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Data Structures

struct  listen_info
struct  Map
struct  map_cell_struct
struct  Socket_Info
struct  socket_struct
struct  statsinfo


#define MAX_HEAD_OFFSET   8
#define MAX_NUM_LOOK_OBJECTS   100
#define MAXANIMNUM   2000
#define MIN_NUM_LOOK_OBJECTS   3 /* 3=prev group, one object, next group */
#define NS_FACESENT_FACE   0x1
#define NS_FACESENT_SMOOTH   0x2
#define VERSION_CS   1023
#define VERSION_INFO   "Crossfire Server"
#define VERSION_SC   1029


typedef struct Socket_Info Socket_Info
typedef struct socket_struct socket_struct


enum  Sock_Status { Ns_Avail, Ns_Add, Ns_Dead }


Socket_Info socket_info

Detailed Description

Defines various structures and values that are used for the new client server communication method. Values defined here are only used on the server side code. For shared client/server values, see newclient.h

Definition in file newserver.h.

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Default value for the number of objects to send for the 'look' window (container or ground view).

Definition at line 22 of file newserver.h.



Definition at line 44 of file newserver.h.



Definition at line 45 of file newserver.h.


#define MAX_HEAD_OFFSET   8

This basically defines the largest size an archetype may be - it is used for allocation of some structures, as well as determining how far we should look for the heads of big images.

Definition at line 42 of file newserver.h.


#define MAX_NUM_LOOK_OBJECTS   100

The upper bound for the number of objects to send for the 'look' window (container or ground view).

Definition at line 28 of file newserver.h.



How many times we are allowed to give the wrong password before being kicked.

Definition at line 84 of file newserver.h.


#define MAXANIMNUM   2000

True max is 16383 given current map compaction method.

Definition at line 53 of file newserver.h.


#define MIN_NUM_LOOK_OBJECTS   3 /* 3=prev group, one object, next group */

The lower bound for the number of objects to send for the 'look' window (container or ground view).

Definition at line 16 of file newserver.h.


#define NS_FACESENT_FACE   0x1

Bitmask for the faces_sent[] array - what portion of the face have we sent?

Definition at line 137 of file newserver.h.


#define NS_FACESENT_SMOOTH   0x2

Definition at line 138 of file newserver.h.


#define VERSION_CS   1023

Version >= 1023 understand setup cmd

Definition at line 149 of file newserver.h.


#define VERSION_INFO   "Crossfire Server"

Definition at line 151 of file newserver.h.


#define VERSION_SC   1029

Definition at line 150 of file newserver.h.

Typedef Documentation

◆ Socket_Info

typedef struct Socket_Info Socket_Info

Holds some system-related information.

◆ socket_struct

typedef struct socket_struct socket_struct

Socket structure, represents a client-server connection.

Enumeration Type Documentation

◆ Sock_Status

What state a socket is in.


Definition at line 64 of file newserver.h.

Variable Documentation

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