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Crossfire is an open source, cooperative multiplayer graphical RPG and adventure game. Since its initial release, Crossfire has grown to encompass over 150 monsters, about 3000 maps to explore, an elaborate magic system, 13 races, 15 character classes, a system of skills, and many artifacts and treasures. Crossfire is based in a medieval fantasy world and is similar to other games of this genre.

Announcements, Updates & Changes:

Crossfire Website News:

May 10, 2020

Crossfire Wiki News:

May 10, 2020

  • For other user visible updates and changes to Crossfire, visit the Crossfire Traffic page on the Wiki
  • Updates for the Crossfire Wiki are also shown on the Recent Changes page

JX Client

  • Fix random client freezes when sound is enabled (r21214)
  • Fix random sound freezes (r21216)
  • Attempt to fix smoothing when no item no the same layer (r21218)
  • Snapshot release ( based on r21218)


  • Fix entrance to Elven Moon (lake_country/elven_moon) (r21220)
    • Fixed some water tiles with move_block set incorrectly that allow passage to the island even without the bridge
    • Move magic mouth underneath floor so it does not appear when 'show invisible' is cast
    • Make invisible barrier see-through
  • Deploy deposit boxes to Port Joseph, Wolfsburg, Marksel, Lake Country and Chokinbank (Suno Yamatoshi) banks (r21222)
  • Cosmetic change with how swall sections merge with nearby walls in Chokinbank (azumauindo/suno-yamatoshi/shops/bank1), no functional changes (r21223)
  • Deploy bank tellers to Port Joseph, Wolfsburg, Marksel, and Lake Country banks (r21224)


  • Improve shutdown handling (r21202)
    • Shut down immediately on signal or 'shutdown now', instead of waiting up to 51 ticks
    • Warn players on login, and more often
  • Skill code handling improvements (r21203, r21204, r21205)
  • Add 'dumpabove' command, similar to 'dumpbelow' (r21208)
Crossfire Atlas News:

December 30, 2019

Latest File Releases:

Select a client based on the OS that you wish to use while playing Crossfire, REQUIRED
Package Version Date Download
 GTK-v2 Client, Linux 1.74.0 2019-Dec-25 Download GTK-v2 SHA 256
 GTK Client, Windows 1.72.0 2017-Aug-15 Download
 JX Client snapshot 2020-Apr-29 Download
  • For a complete list of available clients, visit the clients page.
  • For those who are looking to host their own server, visit the server page.
  • For those looking to create new or modify existing maps, visit the map editor page.
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