IDs that support account login.
 NDI_xxx message color flags and masks.
 F_xxx flags for the item command.
 FACE_xxx magic map masks.
 UPD_xxx UpdSpell constants.
 Sound types
 Animation constants.
 EMI_xxx extended map constants.
 MSG_TYPE_xxx message types
 Experience flags
 Spell path
 Spell/grace points
 Spell subtypes
 Potion subtypes.
 Force subtypes
 Random house generation plugin
 City life plugin
 Scorn parameters
 darcap parameters
 Navar parameters
 Port Joseph parameters
 stoneville parameters
 Wolfsburg parameters
 Santo Dominion parameters
 Random spiral map options
 Special objects in random map
 Random map holes
 Treasure options
 Emotes players can use to communicate
 Quest file parsing state.