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2008-05-13 13:20

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Totals 9387 (100.0%) 20735 (100.0%) 2.2
santo_dominion/shaft/ 8 (0.1%) 8826 (42.6%) 1103.2
darcap/darcap/ 45 (0.5%) 8640 (41.7%) 192.0
scorn/misc/ 99 (1.1%) 2110 (10.2%) 21.3
navar_city/misc/ 85 (0.9%) 1068 (5.2%) 12.5
python/items/ 11 (0.1%) 60 (0.3%) 5.4
python/ 24 (0.3%) 23 (0.1%) 0.9
darcap/temple_justice/ 1 (0.0%) 5 (0.0%) 5.0
/ 11 (0.1%) 3 (0.0%) 0.2
world/ 2703 (28.8%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
wolfsburg/volcano/ 8 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
wolfsburg/tt/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
wolfsburg/temple/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
wolfsburg/magara/tower2/ 6 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
wolfsburg/magara/tower1/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
wolfsburg/magara/cellar1/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
wolfsburg/magara/castle/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
wolfsburg/magara/ 3 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
wolfsburg/guilds/damned_heretics/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
wolfsburg/eeur/ 11 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
wolfsburg/dungeons/ 42 (0.4%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
wolfsburg/ 42 (0.4%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
whalingoutpost/underwaterdungeon/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
whalingoutpost/taverns/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
whalingoutpost/misc/ 54 (0.6%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
whalingoutpost/houses/ 6 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
whalingoutpost/ 27 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
unlinked/zornstuff/ 3 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
unlinked/kandora/elcyon/ 39 (0.4%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
unlinked/kandora/circus/ 24 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
unlinked/kandora/cave/ 30 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
unlinked/kandora/ 93 (1.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
unlinked/casino/ 5 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
unlinked/academy.crap/ 23 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
unlinked/Greyshield/ 57 (0.6%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
unlinked/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
under_world/ 5 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
test/anthony/ 19 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
test/ 87 (0.9%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
templates/keep/ 18 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
templates/guild/ 37 (0.4%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
templates/bungalo/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
templates/ 2 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
teamarena/ 6 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
styles/wallstyles/ 45 (0.5%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
styles/treasurestyles/ 3 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
styles/trapstyles/ 6 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
styles/specialmaps/ 84 (0.9%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
styles/monsterstyles/wyvern/ 21 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
styles/monsterstyles/vegetable/ 24 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
styles/monsterstyles/undead_quest/ 63 (0.7%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
styles/monsterstyles/undead/ 60 (0.6%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
styles/monsterstyles/sylvan/ 30 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
styles/monsterstyles/subterranean/ 30 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
styles/monsterstyles/orc/ 3 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
styles/monsterstyles/nethack/ 63 (0.7%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
styles/monsterstyles/insect/ 39 (0.4%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
styles/monsterstyles/imp/ 3 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
styles/monsterstyles/humanoid/ 57 (0.6%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
styles/monsterstyles/dragon/ 48 (0.5%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
styles/monsterstyles/demon/ 42 (0.4%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
styles/monsterstyles/city/ 3 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
styles/monsterstyles/chaos/ 30 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
styles/monsterstyles/animal/ 42 (0.4%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
styles/monsterstyles/angel/ 87 (0.9%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
styles/misc/ 6 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
styles/floorstyles/ 39 (0.4%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
styles/exitstyles/up/ 27 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
styles/exitstyles/generic/ 30 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
styles/exitstyles/down/ 30 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
styles/doorstyles/vdoors/ 6 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
styles/doorstyles/special/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
styles/doorstyles/secret_vdoors/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
styles/doorstyles/secret_hdoors/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
styles/doorstyles/hdoors/ 6 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
styles/decorstyles/ 87 (0.9%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
start/HallsOfSelection/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
start/ 6 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
sisters/ 65 (0.7%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
scorn/towers/ 15 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
scorn/temples/ 36 (0.4%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
scorn/taverns/ 19 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
scorn/shops/ 52 (0.6%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
scorn/peterm/ 3 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
scorn/oldcity/ 53 (0.6%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
scorn/misc/battle_arena/ 15 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
scorn/mansion/ 15 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
scorn/magara/ 3 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
scorn/kar/ 24 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
scorn/houses/ 106 (1.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
scorn/guilds/mailed_fist/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
scorn/guilds/ 3 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
scorn/dtabb/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
scorn/crow/train/ 3 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
scorn/cannery/ 3 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
scorn/apartment/ 18 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
scorn/anthony/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
scorn/ 2 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
santo_dominion/shops/ 15 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
santo_dominion/mudman/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
santo_dominion/magara/well/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
santo_dominion/magara/south_lighthouse/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
santo_dominion/magara/north_lighthouse/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
santo_dominion/magara/hut/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
santo_dominion/magara/ 3 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
santo_dominion/lord_byron/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
santo_dominion/houses/ 3 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
santo_dominion/guilds/drunken_barbarian/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
santo_dominion/espen/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
santo_dominion/eeur/ 6 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
santo_dominion/ 62 (0.7%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
quests/todd/aljwaf/ 41 (0.4%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
quests/skud/ 18 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
quests/peterm/temple/ 15 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
quests/peterm/quests/ 25 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
quests/peterm/FireTemple/ 42 (0.4%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
quests/peterm/DragonQuest/ 33 (0.4%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
quests/peterm/Demonology/ 78 (0.8%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
quests/peterm/CTower/ 30 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
quests/peterm/ 6 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
quests/mcz/ 21 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
quests/mak/unnatural/ 3 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
quests/mak/undead/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
quests/mak/troll_cave/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
quests/mak/mansion/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
quests/mak/giant/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
quests/mak/dragons/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
quests/mak/chaos/ 39 (0.4%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
quests/mak/ 3 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
quests/hendel/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
quests/cd/ 21 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
python/misc/ 4 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
python/guilds/ 16 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
python/gods/ 2 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
python/events/remove/ 6 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
python/events/muzzle/ 2 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
python/events/login/ 4 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
python/events/kick/ 2 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
python/events/init/ 2 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
python/events/born/ 2 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
python/events/ 6 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
python/casino/ 10 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
python/IPO/ 15 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
pup_land/s_f/ 53 (0.6%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
pup_land/ruin_barbarian/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
pup_land/rainbow/red_town/ 6 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
pup_land/rainbow/Lv7/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
pup_land/rainbow/Lv6/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
pup_land/rainbow/Lv5/ 36 (0.4%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
pup_land/rainbow/Lv4/ 48 (0.5%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
pup_land/rainbow/Lv3/ 45 (0.5%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
pup_land/rainbow/Lv2/ 36 (0.4%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
pup_land/rainbow/Lv1/ 51 (0.5%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
pup_land/rainbow/ 42 (0.4%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
pup_land/raffle/ 44 (0.5%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
pup_land/pplant/ 20 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
pup_land/ordeal/ 27 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
pup_land/nurnberg/reception/ 75 (0.8%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
pup_land/nurnberg/dragonhangar/ 3 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
pup_land/nurnberg/dick/ 27 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
pup_land/nurnberg/castle_bauer/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
pup_land/nurnberg/apartment/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
pup_land/nurnberg/ 74 (0.8%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
pup_land/lone_town/shops/ 3 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
pup_land/lone_town/dragonhangar/ 3 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
pup_land/lone_town/cave/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
pup_land/lone_town/apartment/ 11 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
pup_land/lone_town/ 93 (1.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
pup_land/kurte/ 33 (0.4%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
pup_land/jk/ 6 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
pup_land/guilds/purple_butterfly/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
pup_land/guilds/laughing_skull/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
pup_land/cave_weapon/ 18 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
pup_land/castle_eureca/ 48 (0.5%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
pup_land/begin/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
pup_land/ancient/volcano/ 15 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
pup_land/ancient/village/siegfried/ 36 (0.4%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
pup_land/ancient/village/hole/ 18 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
pup_land/ancient/village/ 39 (0.4%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
pup_land/ancient/ruin/ 30 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
pup_land/ancient/mountain/ 48 (0.5%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
pup_land/ancient/kurte/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
pup_land/ancient/castle/ 33 (0.4%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
pup_land/ancient/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
pup_land/ 33 (0.4%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
port_joseph/town/ 30 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
port_joseph/pirates/ 36 (0.4%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
port_joseph/goblin/ 36 (0.4%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
port_joseph/ 2 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
planes/ 38 (0.4%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
navar_city/tower/ 21 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
navar_city/temples/ 30 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
navar_city/smugglers_cove/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
navar_city/slums/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
navar_city/mlab/ 156 (1.7%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
navar_city/magara/houses/ 15 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
navar_city/light/ 21 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
navar_city/jail/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
navar_city/illusion/ 24 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
navar_city/dreaming_sage/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
navar_city/dragon_hangar/ 3 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
navar_city/casino_infernal/ 6 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
navar_city/apartments/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
navar_city/ 51 (0.5%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
mlab/citydeclouds/cdcspire/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
mlab/citydeclouds/cdccastlekeep/ 18 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
mlab/citydeclouds/cdcbigstore/ 6 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
mlab/citydeclouds/bank/ 30 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
mlab/citydeclouds/ 36 (0.4%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
mlab/ 15 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
marksel/ 24 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
lake_country/snake_pit/ 32 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
lake_country/small_buildings/ 15 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
lake_country/shops/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
lake_country/marsh/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
lake_country/ebony/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
lake_country/dragon_hangar/ 3 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
lake_country/Sunset_Lake/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
lake_country/RETower/ 18 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
lake_country/Mwizard/ 30 (0.3%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
lake_country/Butakis/houses/ 18 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
lake_country/Butakis/ 84 (0.9%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
lake_country/ 3 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
inn_and_outpost/ 41 (0.4%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
euthville/ 60 (0.6%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
editor/walls/ 15 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
editor/picks/ 69 (0.7%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
dungeons/valriel/ 2 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
dungeons/train/ 33 (0.4%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
dungeons/monkey_temple/ 6 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
dungeons/hut/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
dungeons/grukks/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
dungeons/gorokh/ 2 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
dungeons/ 18 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
dragonisland/ 103 (1.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
darcap/undead/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
darcap/town2/ 21 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
darcap/quest/ 6 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
darcap/lynn/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
darcap/forgotten_town/shops/ 18 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
darcap/forgotten_town/quests/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
darcap/forgotten_town/ 16 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
darcap/darcap/guilds/smoking_cauldron/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
darcap/darcap/guilds/poisoned_dagger/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
darcap/darcap/circus/ 45 (0.5%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
darcap/cave/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
darcap/castle/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
darcap/ 8 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
brest/zorn/ 11 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
brest/taverns/ 3 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
brest/shops/ 6 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
brest/pshops/pshop9/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
brest/pshops/pshop8/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
brest/pshops/pshop7/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
brest/pshops/pshop6/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
brest/pshops/pshop5/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
brest/pshops/pshop4/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
brest/pshops/pshop3/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
brest/pshops/pshop27/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
brest/pshops/pshop26/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
brest/pshops/pshop25/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
brest/pshops/pshop24/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
brest/pshops/pshop23/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
brest/pshops/pshop22/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
brest/pshops/pshop21/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
brest/pshops/pshop20/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
brest/pshops/pshop2/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
brest/pshops/pshop19/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
brest/pshops/pshop18/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
brest/pshops/pshop17/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
brest/pshops/pshop16/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
brest/pshops/pshop15/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
brest/pshops/pshop14/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
brest/pshops/pshop13/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
brest/pshops/pshop12/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
brest/pshops/pshop11/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
brest/pshops/pshop10/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
brest/pshops/pshop1/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
brest/pshops/ 18 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
brest/brittany/ 66 (0.7%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
brest/black_shield/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
brest/asyvan/ 36 (0.4%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
brest/apartments/ 3 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
brest/Castle/ 14 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
brest/ 72 (0.8%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
azumauindo/zaseki_dzuki_ryoku/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
azumauindo/suno-yamatoshi/towers/ 15 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
azumauindo/suno-yamatoshi/tou/ 15 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
azumauindo/suno-yamatoshi/temples/ 6 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
azumauindo/suno-yamatoshi/shops/ 21 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
azumauindo/suno-yamatoshi/nenshou_youso/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
azumauindo/suno-yamatoshi/gates/ 9 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
azumauindo/suno-yamatoshi/buildings/ 21 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
azumauindo/suno-yamatoshi/apartments/ 3 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
azumauindo/ranbounagisatoshi/towers/ 15 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
azumauindo/ranbounagisatoshi/temples/ 6 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
azumauindo/ranbounagisatoshi/shops/ 18 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
azumauindo/ranbounagisatoshi/gates/ 6 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
azumauindo/ranbounagisatoshi/apartments/ 3 (0.0%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
azumauindo/misc/ 18 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
azumauindo/minatomachi/temples/ 6 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
azumauindo/minatomachi/stores/ 11 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
azumauindo/minatomachi/ketsueki_itsuryuu/ 12 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
azumauindo/minatomachi/gates/ 6 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
azumauindo/minatomachi/buildings/ 15 (0.2%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0
Info/ 8 (0.1%) 0 (0.0%) 0.0

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qal21 2008-05-13 13:20

Backport darcap/temple_justice/temple_justice.2 fix from trunk

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qal21 2006-12-17 01:23

Set svn:eol-style to LF for all map files in branches.

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  • azumauindo/minatomachi/buildings: guildkeybuilding1 (changed), guildkeybuildingB1 (changed), guildkeybuildingB2a (changed), guildkeybuildingB2b (changed), guildkeybuildingB2c (changed)
  • azumauindo/minatomachi/gates: gate1 (changed), gate2 (changed)
  • azumauindo/minatomachi/ketsueki_itsuryuu: bigchest (changed), ground (changed), storage_room (changed), upper (changed)
  • azumauindo/minatomachi/stores: buildshop (changed), diamondex1 (changed), generalstore (changed), postoffice (changed)
  • azumauindo/minatomachi/temples: templeruggilli1 (changed), templeruggilli2 (changed)
  • azumauindo/misc: cave1 (changed), entrance1 (changed), shrine1 (changed), shrine2 (changed), shrine3 (changed), shrineb1 (changed)
  • azumauindo/ranbounagisatoshi/apartments: sapartment (changed)
  • azumauindo/ranbounagisatoshi/gates: gate1 (changed), gate2 (changed)
  • azumauindo/ranbounagisatoshi/shops: groupshop (changed), groupshop2 (changed), groupshopb1 (changed), groupshopb2 (changed), potionshop1 (changed), tradecenter (changed)
  • azumauindo/ranbounagisatoshi/temples: rruggilli1 (changed), rruggilli2 (changed)
  • azumauindo/ranbounagisatoshi/towers: tou1 (changed), tou2 (changed), tou3 (changed), tou4 (changed), tou5 (changed)
  • azumauindo/suno-yamatoshi/apartments: lapartment1 (changed)
  • azumauindo/suno-yamatoshi/buildings: dojoA1 (changed), dojoA2 (changed), dojoB1 (changed), jadechesthouse1 (changed), ninjadojoA1 (changed), tatemonoA1 (changed), tatemonoA2 (changed)
  • azumauindo/suno-yamatoshi/gates: gate1 (changed), gate2 (changed), gate3 (changed)
  • azumauindo/suno-yamatoshi/nenshou_youso: bigchest (changed), ground (changed), storage_room (changed), upper (changed)
  • azumauindo/suno-yamatoshi/shops: armourshop1 (changed), bank1 (changed), bank2 (changed), magicshop1 (changed), magicshop2 (changed), pawn1 (changed), weaponshop1 (changed)
  • azumauindo/suno-yamatoshi/temples: ruggilli1 (changed), ruggilli2 (changed)
  • azumauindo/suno-yamatoshi/tou: tou1 (changed), tou2 (changed), tou3 (changed), tou4 (changed), tou5 (changed)
  • azumauindo/suno-yamatoshi/towers: tou1 (changed), tou2 (changed), tou3 (changed), tou4 (changed), tou5 (changed)
  • azumauindo/zaseki_dzuki_ryoku: bigchest (changed), ground (changed), storage_room (changed), upper (changed)
  • brest: amphis (changed), brest.IPO (changed), brest.armour (changed), brest.cvt (changed), brest.food (changed), brest.inn (changed), brest.magic (changed), brest.scrolls (changed), brest.scrolls.right (changed), brest.scrolls.upper.1 (changed), brest.scrolls.upper.2 (changed), brest.trademarket (changed), brest.weapon (changed), elec.jes (changed), info.2.zoon (changed), info_first (changed), jes.admini (changed), jes.admini.1 (changed), ludo1 (changed), ludo2 (changed), nasty_house (changed), pantheon (changed), sport.jess (changed), underground (changed), underground2 (changed)
  • brest/Castle: AcidChamber (changed), DragonRoom (changed), Finale (changed), LargeRoom (changed), castle (changed)
  • brest/apartments: brest_town_house (changed)
  • brest/asyvan: gate1 (changed), gate2 (changed), gate3 (changed), gate4 (changed), gate5 (changed), gate6 (changed), gate7 (changed), gate8 (changed), gate9 (changed), palace1 (changed), palace2 (changed), palace3 (changed)
  • brest/black_shield: bigchest (changed), ground (changed), storage_room (changed), upper (changed)
  • brest/brittany: dol-guldur.1 (changed), dol-guldur.2 (changed), dol-guldur.3 (changed), dol-guldur.4 (changed), dol-guldur.5 (changed), dol-guldur.6 (changed), enigme.1 (changed), enigme.2 (changed), enigme.3 (changed), enigme.4 (changed), enigme.5 (changed), enigme.6 (changed), hole (changed), jessy.1 (changed), jessy.2 (changed), jessy.3 (changed), khazad.1 (changed), khazad.2 (changed), khazad.3 (changed), khazad.4 (changed), khazad.5 (changed), tower_of__zoon (changed)
  • brest/pshops: pshops_main (changed), pshopsinc (changed), pshopsinc2 (changed), ugriver1 (changed)
  • brest/pshops/pshop1: basement (changed), floor1 (changed), floor2 (changed), gfloor (changed)
  • brest/pshops/pshop10: basement (changed), floor1 (changed), floor2 (changed), gfloor (changed)
  • brest/pshops/pshop11: basement (changed), floor1 (changed), floor2 (changed), gfloor (changed)
  • brest/pshops/pshop12: basement (changed), floor1 (changed), floor2 (changed), gfloor (changed)
  • brest/pshops/pshop13: basement (changed), floor1 (changed), floor2 (changed), gfloor (changed)
  • brest/pshops/pshop14: basement (changed), floor1 (changed), floor2 (changed), gfloor (changed)
  • brest/pshops/pshop15: basement (changed), floor1 (changed), floor2 (changed), gfloor (changed)
  • brest/pshops/pshop16: basement (changed), floor1 (changed), floor2 (changed), gfloor (changed)
  • brest/pshops/pshop17: basement (changed), floor1 (changed), floor2 (changed), gfloor (changed)
  • brest/pshops/pshop18: basement (changed), floor1 (changed), floor2 (changed), gfloor (changed)
  • brest/pshops/pshop19: basement (changed), floor1 (changed), floor2 (changed), gfloor (changed)
  • brest/pshops/pshop2: basement (changed), floor1 (changed), floor2 (changed), gfloor (changed)
  • brest/pshops/pshop20: basement (changed), floor1 (changed), floor2 (changed), gfloor (changed)
  • brest/pshops/pshop21: basement (changed), floor1 (changed), floor2 (changed), gfloor (changed)
  • brest/pshops/pshop22: basement (changed), floor1 (changed), floor2 (changed), gfloor (changed)
  • brest/pshops/pshop23: basement (changed), floor1 (changed), floor2 (changed), gfloor (changed)
  • brest/pshops/pshop24: basement (changed), floor1 (changed), floor2 (changed), gfloor (changed)
  • brest/pshops/pshop25: basement (changed), floor1 (changed), floor2 (changed), gfloor (changed)
  • brest/pshops/pshop26: basement (changed), floor1 (changed), floor2 (changed), gfloor (changed)
  • brest/pshops/pshop27: basement (changed), floor1 (changed), floor2 (changed), gfloor (changed)
  • brest/pshops/pshop3: basement (changed), floor1 (changed), floor2 (changed), gfloor (changed)
  • brest/pshops/pshop4: basement (changed), floor1 (changed), floor2 (changed), gfloor (changed)
  • brest/pshops/pshop5: basement (changed), floor1 (changed), floor2 (changed), gfloor (changed)
  • brest/pshops/pshop6: basement (changed), floor1 (changed), floor2 (changed), gfloor (changed)
  • brest/pshops/pshop7: basement (changed), floor1 (changed), floor2 (changed), gfloor (changed)
  • brest/pshops/pshop8: basement (changed), floor1 (changed), floor2 (changed), gfloor (changed)
  • brest/pshops/pshop9: basement (changed), floor1 (changed), floor2 (changed), gfloor (changed)
  • brest/shops: buildshop (changed), buildshop2 (changed)
  • brest/taverns: brest.seaside.tavern (changed)
  • brest/zorn: castle.basement0 (changed), castle.mainfloor (changed), castle.upper.floor.one (changed), castle.upper.floor.two (changed)
  • darcap: house1 (changed), village1 (changed)
  • darcap/castle: castle2.0 (changed), castle2.1 (changed), castle2.2 (changed), castle2.3 (changed)
  • darcap/cave: level1 (changed), level2 (changed), level3 (changed), level4 (changed)
  • darcap/darcap: apartment (changed), church (changed), gshop (changed), houses (changed), inn (changed), maze (changed), pirates.1 (changed), potionshop (changed), quest (changed), shop_a (changed), shop_g (changed), shop_m (changed), shop_w (changed), tavern (changed), temple (changed)
  • darcap/darcap/circus: bigtop (changed), chess (changed), circus (changed), double (changed), ghost (changed), illusions (changed), movers (changed), roller1 (changed), roller2 (changed), roller3 (changed), shooting (changed), strength (changed), walls (changed), wheel (changed), wurfbude (changed)
  • darcap/darcap/guilds/poisoned_dagger: bigchest (changed), ground (changed), storage_room (changed), upper (changed)
  • darcap/darcap/guilds/smoking_cauldron: bigchest (changed), ground (changed), storage_room (changed), upper (changed)
  • darcap/forgotten_town: city (changed), enter (changed), ft_dragonslib (changed), ft_funhouse (changed), inn (changed), palace (changed)
  • darcap/forgotten_town/quests: ft_quest_1 (changed), ft_quest_2 (changed), ft_quest_40 (changed)
  • darcap/forgotten_town/shops: armour (changed), general (changed), general2 (changed), magic (changed), potion (changed), weapon (changed)
  • darcap/lynn: castle1.0 (changed), castle1.1 (changed), castle1.2 (changed), castle1.3 (changed)
  • darcap/quest: fire (changed), water (changed)
  • darcap/town2: shop_b (changed), shop_f (changed), tower1 (changed), tower2 (changed), tower3 (changed), tower4 (changed), towers (changed)
  • darcap/undead: undead.1 (changed), undead.2 (changed), undead.3 (changed)
  • dragonisland: advguild (changed), advguild2 (changed), advguild3 (changed), advshop0 (changed), advshop1 (changed), advshop2 (changed), advshop3 (changed), advshop4 (changed), advshop5 (changed), advshop6 (changed), apartment2 (changed), apartment3 (changed), bloodwell (changed), damarishouse0 (changed), damarishouse1 (changed), damarishouse2 (changed), dragonmountain0 (changed), dragonmountain1 (changed), drowmansion (changed), hangar (changed), hangar2 (changed), hangar3 (changed), house1 (changed), house4 (changed), house5 (changed), house6 (changed), house7 (changed), house8 (changed), house9 (changed), housebrxzl (changed), intwell (changed), keysale (changed), luxhouse (changed), tavern (changed), thievesden (changed)
  • dungeons: barad_dur (changed), castle_aaaarg (changed), hole (changed), ruins (changed), trollbridge (changed), xyzzy-mines (changed)
  • dungeons/gorokh: gorokh_final (changed), gorokh_treasure (changed)
  • dungeons/grukks: grukks.1 (changed), grukks.2 (changed), grukks.3 (changed), grukks.4 (changed)
  • dungeons/hut: ancient_hut (changed), kjerring (changed), watertunnel (changed)
  • dungeons/monkey_temple: m_temple1 (changed), m_temple2 (changed)
  • dungeons/train: demon_train (changed), dragon_train (changed), gobl_zomb_train (changed), goblin (changed), humanoid_train (changed), ogre (changed), ogre_skel_train (changed), skeleton (changed), train-old (changed), undead_train (changed), zombie (changed)
  • dungeons/valriel: valriel_final (changed), valriel_treasure (changed)
  • editor/picks: TownStaff (changed), alchemy (changed), alltown (changed), artifacts (changed), background (changed), classes (changed), equipment (changed), exits (changed), food-bparts (changed), indoors (changed), items (changed), lakes (changed), monsters (changed), monsters2 (changed), monsters3 (changed), other (changed), outdoors (changed), readables (changed), rivers (changed), runes (changed), shops (changed), special (changed), town (changed)
  • editor/walls: caves (changed), caves2 (changed), misc (changed), wall (changed), wall-special (changed)
  • euthville: boulder_inferno (changed), demon_quest (changed), devil.church1 (changed), devil.church2 (changed), devil.church3 (changed), devil.church4 (changed), devil.church5 (changed), hallofbones (changed), magic.shop (changed), map.fr.0 (changed), map.fr.1 (changed), map.fr.2 (changed), map.fr.3 (changed), wiz1 (changed), wiz2 (changed), wiz3 (changed), wiz4 (changed), wiz5 (changed), wiz6 (changed), wiz7 (changed)
  • inn_and_outpost: hermes_inn (changed), hermes_inn2 (changed), nirlas_house (changed), outpost_aranor1 (changed), pypers_treehouse (changed), sweets_inn (changed), sweets_inn2 (changed), treehouse_df1 (changed), treehouse_df2 (changed), treehouse_df3 (changed), treehouse_df4 (changed), treehouse_df5 (changed), treehouse_df6 (changed)
  • lake_country: DA (changed)
  • lake_country/Butakis: B_gshop (changed), B_wshop (changed), Butakis0 (changed), Rlib1 (changed), Rlib2 (changed), Wist_portal (changed), Wist_study (changed), alchemist (changed), arena (changed), blacksmith (changed), church-1 (changed), church0 (changed), church1 (changed), gate_inner (changed), gate_outer (changed), inn (changed), luck1 (changed), luck2 (changed), luck3 (changed), p_ghouse_s (changed), p_ghouse_w (changed), prison-1 (changed), prison0 (changed), prison1 (changed), prison_e (changed), prison_n (changed), prison_s (changed), prison_w (changed)
  • lake_country/Butakis/houses: Bobs_house (changed), Jacks_house (changed), Jacobs_house (changed), James_house (changed), Sams_house (changed), Seans_house (changed)
  • lake_country/Mwizard: Mwizard0 (changed), Mwizard1 (changed), Mwizard2 (changed), Mwizard3 (changed), Mwizard4 (changed), Mwizard5 (changed), Mwizard6 (changed), MwizardD (changed), MwizardG (changed), MwizardT (changed)
  • lake_country/RETower: tower0 (changed), tower1 (changed), tower2 (changed), tower3 (changed), tower4 (changed), tower5 (changed)
  • lake_country/Sunset_Lake: fortress (changed), gatehouse (changed), inn (changed)
  • lake_country/dragon_hangar: hangar (changed)
  • lake_country/ebony: entrance1 (changed), entrance2 (changed), masterlev (changed)
  • lake_country/marsh: marsh1_1 (changed), marsh1_2 (changed), marsh2_1 (changed), marsh2_2 (changed)
  • lake_country/shops: Mopoon_wshop (changed), Olds_jewel (changed), clems_archery (changed), klondors_wands (changed)
  • lake_country/small_buildings: LC_inn1 (changed), burial_ground (changed), hut_Galmorus (changed), oak_twak1 (changed), portal (changed)
  • lake_country/snake_pit: Chaos_lair1 (changed), Chaos_lair2 (changed), Chaos_lair3 (changed), Chaos_lair4 (changed), Takuse_lair (changed), pit (changed), snakepit_1 (changed), snakepit_2 (changed), snakepit_3 (changed), snakepit_4 (changed), snakepit_5 (changed)
  • marksel: cellar (changed), church (changed), grumms_inn (changed), grumms_inn2 (changed), keep (changed), mines (changed), shop (changed), wizard (changed)
  • mlab: mlabscrntrd1 (changed), mlabscrntrd2 (changed), mlabscrntrdb1 (changed), mlabscrntrdb2 (changed), mlabscrntrdb3 (changed)
  • mlab/citydeclouds: citydeclouds2A (changed), citydeclouds2B (changed), citydeclouds2C (changed), citydeclouds2D (changed), citydeclouds2E (changed), citydeclouds2F (changed), citydeclouds2G (changed), citydeclouds2H (changed), citydeclouds2I (changed), citydecloudsA (changed), citydecloudsB (changed), citydecloudsC (changed)
  • mlab/citydeclouds/bank: bank1 (changed), bank2 (changed), bank3 (changed), bank4 (changed), bank5 (changed), vaulta1 (changed), vaultb2 (changed), vaultc3 (changed), vaultd4 (changed), vaulte5 (changed)
  • mlab/citydeclouds/cdcbigstore: cdcbigstore2f (changed), cdcbigstore3f (changed)
  • mlab/citydeclouds/cdccastlekeep: cdccastlekeep1 (changed), cdccastlekeep2 (changed), cdccastlekeep3 (changed), cdccastlekeep4 (changed), cdccastlekeepb1 (changed), cdckeepbarrack1 (changed)
  • mlab/citydeclouds/cdcspire: cdcspire1 (changed), cdcspireexit1 (changed), cdcspireexit2 (changed)
  • navar_city: city1church1 (changed), city1court (changed), city1enter (changed), city1houses (changed), city1houses2 (changed), city1houses3 (changed), city1prison (changed), collosium (changed), spyhouse (changed), warehouse1 (changed), warehouse2 (changed), warehouse3 (changed), warehouse4 (changed), warehouse5 (changed), warehouse6 (changed), warehouse7 (changed), warehouse8 (changed)
  • navar_city/apartments: apartment (changed), apartment_attic (changed), apartment_basement (changed), apartment_upstairs (changed)
  • navar_city/casino_infernal: casino_infernal1 (changed), casino_infernal2 (changed)
  • navar_city/dragon_hangar: hangar (changed)
  • navar_city/dreaming_sage: bigchest (changed), ground (changed), storage_room (changed), upper (changed)
  • navar_city/illusion: illexit (changed), illtow1 (changed), illtow2 (changed), illtow3 (changed), illtow4 (changed), illtow5 (changed), illtow6 (changed), illtow7 (changed)
  • navar_city/jail: jail (changed), jail2 (changed), jail3 (changed)
  • navar_city/light: light0 (changed), light1 (changed), light2 (changed), light3 (changed), light4 (changed), smugship (changed), smugship1 (changed)
  • navar_city/magara/houses: earth_house (changed), family_house (changed), kaisas_place (changed), large_house (changed), museum (changed)
  • navar_city/misc: IPO_navar (changed), aliscave (changed), aliswell (changed), bowyer (changed), buildshop (changed), city1armour (changed), city1bank (changed), city1gen (changed), city1magic (changed), city1mermaid (changed), city1smith (changed), city1weapon (changed), dragon_guild (changed), jeweler (changed), kitchen (changed), library (changed), market1 (changed), market2 (changed), navarwiz (changed), tannery (changed), thamshop (changed), theater (changed), theater2 (changed), theater3 (changed), theater4 (changed), theaterb1 (changed), theaterb2 (changed), theaterb3 (changed), theaterb4 (changed)
  • navar_city/mlab: dream (changed), tavern (changed), tavern2 (changed), tavern3 (changed), tavern4 (changed), tavern5 (changed), tavern6 (changed), tavern7 (changed), tavernb1 (changed), tavernb2 (changed), tavernb3 (changed), tavernb4 (changed), thehole (changed), ttower10 (changed), ttower11 (changed), ttower12 (changed), ttower13 (changed), ttower14 (changed), ttower15 (changed), ttower16 (changed), ttower17 (changed), ttower18 (changed), ttower19 (changed), ttower20 (changed), ttower21 (changed), ttower22 (changed), ttower23 (changed), ttower24 (changed), ttower25 (changed), ttower26 (changed), ttower27 (changed), ttower28 (changed), ttower29 (changed), ttower30 (changed), ttower31 (changed), ttower32 (changed), ttower33 (changed), ttower34 (changed), ttower35 (changed), ttower36 (changed), ttower37 (changed), ttower38 (changed), ttower39 (changed), ttower40 (changed), ttower41 (changed), ttower42 (changed), ttower43 (changed), ttower44 (changed), ttower45 (changed), ttower8 (changed), ttower9 (changed), ttowerchoswld1 (changed)
  • navar_city/slums: Iggys_house (changed), Iggys_house_lower (changed), Iggys_house_upper (changed), rockgardens (changed)
  • navar_city/smugglers_cove: sc_warehouse (changed), sc_warehouse2 (changed), sc_warehouse3 (changed), smugglercamp (changed)
  • navar_city/temples: gaea (changed), gorokh (changed), gorokh2 (changed), ixalovh (changed), ixalovh2 (changed), ruggilli (changed), ruggilli2 (changed), sorig (changed), templelyth (changed), valriel (changed)
  • navar_city/tower: magetower1 (changed), magetower2 (changed), magetower3 (changed), magetower4 (changed), magetower5 (changed), magetower_low (changed), magetowfinal (changed)
  • planes: IPO_storage (changed), greenway1 (changed), greenway2 (changed), greenway3 (changed), greenway4 (changed), greenway5 (changed), greenway6 (changed), greenway7 (changed), greenway8 (changed), greenway9 (changed), harcanna_wood (changed), sorrow_ruin (changed)
  • port_joseph/goblin: caves (changed), dungeon1 (changed), dungeon2 (changed), dungeon3 (changed), fort2 (changed), fortress (changed), hole (changed), hut (changed), netower (changed), nwtower (changed), setower (changed), swtower (changed)
  • port_joseph/pirates: fortvsship (changed), madvillage (changed), mbgrave (changed), mbgrave2 (changed), mooglyprize (changed), mooglypuzzle (changed), tortcave (changed), torthole (changed), tortship (changed), tortship2 (changed), tortship3 (changed), torttemple (changed)
  • port_joseph/town: church (changed), churchcrypt (changed), churchtower (changed), dshark (changed), generalstore (changed), inn (changed), ixalovh_shrine (changed), portia (changed), portia2 (changed), tomassos_house (changed)
  • pup_land: barrier (changed), hall2 (changed), hall_of_fame (changed), hq (changed), hq_ud (changed), port_e (changed), port_e_house (changed), port_w (changed), terminal (changed), terminal_u1 (changed), world (changed)
  • pup_land/ancient: company (changed), to_future (changed), world (changed)
  • pup_land/ancient/castle: castle.1 (changed), castle.2 (changed), castle.3 (changed), castle.4 (changed), castle.5 (changed), castle.6 (changed), castle.ud1 (changed), ghoswolte (changed), gothwolte.1 (changed), gothwolte.2 (changed), gothwolte.3 (changed)
  • pup_land/ancient/kurte: house (changed), kurte (changed), shop (changed)
  • pup_land/ancient/mountain: atelir1 (changed), atelir2 (changed), cave.b1 (changed), cave.b2 (changed), cave.b3 (changed), mountain.a1 (changed), mountain.a2 (changed), mountain.a3 (changed), mountain.b1 (changed), mountain.b2 (changed), mountain.b3 (changed), tower.1 (changed), tower.2 (changed), tower.3 (changed), tower.4 (changed), tower.b1 (changed)
  • pup_land/ancient/ruin: house1 (changed), house2 (changed), house3 (changed), house4 (changed), house5 (changed), path (changed), shop (changed), tower (changed), underground (changed), village (changed)
  • pup_land/ancient/village: graveyard (changed), hut1 (changed), hut2 (changed), hut3 (changed), hut4 (changed), hut5 (changed), hut6 (changed), inn (changed), library (changed), shop (changed), tavern (changed), tavern1 (changed), village (changed)
  • pup_land/ancient/village/hole: hole.B1 (changed), hole.B2 (changed), hole.B3 (changed), hole.B4 (changed), hole.B5 (changed), hole.B6 (changed)
  • pup_land/ancient/village/siegfried: lever (changed), siegfried.1 (changed), siegfried.2 (changed), siegfried.3 (changed), siegfried.B1 (changed), siegfried.B2 (changed), siegfried.B3 (changed), siegfried.B4 (changed), siegfried.B5 (changed), siegfried.B5a (changed), siegfried.B5b (changed), siegfried.B5c (changed)
  • pup_land/ancient/volcano: guardians (changed), treasure (changed), volcano.1 (changed), volcano.2 (changed), volcano.3 (changed)
  • pup_land/begin: adv (changed), p1 (changed), p2 (changed), p3 (changed)
  • pup_land/castle_eureca: castle_eureca1 (changed), castle_eureca2 (changed), castle_eureca3 (changed), castle_eureca4 (changed), castle_eureca5 (changed), castle_eureca6 (changed), castle_eureca7 (changed), castle_eureca8 (changed), castle_eureca9 (changed), castle_eurecaB1 (changed), castle_eurecaB2 (changed), cave_pass (changed), cave_pass2 (changed), cave_pass3 (changed), cave_pass4 (changed), chest (changed)
  • pup_land/cave_weapon: cave1 (changed), cave2 (changed), cave3 (changed), cave4 (changed), cave5 (changed), cave51 (changed)
  • pup_land/guilds/laughing_skull: bigchest (changed), ground (changed), storage_room (changed), upper (changed)
  • pup_land/guilds/purple_butterfly: bigchest (changed), ground (changed), storage_room (changed), upper (changed)
  • pup_land/jk: gs_house (changed), heads (changed)
  • pup_land/kurte: eureca_road1 (changed), eureca_road2 (changed), eureca_road3 (changed), eureca_road31 (changed), house (changed), hut1 (changed), hut2 (changed), jungle (changed), kurte (changed), penta (changed), to_past (changed)
  • pup_land/lone_town: bank (changed), church (changed), church_ud (changed), cordish (changed), cordish2 (changed), dress1 (changed), dress2 (changed), dress3 (changed), gemshop (changed), gemshop_ud (changed), gshop (changed), gshop_ud (changed), guild_freedom (changed), guild_freedom_ud (changed), guild_law (changed), guild_law_ud (changed), heinrich (changed), inn (changed), magic (changed), mshop (changed), mshop_ud (changed), nf_bar (changed), pupuly (changed), tavern (changed), tavern_ud (changed), thief_market (changed), town (changed), town_ud1 (changed), town_ud2 (changed), training (changed), training2 (changed)
  • pup_land/lone_town/apartment: basement (changed), groundfloor (changed), sharedcourtyard (changed), upper1 (changed)
  • pup_land/lone_town/cave: b1 (changed), b2 (changed), b3 (changed)
  • pup_land/lone_town/dragonhangar: hangar (changed)
  • pup_land/lone_town/shops: buildshop (changed)
  • pup_land/nurnberg: IPO_nurnberg (changed), agito (changed), alshop (changed), aqueduct (changed), ashop (changed), bank (changed), bshop (changed), castle (changed), castle_ud (changed), church (changed), city (changed), fshop (changed), guild (changed), guild_ud (changed), hotel (changed), hq (changed), hq_training (changed), jshop (changed), nf_bar (changed), paslab (changed), pshop (changed), storehouse (changed), storehouse2 (changed), washop (changed), wshop (changed)
  • pup_land/nurnberg/apartment: cave (changed), main (changed), to_past (changed), upstairs (changed)
  • pup_land/nurnberg/castle_bauer: castle2 (changed), castle3 (changed), castle4 (changed)
  • pup_land/nurnberg/dick: bomb (changed), bomb1 (changed), click (changed), heaven (changed), hell (changed), house (changed), house2 (changed), maze (changed), showinv (changed)
  • pup_land/nurnberg/dragonhangar: hangar (changed)
  • pup_land/nurnberg/reception: electricity2 (changed), electricity3 (changed), electricity4 (changed), electricity5 (changed), electricity6 (changed), electricity7 (changed), fire2 (changed), fire3 (changed), fire4 (changed), fire5 (changed), fire6 (changed), fire7 (changed), reception (changed), water2 (changed), water3 (changed), water4 (changed), water5 (changed), water6 (changed), water7 (changed), wind2 (changed), wind3 (changed), wind4 (changed), wind5 (changed), wind6 (changed), wind7 (changed)
  • pup_land/ordeal: tower_ordeal1 (changed), tower_ordeal2 (changed), tower_ordeal3 (changed), tower_ordeal4 (changed), tower_ordeal5 (changed), tower_ordeal6 (changed), tower_ordealB1 (changed), tower_ordealB2 (changed), tower_ordealB3 (changed)
  • pup_land/pplant: pplant1 (changed), pplant2 (changed), pplant3 (changed), pplant_ud1 (changed), pplant_ud2 (changed), pplant_ud3 (changed)
  • pup_land/raffle: raffle1 (changed), raffle1_u1 (changed), raffle1_u2 (changed), raffle1_u3 (changed), raffle2 (changed), raffle2_u1 (changed), raffle2_u2_a (changed), raffle2_u2_b (changed), raffle2_u3 (changed), raffle2_u3a (changed), raffle2_u4 (changed), raffle3 (changed), raffle3_u1 (changed), raffle3_u2 (changed), raffle3_u2a (changed)
  • pup_land/rainbow: Keira (changed), bed_room (changed), entrance1 (changed), islands (changed), l_h1 (changed), l_h2 (changed), l_hB (changed), river (changed), roof (changed), shore (changed), station (changed), w-tower (changed), well (changed), woods (changed)
  • pup_land/rainbow/Lv1: Bizuzu (changed), b_pass (changed), cage (changed), cd_room (changed), d_pass (changed), e_hall (changed), f_a (changed), g_boss (changed), g_road (changed), hut1 (changed), hut2 (changed), hut3 (changed), hut4 (changed), n_gate (changed), orc_f (changed), prison (changed), t_room (changed)
  • pup_land/rainbow/Lv2: Kum (changed), b_inner (changed), b_m (changed), b_m2 (changed), d_cage (changed), e_hall (changed), h_pass (changed), holes (changed), maze (changed), n_gate (changed), sticky (changed), tray (changed)
  • pup_land/rainbow/Lv3: Garan (changed), Goraon (changed), Ring (changed), Rufto (changed), Wips (changed), c-road (changed), e-path (changed), e_hall (changed), hidden (changed), maze (changed), n-gate (changed), name (changed), prison (changed), sec-p (changed), w-path (changed)
  • pup_land/rainbow/Lv4: alter (changed), alter2 (changed), bot (changed), curve (changed), demi (changed), e-hall (changed), hidden (changed), junk (changed), key (changed), mf (changed), n-gate (changed), path4 (changed), path7 (changed), path8 (changed), path9 (changed), statue (changed)
  • pup_land/rainbow/Lv5: cross (changed), e-hall (changed), n-gate (changed), romm88 (changed), room2 (changed), room22 (changed), room4 (changed), room44 (changed), room6 (changed), room66 (changed), room8 (changed), room88 (changed)
  • pup_land/rainbow/Lv6: big-hall (changed), e-hall (changed), n-gate (changed), order (changed)
  • pup_land/rainbow/Lv7: back (changed), e-hall (changed), grave (changed)
  • pup_land/rainbow/red_town: shop (changed), town (changed)
  • pup_land/ruin_barbarian: hole1 (changed), hole2 (changed), jungle (changed)
  • pup_land/s_f: Kira (changed), cave1 (changed), cave2 (changed), floor1 (changed), floor2 (changed), ki (changed), ki2 (changed), ruin (changed), ruin_ug (changed), secret (changed), special (changed), st1 (changed), st2 (changed), st3 (changed), st5 (changed), st6 (changed), st7 (changed), to-jyo (changed)
  • quests/cd: cd.castle.750 (changed), cd.cellar1.757 (changed), cd.inn.752 (changed), cd.store.753 (changed), cd.tower1.754 (changed), cd.tower2.755 (changed), cd.tunnel.751 (changed)
  • quests/hendel: acid_room (changed), mountain_pass (changed), pre_acid (changed)
  • quests/mak: MainFloor (changed)
  • quests/mak/chaos: down1 (changed), down2 (changed), down3 (changed), down4 (changed), down5 (changed), fallen (changed), monsters.pick (changed), tritemples (changed), up1 (changed), up2 (changed), up3 (changed), up4 (changed), up5 (changed)
  • quests/mak/dragons: chaos (changed), elec (changed), fire (changed), ice (changed)
  • quests/mak/giant: mainfloor (changed), secondfloor (changed), thirdfloor (changed)
  • quests/mak/mansion: basement (changed), floor1 (changed), floor2 (changed)
  • quests/mak/troll_cave: Guards (changed), cave.1 (changed), cave.2 (changed), cave.3 (changed)
  • quests/mak/undead: catacombs (changed), graveyard (changed), mausoleum (changed)
  • quests/mak/unnatural: unnat (changed)
  • quests/mcz: castle1 (changed), castle_air (changed), castle_earth (changed), castle_fire (changed), castle_low1 (changed), castle_low2 (changed), castle_water (changed)
  • quests/peterm: Nethack_in_crossfire_Yendor (changed), Nethack_in_crossfire_entrance (changed)
  • quests/peterm/CTower: Barracks (changed), Chamber (changed), Dungeon (changed), GroundLevel (changed), Laboratory (changed), Library (changed), Officers (changed), Servants (changed), Study (changed), TowerTop (changed)
  • quests/peterm/Demonology: AirMaster (changed), AirStudy (changed), AirTower1 (changed), AirTower2 (changed), ApprenticeLevel (changed), Demon1 (changed), Demon2 (changed), Demon3 (changed), EarthMaster (changed), EarthStudy (changed), EarthTower1 (changed), EarthTower2 (changed), FireMaster (changed), FireStudy (changed), FireTower1 (changed), FireTower2 (changed), GroundLevel (changed), HighTower1 (changed), HighTower2 (changed), HighTowerTop (changed), JourneymanLevel (changed), MasterLevel (changed), WaterMaster (changed), WaterStudy (changed), WaterTower1 (changed), WaterTower2 (changed)
  • quests/peterm/DragonQuest: ElectricAnte (changed), ElectricHatchery (changed), ElectricLord (changed), Entrance (changed), FireAnte (changed), FireHatchery (changed), FireLord (changed), IceAnte (changed), IceHatchery (changed), IceLord (changed), WyvernNest (changed)
  • quests/peterm/FireTemple: Entrance (changed), FifthFloor (changed), Fire1 (changed), Fire2 (changed), Fire3 (changed), Fire4 (changed), FirstFloor (changed), FourthFloor (changed), HotMines (changed), LavaChamber (changed), Mezannine1 (changed), Passageway (changed), SecondFloor (changed), ThirdFloor (changed)
  • quests/peterm/quests: TitanGate (changed), dragon_quest (changed), dragonquest2 (changed), goblin_chief (changed), mushroom_quest (changed), ogre_chief (changed), titan_quest (changed), wyvern_quest (changed)
  • quests/peterm/temple: AnteChamber (changed), GemTunnel (changed), InnerTemple (changed), OuterTemple (changed), Temple (changed)
  • quests/skud: court (changed), east_1 (changed), entrance (changed), maze (changed), north_1 (changed), west_1 (changed)
  • quests/todd/aljwaf: crypt (changed), crypt2 (changed), crypt3 (changed), crypt4 (changed), crypt5 (changed), crypt6 (changed), hall1 (changed), hall2 (changed), ruins (changed), tomb (changed), tower1 (changed), tower2 (changed), tower3 (changed), tower4 (changed)
  • santo_dominion: basement (changed), city_hall (changed), crossfire (changed), den (changed), house_of_hell (changed), just_preliminary (changed), map.and.sale (changed), map.stigkr.1 (changed), map.stigkr.2 (changed), noble_rest (changed), north_barn (changed), north_farm (changed), peacock (changed), sdomino_appartment (changed), south_barn (changed), tavern (changed), tavern.2ndfloor (changed), tavern.downstairs (changed), tobias (changed), tobias.top (changed), tollpost (changed)
  • santo_dominion/eeur: hut.1 (changed), hut.2 (changed)
  • santo_dominion/espen: espen1 (changed), espen2 (changed), palace (changed)
  • santo_dominion/guilds/drunken_barbarian: bigchest (changed), ground (changed), storage_room (changed), upper (changed)
  • santo_dominion/houses: house1 (changed)
  • santo_dominion/lord_byron: 1st_floor (changed), 2nd_floor (changed), dungeon (changed), main (changed)
  • santo_dominion/magara: opera (changed)
  • santo_dominion/magara/hut: floor_1 (changed), floor_2 (changed), floor_3 (changed)
  • santo_dominion/magara/north_lighthouse: floor_1 (changed), floor_2 (changed), floor_3 (changed), floor_4 (changed)
  • santo_dominion/magara/south_lighthouse: floor_1 (changed), floor_2 (changed), floor_3 (changed), floor_4 (changed)
  • santo_dominion/magara/well: cave (changed), top (changed), treasure (changed)
  • santo_dominion/mudman: mudman.1 (changed), mudman.2 (changed), mudman.3 (changed)
  • santo_dominion/shaft: undeadshaft.1 (changed), undeadshaft.2 (changed), undeadshaft.3 (changed), undeadshaft.4 (changed)
  • santo_dominion/shops: armour (changed), eliks (changed), erash (changed), nosferatu (changed), rings (changed)
  • scorn/anthony: passoffice (changed), portgate (changed), prison (changed)
  • scorn/apartment: Apartments1 (changed), Apartments2 (changed), Apartments3 (changed), Apartments4 (changed), Apartments5 (changed), apartments (changed)
  • scorn/cannery: ware1 (changed)
  • scorn/crow/train: train (changed)
  • scorn/dtabb: cave (changed), cave2 (changed), cave3 (changed)
  • scorn/guilds: guildhousesinc (changed)
  • scorn/guilds/mailed_fist: bigchest (changed), ground (changed), storage_room (changed), upper (changed)
  • scorn/houses: angrygiant (changed), barracks (changed), bowyer (changed), breezy_acres (changed), breezy_under (changed), breezy_under2 (changed), chess_club (changed), cornerbrook (changed), cornerbrook_under (changed), easy_house.1.a (changed), easy_house.1.b (changed), easy_house.1.c (changed), farmhouse (changed), house.haunted (changed), house.haunted2 (changed), house1 (changed), house2 (changed), house3.1st (changed), house3.2nd (changed), house3.bas1 (changed), house3.bas2 (changed), jeweler (changed), jones (changed), kitchen (changed), map.fr.ruin (changed), maze1 (changed), messhall (changed), newhouse1 (changed), resir (changed), riverside_manor (changed), riverside_under (changed), smithery (changed), tannery (changed), wizardw (changed), wizz.entry (changed), wizz.lev1 (changed), wizz.lev1.pass1 (changed)
  • scorn/kar: creepy.house (changed), creepy.house2 (changed), drink (changed), gorks1 (changed), gorks2 (changed), gorks3 (changed), somehouse (changed), somehouse2 (changed), somehouse3 (changed)
  • scorn/magara: porter_house (changed)
  • scorn/mansion: entrance (changed), garden (changed), muriskunes (changed), str-tunnel (changed), stronghold (changed)
  • scorn/misc: HallOfQuests (changed), HospitalityRoom (changed), HouseofHealing (changed), PowerHouse (changed), beginners (changed), beginners2 (changed), castle (changed), castle2 (changed), church (changed), cityhall (changed), devourlower (changed), dragon_guild (changed), drywell (changed), gatehouse (changed), jail (changed), jail_upper (changed), kboldtemp1 (changed), kboldtemp1b1 (changed), kboldtemp1b2 (changed), kboldtemp1b3 (changed), kboldtemp1b4 (changed), library (changed), map.esben.2 (changed), mercenaries (changed), port_arena (changed), prison (changed), puddings.place (changed), templedevour (changed), templelyth (changed), testing_area (changed), wizhide (changed), zoo (changed), zoo2 (changed)
  • scorn/misc/battle_arena: arena (changed), arena_ud (changed), entrance (changed), first-aide (changed), snack (changed)
  • scorn/oldcity: end (changed), oldcity1 (changed), oldcity10 (changed), oldcity11 (changed), oldcity12 (changed), oldcity13 (changed), oldcity14 (changed), oldcity15 (changed), oldcity15e (changed), oldcity2 (changed), oldcity3 (changed), oldcity4 (changed), oldcity5 (changed), oldcity54 (changed), oldcity6 (changed), oldcity7 (changed), oldcity8 (changed), oldcity9 (changed)
  • scorn/peterm: undead_quest (changed)
  • scorn/shops: BasicSpells (changed), IPO_scorn (changed), alclass (changed), armourshop (changed), bank (changed), bowshop (changed), buildshop (changed), coffeeshop (changed), foodshop (changed), gemshop (changed), generalshop (changed), light_shop (changed), magicshop (changed), oleds_cafe (changed), potionshop (changed), scorn.sale1 (changed), scorn.sale2 (changed), weaponshop (changed)
  • scorn/taverns: apartments (changed), barking_mule (changed), goths (changed), goths0 (changed), goths2 (changed), inn (changed), inn2 (changed)
  • scorn/temples: gaea (changed), gnarg (changed), gorokh (changed), ixalovh (changed), mostrai (changed), mostrai2 (changed), ruggilli1 (changed), ruggilli2 (changed), sorig (changed), sorig2 (changed), valriel (changed), valriel2 (changed), valriel3 (changed)
  • scorn/towers: tower (changed), tower.mad (changed), tower.mad1 (changed), tower.mad2 (changed), tower.mad3 (changed)
  • sisters: compound1 (changed), compound2 (changed), compound3 (changed), entrance (changed), granary (changed), necro_entrance (changed), necro_hole1 (changed), necro_ruin1 (changed), necro_ruin1a (changed), shrine0 (changed), shrine0_east (changed), shrine0_west (changed), shrine1 (changed), shrine_entrance (changed), small_manor0 (changed), small_manor1 (changed), small_manor2 (changed), tower0 (changed), tower1 (changed), tower2 (changed), tower3 (changed)
  • start: Nexus (changed), newbieshouse (changed)
  • start/HallsOfSelection: fireborn_player (changed), pl_dragon (changed), wraith_player (changed)
  • styles/decorstyles: alchemy (changed), craters (changed), creepy (changed), easternsimple (changed), fireproof-gems (changed), food-bparts (changed), furniture (changed), goblinjunk (changed), minerals (changed), minerals2 (changed), monuments (changed), nethack (changed), outdoor_blasted (changed), outdoor_lush (changed), readables (changed), religious_devourers (changed), religious_gaea (changed), religious_generic (changed), religious_gnarg (changed), religious_gorokh (changed), religious_lythander (changed), religious_mostrai (changed), religious_ruggilli (changed), religious_sorig (changed), religious_valriel (changed), rugged (changed), runes (changed), wealth (changed), wealth2 (changed)
  • styles/doorstyles/hdoors: door (changed), door_look (changed)
  • styles/doorstyles/secret_hdoors: awall (changed), bwall (changed), cwall (changed), dwall (changed)
  • styles/doorstyles/secret_vdoors: awall (changed), bwall (changed), cwall (changed), dwall (changed)
  • styles/doorstyles/special: forest (changed), stone (changed), webs (changed)
  • styles/doorstyles/vdoors: door (changed), door_look (changed)
  • styles/exitstyles/down: all (changed), cstair (changed), door (changed), fog (changed), gscstair (changed), hole (changed), ladder (changed), sstair (changed), teleporter (changed), whirl (changed)
  • styles/exitstyles/generic: all (changed), archway (changed), darkforest (changed), door (changed), fog (changed), hole (changed), teleporter (changed), tree (changed), whirl (changed), whirlwind (changed)
  • styles/exitstyles/up: all (changed), cstair (changed), door (changed), fog (changed), ladder (changed), sstair (changed), teleporter (changed), whirl (changed), yscstair (changed)
  • styles/floorstyles: cobbles (changed), darkwood (changed), dirt (changed), indoor (changed), lava (changed), lightdirt (changed), lightwood (changed), oil (changed), outdoor (changed), outdoor_lush (changed), stones2 (changed), woodfloor (changed), woodfloor1 (changed)
  • styles/misc: fountains (changed), obscure_exits (changed)
  • styles/monsterstyles/angel: angel_1 (changed), angel_10 (changed), angel_11 (changed), angel_12 (changed), angel_13 (changed), angel_14 (changed), angel_15 (changed), angel_16 (changed), angel_17 (changed), angel_18 (changed), angel_19 (changed), angel_2 (changed), angel_20 (changed), angel_21 (changed), angel_22 (changed), angel_23 (changed), angel_24 (changed), angel_25 (changed), angel_26 (changed), angel_27 (changed), angel_28 (changed), angel_29 (changed), angel_3 (changed), angel_4 (changed), angel_5 (changed), angel_6 (changed), angel_7 (changed), angel_8 (changed), angel_9 (changed)
  • styles/monsterstyles/animal: animal_1 (changed), animal_10 (changed), animal_11 (changed), animal_12 (changed), animal_13 (changed), animal_14 (changed), animal_2 (changed), animal_3 (changed), animal_4 (changed), animal_5 (changed), animal_6 (changed), animal_7 (changed), animal_8 (changed), animal_9 (changed)
  • styles/monsterstyles/chaos: chaos_1 (changed), chaos_10 (changed), chaos_2 (changed), chaos_3 (changed), chaos_4 (changed), chaos_5 (changed), chaos_6 (changed), chaos_7 (changed), chaos_8 (changed), chaos_9 (changed)
  • styles/monsterstyles/city: city_1 (changed)
  • styles/monsterstyles/demon: demon_1 (changed), demon_10 (changed), demon_11 (changed), demon_12 (changed), demon_13 (changed), demon_14 (changed), demon_2 (changed), demon_3 (changed), demon_4 (changed), demon_5 (changed), demon_6 (changed), demon_7 (changed), demon_8 (changed), demon_9 (changed)
  • styles/monsterstyles/dragon: dragon_1 (changed), dragon_10 (changed), dragon_11 (changed), dragon_12 (changed), dragon_13 (changed), dragon_14 (changed), dragon_15 (changed), dragon_16 (changed), dragon_2 (changed), dragon_3 (changed), dragon_4 (changed), dragon_5 (changed), dragon_6 (changed), dragon_7 (changed), dragon_8 (changed), dragon_9 (changed)
  • styles/monsterstyles/humanoid: humanoid_1 (changed), humanoid_10 (changed), humanoid_11 (changed), humanoid_12 (changed), humanoid_13 (changed), humanoid_14 (changed), humanoid_15 (changed), humanoid_16 (changed), humanoid_17 (changed), humanoid_18 (changed), humanoid_19 (changed), humanoid_2 (changed), humanoid_3 (changed), humanoid_4 (changed), humanoid_5 (changed), humanoid_6 (changed), humanoid_7 (changed), humanoid_8 (changed), humanoid_9 (changed)
  • styles/monsterstyles/imp: imp_1 (changed)
  • styles/monsterstyles/insect: insect_1 (changed), insect_10 (changed), insect_11 (changed), insect_12 (changed), insect_13 (changed), insect_2 (changed), insect_3 (changed), insect_4 (changed), insect_5 (changed), insect_6 (changed), insect_7 (changed), insect_8 (changed), insect_9 (changed)
  • styles/monsterstyles/nethack: nethack_1 (changed), nethack_10 (changed), nethack_11 (changed), nethack_12 (changed), nethack_13 (changed), nethack_14 (changed), nethack_15 (changed), nethack_16 (changed), nethack_17 (changed), nethack_18 (changed), nethack_19 (changed), nethack_2 (changed), nethack_20 (changed), nethack_21 (changed), nethack_3 (changed), nethack_4 (changed), nethack_5 (changed), nethack_6 (changed), nethack_7 (changed), nethack_8 (changed), nethack_9 (changed)
  • styles/monsterstyles/orc: orc_1 (changed)
  • styles/monsterstyles/subterranean: subterranean_1 (changed), subterranean_10 (changed), subterranean_2 (changed), subterranean_3 (changed), subterranean_4 (changed), subterranean_5 (changed), subterranean_6 (changed), subterranean_7 (changed), subterranean_8 (changed), subterranean_9 (changed)
  • styles/monsterstyles/sylvan: sylvan_1 (changed), sylvan_10 (changed), sylvan_2 (changed), sylvan_3 (changed), sylvan_4 (changed), sylvan_5 (changed), sylvan_6 (changed), sylvan_7 (changed), sylvan_8 (changed), sylvan_9 (changed)
  • styles/monsterstyles/undead: undead_1 (changed), undead_10 (changed), undead_11 (changed), undead_12 (changed), undead_13 (changed), undead_14 (changed), undead_15 (changed), undead_16 (changed), undead_17 (changed), undead_18 (changed), undead_19 (changed), undead_2 (changed), undead_20 (changed), undead_3 (changed), undead_4 (changed), undead_5 (changed), undead_6 (changed), undead_7 (changed), undead_8 (changed), undead_9 (changed)
  • styles/monsterstyles/undead_quest: undead_quest_1 (changed), undead_quest_10 (changed), undead_quest_11 (changed), undead_quest_12 (changed), undead_quest_13 (changed), undead_quest_14 (changed), undead_quest_15 (changed), undead_quest_16 (changed), undead_quest_17 (changed), undead_quest_18 (changed), undead_quest_19 (changed), undead_quest_2 (changed), undead_quest_20 (changed), undead_quest_21 (changed), undead_quest_3 (changed), undead_quest_4 (changed), undead_quest_5 (changed), undead_quest_6 (changed), undead_quest_7 (changed), undead_quest_8 (changed), undead_quest_9 (changed)
  • styles/monsterstyles/vegetable: vegetable_1 (changed), vegetable_2 (changed), vegetable_3 (changed), vegetable_4 (changed), vegetable_5 (changed), vegetable_6 (changed), vegetable_7 (changed), vegetable_8 (changed)
  • styles/monsterstyles/wyvern: wyvern_1 (changed), wyvern_2 (changed), wyvern_3 (changed), wyvern_4 (changed), wyvern_5 (changed), wyvern_6 (changed), wyvern_7 (changed)
  • styles/specialmaps: abattoir (changed), doorhome (changed), fake_heal_post (changed), haven (changed), healing_post (changed), mini_forge (changed), mini_jewlery (changed), mini_kitchen (changed), mini_tanner (changed), mini_thaum (changed), mini_workbench (changed), minialch (changed), miniarmory (changed), minichapel_demon (changed), minichapel_devourers (changed), minichapel_gaea (changed), minichapel_rugguli (changed), minilarder (changed), ministudy (changed), minitrade (changed), powerroom (changed), study (changed), tinytrade (changed), tradingpost (changed), turret (changed), turret2 (changed), turretswarm (changed), turrettrap (changed)
  • styles/trapstyles: runes (changed), traps (changed)
  • styles/treasurestyles: gold_and_gems (changed)
  • styles/wallstyles: burningwall (changed), castle (changed), cave (changed), cave2 (changed), cave3 (changed), dungeon (changed), dungeon2 (changed), earthen (changed), eastern (changed), garden (changed), hedge (changed), trees (changed), water (changed), wharf (changed), wooden (changed)
  • teamarena: teamwar (changed), twregister (changed)
  • templates/bungalo: bungalo1.tpl (changed), bungalo2.tpl (changed), bungalo3.tpl (changed), bungalo_b.tpl (changed)
  • templates/guild: basement (changed), bigchest (changed), guild_HQ (changed), guildman_lounge (changed), guildmaster_lounge (changed), hallofjoining (changed), journeyman_lounge (changed), mainfloor (changed), masters_lounge (changed), novice_lounge (changed), secondfloor (changed)
  • templates/keep: grounds.tpl (changed), keep1.tpl (changed), keep2.tpl (changed), keep3.tpl (changed), keep_b.tpl (changed), keep_roof.tpl (changed)
  • test: barrel (changed), bigmonpit (changed), connected_bug (changed), cyclops (changed), diagonal (changed), faceofdeath (changed), gen_test (changed), insert_bug (changed), lighting (changed), multisquare (changed), paralyze (changed), pit (changed), playermover (changed), python (changed), quest (changed), randomtreasure (changed), reaper (changed), remote_altar (changed), templatetest (changed), throw (changed), tile1 (changed), tile2 (changed), tile3 (changed), trapdoor (changed), traps (changed), treasurelist (changed), trigger (changed)
  • test/anthony: cascades (changed), connected_objects (changed), conveyor (changed), raffles_cascade (changed), roller_cades (changed), special_objects (changed)
  • under_world: uworld_120_109 (changed)
  • unlinked: Fogs (changed), lefttower2 (changed), vol_vill_shops (changed)
  • unlinked/Greyshield: Archery (changed), Arena (changed), Castle (changed), Cave (changed), Cavern (changed), Cavern2 (changed), Chamber (changed), Doors (changed), Dungeon (changed), Elements (changed), Factory (changed), Finish (changed), Fortress (changed), GreyMaster (changed), Greysword (changed), Island (changed), Island1 (changed), Ruins (changed), Sphinx (changed)
  • unlinked/academy.crap: Entrance (changed), Fighter.2 (changed), Fighter.3 (changed), Fighter.4 (changed), Fighter.5 (changed), Fighter.5_2 (changed), MainFloor (changed)
  • unlinked/casino: casino_infernal (changed)
  • unlinked/kandora: ambush1 (changed), dd_alchemy (changed), dd_alchemy2 (changed), dd_alchemy3 (changed), dd_baron (changed), dd_baron2 (changed), dd_chaos (changed), dd_church (changed), dd_court (changed), dd_inn (changed), dd_keep (changed), dd_market (changed), dd_shop (changed), dd_tavern (changed), denray (changed), dm_cellar (changed), dm_church (changed), dm_inn (changed), dm_keep (changed), dm_shop (changed), dm_tavern (changed), dm_wizard (changed), dun_marksel (changed), kandora (changed), ship_city (changed), ship_dog (changed), ship_home (changed), ship_treasure (changed), signal (changed), signal2 (changed), signal3 (changed)
  • unlinked/kandora/cave: a_mine (changed), a_mine2 (changed), cave1 (changed), cave2 (changed), cave3 (changed), entrance (changed), m_inn (changed), m_inn2 (changed), m_temple (changed), mithril (changed)
  • unlinked/kandora/circus: mp_castle (changed), mp_cave (changed), mp_church (changed), mp_s (changed), mp_start (changed), mp_tavern (changed), mp_world (changed), petshop (changed)
  • unlinked/kandora/elcyon: elcyon_start (changed), elf_grove (changed), fall (changed), g_store (changed), gnome_hut (changed), merchant (changed), old_temple (changed), palace (changed), plaza (changed), seacity (changed), seacity_west (changed), temple (changed), witch_house (changed)
  • unlinked/zornstuff: zornstuff.NOT.a.map (changed)
  • whalingoutpost: lighthouse1 (changed), lighthouse2 (changed), lighthouse3 (changed), lighthouse4 (changed), lighthouse5 (changed), lighthouse6 (changed), lighthouse6attic (changed), lightkeepershouse1 (changed), lightkeepershouseb1 (changed)
  • whalingoutpost/houses: fishershouse1 (changed), infestedhouse1 (changed)
  • whalingoutpost/misc: castle1 (changed), castle2 (changed), castle3 (changed), castle4 (changed), castleb1 (changed), castleb1keep (changed), castleb2 (changed), castleb3 (changed), fisherswell1 (changed), frostcavern1 (changed), holeinice1 (changed), icecavern1 (changed), icecavern2 (changed), icehole1 (changed), polarbearcave1 (changed), polarbearcave2 (changed), polarbearcave3 (changed), trollcave1 (changed)
  • whalingoutpost/taverns: fishershall1 (changed), fishershallb1 (changed), storehouse1 (changed)
  • whalingoutpost/underwaterdungeon: level1 (changed), level2 (changed), level3 (changed)
  • wolfsburg: dept_store_armour (changed), dept_store_magic (changed), dept_store_misc (changed), dept_store_weapon (changed), etern_rew (changed), inns (changed), piratechurch (changed), prison (changed), slave_pit1 (changed), slave_pit2 (changed), slave_pit3 (changed), snakepit (changed), ware1 (changed), whorehouse (changed)
  • wolfsburg/dungeons: church.2 (changed), church.3 (changed), church.4a (changed), church.4b (changed), church.4c (changed), church.4d (changed), hut (changed), piratedung (changed), pirateenter (changed), ship (changed), ship_deck2 (changed), stronghold (changed), treas_room (changed), underworld (changed)
  • wolfsburg/eeur: tower1.1 (changed), tower1.2 (changed), tower1.3 (changed), tower1.4 (changed)
  • wolfsburg/guilds/damned_heretics: bigchest (changed), ground (changed), storage_room (changed), upper (changed)
  • wolfsburg/magara: cellar_1 (changed)
  • wolfsburg/magara/castle: cellar (changed), floor_1 (changed), floor_2 (changed), floor_3 (changed)
  • wolfsburg/magara/cellar1: hcellar_1 (changed), hcellar_2 (changed), hole (changed)
  • wolfsburg/magara/tower1: entrance (changed), floor_1 (changed), floor_3 (changed)
  • wolfsburg/magara/tower2: floor_1 (changed), floor_2 (changed)
  • wolfsburg/temple: enterance (changed), ixalovh (changed), temp_dung1 (changed), temple (changed)
  • wolfsburg/tt: tta1 (changed), tta2 (changed), ttb1 (changed), ttb2 (changed)
  • wolfsburg/volcano: volcano (changed), vvhuts (changed), vvmansion (changed)
  • world: world_100_100 (changed), world_100_101 (changed), world_100_102 (changed), world_100_103 (changed), world_100_104 (changed), world_100_105 (changed), world_100_106 (changed), world_100_107 (changed), world_100_108 (changed), world_100_109 (changed), world_100_110 (changed), world_100_111 (changed), world_100_112 (changed), world_100_113 (changed), world_100_114 (changed), world_100_115 (changed), world_100_116 (changed), world_100_117 (changed), world_100_118 (changed), world_100_119 (changed), world_100_120 (changed), world_100_121 (changed), world_100_122 (changed), world_100_123 (changed), world_100_124 (changed), world_100_125 (changed), world_100_126 (changed), world_100_127 (changed), world_100_128 (changed), world_100_129 (changed), world_101_100 (changed), world_101_101 (changed), world_101_102 (changed), world_101_103 (changed), world_101_104 (changed), world_101_105 (changed), world_101_106 (changed), world_101_107 (changed), world_101_108 (changed), world_101_109 (changed), world_101_110 (changed), world_101_111 (changed), world_101_112 (changed), world_101_113 (changed), world_101_114 (changed), world_101_115 (changed), world_101_116 (changed), world_101_117 (changed), world_101_118 (changed), world_101_119 (changed), world_101_120 (changed), world_101_121 (changed), world_101_122 (changed), world_101_123 (changed), world_101_124 (changed), world_101_125 (changed), world_101_126 (changed), world_101_127 (changed), world_101_128 (changed), world_101_129 (changed), world_102_100 (changed), world_102_101 (changed), world_102_102 (changed), world_102_103 (changed), world_102_104 (changed), world_102_105 (changed), world_102_106 (changed), world_102_107 (changed), world_102_108 (changed), world_102_109 (changed), world_102_110 (changed), world_102_111 (changed), world_102_112 (changed), world_102_113 (changed), world_102_114 (changed), world_102_115 (changed), world_102_116 (changed), world_102_117 (changed), world_102_118 (changed), world_102_119 (changed), world_102_120 (changed), world_102_121 (changed), world_102_122 (changed), world_102_123 (changed), world_102_124 (changed), world_102_125 (changed), world_102_126 (changed), world_102_127 (changed), world_102_128 (changed), world_102_129 (changed), world_103_100 (changed), world_103_101 (changed), world_103_102 (changed), world_103_103 (changed), world_103_104 (changed), world_103_105 (changed), world_103_106 (changed), world_103_107 (changed), world_103_108 (changed), world_103_109 (changed), world_103_110 (changed), world_103_111 (changed), world_103_112 (changed), world_103_113 (changed), world_103_114 (changed), world_103_115 (changed), world_103_116 (changed), world_103_117 (changed), world_103_118 (changed), world_103_119 (changed), world_103_120 (changed), world_103_121 (changed), world_103_122 (changed), world_103_123 (changed), world_103_124 (changed), world_103_125 (changed), world_103_126 (changed), world_103_127 (changed), world_103_128 (changed), world_103_129 (changed), world_104_100 (changed), world_104_101 (changed), world_104_102 (changed), world_104_103 (changed), world_104_104 (changed), world_104_105 (changed), world_104_106 (changed), world_104_107 (changed), world_104_108 (changed), world_104_109 (changed), world_104_110 (changed), world_104_111 (changed), world_104_112 (changed), world_104_113 (changed), world_104_114 (changed), world_104_115 (changed), world_104_116 (changed), world_104_117 (changed), world_104_118 (changed), world_104_119 (changed), world_104_120 (changed), world_104_121 (changed), world_104_122 (changed), world_104_123 (changed), world_104_124 (changed), world_104_125 (changed), world_104_126 (changed), world_104_127 (changed), world_104_128 (changed), world_104_129 (changed), world_105_100 (changed), world_105_101 (changed), world_105_102 (changed), world_105_103 (changed), world_105_104 (changed), world_105_105 (changed), world_105_106 (changed), world_105_107 (changed), world_105_108 (changed), world_105_109 (changed), world_105_110 (changed), world_105_111 (changed), world_105_112 (changed), world_105_113 (changed), world_105_114 (changed), world_105_115 (changed), world_105_116 (changed), world_105_117 (changed), world_105_118 (changed), world_105_119 (changed), world_105_120 (changed), world_105_121 (changed), world_105_122 (changed), world_105_123 (changed), world_105_124 (changed), world_105_125 (changed), world_105_126 (changed), world_105_127 (changed), world_105_128 (changed), world_105_129 (changed), world_106_100 (changed), world_106_101 (changed), world_106_102 (changed), world_106_103 (changed), world_106_104 (changed), world_106_105 (changed), world_106_106 (changed), world_106_107 (changed), world_106_108 (changed), world_106_109 (changed), world_106_110 (changed), world_106_111 (changed), world_106_112 (changed), world_106_113 (changed), world_106_114 (changed), world_106_115 (changed), world_106_116 (changed), world_106_117 (changed), world_106_118 (changed), world_106_119 (changed), world_106_120 (changed), world_106_121 (changed), world_106_122 (changed), world_106_123 (changed), world_106_124 (changed), world_106_125 (changed), world_106_126 (changed), world_106_127 (changed), world_106_128 (changed), world_106_129 (changed), world_107_100 (changed), world_107_101 (changed), world_107_102 (changed), world_107_103 (changed), world_107_104 (changed), world_107_105 (changed), world_107_106 (changed), world_107_107 (changed), world_107_108 (changed), world_107_109 (changed), world_107_110 (changed), world_107_111 (changed), world_107_112 (changed), world_107_113 (changed), world_107_114 (changed), world_107_115 (changed), world_107_116 (changed), world_107_117 (changed), world_107_118 (changed), world_107_119 (changed), world_107_120 (changed), world_107_121 (changed), world_107_122 (changed), world_107_123 (changed), world_107_124 (changed), world_107_125 (changed), world_107_126 (changed), world_107_127 (changed), world_107_128 (changed), world_107_129 (changed), world_108_100 (changed), world_108_101 (changed), world_108_102 (changed), world_108_103 (changed), world_108_104 (changed), world_108_105 (changed), world_108_106 (changed), world_108_107 (changed), world_108_108 (changed), world_108_109 (changed), world_108_110 (changed), world_108_111 (changed), world_108_112 (changed), world_108_113 (changed), world_108_114 (changed), world_108_115 (changed), world_108_116 (changed), world_108_117 (changed), world_108_118 (changed), world_108_119 (changed), world_108_120 (changed), world_108_121 (changed), world_108_122 (changed), world_108_123 (changed), world_108_124 (changed), world_108_125 (changed), world_108_126 (changed), world_108_127 (changed), world_108_128 (changed), world_108_129 (changed), world_109_100 (changed), world_109_101 (changed), world_109_102 (changed), world_109_103 (changed), world_109_104 (changed), world_109_105 (changed), world_109_106 (changed), world_109_107 (changed), world_109_108 (changed), world_109_109 (changed), world_109_110 (changed), world_109_111 (changed), world_109_112 (changed), world_109_113 (changed), world_109_114 (changed), world_109_115 (changed), world_109_116 (changed), world_109_117 (changed), world_109_118 (changed), world_109_119 (changed), world_109_120 (changed), world_109_121 (changed), world_109_122 (changed), world_109_123 (changed), world_109_124 (changed), world_109_125 (changed), world_109_126 (changed), world_109_127 (changed), world_109_128 (changed), world_109_129 (changed), world_110_100 (changed), world_110_101 (changed), world_110_102 (changed), world_110_103 (changed), world_110_104 (changed), world_110_105 (changed), world_110_106 (changed), world_110_107 (changed), world_110_108 (changed), world_110_109 (changed), world_110_110 (changed), world_110_111 (changed), world_110_112 (changed), world_110_113 (changed), world_110_114 (changed), world_110_115 (changed), world_110_116 (changed), world_110_117 (changed), world_110_118 (changed), world_110_119 (changed), world_110_120 (changed), world_110_121 (changed), world_110_122 (changed), world_110_123 (changed), world_110_124 (changed), world_110_125 (changed), world_110_126 (changed), world_110_127 (changed), world_110_128 (changed), world_110_129 (changed), world_111_100 (changed), world_111_101 (changed), world_111_102 (changed), world_111_103 (changed), world_111_104 (changed), world_111_105 (changed), world_111_106 (changed), world_111_107 (changed), world_111_108 (changed), world_111_109 (changed), world_111_110 (changed), world_111_111 (changed), world_111_112 (changed), world_111_113 (changed), world_111_114 (changed), world_111_115 (changed), world_111_116 (changed), world_111_117 (changed), world_111_118 (changed), world_111_119 (changed), world_111_120 (changed), world_111_121 (changed), world_111_122 (changed), world_111_123 (changed), world_111_124 (changed), world_111_125 (changed), world_111_126 (changed), world_111_127 (changed), world_111_128 (changed), world_111_129 (changed), world_112_100 (changed), world_112_101 (changed), world_112_102 (changed), world_112_103 (changed), world_112_104 (changed), world_112_105 (changed), world_112_106 (changed), world_112_107 (changed), world_112_108 (changed), world_112_109 (changed), world_112_110 (changed), world_112_111 (changed), world_112_112 (changed), world_112_113 (changed), world_112_114 (changed), world_112_115 (changed), world_112_116 (changed), world_112_117 (changed), world_112_118 (changed), world_112_119 (changed), world_112_120 (changed), world_112_121 (changed), world_112_122 (changed), world_112_123 (changed), world_112_124 (changed), world_112_125 (changed), world_112_126 (changed), world_112_127 (changed), world_112_128 (changed), world_112_129 (changed), world_113_100 (changed), world_113_101 (changed), world_113_102 (changed), world_113_103 (changed), world_113_104 (changed), world_113_105 (changed), world_113_106 (changed), world_113_107 (changed), world_113_108 (changed), world_113_109 (changed), world_113_110 (changed), world_113_111 (changed), world_113_112 (changed), world_113_113 (changed), world_113_114 (changed), world_113_115 (changed), world_113_116 (changed), world_113_117 (changed), world_113_118 (changed), world_113_119 (changed), world_113_120 (changed), world_113_121 (changed), world_113_122 (changed), world_113_123 (changed), world_113_124 (changed), world_113_125 (changed), world_113_126 (changed), world_113_127 (changed), world_113_128 (changed), world_113_129 (changed), world_114_100 (changed), world_114_101 (changed), world_114_102 (changed), world_114_103 (changed), world_114_104 (changed), world_114_105 (changed), world_114_106 (changed), world_114_107 (changed), world_114_108 (changed), world_114_109 (changed), world_114_110 (changed), world_114_111 (changed), world_114_112 (changed), world_114_113 (changed), world_114_114 (changed), world_114_115 (changed), world_114_116 (changed), world_114_117 (changed), world_114_118 (changed), world_114_119 (changed), world_114_120 (changed), world_114_121 (changed), world_114_122 (changed), world_114_123 (changed), world_114_124 (changed), world_114_125 (changed), world_114_126 (changed), world_114_127 (changed), world_114_128 (changed), world_114_129 (changed), world_115_100 (changed), world_115_101 (changed), world_115_102 (changed), world_115_103 (changed), world_115_104 (changed), world_115_105 (changed), world_115_106 (changed), world_115_107 (changed), world_115_108 (changed), world_115_109 (changed), world_115_110 (changed), world_115_111 (changed), world_115_112 (changed), world_115_113 (changed), world_115_114 (changed), world_115_115 (changed), world_115_116 (changed), world_115_117 (changed), world_115_118 (changed), world_115_119 (changed), world_115_120 (changed), world_115_121 (changed), world_115_122 (changed), world_115_123 (changed), world_115_124 (changed), world_115_125 (changed), world_115_126 (changed), world_115_127 (changed), world_115_128 (changed), world_115_129 (changed), world_116_100 (changed), world_116_101 (changed), world_116_102 (changed), world_116_103 (changed), world_116_104 (changed), world_116_105 (changed), world_116_106 (changed), world_116_107 (changed), world_116_108 (changed), world_116_109 (changed), world_116_110 (changed), world_116_111 (changed), world_116_112 (changed), world_116_113 (changed), world_116_114 (changed), world_116_115 (changed), world_116_116 (changed), world_116_117 (changed), world_116_118 (changed), world_116_119 (changed), world_116_120 (changed), world_116_121 (changed), world_116_122 (changed), world_116_123 (changed), world_116_124 (changed), world_116_125 (changed), world_116_126 (changed), world_116_127 (changed), world_116_128 (changed), world_116_129 (changed), world_117_100 (changed), world_117_101 (changed), world_117_102 (changed), world_117_103 (changed), world_117_104 (changed), world_117_105 (changed), world_117_106 (changed), world_117_107 (changed), world_117_108 (changed), world_117_109 (changed), world_117_110 (changed), world_117_111 (changed), world_117_112 (changed), world_117_113 (changed), world_117_114 (changed), world_117_115 (changed), world_117_116 (changed), world_117_117 (changed), world_117_118 (changed), world_117_119 (changed), world_117_120 (changed), world_117_121 (changed), world_117_122 (changed), world_117_123 (changed), world_117_124 (changed), world_117_125 (changed), world_117_126 (changed), world_117_127 (changed), world_117_128 (changed), world_117_129 (changed), world_118_100 (changed), world_118_101 (changed), world_118_102 (changed), world_118_103 (changed), world_118_104 (changed), world_118_105 (changed), world_118_106 (changed), world_118_107 (changed), world_118_108 (changed), world_118_109 (changed), world_118_110 (changed), world_118_111 (changed), world_118_112 (changed), world_118_113 (changed), world_118_114 (changed), world_118_115 (changed), world_118_116 (changed), world_118_117 (changed), world_118_118 (changed), world_118_119 (changed), world_118_120 (changed), world_118_121 (changed), world_118_122 (changed), world_118_123 (changed), world_118_124 (changed), world_118_125 (changed), world_118_126 (changed), world_118_127 (changed), world_118_128 (changed), world_118_129 (changed), world_119_100 (changed), world_119_101 (changed), world_119_102 (changed), world_119_103 (changed), world_119_104 (changed), world_119_105 (changed), world_119_106 (changed), world_119_107 (changed), world_119_108 (changed), world_119_109 (changed), world_119_110 (changed), world_119_111 (changed), world_119_112 (changed), world_119_113 (changed), world_119_114 (changed), world_119_115 (changed), world_119_116 (changed), world_119_117 (changed), world_119_118 (changed), world_119_119 (changed), world_119_120 (changed), world_119_121 (changed), world_119_122 (changed), world_119_123 (changed), world_119_124 (changed), world_119_125 (changed), world_119_126 (changed), world_119_127 (changed), world_119_128 (changed), world_119_129 (changed), world_120_100 (changed), world_120_101 (changed), world_120_102 (changed), world_120_103 (changed), world_120_104 (changed), world_120_105 (changed), world_120_106 (changed), world_120_107 (changed), world_120_108 (changed), world_120_109 (changed), world_120_110 (changed), world_120_111 (changed), world_120_112 (changed), world_120_113 (changed), world_120_114 (changed), world_120_115 (changed), world_120_116 (changed), world_120_117 (changed), world_120_118 (changed), world_120_119 (changed), world_120_120 (changed), world_120_121 (changed), world_120_122 (changed), world_120_123 (changed), world_120_124 (changed), world_120_125 (changed), world_120_126 (changed), world_120_127 (changed), world_120_128 (changed), world_120_129 (changed), world_121_100 (changed), world_121_101 (changed), world_121_102 (changed), world_121_103 (changed), world_121_104 (changed), world_121_105 (changed), world_121_106 (changed), world_121_107 (changed), world_121_108 (changed), world_121_109 (changed), world_121_110 (changed), world_121_111 (changed), world_121_112 (changed), world_121_113 (changed), world_121_114 (changed), world_121_115 (changed), world_121_116 (changed), world_121_117 (changed), world_121_118 (changed), world_121_119 (changed), world_121_120 (changed), world_121_121 (changed), world_121_122 (changed), world_121_123 (changed), world_121_124 (changed), world_121_125 (changed), world_121_126 (changed), world_121_127 (changed), world_121_128 (changed), world_121_129 (changed), world_122_100 (changed), world_122_101 (changed), world_122_102 (changed), world_122_103 (changed), world_122_104 (changed), world_122_105 (changed), world_122_106 (changed), world_122_107 (changed), world_122_108 (changed), world_122_109 (changed), world_122_110 (changed), world_122_111 (changed), world_122_112 (changed), world_122_113 (changed), world_122_114 (changed), world_122_115 (changed), world_122_116 (changed), world_122_117 (changed), world_122_118 (changed), world_122_119 (changed), world_122_120 (changed), world_122_121 (changed), world_122_122 (changed), world_122_123 (changed), world_122_124 (changed), world_122_125 (changed), world_122_126 (changed), world_122_127 (changed), world_122_128 (changed), world_122_129 (changed), world_123_100 (changed), world_123_101 (changed), world_123_102 (changed), world_123_103 (changed), world_123_104 (changed), world_123_105 (changed), world_123_106 (changed), world_123_107 (changed), world_123_108 (changed), world_123_109 (changed), world_123_110 (changed), world_123_111 (changed), world_123_112 (changed), world_123_113 (changed), world_123_114 (changed), world_123_115 (changed), world_123_116 (changed), world_123_117 (changed), world_123_118 (changed), world_123_119 (changed), world_123_120 (changed), world_123_121 (changed), world_123_122 (changed), world_123_123 (changed), world_123_124 (changed), world_123_125 (changed), world_123_126 (changed), world_123_127 (changed), world_123_128 (changed), world_123_129 (changed), world_124_100 (changed), world_124_101 (changed), world_124_102 (changed), world_124_103 (changed), world_124_104 (changed), world_124_105 (changed), world_124_106 (changed), world_124_107 (changed), world_124_108 (changed), world_124_109 (changed), world_124_110 (changed), world_124_111 (changed), world_124_112 (changed), world_124_113 (changed), world_124_114 (changed), world_124_115 (changed), world_124_116 (changed), world_124_117 (changed), world_124_118 (changed), world_124_119 (changed), world_124_120 (changed), world_124_121 (changed), world_124_122 (changed), world_124_123 (changed), world_124_124 (changed), world_124_125 (changed), world_124_126 (changed), world_124_127 (changed), world_124_128 (changed), world_124_129 (changed), world_125_100 (changed), world_125_101 (changed), world_125_102 (changed), world_125_103 (changed), world_125_104 (changed), world_125_105 (changed), world_125_106 (changed), world_125_107 (changed), world_125_108 (changed), world_125_109 (changed), world_125_110 (changed), world_125_111 (changed), world_125_112 (changed), world_125_113 (changed), world_125_114 (changed), world_125_115 (changed), world_125_116 (changed), world_125_117 (changed), world_125_118 (changed), world_125_119 (changed), world_125_120 (changed), world_125_121 (changed), world_125_122 (changed), world_125_123 (changed), world_125_124 (changed), world_125_125 (changed), world_125_126 (changed), world_125_127 (changed), world_125_128 (changed), world_125_129 (changed), world_126_100 (changed), world_126_101 (changed), world_126_102 (changed), world_126_103 (changed), world_126_104 (changed), world_126_105 (changed), world_126_106 (changed), world_126_107 (changed), world_126_108 (changed), world_126_109 (changed), world_126_110 (changed), world_126_111 (changed), world_126_112 (changed), world_126_113 (changed), world_126_114 (changed), world_126_115 (changed), world_126_116 (changed), world_126_117 (changed), world_126_118 (changed), world_126_119 (changed), world_126_120 (changed), world_126_121 (changed), world_126_122 (changed), world_126_123 (changed), world_126_124 (changed), world_126_125 (changed), world_126_126 (changed), world_126_127 (changed), world_126_128 (changed), world_126_129 (changed), world_127_100 (changed), world_127_101 (changed), world_127_102 (changed), world_127_103 (changed), world_127_104 (changed), world_127_105 (changed), world_127_106 (changed), world_127_107 (changed), world_127_108 (changed), world_127_109 (changed), world_127_110 (changed), world_127_111 (changed), world_127_112 (changed), world_127_113 (changed), world_127_114 (changed), world_127_115 (changed), world_127_116 (changed), world_127_117 (changed), world_127_118 (changed), world_127_119 (changed), world_127_120 (changed), world_127_121 (changed), world_127_122 (changed), world_127_123 (changed), world_127_124 (changed), world_127_125 (changed), world_127_126 (changed), world_127_127 (changed), world_127_128 (changed), world_127_129 (changed), world_128_100 (changed), world_128_101 (changed), world_128_102 (changed), world_128_103 (changed), world_128_104 (changed), world_128_105 (changed), world_128_106 (changed), world_128_107 (changed), world_128_108 (changed), world_128_109 (changed), world_128_110 (changed), world_128_111 (changed), world_128_112 (changed), world_128_113 (changed), world_128_114 (changed), world_128_115 (changed), world_128_116 (changed), world_128_117 (changed), world_128_118 (changed), world_128_119 (changed), world_128_120 (changed), world_128_121 (changed), world_128_122 (changed), world_128_123 (changed), world_128_124 (changed), world_128_125 (changed), world_128_126 (changed), world_128_127 (changed), world_128_128 (changed), world_128_129 (changed), world_129_100 (changed), world_129_101 (changed), world_129_102 (changed), world_129_103 (changed), world_129_104 (changed), world_129_105 (changed), world_129_106 (changed), world_129_107 (changed), world_129_108 (changed), world_129_109 (changed), world_129_110 (changed), world_129_111 (changed), world_129_112 (changed), world_129_113 (changed), world_129_114 (changed), world_129_115 (changed), world_129_116 (changed), world_129_117 (changed), world_129_118 (changed), world_129_119 (changed), world_129_120 (changed), world_129_121 (changed), world_129_122 (changed), world_129_123 (changed), world_129_124 (changed), world_129_125 (changed), world_129_126 (changed), world_129_127 (changed), world_129_128 (changed), world_129_129 (changed)
qal21 2006-12-12 22:23

propdel svn:eol-style on all map tree files except actual text. Fixes broken win32 checkouts of maps. Now for branches.

0 lines of code changed in:

  • .emergency (new), HallOfDMs (new), HallOfSelection (changed), regions (new)
  • Info: ann_map.gif (new), el_map.gif (new), terrain_map.gif (new), world.gif (new)
  • azumauindo/minatomachi/buildings: guildkeybuilding1 (new), guildkeybuildingB1 (changed), guildkeybuildingB2a (new), guildkeybuildingB2b (new), guildkeybuildingB2c (new)
  • azumauindo/minatomachi/gates: gate1 (new), gate2 (changed)
  • azumauindo/minatomachi/ketsueki_itsuryuu: bigchest (changed), ground (changed), storage_room (changed), upper (changed)
  • azumauindo/minatomachi/stores: buildshop (new), diamondex1 (new), generalstore (changed), postoffice (changed)
  • azumauindo/minatomachi/temples: templeruggilli1 (changed), templeruggilli2 (changed)
  • azumauindo/misc: cave1 (changed), entrance1 (changed), shrine1 (changed), shrine2 (changed), shrine3 (changed), shrineb1 (changed)
  • azumauindo/ranbounagisatoshi/apartments: sapartment (changed)
  • azumauindo/ranbounagisatoshi/gates: gate1 (changed), gate2 (new)
  • azumauindo/ranbounagisatoshi/shops: groupshop (changed), groupshop2 (new), groupshopb1 (new), groupshopb2 (changed), potionshop1 (changed), tradecenter (new)
  • azumauindo/ranbounagisatoshi/temples: rruggilli1 (changed), rruggilli2 (new)
  • azumauindo/ranbounagisatoshi/towers: tou1 (new), tou2 (new), tou3 (changed), tou4 (changed), tou5 (changed)
  • azumauindo/suno-yamatoshi/apartments: lapartment1 (changed)
  • azumauindo/suno-yamatoshi/buildings: dojoA1 (changed), dojoA2 (changed), dojoB1 (new), jadechesthouse1 (new), ninjadojoA1 (changed), tatemonoA1 (changed), tatemonoA2 (changed)
  • azumauindo/suno-yamatoshi/gates: gate1 (changed), gate2 (changed), gate3 (changed)
  • azumauindo/suno-yamatoshi/nenshou_youso: bigchest (new), ground (new), storage_room (new), upper (changed)
  • azumauindo/suno-yamatoshi/shops: armourshop1 (changed), bank1 (changed), bank2 (new), magicshop1 (new), magicshop2 (new), pawn1 (changed), weaponshop1 (new)
  • azumauindo/suno-yamatoshi/temples: ruggilli1 (new), ruggilli2 (changed)
  • azumauindo/suno-yamatoshi/tou: tou1 (changed), tou2 (changed), tou3 (changed), tou4 (changed), tou5 (changed)
  • azumauindo/suno-yamatoshi/towers: tou1 (new), tou2 (new), tou3 (new), tou4 (new), tou5 (new)
  • azumauindo/zaseki_dzuki_ryoku: bigchest (changed), ground (changed), storage_room (new), upper (changed)
  • brest: amphis (changed), brest.IPO (changed), brest.armour (changed), brest.cvt (changed), brest.food (new), brest.inn (new), brest.magic (new), brest.scrolls (changed), brest.scrolls.right (changed), brest.scrolls.upper.1 (new), brest.scrolls.upper.2 (changed), brest.trademarket (changed), brest.weapon (changed), elec.jes (changed), info.2.zoon (new), info_first (new), jes.admini (new), jes.admini.1 (new), ludo1 (new), ludo2 (changed), nasty_house (new), pantheon (new), sport.jess (new), underground (new), underground2 (new)
  • brest/Castle: AcidChamber (new), DragonRoom (new), Finale (new), LargeRoom (changed), castle (changed)
  • brest/apartments: brest_town_house (changed)
  • brest/asyvan: gate1 (new), gate2 (changed), gate3 (changed), gate4 (new), gate5 (changed), gate6 (new), gate7 (changed), gate8 (new), gate9 (new), palace1 (changed), palace2 (changed), palace3 (changed)
  • brest/black_shield: bigchest (new), ground (changed), storage_room (changed), upper (new)
  • brest/brittany: dol-guldur.1 (new), dol-guldur.2 (changed), dol-guldur.3 (new), dol-guldur.4 (changed), dol-guldur.5 (changed), dol-guldur.6 (new), enigme.1 (changed), enigme.2 (changed), enigme.3 (new), enigme.4 (new), enigme.5 (changed), enigme.6 (new), hole (new), jessy.1 (new), jessy.2 (new), jessy.3 (changed), khazad.1 (changed), khazad.2 (changed), khazad.3 (changed), khazad.4 (changed), khazad.5 (changed), tower_of__zoon (changed)
  • brest/pshops: README (changed), pshop_copier (new), pshops_changelog (new), pshops_main (new), pshopsinc (changed), pshopsinc2 (new), ugriver1 (new)
  • brest/pshops/pshop1: basement (new), floor1 (new), floor2 (new), gfloor (new)
  • brest/pshops/pshop10: basement (new), floor1 (changed), floor2 (changed), gfloor (changed)
  • brest/pshops/pshop11: basement (changed), floor1 (new), floor2 (new), gfloor (new)
  • brest/pshops/pshop12: basement (new), floor1 (changed), floor2 (new), gfloor (changed)
  • brest/pshops/pshop13: basement (changed), floor1 (new), floor2 (new), gfloor (changed)
  • brest/pshops/pshop14: basement (changed), floor1 (changed), floor2 (new), gfloor (changed)
  • brest/pshops/pshop15: basement (changed), floor1 (new), floor2 (changed), gfloor (new)
  • brest/pshops/pshop16: basement (changed), floor1 (changed), floor2 (new), gfloor (new)
  • brest/pshops/pshop17: basement (new), floor1 (new), floor2 (new), gfloor (changed)
  • brest/pshops/pshop18: basement (changed), floor1 (changed), floor2 (new), gfloor (new)
  • brest/pshops/pshop19: basement (changed), floor1 (new), floor2 (new), gfloor (new)
  • brest/pshops/pshop2: basement (new), floor1 (new), floor2 (changed), gfloor (changed)
  • brest/pshops/pshop20: basement (new), floor1 (changed), floor2 (changed), gfloor (changed)
  • brest/pshops/pshop21: basement (changed), floor1 (new), floor2 (changed), gfloor (changed)
  • brest/pshops/pshop22: basement (changed), floor1 (changed), floor2 (new), gfloor (new)
  • brest/pshops/pshop23: basement (changed), floor1 (new), floor2 (changed), gfloor (new)
  • brest/pshops/pshop24: basement (new), floor1 (changed), floor2 (changed), gfloor (new)
  • brest/pshops/pshop25: basement (changed), floor1 (changed), floor2 (new), gfloor (new)
  • brest/pshops/pshop26: basement (new), floor1 (new), floor2 (changed), gfloor (changed)
  • brest/pshops/pshop27: basement (new), floor1 (changed), floor2 (new), gfloor (new)
  • brest/pshops/pshop3: basement (new), floor1 (changed), floor2 (changed), gfloor (changed)
  • brest/pshops/pshop4: basement (changed), floor1 (changed), floor2 (changed), gfloor (new)
  • brest/pshops/pshop5: basement (changed), floor1 (changed), floor2 (changed), gfloor (new)
  • brest/pshops/pshop6: basement (changed), floor1 (new), floor2 (new), gfloor (changed)
  • brest/pshops/pshop7: basement (changed), floor1 (changed), floor2 (changed), gfloor (new)
  • brest/pshops/pshop8: basement (changed), floor1 (new), floor2 (changed), gfloor (new)
  • brest/pshops/pshop9: basement (new), floor1 (new), floor2 (new), gfloor (new)
  • brest/shops: buildshop (new), buildshop2 (new)
  • brest/taverns: brest.seaside.tavern (new)
  • brest/zorn: castle.basement0 (changed), castle.mainfloor (changed), castle.upper.floor.one (changed)
  • darcap: README (changed), house1 (changed), village1 (new)
  • darcap/castle: castle2.0 (changed), castle2.1 (changed), castle2.2 (new), castle2.3 (changed)
  • darcap/cave: level1 (changed), level2 (new), level3 (changed), level4 (changed)
  • darcap/darcap: apartment (changed), church (changed), gshop (new), houses (changed), inn (changed), maze (new), potionshop (new), quest (changed), shop_a (new), shop_g (changed), shop_m (changed), shop_w (changed), tavern (changed), temple (changed)
  • darcap/darcap/circus: bigtop (new), chess (new), circus (new), double (changed), ghost (new), illusions (new), movers (new), roller1 (changed), roller2 (new), roller3 (new), shooting (new), strength (new), walls (new), wheel (new), wurfbude (new)
  • darcap/darcap/guilds/poisoned_dagger: bigchest (new), ground (new), storage_room (new), upper (new)
  • darcap/darcap/guilds/smoking_cauldron: bigchest (changed), ground (new), storage_room (changed), upper (new)
  • darcap/forgotten_town: city (changed), enter (new), ft_dragonslib (changed), ft_funhouse (changed), inn (new), palace (changed)
  • darcap/forgotten_town/quests: ft_quest_1 (changed), ft_quest_2 (changed), ft_quest_40 (new)
  • darcap/forgotten_town/shops: armour (new), general (changed), general2 (new), magic (new), potion (new), weapon (new)
  • darcap/lynn: castle1.0 (changed), castle1.1 (changed), castle1.2 (changed), castle1.3 (changed)
  • darcap/quest: fire (new), water (new)
  • darcap/town2: shop_b (changed), shop_f (new), tower1 (new), tower2 (changed), tower3 (new), tower4 (new), towers (new)
  • darcap/undead: undead.1 (changed), undead.2 (changed), undead.3 (changed)
  • dragonisland: advguild (changed), advguild2 (changed), advguild3 (changed), advshop0 (new), advshop1 (new), advshop2 (new), advshop3 (new), advshop4 (new), advshop5 (changed), advshop6 (new), apartment2 (new), apartment3 (new), bloodwell (new), damarishouse0 (new), damarishouse1 (new), damarishouse2 (new), dragonmountain0 (new), dragonmountain1 (changed), drowmansion (new), hangar (changed), hangar2 (new), hangar3 (changed), house1 (changed), house4 (new), house5 (changed), house6 (new), house7 (changed), house8 (new), house9 (new), housebrxzl (changed), intwell (changed), keysale (new), luxhouse (new), tavern (changed), thievesden (changed)
  • dungeons: barad_dur (new), castle_aaaarg (new), hole (changed), ruins (changed), trollbridge (new), xyzzy-mines (changed)
  • dungeons/grukks: grukks.1 (new), grukks.2 (changed), grukks.3 (new), grukks.4 (changed)
  • dungeons/hut: ancient_hut (new), kjerring (changed), watertunnel (new)
  • dungeons/monkey_temple: m_temple1 (new), m_temple2 (new)
  • dungeons/train: demon_train (changed), dragon_train (new), gobl_zomb_train (changed), goblin (changed), humanoid_train (changed), ogre (new), ogre_skel_train (new), skeleton (changed), train-old (changed), undead_train (changed), zombie (changed)
  • editor/picks: TownStaff (new), alchemy (new), alltown (changed), artifacts (new), background (new), classes (new), equipment (new), exits (changed), food-bparts (new), indoors (changed), items (changed), lakes (changed), monsters (new), monsters2 (changed), monsters3 (new), other (changed), outdoors (new), readables (changed), rivers (new), runes (new), shops (new), special (new), town (changed)
  • editor/walls: caves (changed), caves2 (changed), misc (new), wall (new), wall-special (changed)
  • euthville: boulder_inferno (changed), demon_quest (new), devil.church1 (new), devil.church2 (changed), devil.church3 (new), devil.church4 (new), devil.church5 (changed), hallofbones (changed), magic.shop (changed), map.fr.0 (new), map.fr.1 (new), map.fr.2 (changed), map.fr.3 (changed), wiz1 (new), wiz2 (changed), wiz3 (changed), wiz4 (changed), wiz5 (new), wiz6 (changed), wiz7 (changed)
  • inn_and_outpost: README (changed), hermes_inn (changed), hermes_inn2 (new), nirlas_house (new), outpost_aranor1 (new), pypers_treehouse (new), sweets_inn (changed), sweets_inn2 (changed), treehouse_df1 (changed), treehouse_df2 (new), treehouse_df3 (new), treehouse_df4 (changed), treehouse_df5 (changed), treehouse_df6 (changed)
  • lake_country: DA (new)
  • lake_country/Butakis: B_gshop (new), B_wshop (changed), Butakis0 (changed), Rlib1 (changed), Rlib2 (changed), Wist_portal (changed), Wist_study (new), alchemist (new), arena (changed), blacksmith (new), church-1 (new), church0 (new), church1 (new), gate_inner (new), gate_outer (changed), inn (changed), luck1 (changed), luck2 (new), luck3 (new), p_ghouse_s (changed), p_ghouse_w (changed), prison-1 (new), prison0 (new), prison1 (new), prison_e (changed), prison_n (changed), prison_s (changed), prison_w (changed)
  • lake_country/Butakis/houses: Bobs_house (new), Jacks_house (new), Jacobs_house (new), James_house (changed), Sams_house (changed), Seans_house (changed)
  • lake_country/Mwizard: Mwizard0 (changed), Mwizard1 (changed), Mwizard2 (new), Mwizard3 (changed), Mwizard4 (new), Mwizard5 (changed), Mwizard6 (changed), MwizardD (changed), MwizardG (new), MwizardT (changed)
  • lake_country/RETower: tower0 (new), tower1 (new), tower2 (changed), tower3 (changed), tower4 (new), tower5 (changed)
  • lake_country/Sunset_Lake: fortress (changed), gatehouse (new), inn (changed)
  • lake_country/dragon_hangar: hangar (new)
  • lake_country/ebony: entrance1 (changed), entrance2 (new), masterlev (changed)
  • lake_country/marsh: marsh1_1 (changed), marsh1_2 (new), marsh2_1 (changed), marsh2_2 (changed)
  • lake_country/shops: Mopoon_wshop (new), Olds_jewel (new), clems_archery (changed), klondors_wands (new)
  • lake_country/small_buildings: LC_inn1 (changed), burial_ground (changed), hut_Galmorus (new), oak_twak1 (new), portal (new)
  • lake_country/snake_pit: Chaos_lair1 (changed), Chaos_lair2 (changed), Chaos_lair3 (changed), Chaos_lair4 (changed), Takuse_lair (new), pit (changed), snakepit_1 (changed), snakepit_2 (new), snakepit_3 (changed), snakepit_4 (new), snakepit_5 (changed)
  • marksel: cellar (new), church (new), grumms_inn (new), grumms_inn2 (changed), keep (changed), mines (new), shop (new), wizard (new)
  • mlab: mlabscrntrd1 (changed), mlabscrntrd2 (changed), mlabscrntrdb1 (new), mlabscrntrdb2 (new), mlabscrntrdb3 (changed)
  • mlab/citydeclouds: citydeclouds2A (new), citydeclouds2B (changed), citydeclouds2C (changed), citydeclouds2D (changed), citydeclouds2E (new), citydeclouds2F (new), citydeclouds2G (changed), citydeclouds2H (new), citydeclouds2I (new), citydecloudsA (new), citydecloudsB (changed), citydecloudsC (new)
  • mlab/citydeclouds/bank: bank1 (changed), bank2 (new), bank3 (changed), bank4 (changed), bank5 (new), vaulta1 (new), vaultb2 (changed), vaultc3 (new), vaultd4 (changed), vaulte5 (changed)
  • mlab/citydeclouds/cdcbigstore: cdcbigstore2f (changed), cdcbigstore3f (changed)
  • mlab/citydeclouds/cdccastlekeep: cdccastlekeep1 (new), cdccastlekeep2 (changed), cdccastlekeep3 (new), cdccastlekeep4 (new), cdccastlekeepb1 (new), cdckeepbarrack1 (changed)
  • mlab/citydeclouds/cdcspire: cdcspire1 (new), cdcspireexit1 (changed), cdcspireexit2 (changed)
  • navar_city: city1church1 (new), city1court (new), city1enter (new), city1houses (changed), city1houses2 (new), city1houses3 (new), city1prison (new), collosium (changed), spyhouse (new), warehouse1 (changed), warehouse2 (new), warehouse3 (changed), warehouse4 (new), warehouse5 (new), warehouse6 (new), warehouse7 (changed), warehouse8 (new)
  • navar_city/apartments: apartment (new), apartment_attic (changed), apartment_basement (new), apartment_upstairs (changed)
  • navar_city/casino_infernal: casino_infernal1 (new), casino_infernal2 (new)
  • navar_city/dragon_hangar: hangar (new)
  • navar_city/dreaming_sage: bigchest (new), ground (new), storage_room (changed), upper (new)
  • navar_city/illusion: illexit (changed), illtow1 (changed), illtow2 (changed), illtow3 (new), illtow4 (changed), illtow5 (new), illtow6 (new), illtow7 (new)
  • navar_city/jail: jail (new), jail2 (new), jail3 (new)
  • navar_city/light: light0 (changed), light1 (new), light2 (changed), light3 (changed), light4 (new), smugship (changed), smugship1 (new)
  • navar_city/magara/houses: earth_house (changed), family_house (new), kaisas_place (new), large_house (new), museum (new)
  • navar_city/misc: IPO_navar (changed), aliscave (new), aliswell (changed), bowyer (new), buildshop (changed), city1armour (changed), city1bank (changed), city1gen (changed), city1magic (changed), city1mermaid (changed), city1smith (changed), city1weapon (changed), dragon_guild (changed), jeweler (changed), kitchen (new), library (changed), market1 (changed), market2 (new), tannery (new), thamshop (changed), theater (new), theater2 (new), theater3 (new), theater4 (new), theaterb1 (new), theaterb2 (new), theaterb3 (changed), theaterb4 (new)
  • navar_city/mlab: dream (new), tavern (changed), tavern2 (new), tavern3 (new), tavern4 (new), tavern5 (changed), tavern6 (new), tavern7 (new), tavernb1 (changed), tavernb2 (new), tavernb3 (new), tavernb4 (new), thehole (new), ttower10 (changed), ttower11 (changed), ttower12 (new), ttower13 (changed), ttower14 (changed), ttower15 (changed), ttower16 (changed), ttower17 (changed), ttower18 (new), ttower19 (new), ttower20 (changed), ttower21 (new), ttower22 (changed), ttower23 (new), ttower24 (new), ttower25 (new), ttower26 (new), ttower27 (changed), ttower28 (new), ttower29 (new), ttower30 (changed), ttower31 (changed), ttower32 (new), ttower33 (changed), ttower34 (new), ttower35 (new), ttower36 (new), ttower37 (changed), ttower38 (new), ttower39 (changed), ttower40 (changed), ttower41 (new), ttower42 (changed), ttower43 (changed), ttower44 (new), ttower45 (new), ttower8 (new), ttower9 (changed), ttowerchoswld1 (changed)
  • navar_city/slums: Iggys_house (new), Iggys_house_lower (changed), Iggys_house_upper (changed), rockgardens (new)
  • navar_city/smugglers_cove: sc_warehouse (new), sc_warehouse2 (changed), sc_warehouse3 (new), smugglercamp (new)
  • navar_city/temples: gaea (changed), gorokh (new), gorokh2 (changed), ixalovh (changed), ixalovh2 (changed), ruggilli (new), ruggilli2 (changed), sorig (new), templelyth (changed), valriel (new)
  • navar_city/tower: magetower1 (changed), magetower2 (new), magetower3 (new), magetower4 (new), magetower5 (new), magetower_low (new), magetowfinal (new)
  • planes: IPO_storage (changed), README (new), greenway1 (changed), greenway2 (changed), greenway3 (new), greenway4 (changed), greenway5 (new), greenway6 (changed), greenway7 (new), greenway8 (new), greenway9 (changed), harcanna_wood (changed), sorrow_ruin (new)
  • port_joseph: README (new)
  • port_joseph/goblin: caves (new), dungeon1 (new), dungeon2 (new), dungeon3 (changed), fort2 (new), fortress (changed), hole (new), hut (changed), netower (new), nwtower (new), setower (new), swtower (new)
  • port_joseph/pirates: fortvsship (changed), madvillage (new), mbgrave (new), mbgrave2 (changed), mooglyprize (new), mooglypuzzle (new), tortcave (changed), torthole (changed), tortship (changed), tortship2 (changed), tortship3 (new), torttemple (changed)
  • port_joseph/town: church (new), churchcrypt (changed), churchtower (changed), dshark (changed), generalstore (changed), inn (new), ixalovh_shrine (new), portia (changed), portia2 (new), tomassos_house (new)
  • pup_land: barrier (changed), hall2 (changed), hall_of_fame (changed), hq (changed), hq_ud (changed), port_e (changed), port_e_house (new), port_w (new), terminal (changed), terminal_u1 (new), world (new)
  • pup_land/ancient: company (new), to_future (changed), world (new)
  • pup_land/ancient/castle: castle.1 (changed), castle.2 (new), castle.3 (changed), castle.4 (changed), castle.5 (new), castle.6 (changed), castle.ud1 (new), ghoswolte (new), gothwolte.1 (new), gothwolte.2 (new), gothwolte.3 (new)
  • pup_land/ancient/kurte: house (new), kurte (changed), shop (new)
  • pup_land/ancient/mountain: atelir1 (new), atelir2 (changed), cave.b1 (new), cave.b2 (changed), cave.b3 (new), mountain.a1 (changed), mountain.a2 (new), mountain.a3 (changed), mountain.b1 (changed), mountain.b2 (changed), mountain.b3 (changed), tower.1 (changed), tower.2 (changed), tower.3 (changed), tower.4 (changed), tower.b1 (new)
  • pup_land/ancient/ruin: house1 (new), house2 (changed), house3 (new), house4 (changed), house5 (new), path (changed), shop (new), tower (changed), underground (changed), village (changed)
  • pup_land/ancient/village: graveyard (changed), hut1 (new), hut2 (changed), hut3 (changed), hut4 (new), hut5 (new), hut6 (changed), inn (changed), library (new), shop (changed), tavern (new), tavern1 (new), village (changed)
  • pup_land/ancient/village/hole: hole.B1 (changed), hole.B2 (changed), hole.B3 (changed), hole.B4 (new), hole.B5 (changed), hole.B6 (changed)
  • pup_land/ancient/village/siegfried: lever (changed), siegfried.1 (changed), siegfried.2 (changed), siegfried.3 (changed), siegfried.B1 (new), siegfried.B2 (changed), siegfried.B3 (changed), siegfried.B4 (new), siegfried.B5 (new), siegfried.B5a (new), siegfried.B5b (new), siegfried.B5c (changed)
  • pup_land/ancient/volcano: guardians (changed), treasure (new), volcano.1 (changed), volcano.2 (changed), volcano.3 (changed)
  • pup_land/begin: adv (changed), p1 (new), p2 (new), p3 (new)
  • pup_land/castle_eureca: castle_eureca1 (changed), castle_eureca2 (changed), castle_eureca3 (changed), castle_eureca4 (changed), castle_eureca5 (new), castle_eureca6 (new), castle_eureca7 (changed), castle_eureca8 (new), castle_eureca9 (changed), castle_eurecaB1 (new), castle_eurecaB2 (changed), cave_pass (new), cave_pass2 (changed), cave_pass3 (changed), cave_pass4 (changed), chest (new)
  • pup_land/cave_weapon: cave1 (changed), cave2 (new), cave3 (changed), cave4 (new), cave5 (new), cave51 (changed)
  • pup_land/guilds/laughing_skull: bigchest (changed), ground (new), storage_room (new), upper (new)
  • pup_land/guilds/purple_butterfly: bigchest (changed), ground (new), storage_room (changed), upper (changed)
  • pup_land/jk: gs_house (new), heads (new)
  • pup_land/kurte: eureca_road1 (changed), eureca_road2 (new), eureca_road3 (new), eureca_road31 (new), house (changed), hut1 (new), hut2 (new), jungle (new), kurte (new), penta (new), to_past (changed)
  • pup_land/lone_town: bank (changed), church (changed), church_ud (changed), cordish (new), cordish2 (new), dress1 (new), dress2 (changed), dress3 (changed), gemshop (changed), gemshop_ud (changed), gshop (new), gshop_ud (changed), guild_freedom (changed), guild_freedom_ud (new), guild_law (new), guild_law_ud (changed), heinrich (new), inn (new), magic (changed), mshop (changed), mshop_ud (changed), nf_bar (new), pupuly (new), tavern (changed), tavern_ud (changed), thief_market (changed), town (new), town_ud1 (changed), town_ud2 (changed), training (changed), training2 (new)
  • pup_land/lone_town/apartment: basement (changed), groundfloor (new), sharedcourtyard (changed), upper1 (new)
  • pup_land/lone_town/cave: b1 (changed), b2 (new), b3 (new)
  • pup_land/lone_town/dragonhangar: hangar (new)
  • pup_land/lone_town/shops: buildshop (changed)
  • pup_land/nurnberg: IPO_nurnberg (changed), agito (changed), alshop (new), aqueduct (new), ashop (new), bank (changed), bshop (changed), castle (new), castle_ud (changed), church (new), city (changed), fshop (changed), guild (new), guild_ud (new), hotel (new), hq (new), hq_training (new), jshop (changed), nf_bar (changed), paslab (new), pshop (changed), storehouse (new), storehouse2 (new), washop (new), wshop (changed)
  • pup_land/nurnberg/apartment: cave (changed), main (new), to_past (new), upstairs (changed)
  • pup_land/nurnberg/castle_bauer: castle2 (changed), castle3 (changed), castle4 (new)
  • pup_land/nurnberg/dick: bomb (changed), bomb1 (new), click (changed), heaven (changed), hell (changed), house (new), house2 (changed), maze (new), showinv (new)
  • pup_land/nurnberg/dragonhangar: hangar (new)
  • pup_land/nurnberg/reception: electricity2 (new), electricity3 (changed), electricity4 (changed), electricity5 (new), electricity6 (new), electricity7 (new), fire2 (new), fire3 (changed), fire4 (changed), fire5 (changed), fire6 (new), fire7 (changed), reception (changed), water2 (new), water3 (new), water4 (changed), water5 (new), water6 (changed), water7 (new), wind2 (new), wind3 (changed), wind4 (changed), wind5 (changed), wind6 (changed), wind7 (new)
  • pup_land/ordeal: tower_ordeal1 (new), tower_ordeal2 (changed), tower_ordeal3 (changed), tower_ordeal4 (changed), tower_ordeal5 (new), tower_ordeal6 (new), tower_ordealB1 (new), tower_ordealB2 (changed), tower_ordealB3 (changed)
  • pup_land/pplant: pplant1 (changed), pplant2 (changed), pplant3 (changed), pplant_ud1 (new), pplant_ud2 (new), pplant_ud3 (new), pup_land-1.0-README (new)
  • pup_land/raffle: raffle1 (changed), raffle1_u1 (changed), raffle1_u2 (new), raffle1_u3 (changed), raffle2 (changed), raffle2_u1 (changed), raffle2_u2_a (new), raffle2_u2_b (changed), raffle2_u3 (new), raffle2_u3a (changed), raffle2_u4 (changed), raffle3 (new), raffle3_u1 (new), raffle3_u2 (changed), raffle3_u2a (new)
  • pup_land/rainbow: Keira (new), bed_room (new), entrance1 (new), islands (changed), l_h1 (new), l_h2 (new), l_hB (new), river (changed), roof (new), shore (changed), station (new), w-tower (new), well (new), woods (new)
  • pup_land/rainbow/Lv1: Bizuzu (changed), b_pass (new), cage (changed), cd_room (new), d_pass (new), e_hall (new), f_a (new), g_boss (new), g_road (new), hut1 (new), hut2 (changed), hut3 (changed), hut4 (new), n_gate (new), orc_f (changed), prison (new), t_room (changed)
  • pup_land/rainbow/Lv2: Kum (new), b_inner (changed), b_m (new), b_m2 (new), d_cage (new), e_hall (new), h_pass (changed), holes (changed), maze (new), n_gate (changed), sticky (changed), tray (new)
  • pup_land/rainbow/Lv3: Garan (new), Goraon (new), Ring (new), Rufto (new), Wips (new), c-road (new), e-path (new), e_hall (new), hidden (new), maze (changed), n-gate (new), name (new), prison (changed), sec-p (changed), w-path (changed)
  • pup_land/rainbow/Lv4: alter (changed), alter2 (new), bot (new), curve (changed), demi (changed), e-hall (changed), hidden (changed), junk (changed), key (changed), mf (changed), n-gate (changed), path4 (new), path7 (new), path8 (new), path9 (new), statue (changed)
  • pup_land/rainbow/Lv5: cross (changed), e-hall (new), n-gate (new), romm88 (changed), room2 (new), room22 (new), room4 (new), room44 (new), room6 (changed), room66 (changed), room8 (changed), room88 (new)
  • pup_land/rainbow/Lv6: big-hall (new), e-hall (new), n-gate (new), order (changed)
  • pup_land/rainbow/Lv7: back (new), e-hall (changed), grave (new)
  • pup_land/rainbow/red_town: shop (new), town (new)
  • pup_land/ruin_barbarian: hole1 (changed), hole2 (changed), jungle (new)
  • pup_land/s_f: Kira (new), cave1 (new), cave2 (changed), floor1 (changed), floor2 (changed), ki (new), ki2 (changed), ruin (new), ruin_ug (new), secret (new), special (changed), st1 (changed), st2 (new), st3 (changed), st5 (changed), st6 (new), st7 (changed), to-jyo (new)
  • python: .cvsignore (changed), CFBank.py (changed), CFBoard.py (changed), CFCampfire.py (new), CFDataFile.py (new), CFGamble.py (changed), CFGuilds.py (changed), CFItemBroker.py (new), CFLog.py (changed), CFMail.py (new), README (changed)
  • python/IPO: README (new), banksay.py (changed), board.py (changed), receive.py (new), say.py (changed), seen.py (changed), send.py (changed)
  • python/casino: diamondslots.py (changed), goldslots.py (new), imperialslots.py (changed), platinumslots.py (changed), silverslots.py (new)
  • python/events: README (new), python_event.py (changed), python_init.py (new)
  • python/events/born: log_born.py (changed)
  • python/events/init: guild_init.py (new)
  • python/events/kick: log_kick.py (changed)
  • python/events/login: log_login.py (new), mail_login.py (new)
  • python/events/muzzle: log_muzzle.py (new)
  • python/events/remove: bank_remove.py (new), guild_remove.py (new), log_remove.py (new)
  • python/gods: altar_valkyrie.py (changed)
  • python/guilds: README.txt (changed), guild_dues.py (changed), guild_entry.py (new), guild_questpoints_apply.py (new), guildboard.py (new), guildbuy.py (new), guildjoin.py (changed), guildoracle.py (changed)
  • python/items: campfire_say.py (changed), campfire_timer.py (new), positioning_system.py (new), ring_occidental_mages.py (changed), weapon_occidental_mages.py (changed)
  • python/misc: CFInsulter.py (changed), CFweardisguise.py (changed)
  • quests/cd: cd.castle.750 (new), cd.cellar1.757 (changed), cd.inn.752 (changed), cd.store.753 (new), cd.tower1.754 (new), cd.tower2.755 (changed), cd.tunnel.751 (new)
  • quests/hendel: acid_room (changed), mountain_pass (new), pre_acid (new)
  • quests/mak: MainFloor (changed)
  • quests/mak/chaos: down1 (changed), down2 (changed), down3 (new), down4 (new), down5 (changed), fallen (new), monsters.pick (changed), tritemples (new), up1 (changed), up2 (changed), up3 (changed), up4 (changed), up5 (changed)
  • quests/mak/dragons: chaos (new), elec (changed), fire (new), ice (new)
  • quests/mak/giant: mainfloor (changed), secondfloor (changed), thirdfloor (changed)
  • quests/mak/mansion: basement (changed), floor1 (new), floor2 (changed)
  • quests/mak/troll_cave: Guards (new), cave.1 (changed), cave.2 (changed), cave.3 (changed)
  • quests/mak/undead: catacombs (changed), graveyard (changed), mausoleum (new)
  • quests/mak/unnatural: unnat (new)
  • quests/mcz: castle1 (changed), castle_air (changed), castle_earth (changed), castle_fire (changed), castle_low1 (new), castle_low2 (new), castle_water (changed)
  • quests/peterm: Nethack_in_crossfire_Yendor (changed), Nethack_in_crossfire_entrance (changed)
  • quests/peterm/CTower: Barracks (changed), Chamber (changed), Dungeon (changed), GroundLevel (new), Laboratory (changed), Library (changed), Officers (new), Servants (new), Study (new), TowerTop (new)
  • quests/peterm/Demonology: AirMaster (new), AirStudy (new), AirTower1 (changed), AirTower2 (changed), ApprenticeLevel (new), Demon1 (new), Demon2 (changed), Demon3 (new), EarthMaster (changed), EarthStudy (new), EarthTower1 (new), EarthTower2 (changed), FireMaster (changed), FireStudy (changed), FireTower1 (new), FireTower2 (changed), GroundLevel (changed), HighTower1 (changed), HighTower2 (changed), HighTowerTop (new), JourneymanLevel (changed), MasterLevel (new), WaterMaster (changed), WaterStudy (changed), WaterTower1 (new), WaterTower2 (changed)
  • quests/peterm/DragonQuest: ElectricAnte (new), ElectricHatchery (changed), ElectricLord (new), Entrance (new), FireAnte (new), FireHatchery (new), FireLord (new), IceAnte (changed), IceHatchery (new), IceLord (changed), WyvernNest (new)
  • quests/peterm/FireTemple: Entrance (changed), FifthFloor (new), Fire1 (new), Fire2 (changed), Fire3 (new), Fire4 (new), FirstFloor (new), FourthFloor (changed), HotMines (changed), LavaChamber (new), Mezannine1 (changed), Passageway (new), SecondFloor (changed), ThirdFloor (changed)
  • quests/peterm/quests: TitanGate (changed), dragon_quest (changed), dragonquest2 (changed), goblin_chief (changed), mushroom_quest (changed), ogre_chief (new), titan_quest (new), wyvern_quest (changed)
  • quests/peterm/temple: AnteChamber (new), GemTunnel (changed), InnerTemple (new), OuterTemple (changed), Temple (new)
  • quests/skud: court (new), east_1 (new), entrance (new), maze (new), north_1 (changed), west_1 (new)
  • quests/todd/aljwaf: crypt (new), crypt2 (changed), crypt3 (new), crypt4 (new), crypt5 (changed), crypt6 (changed), hall1 (new), hall2 (changed), ruins (changed), tomb (changed), tower1 (changed), tower2 (changed), tower3 (new), tower4 (new)
  • santo_dominion: basement (new), city_hall (changed), crossfire (changed), den (changed), house_of_hell (new), just_preliminary (new), map.and.sale (new), map.stigkr.1 (new), map.stigkr.2 (changed), noble_rest (changed), north_barn (changed), north_farm (changed), peacock (changed), sdomino_appartment (new), south_barn (changed), tavern (changed), tavern.2ndfloor (new), tavern.downstairs (changed), tobias (changed), tobias.top (changed), tollpost (changed)
  • santo_dominion/eeur: hut.1 (new), hut.2 (changed)
  • santo_dominion/espen: espen1 (new), espen2 (changed), palace (new)
  • santo_dominion/guilds/drunken_barbarian: bigchest (new), ground (changed), storage_room (new), upper (new)
  • santo_dominion/houses: house1 (new)
  • santo_dominion/lord_byron: 1st_floor (new), 2nd_floor (changed), dungeon (new), main (new)
  • santo_dominion/magara: opera (new)
  • santo_dominion/magara/hut: floor_1 (changed), floor_2 (changed), floor_3 (changed)
  • santo_dominion/magara/north_lighthouse: floor_1 (new), floor_2 (new), floor_3 (new), floor_4 (changed)
  • santo_dominion/magara/south_lighthouse: floor_1 (changed), floor_2 (new), floor_3 (new), floor_4 (new)
  • santo_dominion/magara/well: cave (changed), top (changed), treasure (new)
  • santo_dominion/mudman: mudman.1 (changed), mudman.2 (new), mudman.3 (changed)
  • santo_dominion/shops: armour (new), eliks (new), erash (new), nosferatu (changed), rings (new)
  • scorn: README (changed)
  • scorn/anthony: passoffice (new), portgate (changed), prison (new)
  • scorn/apartment: Apartments1 (new), Apartments2 (changed), Apartments3 (new), Apartments4 (new), Apartments5 (new), apartments (new)
  • scorn/cannery: ware1 (changed)
  • scorn/crow/train: train (changed)
  • scorn/dtabb: cave (new), cave2 (new), cave3 (new)
  • scorn/guilds: guildhousesinc (new)
  • scorn/guilds/mailed_fist: bigchest (changed), ground (changed), storage_room (changed), upper (new)
  • scorn/houses: angrygiant (new), barracks (new), bowyer (new), breezy_acres (new), breezy_under (new), breezy_under2 (changed), chess_club (changed), cornerbrook (new), cornerbrook_under (changed), easy_house.1.a (changed), easy_house.1.b (changed), easy_house.1.c (changed), farmhouse (changed), house.haunted (new), house.haunted2 (changed), house1 (new), house2 (new), house3.1st (new), house3.2nd (new), house3.bas1 (new), house3.bas2 (new), jeweler (changed), jones (changed), kitchen (changed), map.fr.ruin (changed), maze1 (changed), messhall (changed), newhouse1 (changed), resir (changed), riverside_manor (changed), riverside_under (new), smithery (new), tannery (changed), wizardw (changed), wizz.entry (changed), wizz.lev1 (new), wizz.lev1.pass1 (changed)
  • scorn/kar: creepy.house (changed), creepy.house2 (changed), drink (new), gorks1 (new), gorks2 (new), gorks3 (changed), somehouse (changed), somehouse2 (changed), somehouse3 (changed)
  • scorn/magara: porter_house (new)
  • scorn/mansion: entrance (changed), garden (changed), muriskunes (new), str-tunnel (new), stronghold (new)
  • scorn/misc: HallOfQuests (changed), HospitalityRoom (changed), HouseofHealing (changed), PowerHouse (new), beginners (new), beginners2 (new), castle (new), castle2 (new), church (changed), cityhall (changed), devourlower (changed), dragon_guild (new), drywell (changed), gatehouse (changed), jail (changed), jail_upper (changed), kboldtemp1 (new), kboldtemp1b1 (new), kboldtemp1b2 (new), kboldtemp1b3 (changed), kboldtemp1b4 (new), library (changed), map.esben.2 (changed), mercenaries (changed), port_arena (new), prison (new), puddings.place (changed), templedevour (changed), templelyth (new), testing_area (changed), zoo (new), zoo2 (changed)
  • scorn/misc/battle_arena: arena (changed), arena_ud (new), entrance (changed), first-aide (changed), snack (new)
  • scorn/oldcity: end (new), oldcity1 (changed), oldcity10 (changed), oldcity11 (new), oldcity12 (new), oldcity13 (changed), oldcity14 (changed), oldcity15 (new), oldcity15e (changed), oldcity2 (new), oldcity3 (changed), oldcity4 (changed), oldcity5 (changed), oldcity54 (new), oldcity6 (new), oldcity7 (new), oldcity8 (changed), oldcity9 (changed)
  • scorn/peterm: undead_quest (changed)
  • scorn/shops: BasicSpells (changed), IPO_scorn (changed), alclass (changed), armourshop (new), bank (new), bowshop (new), buildshop (new), coffeeshop (changed), foodshop (changed), gemshop (changed), generalshop (new), light_shop (new), magicshop (changed), oleds_cafe (new), potionshop (new), scorn.sale1 (changed), scorn.sale2 (new), weaponshop (changed)
  • scorn/taverns: apartments (changed), barking_mule (changed), goths (changed), goths0 (changed), goths2 (changed), inn (new), inn2 (changed)
  • scorn/temples: gaea (changed), gnarg (changed), gorokh (changed), ixalovh (changed), mostrai (new), mostrai2 (new), ruggilli1 (changed), ruggilli2 (changed), sorig (changed), sorig2 (new), valriel (changed), valriel2 (new), valriel3 (changed)
  • scorn/towers: tower (new), tower.mad (new), tower.mad1 (new), tower.mad2 (new), tower.mad3 (changed)
  • sisters: README (new), compound1 (changed), compound2 (new), compound3 (changed), entrance (new), granary (changed), necro_entrance (new), necro_hole1 (changed), necro_ruin1 (changed), necro_ruin1a (changed), shrine0 (new), shrine0_east (new), shrine0_west (new), shrine1 (changed), shrine_entrance (new), small_manor0 (changed), small_manor1 (new), small_manor2 (changed), tower0 (changed), tower1 (changed), tower2 (changed), tower3 (new)
  • start: Nexus (changed), newbieshouse (changed)
  • start/HallsOfSelection: fireborn_player (new), pl_dragon (new), wraith_player (new)
  • styles/decorstyles: alchemy (changed), craters (new), creepy (changed), easternsimple (new), fireproof-gems (new), food-bparts (changed), furniture (changed), goblinjunk (new), minerals (changed), minerals2 (changed), monuments (new), nethack (changed), outdoor_blasted (new), outdoor_lush (new), readables (new), religious_devourers (changed), religious_gaea (changed), religious_generic (new), religious_gnarg (new), religious_gorokh (new), religious_lythander (changed), religious_mostrai (changed), religious_ruggilli (new), religious_sorig (new), religious_valriel (changed), rugged (changed), runes (new), wealth (new), wealth2 (new)
  • styles/doorstyles/hdoors: door (new), door_look (new)
  • styles/doorstyles/secret_hdoors: awall (changed), bwall (changed), cwall (changed), dwall (new)
  • styles/doorstyles/secret_vdoors: awall (new), bwall (changed), cwall (new), dwall (new)
  • styles/doorstyles/special: forest (new), stone (changed), webs (changed)
  • styles/doorstyles/vdoors: door (new), door_look (new)
  • styles/exitstyles/down: all (changed), cstair (changed), door (changed), fog (changed), gscstair (new), hole (new), ladder (changed), sstair (new), teleporter (new), whirl (new)
  • styles/exitstyles/generic: all (new), archway (changed), darkforest (new), door (changed), fog (changed), hole (changed), teleporter (new), tree (new), whirl (changed), whirlwind (changed)
  • styles/exitstyles/up: all (new), cstair (new), door (new), fog (changed), ladder (changed), sstair (changed), teleporter (changed), whirl (new), yscstair (changed)
  • styles/floorstyles: cobbles (changed), darkwood (changed), dirt (changed), indoor (changed), lava (changed), lightdirt (new), lightwood (new), oil (new), outdoor (new), outdoor_lush (new), stones2 (changed), woodfloor (changed), woodfloor1 (new)
  • styles/misc: fountains (new), obscure_exits (changed)
  • styles/monsterstyles/angel: angel_1 (changed), angel_10 (changed), angel_11 (changed), angel_12 (new), angel_13 (changed), angel_14 (changed), angel_15 (new), angel_16 (changed), angel_17 (new), angel_18 (changed), angel_19 (changed), angel_2 (new), angel_20 (new), angel_21 (changed), angel_22 (new), angel_23 (changed), angel_24 (changed), angel_25 (changed), angel_26 (changed), angel_27 (new), angel_28 (new), angel_29 (new), angel_3 (changed), angel_4 (new), angel_5 (changed), angel_6 (new), angel_7 (new), angel_8 (new), angel_9 (new)
  • styles/monsterstyles/animal: animal_1 (changed), animal_10 (changed), animal_11 (new), animal_12 (changed), animal_13 (new), animal_14 (changed), animal_2 (new), animal_3 (new), animal_4 (new), animal_5 (new), animal_6 (new), animal_7 (new), animal_8 (changed), animal_9 (changed)
  • styles/monsterstyles/chaos: chaos_1 (changed), chaos_10 (changed), chaos_2 (changed), chaos_3 (changed), chaos_4 (new), chaos_5 (new), chaos_6 (changed), chaos_7 (new), chaos_8 (changed), chaos_9 (new)
  • styles/monsterstyles/city: city_1 (changed)
  • styles/monsterstyles/demon: demon_1 (new), demon_10 (changed), demon_11 (new), demon_12 (new), demon_13 (changed), demon_14 (new), demon_2 (changed), demon_3 (new), demon_4 (new), demon_5 (changed), demon_6 (changed), demon_7 (changed), demon_8 (new), demon_9 (new)
  • styles/monsterstyles/dragon: dragon_1 (changed), dragon_10 (changed), dragon_11 (changed), dragon_12 (new), dragon_13 (changed), dragon_14 (changed), dragon_15 (changed), dragon_16 (new), dragon_2 (changed), dragon_3 (changed), dragon_4 (new), dragon_5 (changed), dragon_6 (changed), dragon_7 (changed), dragon_8 (new), dragon_9 (changed)
  • styles/monsterstyles/humanoid: humanoid_1 (changed), humanoid_10 (changed), humanoid_11 (new), humanoid_12 (changed), humanoid_13 (changed), humanoid_14 (changed), humanoid_15 (new), humanoid_16 (changed), humanoid_17 (new), humanoid_18 (new), humanoid_19 (changed), humanoid_2 (changed), humanoid_3 (changed), humanoid_4 (new), humanoid_5 (new), humanoid_6 (new), humanoid_7 (new), humanoid_8 (new), humanoid_9 (changed)
  • styles/monsterstyles/imp: imp_1 (new)
  • styles/monsterstyles/insect: insect_1 (new), insect_10 (new), insect_11 (changed), insect_12 (new), insect_13 (new), insect_2 (new), insect_3 (changed), insect_4 (changed), insect_5 (changed), insect_6 (changed), insect_7 (changed), insect_8 (changed), insect_9 (changed)
  • styles/monsterstyles/nethack: nethack_1 (changed), nethack_10 (changed), nethack_11 (changed), nethack_12 (changed), nethack_13 (new), nethack_14 (new), nethack_15 (changed), nethack_16 (changed), nethack_17 (changed), nethack_18 (new), nethack_19 (changed), nethack_2 (new), nethack_20 (new), nethack_21 (new), nethack_3 (changed), nethack_4 (new), nethack_5 (new), nethack_6 (new), nethack_7 (new), nethack_8 (changed), nethack_9 (changed)
  • styles/monsterstyles/orc: orc_1 (new)
  • styles/monsterstyles/subterranean: subterranean_1 (changed), subterranean_10 (changed), subterranean_2 (new), subterranean_3 (new), subterranean_4 (new), subterranean_5 (changed), subterranean_6 (new), subterranean_7 (new), subterranean_8 (changed), subterranean_9 (changed)
  • styles/monsterstyles/sylvan: sylvan_1 (changed), sylvan_10 (changed), sylvan_2 (changed), sylvan_3 (new), sylvan_4 (changed), sylvan_5 (new), sylvan_6 (changed), sylvan_7 (new), sylvan_8 (new), sylvan_9 (changed)
  • styles/monsterstyles/undead: undead_1 (new), undead_10 (new), undead_11 (new), undead_12 (new), undead_13 (changed), undead_14 (new), undead_15 (changed), undead_16 (new), undead_17 (changed), undead_18 (new), undead_19 (new), undead_2 (changed), undead_20 (changed), undead_3 (new), undead_4 (changed), undead_5 (changed), undead_6 (changed), undead_7 (changed), undead_8 (new), undead_9 (changed)
  • styles/monsterstyles/undead_quest: undead_quest_1 (new), undead_quest_10 (changed), undead_quest_11 (changed), undead_quest_12 (new), undead_quest_13 (changed), undead_quest_14 (new), undead_quest_15 (changed), undead_quest_16 (new), undead_quest_17 (changed), undead_quest_18 (changed), undead_quest_19 (changed), undead_quest_2 (changed), undead_quest_20 (changed), undead_quest_21 (new), undead_quest_3 (new), undead_quest_4 (new), undead_quest_5 (new), undead_quest_6 (new), undead_quest_7 (new), undead_quest_8 (changed), undead_quest_9 (new)
  • styles/monsterstyles/vegetable: vegetable_1 (changed), vegetable_2 (changed), vegetable_3 (new), vegetable_4 (new), vegetable_5 (new), vegetable_6 (changed), vegetable_7 (changed), vegetable_8 (new)
  • styles/monsterstyles/wyvern: wyvern_1 (new), wyvern_2 (new), wyvern_3 (changed), wyvern_4 (new), wyvern_5 (new), wyvern_6 (new), wyvern_7 (changed)
  • styles/specialmaps: abattoir (new), doorhome (new), fake_heal_post (changed), haven (changed), healing_post (new), mini_forge (new), mini_jewlery (new), mini_kitchen (new), mini_tanner (new), mini_thaum (changed), mini_workbench (changed), minialch (new), miniarmory (changed), minichapel_demon (changed), minichapel_devourers (changed), minichapel_gaea (changed), minichapel_rugguli (changed), minilarder (changed), ministudy (changed), minitrade (new), powerroom (changed), study (changed), tinytrade (changed), tradingpost (new), turret (changed), turret2 (changed), turretswarm (new), turrettrap (changed)
  • styles/trapstyles: runes (changed), traps (changed)
  • styles/treasurestyles: gold_and_gems (changed)
  • styles/wallstyles: burningwall (new), castle (changed), cave (changed), cave2 (new), cave3 (new), dungeon (new), dungeon2 (new), earthen (changed), eastern (new), garden (new), hedge (new), trees (changed), water (new), wharf (new), wooden (changed)
  • teamarena: teamwar (changed), twregister (changed)
  • templates: README (changed)
  • templates/bungalo: bungalo1.tpl (new), bungalo2.tpl (new), bungalo3.tpl (changed), bungalo_b.tpl (changed)
  • templates/guild: GuildList (changed), README.txt (new), basement (changed), bigchest (changed), guild_HQ (changed), guildman_lounge (changed), guildmaster_lounge (new), hallofjoining (changed), journeyman_lounge (changed), mainfloor (new), masters_lounge (changed), novice_lounge (changed), secondfloor (changed)
  • templates/keep: grounds.tpl (changed), keep1.tpl (changed), keep2.tpl (new), keep3.tpl (new), keep_b.tpl (new), keep_roof.tpl (changed)
  • test: README (new), barrel (changed), bigmonpit (changed), connected_bug (new), cyclops (changed), diagonal (new), faceofdeath (changed), gen_test (changed), insert_bug (new), lighting (changed), multisquare (new), paralyze (new), pit (changed), playermover (new), python (changed), python.py (new), python_timer.py (changed), quest (changed), randomtreasure (changed), reaper (changed), remote_altar (new), templatetest (changed), throw (new), tile1 (new), tile2 (new), tile3 (new), trapdoor (changed), traps (changed), treasurelist (new), trigger (new)
  • test/anthony: README (changed), cascades (changed), connected_objects (changed), conveyor (changed), raffles_cascade (new), roller_cades (changed), special_objects (changed)
  • under_world: README (changed), uworld_120_109 (changed)
  • unlinked: Fogs (new), lefttower2 (changed), vol_vill_shops (new)
  • unlinked/Greyshield: Archery (changed), Arena (changed), Castle (changed), Cave (new), Cavern (changed), Cavern2 (changed), Chamber (changed), Doors (new), Dungeon (new), Elements (changed), Factory (new), Finish (new), Fortress (changed), GreyMaster (changed), Greysword (new), Island (new), Island1 (new), Ruins (changed), Sphinx (new)
  • unlinked/academy.crap: Entrance (changed), Fighter.2 (changed), Fighter.3 (new), Fighter.4 (new), Fighter.5 (changed), Fighter.5_2 (changed), MainFloor (changed), README (new)
  • unlinked/casino: README (changed), casino_infernal (new)
  • unlinked/kandora: ambush1 (new), dd_alchemy (changed), dd_alchemy2 (changed), dd_alchemy3 (changed), dd_baron (changed), dd_baron2 (new), dd_chaos (new), dd_church (new), dd_court (changed), dd_inn (new), dd_keep (new), dd_market (changed), dd_shop (changed), dd_tavern (new), denray (changed), dm_cellar (new), dm_church (new), dm_inn (new), dm_keep (changed), dm_shop (new), dm_tavern (new), dm_wizard (changed), dun_marksel (changed), kandora (changed), ship_city (new), ship_dog (changed), ship_home (new), ship_treasure (new), signal (new), signal2 (new), signal3 (new)
  • unlinked/kandora/cave: a_mine (changed), a_mine2 (changed), cave1 (changed), cave2 (changed), cave3 (new), entrance (new), m_inn (new), m_inn2 (changed), m_temple (new), mithril (changed)
  • unlinked/kandora/circus: mp_castle (changed), mp_cave (changed), mp_church (new), mp_s (new), mp_start (new), mp_tavern (changed), mp_world (changed), petshop (new)
  • unlinked/kandora/elcyon: elcyon_start (changed), elf_grove (new), fall (new), g_store (new), gnome_hut (changed), merchant (new), old_temple (changed), palace (changed), plaza (new), seacity (new), seacity_west (changed), temple (new), witch_house (new)
  • unlinked/zornstuff: zornstuff.NOT.a.map (changed)
  • whalingoutpost: lighthouse1 (changed), lighthouse2 (new), lighthouse3 (new), lighthouse4 (changed), lighthouse5 (changed), lighthouse6 (changed), lighthouse6attic (new), lightkeepershouse1 (changed), lightkeepershouseb1 (changed)
  • whalingoutpost/houses: fishershouse1 (changed), infestedhouse1 (changed)
  • whalingoutpost/misc: castle1 (new), castle2 (new), castle3 (new), castle4 (changed), castleb1 (changed), castleb1keep (new), castleb2 (new), castleb3 (new), fisherswell1 (new), frostcavern1 (new), holeinice1 (new), icecavern1 (changed), icecavern2 (changed), icehole1 (new), polarbearcave1 (new), polarbearcave2 (new), polarbearcave3 (new), trollcave1 (new)
  • whalingoutpost/taverns: fishershall1 (new), fishershallb1 (new), storehouse1 (changed)
  • whalingoutpost/underwaterdungeon: level1 (new), level2 (changed), level3 (new)
  • wolfsburg: dept_store_armour (changed), dept_store_magic (new), dept_store_misc (new), dept_store_weapon (changed), etern_rew (new), inns (new), piratechurch (changed), prison (changed), slave_pit1 (changed), slave_pit2 (changed), slave_pit3 (changed), snakepit (changed), ware1 (new), whorehouse (changed)
  • wolfsburg/dungeons: church.2 (changed), church.3 (changed), church.4a (changed), church.4b (new), church.4c (new), church.4d (changed), hut (new), piratedung (changed), pirateenter (changed), ship (new), ship_deck2 (changed), stronghold (changed), treas_room (changed), underworld (new)
  • wolfsburg/eeur: tower1.1 (changed), tower1.2 (new), tower1.3 (new), tower1.4 (changed)
  • wolfsburg/guilds/damned_heretics: bigchest (changed), ground (changed), storage_room (new), upper (new)
  • wolfsburg/magara: cellar_1 (changed)
  • wolfsburg/magara/castle: cellar (new), floor_1 (new), floor_2 (changed), floor_3 (new)
  • wolfsburg/magara/cellar1: hcellar_1 (new), hcellar_2 (changed), hole (new)
  • wolfsburg/magara/tower1: entrance (changed), floor_1 (changed), floor_3 (changed)
  • wolfsburg/magara/tower2: floor_1 (changed), floor_2 (new)
  • wolfsburg/temple: enterance (new), ixalovh (changed), temp_dung1 (new), temple (changed)
  • wolfsburg/tt: tta1 (new), tta2 (new), ttb1 (new), ttb2 (changed)
  • wolfsburg/volcano: volcano (new), vvhuts (changed), vvmansion (changed)
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world_101_113 (changed), world_101_114 (new), world_101_115 (new), world_101_116 (new), world_101_117 (new), world_101_118 (new), world_101_119 (new), world_101_120 (new), world_101_121 (new), world_101_122 (new), world_101_123 (new), world_101_124 (new), world_101_125 (new), world_101_126 (new), world_101_127 (changed), world_101_128 (new), world_101_129 (new), world_102_100 (changed), world_102_101 (new), world_102_102 (new), world_102_103 (changed), world_102_104 (changed), world_102_105 (changed), world_102_106 (changed), world_102_107 (new), world_102_108 (changed), world_102_109 (new), world_102_110 (new), world_102_111 (new), world_102_112 (new), world_102_113 (changed), world_102_114 (changed), world_102_115 (changed), world_102_116 (new), world_102_117 (changed), world_102_118 (changed), world_102_119 (changed), world_102_120 (new), world_102_121 (changed), world_102_122 (changed), world_102_123 (changed), world_102_124 (changed), world_102_125 (changed), world_102_126 (changed), world_102_127 (new), world_102_128 (new), world_102_129 (new), world_103_100 (new), world_103_101 (changed), world_103_102 (changed), world_103_103 (new), world_103_104 (changed), world_103_105 (new), world_103_106 (changed), world_103_107 (new), world_103_108 (new), world_103_109 (new), world_103_110 (changed), world_103_111 (new), world_103_112 (changed), world_103_113 (new), world_103_114 (new), world_103_115 (new), world_103_116 (changed), world_103_117 (new), world_103_118 (new), world_103_119 (changed), world_103_120 (new), world_103_121 (changed), world_103_122 (new), world_103_123 (changed), world_103_124 (new), world_103_125 (changed), world_103_126 (changed), world_103_127 (changed), world_103_128 (changed), world_103_129 (changed), world_104_100 (new), world_104_101 (new), world_104_102 (changed), world_104_103 (new), world_104_104 (changed), world_104_105 (new), world_104_106 (new), world_104_107 (changed), world_104_108 (changed), world_104_109 (changed), world_104_110 (changed), world_104_111 (changed), world_104_112 (changed), world_104_113 (new), world_104_114 (new), world_104_115 (changed), world_104_116 (new), world_104_117 (changed), world_104_118 (changed), world_104_119 (changed), world_104_120 (changed), world_104_121 (changed), world_104_122 (new), world_104_123 (changed), world_104_124 (new), world_104_125 (new), world_104_126 (changed), world_104_127 (new), world_104_128 (new), world_104_129 (changed), world_105_100 (changed), world_105_101 (new), world_105_102 (changed), world_105_103 (changed), world_105_104 (new), world_105_105 (new), world_105_106 (changed), world_105_107 (new), world_105_108 (changed), world_105_109 (new), world_105_110 (changed), world_105_111 (new), world_105_112 (changed), world_105_113 (changed), world_105_114 (changed), world_105_115 (new), world_105_116 (new), world_105_117 (new), world_105_118 (new), world_105_119 (changed), world_105_120 (changed), world_105_121 (new), world_105_122 (new), world_105_123 (new), world_105_124 (new), world_105_125 (new), world_105_126 (changed), world_105_127 (changed), world_105_128 (new), world_105_129 (new), world_106_100 (new), world_106_101 (new), world_106_102 (changed), world_106_103 (changed), world_106_104 (changed), world_106_105 (new), world_106_106 (new), world_106_107 (new), world_106_108 (changed), world_106_109 (changed), world_106_110 (changed), world_106_111 (changed), world_106_112 (new), world_106_113 (new), world_106_114 (changed), world_106_115 (changed), world_106_116 (new), world_106_117 (changed), world_106_118 (new), world_106_119 (new), world_106_120 (new), world_106_121 (changed), world_106_122 (changed), world_106_123 (changed), world_106_124 (new), world_106_125 (changed), world_106_126 (new), world_106_127 (changed), world_106_128 (new), world_106_129 (new), world_107_100 (changed), world_107_101 (changed), world_107_102 (changed), world_107_103 (new), world_107_104 (new), world_107_105 (new), world_107_106 (new), world_107_107 (changed), world_107_108 (changed), world_107_109 (changed), world_107_110 (changed), world_107_111 (changed), world_107_112 (changed), world_107_113 (changed), world_107_114 (new), world_107_115 (new), world_107_116 (changed), world_107_117 (new), world_107_118 (new), world_107_119 (new), world_107_120 (changed), world_107_121 (new), world_107_122 (new), world_107_123 (new), world_107_124 (changed), world_107_125 (new), world_107_126 (new), world_107_127 (new), world_107_128 (changed), world_107_129 (changed), world_108_100 (changed), world_108_101 (new), world_108_102 (new), world_108_103 (new), world_108_104 (changed), world_108_105 (changed), world_108_106 (changed), world_108_107 (changed), world_108_108 (changed), world_108_109 (new), world_108_110 (new), world_108_111 (changed), world_108_112 (new), world_108_113 (changed), world_108_114 (changed), world_108_115 (changed), world_108_116 (new), world_108_117 (changed), world_108_118 (new), world_108_119 (new), world_108_120 (changed), world_108_121 (changed), world_108_122 (new), world_108_123 (changed), world_108_124 (new), world_108_125 (new), world_108_126 (changed), world_108_127 (new), world_108_128 (new), world_108_129 (changed), world_109_100 (new), world_109_101 (changed), world_109_102 (changed), world_109_103 (new), world_109_104 (new), world_109_105 (new), world_109_106 (changed), world_109_107 (new), world_109_108 (changed), world_109_109 (new), world_109_110 (new), world_109_111 (new), world_109_112 (new), world_109_113 (changed), world_109_114 (new), world_109_115 (new), world_109_116 (new), world_109_117 (changed), world_109_118 (new), world_109_119 (new), world_109_120 (new), world_109_121 (new), world_109_122 (new), world_109_123 (changed), world_109_124 (new), world_109_125 (new), world_109_126 (new), world_109_127 (changed), world_109_128 (changed), world_109_129 (new), world_110_100 (new), world_110_101 (changed), world_110_102 (changed), world_110_103 (new), world_110_104 (changed), world_110_105 (new), world_110_106 (new), world_110_107 (new), world_110_108 (new), world_110_109 (new), world_110_110 (new), world_110_111 (changed), world_110_112 (changed), world_110_113 (changed), world_110_114 (changed), world_110_115 (changed), world_110_116 (new), world_110_117 (changed), world_110_118 (new), world_110_119 (changed), world_110_120 (changed), world_110_121 (changed), world_110_122 (new), world_110_123 (new), world_110_124 (changed), world_110_125 (changed), world_110_126 (new), world_110_127 (new), world_110_128 (new), world_110_129 (changed), world_111_100 (changed), world_111_101 (changed), world_111_102 (new), world_111_103 (changed), world_111_104 (new), world_111_105 (new), world_111_106 (changed), world_111_107 (changed), world_111_108 (changed), world_111_109 (new), world_111_110 (changed), world_111_111 (new), world_111_112 (changed), world_111_113 (changed), world_111_114 (changed), world_111_115 (new), world_111_116 (changed), world_111_117 (new), world_111_118 (changed), world_111_119 (changed), world_111_120 (new), world_111_121 (changed), world_111_122 (new), world_111_123 (new), world_111_124 (changed), world_111_125 (new), world_111_126 (new), world_111_127 (changed), world_111_128 (new), world_111_129 (new), world_112_100 (changed), world_112_101 (new), world_112_102 (changed), world_112_103 (changed), world_112_104 (changed), world_112_105 (new), world_112_106 (changed), world_112_107 (new), world_112_108 (new), world_112_109 (new), world_112_110 (new), world_112_111 (changed), world_112_112 (new), world_112_113 (changed), world_112_114 (changed), world_112_115 (new), world_112_116 (changed), world_112_117 (changed), world_112_118 (changed), world_112_119 (new), world_112_120 (new), world_112_121 (new), world_112_122 (new), world_112_123 (new), world_112_124 (new), world_112_125 (new), world_112_126 (changed), world_112_127 (new), world_112_128 (changed), world_112_129 (new), world_113_100 (new), world_113_101 (new), world_113_102 (changed), world_113_103 (new), world_113_104 (changed), world_113_105 (changed), world_113_106 (new), world_113_107 (changed), world_113_108 (changed), world_113_109 (new), world_113_110 (new), world_113_111 (new), world_113_112 (new), world_113_113 (changed), world_113_114 (new), world_113_115 (new), world_113_116 (changed), world_113_117 (changed), world_113_118 (changed), world_113_119 (changed), world_113_120 (new), world_113_121 (new), world_113_122 (new), world_113_123 (changed), world_113_124 (new), world_113_125 (changed), world_113_126 (changed), world_113_127 (new), world_113_128 (changed), world_113_129 (new), world_114_100 (changed), world_114_101 (changed), world_114_102 (new), world_114_103 (new), world_114_104 (new), world_114_105 (changed), world_114_106 (changed), world_114_107 (new), world_114_108 (changed), world_114_109 (changed), world_114_110 (new), world_114_111 (new), world_114_112 (changed), world_114_113 (new), world_114_114 (changed), world_114_115 (new), world_114_116 (new), world_114_117 (new), world_114_118 (new), world_114_119 (new), world_114_120 (new), world_114_121 (new), world_114_122 (new), world_114_123 (changed), world_114_124 (changed), world_114_125 (new), world_114_126 (changed), world_114_127 (changed), world_114_128 (changed), world_114_129 (changed), world_115_100 (new), world_115_101 (changed), world_115_102 (changed), world_115_103 (new), world_115_104 (new), world_115_105 (new), world_115_106 (changed), world_115_107 (new), world_115_108 (changed), world_115_109 (new), world_115_110 (changed), world_115_111 (changed), world_115_112 (changed), world_115_113 (changed), world_115_114 (changed), world_115_115 (new), world_115_116 (changed), world_115_117 (changed), world_115_118 (new), world_115_119 (changed), world_115_120 (changed), world_115_121 (new), world_115_122 (changed), world_115_123 (new), world_115_124 (changed), world_115_125 (new), world_115_126 (changed), world_115_127 (changed), world_115_128 (new), world_115_129 (new), world_116_100 (new), world_116_101 (changed), world_116_102 (changed), world_116_103 (changed), world_116_104 (changed), world_116_105 (new), world_116_106 (new), world_116_107 (new), world_116_108 (new), world_116_109 (new), world_116_110 (new), world_116_111 (new), world_116_112 (changed), world_116_113 (new), world_116_114 (new), world_116_115 (new), world_116_116 (new), world_116_117 (changed), world_116_118 (new), world_116_119 (changed), world_116_120 (changed), world_116_121 (changed), world_116_122 (new), world_116_123 (changed), world_116_124 (new), world_116_125 (changed), world_116_126 (changed), world_116_127 (changed), world_116_128 (new), world_116_129 (new), world_117_100 (changed), world_117_101 (changed), world_117_102 (new), world_117_103 (new), world_117_104 (new), world_117_105 (new), world_117_106 (changed), world_117_107 (changed), world_117_108 (changed), world_117_109 (new), world_117_110 (changed), world_117_111 (changed), world_117_112 (changed), world_117_113 (changed), world_117_114 (new), world_117_115 (new), world_117_116 (changed), world_117_117 (changed), world_117_118 (changed), world_117_119 (changed), world_117_120 (new), world_117_121 (new), world_117_122 (new), world_117_123 (changed), world_117_124 (new), world_117_125 (new), world_117_126 (new), world_117_127 (changed), world_117_128 (new), world_117_129 (new), world_118_100 (changed), world_118_101 (new), world_118_102 (changed), world_118_103 (changed), world_118_104 (changed), world_118_105 (new), world_118_106 (changed), world_118_107 (new), world_118_108 (new), world_118_109 (new), world_118_110 (changed), world_118_111 (changed), world_118_112 (new), world_118_113 (new), world_118_114 (changed), world_118_115 (changed), world_118_116 (changed), world_118_117 (changed), world_118_118 (changed), world_118_119 (new), world_118_120 (new), world_118_121 (new), world_118_122 (changed), world_118_123 (changed), world_118_124 (new), world_118_125 (new), world_118_126 (changed), world_118_127 (new), world_118_128 (new), world_118_129 (changed), world_119_100 (changed), world_119_101 (new), world_119_102 (changed), world_119_103 (changed), world_119_104 (new), world_119_105 (changed), world_119_106 (changed), world_119_107 (new), world_119_108 (changed), world_119_109 (changed), world_119_110 (changed), world_119_111 (changed), world_119_112 (changed), world_119_113 (new), world_119_114 (changed), world_119_115 (changed), world_119_116 (new), world_119_117 (new), world_119_118 (changed), world_119_119 (new), world_119_120 (changed), world_119_121 (changed), world_119_122 (changed), world_119_123 (changed), world_119_124 (new), world_119_125 (new), world_119_126 (new), world_119_127 (changed), world_119_128 (new), world_119_129 (changed), world_120_100 (new), world_120_101 (new), world_120_102 (new), world_120_103 (changed), world_120_104 (changed), world_120_105 (new), world_120_106 (changed), world_120_107 (new), world_120_108 (new), world_120_109 (changed), world_120_110 (new), world_120_111 (changed), world_120_112 (changed), world_120_113 (new), world_120_114 (changed), world_120_115 (new), world_120_116 (changed), world_120_117 (changed), world_120_118 (changed), world_120_119 (changed), world_120_120 (changed), world_120_121 (new), world_120_122 (new), world_120_123 (changed), world_120_124 (new), world_120_125 (new), world_120_126 (new), world_120_127 (new), world_120_128 (new), world_120_129 (changed), world_121_100 (changed), world_121_101 (changed), world_121_102 (changed), world_121_103 (new), world_121_104 (new), world_121_105 (changed), world_121_106 (new), world_121_107 (changed), world_121_108 (changed), world_121_109 (new), world_121_110 (changed), world_121_111 (new), world_121_112 (changed), world_121_113 (changed), world_121_114 (changed), world_121_115 (new), world_121_116 (new), world_121_117 (new), world_121_118 (new), world_121_119 (changed), world_121_120 (changed), world_121_121 (changed), world_121_122 (new), world_121_123 (new), world_121_124 (new), world_121_125 (new), world_121_126 (new), world_121_127 (changed), world_121_128 (new), world_121_129 (new), world_122_100 (changed), world_122_101 (new), world_122_102 (new), world_122_103 (changed), world_122_104 (new), world_122_105 (new), world_122_106 (new), world_122_107 (new), world_122_108 (new), world_122_109 (changed), world_122_110 (changed), world_122_111 (new), world_122_112 (changed), world_122_113 (changed), world_122_114 (new), world_122_115 (new), world_122_116 (new), world_122_117 (changed), world_122_118 (changed), world_122_119 (changed), world_122_120 (new), world_122_121 (changed), world_122_122 (changed), world_122_123 (new), world_122_124 (new), world_122_125 (new), world_122_126 (changed), world_122_127 (new), world_122_128 (changed), world_122_129 (new), world_123_100 (changed), world_123_101 (new), world_123_102 (new), world_123_103 (new), world_123_104 (changed), world_123_105 (changed), world_123_106 (new), world_123_107 (new), world_123_108 (changed), world_123_109 (new), world_123_110 (changed), world_123_111 (new), world_123_112 (changed), world_123_113 (changed), world_123_114 (new), world_123_115 (changed), world_123_116 (changed), world_123_117 (new), world_123_118 (new), world_123_119 (new), world_123_120 (new), world_123_121 (changed), world_123_122 (changed), world_123_123 (changed), world_123_124 (changed), world_123_125 (new), world_123_126 (new), world_123_127 (new), world_123_128 (new), world_123_129 (new), world_124_100 (new), world_124_101 (new), world_124_102 (new), world_124_103 (new), world_124_104 (changed), world_124_105 (changed), world_124_106 (new), world_124_107 (new), world_124_108 (changed), world_124_109 (changed), world_124_110 (changed), world_124_111 (new), world_124_112 (new), world_124_113 (new), world_124_114 (changed), world_124_115 (new), world_124_116 (changed), world_124_117 (new), world_124_118 (changed), world_124_119 (changed), world_124_120 (changed), world_124_121 (new), world_124_122 (changed), world_124_123 (changed), world_124_124 (changed), world_124_125 (changed), world_124_126 (changed), world_124_127 (changed), world_124_128 (new), world_124_129 (new), world_125_100 (changed), world_125_101 (new), world_125_102 (changed), world_125_103 (new), world_125_104 (new), world_125_105 (new), world_125_106 (changed), world_125_107 (changed), world_125_108 (new), world_125_109 (new), world_125_110 (changed), world_125_111 (changed), world_125_112 (new), world_125_113 (changed), world_125_114 (new), world_125_115 (changed), world_125_116 (new), world_125_117 (changed), world_125_118 (new), world_125_119 (changed), world_125_120 (new), world_125_121 (new), world_125_122 (changed), world_125_123 (new), world_125_124 (new), world_125_125 (new), world_125_126 (new), world_125_127 (new), world_125_128 (new), world_125_129 (new), world_126_100 (new), world_126_101 (changed), world_126_102 (changed), world_126_103 (new), world_126_104 (changed), world_126_105 (changed), world_126_106 (changed), world_126_107 (new), world_126_108 (changed), world_126_109 (new), world_126_110 (changed), world_126_111 (changed), world_126_112 (changed), world_126_113 (changed), world_126_114 (changed), world_126_115 (new), world_126_116 (changed), world_126_117 (new), world_126_118 (changed), world_126_119 (new), world_126_120 (new), world_126_121 (new), world_126_122 (new), world_126_123 (new), world_126_124 (new), world_126_125 (changed), world_126_126 (new), world_126_127 (changed), world_126_128 (changed), world_126_129 (new), world_127_100 (changed), world_127_101 (new), world_127_102 (changed), world_127_103 (new), world_127_104 (changed), world_127_105 (new), world_127_106 (changed), world_127_107 (changed), world_127_108 (new), world_127_109 (changed), world_127_110 (changed), world_127_111 (changed), world_127_112 (new), world_127_113 (new), world_127_114 (changed), world_127_115 (new), world_127_116 (changed), world_127_117 (new), world_127_118 (changed), world_127_119 (new), world_127_120 (new), world_127_121 (changed), world_127_122 (new), world_127_123 (new), world_127_124 (new), world_127_125 (changed), world_127_126 (changed), world_127_127 (new), world_127_128 (new), world_127_129 (changed), world_128_100 (new), world_128_101 (changed), world_128_102 (new), world_128_103 (changed), world_128_104 (new), world_128_105 (changed), world_128_106 (changed), world_128_107 (new), world_128_108 (new), world_128_109 (changed), world_128_110 (new), world_128_111 (new), world_128_112 (changed), world_128_113 (changed), world_128_114 (new), world_128_115 (new), world_128_116 (new), world_128_117 (new), world_128_118 (changed), world_128_119 (new), world_128_120 (changed), world_128_121 (changed), world_128_122 (new), world_128_123 (new), world_128_124 (new), world_128_125 (changed), world_128_126 (new), world_128_127 (new), world_128_128 (new), world_128_129 (changed), world_129_100 (new), world_129_101 (new), world_129_102 (new), world_129_103 (changed), world_129_104 (changed), world_129_105 (new), world_129_106 (changed), world_129_107 (changed), world_129_108 (new), world_129_109 (changed), world_129_110 (changed), world_129_111 (changed), world_129_112 (changed), world_129_113 (new), world_129_114 (new), world_129_115 (new), world_129_116 (changed), world_129_117 (changed), world_129_118 (new), world_129_119 (changed), world_129_120 (changed), world_129_121 (changed), world_129_122 (changed), world_129_123 (changed), world_129_124 (changed), world_129_125 (new), world_129_126 (changed), world_129_127 (changed), world_129_128 (changed), world_129_129 (changed)
qal21 2006-10-09 09:24

Rename 'jesus weeping' to 'Valriel weeping' in world_105_113.

0 lines of code changed in:

  • world: world_105_113 (new)
qal21 2006-10-07 14:24

Add 'ledges' beside the jail teleporters, to prevent players brought there by the 'arrest' command from stepping off of the teleporter. Update the instructions sign to mention the 'arrest' command.

0 lines of code changed in:

  • scorn/misc: jail (changed)
qal21 2006-10-07 09:57

Merge rev 5006 from trunk:
Fixed Bug #1552319

Not the best solution but now the chapel is usable.

0 lines of code changed in:

  • quests/peterm/quests: wyvern_quest (changed)
qal21 2006-10-07 09:56

Merge rev 5005 from trunk:
Solved Bug #1530018

I removed the runes and added "dungeon-magic" to the tiles
below the door. This should prevent players casting some-
thing through the door.

0 lines of code changed in:

  • lake_country/Mwizard: Mwizard5 (changed)
qal21 2006-10-07 09:55

Merge rev 5004 from trunk: Fixed Bug #1539223

0 lines of code changed in:

  • lake_country/Butakis: gate_outer (new)
qal21 2006-10-06 14:44

Add undead shaft and pirate mansion maps to svn. Created by Brad Reilly.

17466 lines of code changed in:

  • darcap/darcap: pirates.1 (new 8640)
  • santo_dominion/shaft: undeadshaft.1 (new 1325), undeadshaft.2 (new 1237), undeadshaft.3 (new 2094), undeadshaft.4 (new 4170)
  • world: world_104_109 (changed), world_116_102 (changed)
qal21 2006-10-06 13:44

Spelling correction in comment in CFWorld.py

1 lines of code changed in:

  • python: CFWorld.py (+1 -1)
qal21 2006-10-06 13:40

Add Rhyzian amulet quest.

3260 lines of code changed in:

  • navar_city/misc: city1mermaid (changed), navarwiz (new 1068)
  • python: CFWorld.py (new 22)
  • python/items: rhyzian_amulet.py (new 60)
  • scorn/misc: gatehouse (new), wizhide (new 2110)
qal21 2006-10-06 13:29

Merge rev 4997 from trunk: Bugfix to bug #1571256

0 lines of code changed in:

  • darcap/darcap: inn (changed)
qal21 2006-09-24 10:37

Remove tabs from multi-line string in python/IPO/banksay.py. Fixes bug #1551381.

0 lines of code changed in:

  • python/IPO: banksay.py (new)
qal21 2006-09-21 19:48

Merge revision 4954. Zorn castle update, from trunk maps.

0 lines of code changed in:

  • brest/zorn: castle.upper.floor.one (changed)
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