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Re: CF: 0.95.3 bugs (OR CHEATS)

Christian Stieber wrote:
> I don't think that's the BIG difference :-) The BIG difference, IMHO,
> is that you play nethack to perform a task --- recover the amulet of
> yendor, reach the astral plane, and sacrifice the damned
> thing. Crossfire, on the other hand, is a game that never ends, so
> sooner or later everybody has all the good items, no matter what.  I
> waited a long time for a cloak of the underworld, and even longer for
> the ring of ruling (in fact, we had to play games with ruggili to get
> the ring).

 The other significant difference between crossfire and nethack/moria is that
those games for the most part have all random maps, where most all of crossfire
maps are static.

 As such, in nethack, there a few special maps with special items, but most good
items to be found are luck when they are generated.  Most all good items in
crossfire have known location.  This is perhaps more like ultima and other such
games.  I certainly think playing one of those games half a dozen times might
get uninteresting or certainly quite a bit easier.

 I don't think putting a definate end point in crossfire will help for players
to have all artifacts.  I think some players would be might upset if they
defeated some monster and the game said 'congratulations - you have won the
game', and then removed the character.

 With that said, the following is a list of the current artifact problems:

 1) With the great flexibility map makers have of making new artifacts, they can
easily make artifacts which are out of balance in the game.  This also includes
the problem of artifact inflation - mapmaker X makes some map and being the
toughest map currently on the server, puts really good artifacts.  map maker y
makes an even tougher maps, and wants an even better artifact, so makes them.

 2) There are too many artifacts which are clearly the best - armor that is so
great there is nothing else you ever want to wear in almost any other
circumstance.  This is probably partially caused by map makers making artifacts
that are too good.  IT is probably also caused by few artifacts having
disadvantages.  It might also be caused somewhat by not enough other comparable
artifacts that have different properties so that you may want to switch
artifacts one in a while.

 3) Artifacts, or any good item, can be given to players at any level.  So a
high level character, if they so choose, could give a low level person
incredibly powerful artifacts.

 As a note, I remember when I first started playing and the only artifacts were
really the predefined ones - there were very few/no mutated artifacts on the
maps.  Finding artifacts was sort of like the nethack example above - you could
never be sure what artifact you would
find and when you would find it.  There were areas where you knew random
artifacts showed up, but it was a bit of work to go check them all out.

 But the fact the only good artifacts were pre determined, they were probably
balanced much better.  I remember discussions about the merits of some of the
different weapons - weapon X is nice because it had this attack type, but Y had
a less effective attacktype but did more damage so was better in some
circumstances, and Z slayed some creature, so agaisnt them it was really good.

 That said, I think having predetermined artifacts in areas makes sense, as it
ties in with the quest.  I think the problem really is the balance of these.

 One thing that may be useful would be a comprehensive list of the random
artifacts on the map (artifact and what it does).  This may certainly show up
some items that are really just out of whack in balance.  Also, having such a
list may give a better idea for map makers what is out there and what they can
do to keep things in balance.
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