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1 #ifndef CREUTILS_H
2 #define CREUTILS_H
4 #include <QtGui>
6 extern "C" {
7 #include "global.h"
8 #include "artifact.h"
9 #include "treasure.h"
10 }
12 class CREMapInformation;
13 class Quest;
14 class MessageFile;
15 class ScriptFile;
17 class CREUtils
18 {
19  public:
20  static QTreeWidgetItem* archetypeNode(QTreeWidgetItem* parent);
21  static QTreeWidgetItem* archetypeNode(const archt* arch, QTreeWidgetItem* parent);
23  static QTreeWidgetItem* objectNode(const object* op, QTreeWidgetItem* parent);
25  static QTreeWidgetItem* artifactNode(QTreeWidgetItem* parent);
26  static QTreeWidgetItem* artifactNode(const artifact* arti, QTreeWidgetItem* parent);
28  static QTreeWidgetItem* treasureNode(QTreeWidgetItem* parent);
29  static QTreeWidgetItem* treasureNode(const treasurelist* list, QTreeWidgetItem* parent);
30  static QTreeWidgetItem* treasureNode(const treasure* treasure, const treasurelist* list, QTreeWidgetItem* parent);
32  static QTreeWidgetItem* formulaeNode(const recipe* recipe, QTreeWidgetItem* parent);
34  static QTreeWidgetItem* faceNode(QTreeWidgetItem* parent);
35  static QTreeWidgetItem* faceNode(const New_Face* face, QTreeWidgetItem* parent);
37  static QTreeWidgetItem* animationNode(QTreeWidgetItem* parent);
38  static QTreeWidgetItem* animationNode(const Animations* anim, QTreeWidgetItem* parent);
40  static QTreeWidgetItem* regionNode(const QString& name, int count, QTreeWidgetItem *parent);
41  static QTreeWidgetItem* mapNode(QTreeWidgetItem *parent);
42  static QTreeWidgetItem* mapNode(const CREMapInformation* map, QTreeWidgetItem *parent);
44  static QTreeWidgetItem* questsNode();
45  static QTreeWidgetItem* questNode(const Quest* quest, QTreeWidgetItem* parent);
47  static QTreeWidgetItem* messagesNode();
48  static QTreeWidgetItem* messageNode(const MessageFile* message, QTreeWidgetItem* parent);
50  static QTreeWidgetItem* scriptsNode();
51  static QTreeWidgetItem* scriptNode(const ScriptFile* script, QTreeWidgetItem* parent);
52 };
54 #endif // CREUTILS_H
treasureliststruct represents one logical group of items to be generated together.
Definition: treasure.h:82
static QTreeWidgetItem * animationNode(QTreeWidgetItem *parent)
Definition: CREUtils.cpp:182
static QTreeWidgetItem * archetypeNode(QTreeWidgetItem *parent)
Definition: CREUtils.cpp:15
static QTreeWidgetItem * artifactNode(QTreeWidgetItem *parent)
Definition: CREUtils.cpp:42
Definition: Quest.h:32
static QTreeWidgetItem * questsNode()
Definition: CREUtils.cpp:212
Information about a script file.
Definition: ScriptFile.h:31
treasure is one element in a linked list, which together consist of a complete treasure-list.
Definition: treasure.h:63
static QTreeWidgetItem * formulaeNode(const recipe *recipe, QTreeWidgetItem *parent)
Definition: CREUtils.cpp:141
Global type definitions and header inclusions.
The archetype structure is a set of rules on how to generate and manipulate objects which point to ar...
Definition: object.h:465
static QTreeWidgetItem * faceNode(QTreeWidgetItem *parent)
Definition: CREUtils.cpp:169
static QTreeWidgetItem * questNode(const Quest *quest, QTreeWidgetItem *parent)
Definition: CREUtils.cpp:217
Defines and variables used by the artifact generation routines.
static QTreeWidgetItem * scriptNode(const ScriptFile *script, QTreeWidgetItem *parent)
Definition: CREUtils.cpp:239
static QTreeWidgetItem * scriptsNode()
Definition: CREUtils.cpp:235
This represents one animation.
Definition: face.h:26
This is one artifact, ie one special item.
Definition: artifact.h:14
static QTreeWidgetItem * objectNode(const object *op, QTreeWidgetItem *parent)
Definition: CREUtils.cpp:29
static QTreeWidgetItem * messagesNode()
Definition: CREUtils.cpp:225
static QTreeWidgetItem * regionNode(const QString &name, int count, QTreeWidgetItem *parent)
Definition: CREUtils.cpp:197
New face structure - this enforces the notion that data is face by face only - you can not change the...
Definition: face.h:14
static QTreeWidgetItem * messageNode(const MessageFile *message, QTreeWidgetItem *parent)
Definition: CREUtils.cpp:230
static QTreeWidgetItem * treasureNode(QTreeWidgetItem *parent)
Definition: CREUtils.cpp:83
Artifact-related structures.
One alchemy recipe.
Definition: recipe.h:10
static QTreeWidgetItem * mapNode(QTreeWidgetItem *parent)
Definition: CREUtils.cpp:202