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lighter.c File Reference
#include "global.h"
#include <string.h>
#include "ob_methods.h"
#include "ob_types.h"
#include "sounds.h"
#include "sproto.h"
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void init_type_lighter (void)
static method_ret lighter_type_apply (object *lighter, object *applier, int aflags)

Detailed Description

Implementation of the Lighter class of objects.

Definition in file lighter.c.

Function Documentation

◆ init_type_lighter()

void init_type_lighter ( void  )

Initializer for the LIGHTER object type.

Definition at line 32 of file lighter.c.

References LIGHTER, lighter_type_apply(), and register_apply().

Referenced by register_all_ob_types().

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◆ lighter_type_apply()

static method_ret lighter_type_apply ( object lighter,
object applier,
int  aflags 

Attempts to apply a lighter.

Designed primarily to light torches/lanterns/etc. Also burns up burnable material too. First object in the inventory is the selected object to "burn". -b.t.

lighterlighter to apply.
applierobject attempting to apply the lighter.
aflagsspecial flags (always apply/unapply).
METHOD_UNHANDLED if the applier is not a player, METHOD_OK else..

Definition at line 52 of file lighter.c.

References do_light(), draw_ext_info(), draw_ext_info_format(), find_marked_object(), liv::food, say::item, obj::last_eat, METHOD_OK, METHOD_UNHANDLED, MSG_TYPE_APPLY, MSG_TYPE_APPLY_ERROR, MSG_TYPE_APPLY_FAILURE, obj::name, NDI_UNIQUE, obj::nrof, object_insert_in_ob(), object_split(), PLAYER, obj::stats, obj::type, and nlohmann::detail::void().

Referenced by init_type_lighter().

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