Crossfire Server, Trunk  R20576
server Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for server:


file  account.c [code]
 This file contains account management logic - creation, deletion, log in verification, as well as associating player files with the account.
file  account_char.c [code]
 This file contains logic of dealing with characters that associated with an account.
file  alchemy.c [code]
 This contains all alchemy-related functions.
file  apply.c [code]
 Handles objects being applied, and their effect.
file  attack.c [code]
 This handles all attacks, magical or not.
file  ban.c [code]
 This code was grabbed from the Netrek source and modified to work with Crossfire.
file  build_map.c [code]
 This file handles all ingame construction functions: builders, destroyers, building materials.
file  c_chat.c [code]
 All player communication commands, except the 'gsay' one.
file  c_misc.c [code]
 Various functions.
file  c_move.c [code]
 Move-related (north, east, ...) commands.
file  c_new.c [code]
 This file deals with administrative commands from the client.
file  c_object.c [code]
 Object commands, including picking/dropping, locking, etc.
file  c_party.c [code]
 Party-related functions and variables.
file  c_range.c [code]
 Range related commands (casting, shooting, throwing, etc.).
file  c_wiz.c [code]
 Those functions are used by DMs.
file  commands.c [code]
 Contains the definition for all in-game commands a player can issue.
file  disease.c [code]
 This file contains all the code implementing diseases, except for odds and ends in attack.c and in living.c.
file  gods.c [code]
 All this functions handle gods: give presents, punish, and so on.
file  hiscore.c [code]
 Hiscore handling functions.
file  init.c [code]
 Server initialization, settings, and command-line handling.
file  knowledge.c [code]
 Handling of player knowledge of various things.
file  login.c [code]
 Player login/logout/save functions.
file  main.c [code]
 Server main entry point.
file  monster.c [code]
 This deals with monster moving, attacking, using items and such.
file  move.c [code]
 Those functions handle object moving and pushing.
file  ob_methods.c [code]
 Those functions deal with the object/type system.
file  ob_types.c [code]
 Those functions deal with the object/type system.
file  party.c [code]
 Party-structure related functions.
file  pets.c [code]
 Those functions deal with pets.
file  player.c [code]
 Player-related functions, including those used during the login and creation phases.
file  plugins.c [code]
 Plugin API.
file  quest.c [code]
 Quest-related low-level mechanisms.
file  resurrection.c [code]
 Resurrection / raise dead related code.
file  rune.c [code]
 All rune-related functions.
file  server.c [code]
 Main server functions.
file  shop.c [code]
 Those functions deal with shop handling, bargaining, things like that.
file  skill_util.c [code]
 Various skill-related functions.
file  skills.c [code]
file  spell_attack.c [code]
 This file contains all the spell attack code.
file  spell_effect.c [code]
 Various spell effects, non attacks.
file  spell_util.c [code]
 Spell-related helper functions.
file  swap.c [code]
 Functions that deal with swapping maps to disk to reclaim memory.
file  time.c [code]
 Routines that is executed from objects based on their speed have been collected in this file.
file  timers.c [code]
 This handles custom timers.
file  weather.c [code]
 Time-related functions.
file  win32.c [code]
 Windows-related compatibility functions.