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converter.c File Reference
#include "global.h"
#include <string.h>
#include <stdlib.h>
#include "ob_methods.h"
#include "ob_types.h"
#include "shop.h"
#include "sounds.h"
#include "sproto.h"
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#define CONV_FROM(xyz)   xyz->slaying
#define CONV_FROM_MATCH(xyz, _match)   (CONV_FROM(xyz) == (_match) || ((strchr(CONV_FROM(xyz),'*')) && wildcard_match(CONV_FROM(xyz),(_match))))
#define CONV_LIMIT(xyz)   ((xyz->stats.wc > 0) ? ((unsigned long)xyz->stats.wc) : INT32_MAX)
#define CONV_NEED(xyz)   (unsigned long)xyz->
#define CONV_NR(xyz)   (unsigned char)xyz->stats.sp
#define CONV_TO(xyz)   xyz->other_arch


static int convert_item (object *item, object *converter)
static method_ret converter_type_move_on (object *trap, object *victim, object *originator)
void init_type_converter (void)
static int wildcard_match (const char *string, const char *candidate)

Detailed Description

The implementation of the Converter class of objects.

Definition in file converter.c.

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#define CONV_FROM (   xyz)    xyz->slaying

Definition at line 33 of file converter.c.


#define CONV_FROM_MATCH (   xyz,
)    (CONV_FROM(xyz) == (_match) || ((strchr(CONV_FROM(xyz),'*')) && wildcard_match(CONV_FROM(xyz),(_match))))

Definition at line 38 of file converter.c.


#define CONV_LIMIT (   xyz)    ((xyz->stats.wc > 0) ? ((unsigned long)xyz->stats.wc) : INT32_MAX)

Definition at line 36 of file converter.c.


#define CONV_NEED (   xyz)    (unsigned long)xyz->

Definition at line 37 of file converter.c.


#define CONV_NR (   xyz)    (unsigned char)xyz->stats.sp

Definition at line 35 of file converter.c.


#define CONV_TO (   xyz)    xyz->other_arch

Definition at line 34 of file converter.c.

Function Documentation

◆ convert_item()

static int convert_item ( object item,
object converter 

Transforms an item into another item.

itemThe object that triggered the converter - if it isn't of a type accepted by the converter, nothing will happen
converterThe object that is doing the conversion
Return values
-1If something went wrong when attempting the conversion
0If the item was not converted
1If the item got converted

Definition at line 91 of file converter.c.

References Settings::allow_broken_converters, CLEAR_FLAG, CONV_FROM, CONV_FROM_MATCH, CONV_LIMIT, CONV_NEED, CONV_NR, diamondslots::cost, create_archetype(), FALSE, fix_generated_item(), FLAG_IS_A_TEMPLATE, FLAG_UNPAID, FOR_BELOW_FINISH, FOR_BELOW_PREPARE, GT_MINIMAL, obj::inv, llevError, LOG(), obj::map, MIN, MONEY, obj::name, guildjoin::ob, object_create_arch(), object_create_clone(), object_decrease_nrof(), object_free_drop_inventory(), object_insert_in_map_at(), object_remove(), object_unset_flag_inv(), obj::other_arch, mapdef::path, PLAYER, QUERY_FLAG, rndm(), SET_FLAG, settings, shop_contains(), obj::x, and obj::y.

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◆ converter_type_move_on()

static method_ret converter_type_move_on ( object trap,
object victim,
object originator 

Move on this Converter object.

trapThe Converter we're moving on
victimThe object moving over this one
originatorThe object that caused the move_on event

Definition at line 189 of file converter.c.

References common_post_ob_move_on(), common_pre_ob_move_on(), convert_item(), create_archetype(), draw_ext_info_format(), obj::map, MAX_BUF, METHOD_ERROR, METHOD_OK, MSG_TYPE_APPLY, MSG_TYPE_APPLY_FAILURE, give::name, NDI_UNIQUE, object_insert_in_map_at(), give::op, query_name(), reputation::victim, obj::x, and obj::y.

Referenced by init_type_converter().

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◆ init_type_converter()

void init_type_converter ( void  )

Initializer for the CONVERTER object type.

Definition at line 78 of file converter.c.

References CONVERTER, converter_type_move_on(), and register_move_on().

Referenced by register_all_ob_types().

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◆ wildcard_match()

static int wildcard_match ( const char *  string,
const char *  candidate 

Wildcard match where 'string' contains a '*' at the start, end, or both

Definition at line 45 of file converter.c.

References FALSE, m, make_face_from_files::str, and TRUE.