Crossfire Server, Trunk  R20590
common Directory Reference
Directory dependency graph for common:


file  anim.c [code]
 This file contains animation-related code.
file  arch.c [code]
 All archetype-related functions.
file  artifact.c [code]
 Everything concerning artifacts.
file  button.c [code]
 This handles triggers, buttons, altars and associated objects.
file  cf_random.c [code]
file  dialog.c [code]
 Structures and functions used for the dialog system.
file  exp.c [code]
 Experience management.
file  friend.c [code]
 Functions related to relationship management.
file  holy.c [code]
 God-related common functions.
file  image.c [code]
 Handles face-related stuff, including the actual face data.
file  info.c [code]
 The functions in this file are purely mean to generate information in differently formatted output, mainly about monsters.
file  init.c [code]
 Basic initialization for the common library.
file  item.c [code]
 Those functions deal with objects in general, including description, body location, and such.
file  languages.c [code]
file  living.c [code]
 Functions related to attributes, weight, experience, which concern only living things.
file  logger.c [code]
 This handles logging, to file or strerr/stdout.
file  los.c [code]
 This handles the "line of sight" for players and monsters.
file  map.c [code]
 Map-related functions.
file  ob_methods.c [code]
 Those functions deal with the object/type system.
file  ob_types.c [code]
 Those functions deal with the object/type system.
file  object.c [code]
 Everything related to objects, in their basic form.
file  output_file.c [code]
file  path.c [code]
 Contains file path manipulation functions.
file  player.c [code]
 Player-structure related functions.
file  porting.c [code]
 This file contains various functions that are not really unique for crossfire, but rather provides what should be standard functions for systems that do not have them.
file  re-cmp.c [code]
 Pattern match a string, parsing some of the common RE-metacharacters.
file  readable.c [code]
 This file contains code relevant to the BOOKS hack – designed to allow randomly occuring messages in non-magical texts.
file  recipe.c [code]
 Basic stuff for use with the alchemy code.
file  region.c [code]
 Region management.
file  shstr.c [code]
 This is a simple shared strings package with a simple interface.
file  stringbuffer.c [code]
file  time.c [code]
 In-game time functions.
file  treasure.c [code]
 Everything concerning treasures.
file  utils.c [code]
 General convenience functions for crossfire.