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Re: CF: 0.95.3 bugs (OR CHEATS)

>  With that said, the following is a list of the current artifact problems:
>  2) There are too many artifacts which are clearly the best - armor that is so
> great there is nothing else you ever want to wear in almost any other
> circumstance.  This is probably partially caused by map makers making artifacts
> that are too good.  IT is probably also caused by few artifacts having
> disadvantages.  It might also be caused somewhat by not enough other comparable
> artifacts that have different properties so that you may want to switch
> artifacts one in a while.

Hmmm... there's a direct line of attack on this problem. Make different
artifacts incompatible with each other -- the best armour and the best
sword just don't get along. Explain it away with personality
differences, or something. The Flaming Sword of Napalm Hurling just
might not like to associate with the Frosty Helm of the Ice God. Or
maybe equipping two fire-aligned artifacts cancels out any cold immunity
you might otherwise have enjoyed (or fire immunity; it could be argued
both ways). Force players to specialize some more.

It's still not completely automatable, though -- you might have to add
attributes to a lot of the existing artifacts. Attacktype fire and
immunity to X are dead giveaways, but it's not always that easy. But
assuming the "best" artifacts are fairly well known, you really only
need to balance out a small set to start with.
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