January 2008 Commit Log

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kbulgrien 2008-01-18 19:52 Rev.: 8207

Remove incorrect Object dwall3_3 and associated comment.

3 lines of code changed in 2 files:

mwedel 2008-01-14 03:40 Rev.: 8195

monster/*: Rebalance monsters. In many cases, hp, ac, exp, and level
were adjusted. This also incluedes the gods avatars and some spells that
create monster like objects.
player/race/*.arc: Give all playable races a 30 sp/hp/grace boost, so
starting values are higher, making things more playable.
MSW 2008-01-13

M trunk/monster/angel/mesangel.arc
M trunk/monster/angel/whim.arc
M trunk/monster/angel/angel.arc
M trunk/monster/angel/holyghost.arc
M trunk/monster/angel/liteangel.arc
M trunk/monster/angel/cherub.arc
M trunk/monster/misc/dancingsword.arc
M trunk/monster/misc/stalkergen.arc
M trunk/monster/misc/Chess/chess_king.arc
M trunk/monster/misc/Chess/ch_queen.arc
M trunk/monster/misc/Chess/chess_pawn.arc
M trunk/monster/misc/Chess/ch_knight.arc
M trunk/monster/misc/Chess/chess_rook.arc
M trunk/monster/misc/Chess/chess_bish.arc
M trunk/monster/misc/deathtree.arc
M trunk/monster/misc/sandy.arc
M trunk/monster/misc/mudman.arc
M trunk/monster/misc/lokanth/lokanth.arc
M trunk/monster/misc/stalker.arc
M trunk/monster/misc/serpmen/serpman_gen.arc
M trunk/monster/misc/serpmen/serp_priest.arc
M trunk/monster/misc/serpmen/serp_man.arc
M trunk/monster/misc/pixie.arc
M trunk/monster/misc/c_knight.arc
M trunk/monster/misc/Baslic/baslic.arc
M trunk/monster/misc/pixie_gen.arc
M trunk/monster/misc/c_priest.arc
M trunk/monster/misc/blob.arc
M trunk/monster/misc/tentacle/tentacle2.arc
M trunk/monster/misc/tentacle/tentacle.arc
M trunk/monster/misc/broo.arc
M trunk/monster/misc/crawl/crawling_chaos.arc
M trunk/monster/misc/gargoyle.arc
M trunk/monster/troll/armourtroll.arc
M trunk/monster/troll/smalltroll.arc
M trunk/monster/troll/Troll/troll.arc
M trunk/monster/troll/Gaelotroll/gaelotroll.arc
M trunk/monster/chaos/liv_chaos.arc
M trunk/monster/undead/ghost_gen.arc
M trunk/monster/undead/zombie_gen.arc
M trunk/monster/undead/skull.arc
M trunk/monster/undead/vampire.arc
M trunk/monster/undead/spectre.arc
M trunk/monster/undead/vampiregen.arc
M trunk/monster/undead/skeleton_chief_arc.arc
M trunk/monster/undead/wight.arc
M trunk/monster/undead/ghost.arc
M trunk/monster/undead/grimreaper.arc
M trunk/monster/undead/nazgul.arc
M trunk/monster/undead/skelet_gen.arc
M trunk/monster/undead/wraith.arc
M trunk/monster/undead/skull_gen.arc
M trunk/monster/undead/skeleton.arc
M trunk/monster/undead/Skeletal_mage/skeletalmage.arc
M trunk/monster/undead/banshee.arc
M trunk/monster/undead/ghast.arc
M trunk/monster/undead/nightmare.arc
M trunk/monster/undead/lich.arc
M trunk/monster/undead/zombie.arc
M trunk/monster/undead/skeleton_leader_arc.arc
M trunk/monster/acid/rustmonste.arc
M trunk/monster/acid/acid_pool.arc
M trunk/monster/acid/bpudding.arc
M trunk/monster/acid/acidsphere.arc
M trunk/monster/acid/slime.arc
M trunk/monster/acid/slimecrawler/slimecrawler.arc
M trunk/monster/acid/greenslime.arc
M trunk/monster/animal/bird.arc
M trunk/monster/animal/cobra.arc
M trunk/monster/animal/mouse.arc
M trunk/monster/animal/bat_gen.arc
M trunk/monster/animal/snake.arc
M trunk/monster/animal/Bear/polarbear.arc
M trunk/monster/animal/Bear/bear.arc
M trunk/monster/animal/ape.arc
M trunk/monster/animal/fungus.arc
M trunk/monster/animal/bird_gen.arc
M trunk/monster/animal/mouse_gen.arc
M trunk/monster/animal/panthergen.arc
M trunk/monster/animal/shadowtiger/shadowpup.arc
M trunk/monster/animal/Behemoth/behemoth.arc
M trunk/monster/animal/scorpi_gen.arc
M trunk/monster/animal/panther.arc
M trunk/monster/animal/gryphon/gryphon.arc
M trunk/monster/animal/Neko/neko.arc
M trunk/monster/animal/giant_bat.arc
M trunk/monster/animal/scorpion.arc
M trunk/monster/animal/farmyard/goose.arc
M trunk/monster/animal/farmyard/chicken.arc
M trunk/monster/animal/farmyard/sheep.arc
M trunk/monster/animal/Wolf/dwolf.arc
M trunk/monster/animal/Wolf/dwolf_sire.arc
M trunk/monster/animal/Wolf/wolf.arc
M trunk/monster/animal/Dog/mastif.arc
M trunk/monster/animal/Dog/pup.arc
M trunk/monster/animal/Dog/dog.arc
M trunk/monster/animal/bat.arc
M trunk/monster/giant/Titan/titan.arc
M trunk/monster/giant/serpent/fireserp.arc
M trunk/monster/giant/serpent/serpent.arc
M trunk/monster/giant/mabu.arc
M trunk/monster/giant/Big_Wiz/big_wiz.arc
M trunk/monster/giant/giant_gen.arc
M trunk/monster/giant/djinn/m_djinn.arc
M trunk/monster/giant/giant.arc
M trunk/monster/giant/slug/slug.arc
M trunk/monster/demon/fiend.arc
M trunk/monster/demon/medium_demon/mdemon.arc
M trunk/monster/demon/devil.arc
M trunk/monster/demon/Demon_Lord/demon_lord.arc
M trunk/monster/demon/imp.arc
M trunk/monster/demon/devil_gen.arc
M trunk/monster/demon/bone_head.arc
M trunk/monster/demon/Big_Demon/big_demon.arc
M trunk/monster/demon/raas.arc
M trunk/monster/humanoid/pyro_gen.arc
M trunk/monster/humanoid/madman.arc
M trunk/monster/humanoid/Dwarf/lesser_dwarven_guard.arc
M trunk/monster/humanoid/Class/thief_1.arc
M trunk/monster/humanoid/Class/conjurer2.arc
M trunk/monster/humanoid/Class/pirate.arc
M trunk/monster/humanoid/Class/northman.arc
M trunk/monster/humanoid/Class/conjurer.arc
M trunk/monster/humanoid/Gnome/gnome.arc
M trunk/monster/humanoid/Gnome/gnome2.arc
M trunk/monster/humanoid/pyromaniac.arc
M trunk/monster/humanoid/Elf/dark_elf2.arc
M trunk/monster/humanoid/Elf/dark_elf.arc
M trunk/monster/humanoid/madman_gen.arc
M trunk/monster/humanoid/siegfried.arc
M trunk/monster/humanoid/Human/child_thief.arc
M trunk/monster/humanoid/Human/pir_lass.arc
M trunk/monster/humanoid/Human/postman/postman.arc
M trunk/monster/humanoid/Human/postman/postman_gen.arc
M trunk/monster/elemental/Para/para_ice.arc
M trunk/monster/elemental/Para/para_lava.arc
M trunk/monster/elemental/Para/para_air.arc
M trunk/monster/elemental/Para/para_earth.arc
M trunk/monster/elemental/Para/para_fire.arc
M trunk/monster/elemental/Para/para_water.arc
M trunk/monster/elemental/Para/para_light.arc
M trunk/monster/elemental/Para/para_mud.arc
M trunk/monster/elemental/witch_air.arc
M trunk/monster/elemental/elem_air.arc
M trunk/monster/elemental/witch_water.arc
M trunk/monster/elemental/witch_fire.arc
M trunk/monster/elemental/elem_water.arc
M trunk/monster/elemental/elem_fire.arc
M trunk/monster/elemental/witch_earth.arc
M trunk/monster/elemental/elem_earth.arc
M trunk/monster/goblin/orc_gen.arc
M trunk/monster/goblin/gnoll_leader_arc.arc
M trunk/monster/goblin/ogre_chief_arc.arc
M trunk/monster/goblin/ogre_gen.arc
M trunk/monster/goblin/ogre_leader_arc.arc
M trunk/monster/goblin/gnoll_chief_arc.arc
M trunk/monster/goblin/kobold_gen.arc
M trunk/monster/goblin/orc_leader_arc.arc
M trunk/monster/goblin/orc_chief_arc.arc
M trunk/monster/goblin/gnoll.arc
M trunk/monster/goblin/goblin_leader_arc.arc
M trunk/monster/goblin/gnoll_gen.arc
M trunk/monster/goblin/goblin.arc
M trunk/monster/goblin/orc.arc
M trunk/monster/goblin/ogre.arc
M trunk/monster/goblin/goblin_chief_arc.arc
M trunk/monster/goblin/goblin_gen.arc
M trunk/monster/goblin/kobold.arc
M trunk/monster/dragon/Hatchlings/cold_drag.arc
M trunk/monster/dragon/Hatchlings/fire_drag.arc
M trunk/monster/dragon/Hatchlings/elec_drag.arc
M trunk/monster/dragon/bone_drake/bone_drake.arc
M trunk/monster/dragon/Electric/elec_dr.arc
M trunk/monster/dragon/Dragonman/dragonman.arc
M trunk/monster/dragon/Dragon/dragon.arc
M trunk/monster/dragon/dragoncave.arc
M trunk/monster/dragon/baby_drag.arc
M trunk/monster/dragon/drake/drake.arc
M trunk/monster/dragon/wyvern.arc
M trunk/monster/dragon/WDragon/worthless_dragon.arc
M trunk/monster/dragon/Chinese_Dra/chinese_dr.arc

912 lines of code changed in 237 files:

kbulgrien 2008-01-12 20:37 Rev.: 8183

wall/slevel/dlevel.arc corrected to provide reused face from slevel set.

6 lines of code changed in 2 files:

kbulgrien 2008-01-12 20:25 Rev.: 8182

traps/tspikes.base.111.png changed from greyscale to indexed to fix a
transparency problem.

4 lines of code changed in 2 files:

kbulgrien 2008-01-12 13:22 Rev.: 8177

Re-add misc/machine.arc and machine.base.x11.png under the GFDL after obtaining
permission from the original author to relicense the image under the GFDL or
the GPL as appropriate. Though neither does address images, the GFDL has been
applied to images by other organizations and is somewhat clearer in how it may
be applied to graphic art.

191 lines of code changed in 3 files:

akirschbaum 2008-01-12 02:14 Rev.: 8172

Add PNG compression script.

284 lines of code changed in 1 file:

kbulgrien 2008-01-11 23:59 Rev.: 8171

Remove misc/machine.arc and machine.base.x11.png and newly added LICENCE (as it
was added specifically to address Creative Commons licensing) due to concerns
about Creative Commons ShareAlike licensing requirements, and most especially
concerning a possible perception that this project or a distribution might be
construed to be a "collection" as defined by Creative Commons.

7 lines of code changed in 4 files:

akirschbaum 2008-01-11 21:22 Rev.: 8170

Use better compression to reduce image sizes.

0 lines of code changed in 11214 files:

kbulgrien 2008-01-10 22:57 Rev.: 8165

- Yet another license correction. The .arc file is not licensed under the CC.

1 lines of code changed in 1 file:

kbulgrien 2008-01-10 22:46 Rev.: 8164

- Correct the license text.

10 lines of code changed in 3 files:

kbulgrien 2008-01-10 22:16 Rev.: 8163

Add misc/machine.arc, misc/machine.base.x11.png under terms of a Creative
Commons Attribution-ShareAlike license described in misc/machine.arc and
as an attributed derivative work of a copyrighted image. The inspiration
for this graphic was provided by Yann (gros) Chachkoff. Added a LICENSE
file to communicate the fact that this type of license now governs some
material in the arch collection.

223 lines of code changed in 4 files:

kbulgrien 2008-01-10 00:52 Rev.: 8162

- Correct misspelling of `map_layer items` to `map_layer item`.

1 lines of code changed in 1 file:

kbulgrien 2008-01-10 00:23 Rev.: 8161

Rework dev/wip/spout to make water wider and more visible. Also adjust the
color to better match the sea arch set. Add a reference layer of a sea tile
to spout.xcf. Convert all the .png files to indexed mode to reduce size.
Update README with methods used to produce the graphics and remove comments
about issues with the original revision. The .arc files have been modified
to add 'map_layer item' to prevent wall pieces from disappearing when these
archs are placed on top of them.

54 lines of code changed in 10 files:

kbulgrien 2008-01-09 01:26 Rev.: 8155

Add a set of "overlay" archs that are designed to sit on top of walls to form
a spout with water pouring out. The art is designed to separate the liquid
and spout to allow spout and fluid variations. The archs are WIP because they
cause the wall underneath them to disappear. This is probably a map layer
issue. It may not take much to fix, but are not presently releasable.
The files are in dev/wip/spout, and are: pour_h2o.arc, pour_h2o.base.111.png,
pour_h2o.base.112.png, pour_h2o.base.113.png, pour_h2o.base.114.png,
pour_h2o.face, pour_spout.arc, pour_spout.base.111.png, README, spout.xcf.
Note that maps/trunk/unlinked/kbulgrien/rayvins_house.1 contains these arches.

137 lines of code changed in 11 files:

kbulgrien 2008-01-08 21:49 Rev.: 8154

Add wall/wall/wall_door_0.base.111.png and wall_door_1.base.111.png to make
it possible to have tight-fitting doors (no gaps due to perspective) in the
wall arch set. wall/wall/wall.arc modified. Decided to use the numbering
of the window archs. Also, per naming of the stwall window archs, rename
wall/stwall/stwall_2_door.base.111.png and stwall_5_door.base.111.png to
stwall_door_1.base.111.png and stwall_door_0.base.111.png and update

76 lines of code changed in 9 files:

kbulgrien 2008-01-08 00:33 Rev.: 8150

Add wall/stwall/stwall_2_door.base.111.png and stwall_5_door.base.111.png to
make it possible to have tight-fitting doors (no gaps due to perspective).
wall/stwall/stwall.arc modified.

21 lines of code changed in 4 files:

kbulgrien 2008-01-07 21:16 Rev.: 8149

Add wall/slevel/dlevel*.png and wall/slevel/dlevel.arc. The slevel arches are
raised "elevation" marks that are supposed to overlay other tiles to give the
appearance of a raised platform. The dlevel arches are the same graphics but
flipped in X and/or Y as appropriate to present a depression. Both arch sets
rely on the Crossfire perspective to give the hint of a ridge or depression.
In an elevation, the leading edges are long and the receding edges are short.
For the depression the leading edges are short and receding edges long.

191 lines of code changed in 17 files:

kbulgrien 2008-01-07 21:07 Rev.: 8148

Add wall/bwall/bwall_hole_5.base.111.png,wall/bwall/bwall_hole_A.base.111.png,
and wall/bwall/bwall_hole.arc. The vertical wall has a transparent hole in
the left face, and the horizontal wall has a transparent hole in the bottom
face. The holes could be drains for flowing rivers, or might even be an exit.

42 lines of code changed in 4 files:

ryo_saeba 2008-01-06 09:21 Rev.: 8136

Commit valid archetype I forgot last time.

19 lines of code changed in 2 files:

kbulgrien 2008-01-06 00:50 Rev.: 8134

- Removed is_animated 1 (even though current SVN gives an
error without it, it is incorrect as it causes a continuous
animation of sorts (ground view, not map view).

2 lines of code changed in 1 file:

kbulgrien 2008-01-06 00:43 Rev.: 8133

- Update arch and world map patch to have more samples of the various
cases of the pit/manhole that do not work. All six have hole functions
that work, though some are not aligned with the graphics, and only
four have animations that work. Two have garbled graphics.

676 lines of code changed in 2 files:

ryo_saeba 2008-01-05 05:29 Rev.: 8108

Fix sword visible through wing.

0 lines of code changed in 2 files:

ryo_saeba 2008-01-04 08:20 Rev.: 8100

Face name coherence.

147 lines of code changed in 13 files:

ryo_saeba 2008-01-04 08:16 Rev.: 8099

Name coherence.

11 lines of code changed in 2 files:

ryo_saeba 2008-01-04 08:12 Rev.: 8097

Name coherence for high angel pics and animation.

74 lines of code changed in 22 files:

ryo_saeba 2008-01-04 07:58 Rev.: 8096

Name coherence, second step.

167 lines of code changed in 4 files:

ryo_saeba 2008-01-04 07:57 Rev.: 8095

Name coherence, first step.

76 lines of code changed in 4 files:

ryo_saeba 2008-01-04 07:12 Rev.: 8093

Some coherence in pic names.

9 lines of code changed in 3 files:

ryo_saeba 2008-01-04 06:41 Rev.: 8092

Combine classical pics.

94 lines of code changed in 66 files:

ryo_saeba 2008-01-04 06:23 Rev.: 8091

Merge classical pics.

20 lines of code changed in 43 files:

ryo_saeba 2008-01-04 06:06 Rev.: 8090

Merge pics, remove unused ones.

22 lines of code changed in 12 files:

ryo_saeba 2008-01-04 05:58 Rev.: 8089

Merge pics.

34 lines of code changed in 7 files:

ryo_saeba 2008-01-04 05:55 Rev.: 8088

Merge ArchAngel pics, remove unused parts.

3 lines of code changed in 22 files:

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