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tod.h File Reference
#include "config.h"
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Data Structures

struct  timeofday_t


#define DAYS_PER_WEEK   7
#define HOURS_PER_DAY   28
#define MONTHS_PER_YEAR   17
#define PERIODS_PER_DAY   6
#define PTICKS_PER_CLOCK   1500
#define SEASONS_PER_YEAR   5
#define WEEKS_PER_MONTH   5


void get_tod (timeofday_t *tod)


static const float MOVE_PER_SECOND = MAX_TIME / 1000000.
unsigned long todtick

Detailed Description

Defines for the ingame clock, ticks management and weather system.

Definition in file tod.h.

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Definition at line 24 of file tod.h.


#define DAYS_PER_WEEK   7

Definition at line 16 of file tod.h.



Definition at line 25 of file tod.h.


#define HOURS_PER_DAY   28

Definition at line 15 of file tod.h.



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Definition at line 30 of file tod.h.


#define MONTHS_PER_YEAR   17

Definition at line 18 of file tod.h.


#define PERIODS_PER_DAY   6

Definition at line 20 of file tod.h.


#define PTICKS_PER_CLOCK   1500

Number of ticks per in-game hour. With defaults, 3 real-life minutes.

Definition at line 12 of file tod.h.


#define SEASONS_PER_YEAR   5

Definition at line 19 of file tod.h.


#define WEEKS_PER_MONTH   5

Definition at line 17 of file tod.h.



Definition at line 23 of file tod.h.

Function Documentation

◆ get_tod()

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const float MOVE_PER_SECOND = MAX_TIME / 1000000.

Speed of an object that gives it one move per second, real time.

Definition at line 54 of file tod.h.

Referenced by eat_special_food(), and potion_type_apply().

◆ todtick

unsigned long todtick

Game world time, in in-game hours. See PTICKS_PER_CLOCK.

Definition at line 38 of file time.cpp.

Referenced by get_tod(), init_clocks(), tick_the_clock(), and write_todclock().