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Crossfire is an open source, cooperative multiplayer graphical RPG and adventure game. Since its initial release, Crossfire has grown to encompass over 150 monsters, about 3000 maps to explore, an elaborate magic system, 13 races, 15 character classes, a system of skills, and many artifacts and treasures. Crossfire is based in a medieval fantasy world and is similar to other games of this genre.

Announcements, Updates & Changes:

Crossfire Website News:

June 4, 2019

Crossfire Wiki News:

May 6, 2019

  • For other user visible updates and changes to Crossfire, visit the Crossfire Traffic page on the Wiki
  • Updates for the Crossfire Wiki are also shown on the Recent Changes page


  • Modify fishing pole graphic (skills/Skill_Tools/fishing_pole.base.111.png) to clean up and remove pixelation (r20816)

GTKv2 Client

  • Use one window for metaserver and login dialogs (r20766)
    • Each of the metaserver and login dialogs used to be in a separate window that was raised and lowered in sequence. Now, all the pre-game dialogs are in one window that is not replaced until play starts.
  • Trim trailing whitespace from spell descriptions (r20767)
  • Add latency profiling command-line option (r20786)
  • Rename '–time-redraw' to '–profile-redraw' (r20786)
  • Restore option to allow connecting to a server directly when launching the client, i.e., –server <server_name or IP address> (r20789)

JX Client

  • Slight layout changes: Move buttons in main screen to right side and use consistent border gaps in dialogs. (r20774)
  • Support color 'RED' in skin definitions (r20778)
  • Change layout of book popup dialog to allow for more text (r20780)
  • Use bold font in dialogs to emphasize important parts (r20781)
  • Use bold font in buttons (r20782)
  • Move the scrollbar in the message dialog to the right side (r20783)
  • Do not crash when using 'vertical' skin command outside dialogs (r20792)
  • Reliably raise dialogs after mouse clicks (r20804)


  • Cosmetic change to Yarid's House, Downstairs (scorn/houses/wizz.lev1) in Scorn for nicer wall merging around one of the doorways. No functional changes. (r20806)
  • Add conversion computations, and a description of existing coins to bank teller dialogue (r20807)
  • #852 Stack of rings of Occidental mages all gain same effect on applying it Correctly split rings of Occidental Mages if needed before applying an effect (r20809)
Crossfire Atlas News:

January 10, 2019

Latest File Releases:

Select a client based on the OS that you wish to use while playing Crossfire, REQUIRED
Package Version Date Download
 GTK-v2 Client, Linux 1.73.0 2019-Jan-13 Download
 GTK Client, Windows 1.72.0 2017-Aug-15 Download
 JX Client snapshot 13-May-2019 Download
  • For a complete list of available clients, visit the clients page.
  • For those who are looking to host their own server, visit the server page.
  • For those looking to create new or modify existing maps, visit the map editor page.
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