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init.c File Reference
#include "global.h"
#include <stdlib.h>
#include <string.h>
#include "object.h"
#include "output_file.h"
#include "assets.h"
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#define EXTERN
#define INIT_C


void free_globals (void)
void init_attackmess (BufferReader *reader, const char *filename)
static void init_clocks (void)
static void init_defaults (void)
static void init_dynamic (void)
static void init_emergency_mappath (void)
static void init_environ (void)
void init_globals (void)
void init_library (void)
void load_assets (void)
void write_todclock (void)


struct Settings settings
const char *const spellpathnames [NRSPELLPATHS]
struct Statistics statistics

Detailed Description

Basic initialization for the common library.

Definition in file init.c.

Macro Definition Documentation


#define EXTERN

Definition at line 19 of file init.c.


#define INIT_C

Definition at line 20 of file init.c.

Function Documentation

◆ free_globals()

void free_globals ( void  )

Cleans all memory allocated for global variables.

Will clear:

  • attack messages
  • emergency map settings
  • friendly list
  • experience
  • regions

Definition at line 311 of file init.c.

References assets_free(), attack_mess, blocks_prayer, clear_friendly_list(), Settings::emergency_mapname, first_region, FREE_AND_CLEAR, FREE_AND_CLEAR_STR, free_experience(), regiondef::jailmap, regiondef::longname, MAXATTACKMESS, navar-midane_pickup::msg, regiondef::msg, regiondef::name, regiondef::next, NROFATTACKMESS, settings, and undead_name.

Referenced by cleanup().

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+ Here is the caller graph for this function:

◆ init_attackmess()

void init_attackmess ( BufferReader reader,
const char *  filename 

Initializes the attack messages. Called by init_library().

Memory will be cleared by free_globals().

Definition at line 445 of file init.c.

References attack_mess, buf, attackmess::buf1, attackmess::buf2, attackmess::buf3, bufferreader_next_line(), npc_dialog::filename, attackmess::level, level, llevDebug, LOG(), strdup_local, and mail_login::total.

Referenced by assets_collect().

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+ Here is the caller graph for this function:

◆ init_clocks()

static void init_clocks ( void  )

Initializes the gametime and TOD counters Called by init_library().

Definition at line 409 of file init.c.

References npc_dialog::filename, llevDebug, llevError, Settings::localdir, LOG(), MAX_BUF, settings, todtick, and write_todclock().

Referenced by init_library().

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+ Here is the caller graph for this function:

◆ init_defaults()

static void init_defaults ( void  )

Initialises global variables which can be changed by options. Called by init_library().

Definition at line 346 of file init.c.

References nroferrors.

Referenced by init_globals().

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◆ init_dynamic()

static void init_dynamic ( void  )

Initializes first_map_path from the archetype collection, and check that some required archetype actually exist.

Must be called after archetypes have been initialized.

will call exit() in case of error.

Definition at line 359 of file init.c.

References archt::clone, delete_map(), EXIT_PATH, fatal(), first_map_path, get_archetype_by_type_subtype(), llevError, LOG(), MAP, MAP_TYPE_DEFAULT, MAP_TYPE_LEGACY, ready_map_name(), SEE_LAST_ERROR, and strlcpy().

Referenced by init_library().

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+ Here is the caller graph for this function:

◆ init_emergency_mappath()

static void init_emergency_mappath ( void  )

This loads the emergency map information from a .emergency file in the map directory. Doing this makes it easier to switch between map distributions (don't need to recompile. Note that there is no reason I see that this could not be re-loaded during play, but it seems like there should be little reason to do that.

If file doesn't exist, will not do anything.

Definition at line 142 of file init.c.

References Settings::datadir, Settings::emergency_mapname, EMERGENCY_MAPPATH, Settings::emergency_x, Settings::emergency_y, npc_dialog::filename, llevDebug, llevError, LOG(), Settings::mapdir, MAX_BUF, settings, and strdup_local.

Referenced by init_library().

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+ Here is the caller graph for this function:

◆ init_environ()

static void init_environ ( void  )

Initializes values from the environmental variables. it needs to be called very early, since command line options should overwrite these if specified.

Definition at line 233 of file init.c.

References Settings::datadir, Settings::localdir, Settings::mapdir, Settings::playerdir, settings, Settings::templatedir, Settings::tmpdir, and Settings::uniquedir.

Referenced by init_library().

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◆ init_globals()

void init_globals ( void  )

Initialises all global variables. Might use environment-variables as default for some of them.

Setups logfile, and such variables.

Definition at line 265 of file init.c.

References add_string(), amulet_arch, blocks_prayer, exiting, first_artifactlist, first_map, first_map_ext_path, first_player, init_defaults(), llevError, LOG(), logfile, Settings::logfilename, nrofallowedstr, nrofartifacts, ring_arch, settings, statistics, trying_emergency_save, and undead_name.

Referenced by cctk_init_std_archetypes(), generate_map(), init_library(), ResourcesManager::load(), and main().

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+ Here is the caller graph for this function:

◆ init_library()

void init_library ( void  )

It is vital that init_library() is called by any functions using this library. If you want to lessen the size of the program using the library, you can replace the call to init_library() with init_globals() and init_function_pointers(). Good idea to also call init_hash_table if you are doing any object loading.

Definition at line 192 of file init.c.

References assets_dump_undefined(), assets_init(), attack_mess, attackmess::buf1, attackmess::buf2, attackmess::buf3, FALSE, fatal(), i18n_init(), Settings::ignore_assets_errors, init_block(), init_clocks(), init_dynamic(), init_emergency_mappath(), init_environ(), init_experience(), init_globals(), init_hash_table(), init_objects(), init_stats(), attackmess::level, level, llevError, load_assets(), LOG(), MAXATTACKMESS, SEE_LAST_ERROR, and settings.

Referenced by generate_map(), init(), ResourcesManager::load(), and main().

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◆ load_assets()

void load_assets ( void  )

Definition at line 179 of file init.c.

References ASSETS_ALL, assets_collect(), assets_end_load(), Settings::datadir, and settings.

Referenced by command_recollect(), and init_library().

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+ Here is the caller graph for this function:

◆ write_todclock()

void write_todclock ( void  )

Write out the current time to the file so time does not reset every time the server reboots.

Definition at line 392 of file init.c.

References npc_dialog::filename, Settings::localdir, MAX_BUF, of_close(), of_open(), settings, and todtick.

Referenced by clean_tmp_files(), init_clocks(), and tick_the_clock().

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+ Here is the caller graph for this function:

Variable Documentation

◆ settings

struct Settings settings

Server settings.

Definition at line 39 of file init.c.

Referenced by CREFilterDialog::accept(), CREReportDialog::accept(), account_block_create(), account_char_load_from_file(), account_char_save(), account_new_cmd(), accounts_load(), accounts_save(), add_me_cmd(), add_player_exp(), add_server_collect_hooks(), apply_check_item_power(), apply_check_personalized_blessings(), apply_death_exp_penalty(), apply_race_and_class(), assets_collect(), attack_ob_simple(), attempt_steal(), block_until_new_connection(), calc_perm_exp(), calc_skill_exp(), cast_create_town_portal(), cast_spell(), cctk_init_std_archetypes(), cctk_setdatadir(), cctk_setlog(), cfapi_system_directory(), cfcitybell_init(), change_abil(), check_exp_loss(), check_login(), check_pick(), check_probe(), check_race_and_class(), checkbanned(), checkdm(), citylife_init(), clean_tmp_files(), CREMapInformationManager::clearCache(), close_modules(), CREMainWindow::closeEvent(), command_abil(), command_addexp(), command_banish(), command_create(), command_debug(), command_help(), command_loadtest(), command_nowiz(), command_patch(), command_players(), command_purge_quest_definitions(), command_search_items(), command_settings(), command_title(), compute_price_variation_with_bargaining(), convert_item(), create_items_path(), create_overlay_pathname(), create_pathname(), create_player_cmd(), create_template_pathname(), CREMainWindow::createMenus(), CREExperienceWindow::CREExperienceWindow(), CREFilterDialog::CREFilterDialog(), CREMainWindow::CREMainWindow(), CREReportDialog::CREReportDialog(), CRESettingsDialog::CRESettingsDialog(), crypt_string(), dead_player(), delete_character(), display_motd(), do_symptoms(), do_throw(), dragon_eat_flesh(), dump_experience(), enter_exit(), enter_player_maplevel(), enter_player_savebed(), exp_level(), FaceMakerDialog::FaceMakerDialog(), fatal(), CREMainWindow::fillFacesets(), find_help_file_in(), find_maps(), find_spot_for_submap(), find_style(), MessageManager::findPrePost(), fix_object(), fix_player(), forbid_play(), free_globals(), free_server(), get_cha_bonus(), get_cleric_chance(), get_con_bonus(), get_dam_bonus(), get_dex_bonus(), get_fear_bonus(), get_grace_bonus(), get_learn_spell(), get_sp_bonus(), get_speed_bonus(), get_thaco_bonus(), get_turn_bonus(), get_weight_limit(), god_enchants_weapon(), help_topics(), ChangesDock::helpReady(), hiscore_init(), hit_player(), i18n_init(), improve_armour(), improve_weapon(), CREPixmap::init(), init_beforeplay(), init_book_archive(), init_clocks(), init_emergency_mappath(), init_environ(), init_experience(), init_globals(), init_library(), init_modules(), init_server(), init_startup(), init_stats(), initPlugins(), is_legal_2ways_exit(), key_change_class(), key_confirm_quit(), kill_object(), kill_player(), kill_player_not_permadeath(), kill_player_permadeath(), knowledge_read_player_data(), knowledge_write_player_data(), level_exp(), list_players(), ResourcesManager::load(), load_assets(), load_settings(), load_table_float(), load_table_int(), CREMapInformationManager::loadCache(), MessageManager::loadDirectory(), LOG(), main(), map_remove_unique_files(), mapfile_load(), metaserver2_init(), monsterFight(), object_clear(), CREMainWindow::onReportQuests(), CREMainWindow::onToolReloadAssets(), MessageFile::parseFile(), pay_for_item(), pick_up_object(), player_lvl_adj(), plugins_init_plugin(), process_events(), process_players1(), quest_read_player_data(), quest_write_player_data(), random_house_generator_init(), rangetostring(), read_map_log(), ready_map_name(), resurrect_player(), roll_stats(), MessageFile::save(), save_map(), save_player(), scroll_failure(), scroll_type_apply(), send_exp_table(), send_file(), send_new_char_info(), send_news(), send_rules(), set_abs_magic(), set_confdir(), set_csport(), set_datadir(), set_debug(), set_disable_plugin(), set_dumpmon1(), set_dumpmon2(), set_dumpmon3(), set_dumpmon4(), set_dumpmon5(), set_dumpmon6(), set_dumpmon7(), set_dumpmon8(), set_dumpmon9(), set_dumpmont(), set_ignore_assets_errors(), set_localdir(), set_logfile(), set_mapdir(), set_mondebug(), set_playerdir(), set_regions(), set_templatedir(), set_tmpdir(), set_uniquedir(), CREPixmap::setFaceset(), CREPixmap::setUseFacesetFallback(), show_skills(), SP_level_spellpoint_cost(), spell_failure(), spellbook_type_apply(), START_TEST(), CREMapInformationManager::storeCache(), swap_map(), town_portal_destroy_existing(), unset_debug(), CREResourcesWindow::updateFilters(), CREResourcesWindow::updateReports(), verify_player(), while(), write_book_archive(), write_map_log(), write_scroll(), and write_todclock().

◆ spellpathnames

const char* const spellpathnames[NRSPELLPATHS]
Initial value:
= {

Perhaps not the best place for this, but needs to be in some file in the common area so that standalone programs, like the random map generator, can be built.

Definition at line 107 of file init.c.

Referenced by describe_spellpath_attenuation(), dragon_ability_gain(), send_spell_paths(), and spellpath_msg().

◆ statistics

struct Statistics statistics

Merged spell statistics.

Definition at line 100 of file init.c.

Referenced by init_globals(), main(), object_merge_spell(), and ok_to_put_more().