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Crossfire is an open source, cooperative multiplayer graphical RPG and adventure game. Since its initial release, Crossfire has grown to encompass over 150 monsters, about 3000 maps to explore, an elaborate magic system, 13 races, 15 character classes, a system of skills, and many artifacts and treasures. Crossfire is based in a medieval fantasy world and is similar to other games of this genre.

Announcements, Updates & Changes:

Crossfire Website News:

October 8, 2021

  • Snapshot release for Gridarta map editor - README.txt
  • Windows Gridarta map editor installer .exe released - README-gridartainstaller.txt
    • The Windows .exe map editor contains the needed Java Runtime-Environment in addition to the map editor itself in a single download
Crossfire Wiki News:

OCtober 14, 2021

  • For other user visible updates and changes to Crossfire, visit the Crossfire Traffic page on the Wiki
  • Updates for the Crossfire Wiki are also shown on the Recent Changes page


  • New graphic for Rune of Confusin
  • Alchemy spell has been renamed to Transmutation (to avoid name confusion with the alchemy skill)
  • Two new artifacts for bows and crossbows
    • Lethargy fires very slowly and is cursed
    • Rapid Fire fires a little faster, and seems to be more noticeable on crossbows

GTKv2 Client

  • Brighten the color of dark blue text in the black theme, since it was practically unreadable on a dark background
  • Improvements to keep the world view of the client centered on the player character
  • Improvements to ground smoothing when fog of war is disabled

JX Client

  • Show executed commands in message dialog
  • Increase the width of the account characters dialog to make the map name visible
  • Add option to disable translucent dialogs
  • Add support for scrolling lists and the message dialog with the mouse wheel
  • New installation option - includes Java Runtime Environment (JRE) and game client in a bundle .exe installer for Windows
  • Add setup option to show or hide executed commands in message dialog


  • Change save beds to normal beds in Goth's Tavern upper level
  • Added a better lesson for newbies using middle-click with items on the floor, and hidden “under” other items Goth's Tavern upper level
  • Update Scorn (world/world_105_115) to include signs for Castle of Scorn and a hint about the royalty quests
  • Add a more details to the location of a glowing crystal for the Crown of Might quest in Oldie Moldie's Jewelry shop (lake_country/shops/Olds_jewel) in Lake Country
  • Update and tweak the intro sign in Lake Country (world/world_109_126) for local dungeons, shops, and other information


  • Allow numbers in player names (i.e., Test1 is now allowed as a character name)
  • Change pickup message when container is active
    • It can be very confusing if items are picked up into an inadvertently active container
    • If the pickup destination is not the active inventory
    • Change the pickup message to indicate that
  • Known spells are shown to the player during character creation process
  • Patch #414 Client controls seeing "magical" or not - Adds a config button to the client (Gtk only for now) so that the individual player has control on whether to continue to see the “magical aura” or not on items in their inventory
  • Add 'cursed' pickup option
    • Now have the ability to pickup all items identified as cursed in a stack of items
  • Numerous code quality and clarity updates and changes
Crossfire Atlas News:

October 14, 2021

Latest Client File Releases:

Select a client based on the OS that you wish to use while playing Crossfire, REQUIRED
Package Version Date Download File Info
 GTK-v2 Client, Linux 1.75.1 2021-Aug-19 Download
  • md5sum
  • sha1
  • sah256
  • GTK-v2 SHA 256
 GTK Client, Windows snapshot 2021-Sep-09 Download
  • md5sum
  • sha1
  • sha256
 JX Client snapshot 2021-Sep-20 Download
  • md5um
  • sha1
  • sha256
 JX Client.exe snapshot 2021-Sep-20 Download
  • md5sum
  • sha1
  • sha256
  • For a complete list of available clients, visit the clients page.
  • For those who are looking to host their own server, visit the server page.
  • For those looking to create new or modify existing maps, visit the map editor page.

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