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Crossfire is an open source, cooperative multiplayer graphical RPG and adventure game. Since its initial release, Crossfire has grown to encompass over 150 monsters, about 3000 maps to explore, an elaborate magic system, 13 races, 15 character classes, a system of skills, and many artifacts and treasures. Crossfire is based in a medieval fantasy world and is similar to other games of this genre.

Announcements, Updates & Changes:

Crossfire Website News:

Sept 17, 2017

  • GTKv2 Client v1.72.0 has been released
  • Snapshot release of the JX Client available for download
Crossfire Wiki News:

Sept 1, 2017

  • For other user visable updates and changes to Crossfire, visit the Crossfire Traffic page on the Wiki
  • Updates for the Crossfire Wiki are also shown on the Recent Changes page


  • Reduce serpentman cold vulnerability (r20465)
    • Increase serpentman player base cold resistance from -50 to -20 (r20466)
  • Reduced negative fire resistance for troll players to make this race slightly more competitive for higher level players
    • Increase troll player base fire resistance from -30 to -15
  • Reduced negative resistance for gaea.arc (fear to -15), ixalovh.arc (fire -15) and ruggilli.arc (cold -15) (r20467)
    • Gaea was -100 fear, now -15
    • Ixalovh was -30 fire, now -20
    • Ruggilli was -30 cold, now -15
  • Give "The Defender" a positive (rather than negative) impact on armor class (r20468)
    • Was AC -1, now AC +1
  • #834 Random dungeon power room does not cast transference in specific direction - Bug fix for the spell walls, which cast transference, get confused and start casting the spell in whatever direction they please (r20469)
  • Fix rotation of turnable firewalls (r20473)
  • Fix animation setting for firewalls (20474)
  • Added msg text to the scroll of literacy skill scroll to provide lore on how one can read a scroll to learn literacy (r20477)
  • Make Mjoellnir one-handed (r20499)
  • Improved a few spell messages (msg) to provide better feedback to players on what the various attacktypes and pathways spells use are (r20501)
    • Firebolt
    • Forked Lightning
    • Burning Hands
    • Dragonbreath

GTKv2 Client

  • Update version string to 1.72.0 (r20488)
  • Fix delayed update of weight limit display on Strength changes (r20500)


  • Fix firewall used in Castle Eureca in Pup Land (r20475)
  • Fix teleporter in Butakis' tower floor 3 to not return the player to outside the tower (r20476)
  • #836 Darcap Circus galleries (throw, shoot) allow flying players into unintended areas - Bug fix to prevent players with levitation skill can get into the mechanisms in the backend in Darcap's Throwing Gallery (/darcap/darcap/circus/wurfbude) and Shooting Gallery (/darcap/darcap/circus/shooting) (r20481)
  • Add initial reputation support (r20493)
    • As reputation support is experimental and still under development, the database is being kept in memory and is lost after every server restart
  • Update Eureca Cave Pass (pup_land/castle_eureca/cave_pass2) (r20494)
    • Fix grammar in magic mouth questions
    • Improve flexibility in magic mouth answers
    • Remove decorative signs
    • Remove duplicate cobble floor
  • Rotate bookshelf in Temple of Sorig in Scorn (r20496)
  • Reduce guild arrest jail time (r20498)


  • #648 item power ignored from certain items Fixed bug where item_power isn't affected by the item_power of ranged weapons (r20480)
  • This change makes the reasons for players being unable to learn spells when reading from a spellbooks much clearer (r20483)
    • Replaced "You are unable to decipher the strange symbols." with a variety of messages based on the difference in level between the book and the players literacy
    • Replaced "You need to be level %d in %s to learn this spell." with a variety of messages based on the difference in level between the book and the players relevant spell skill level
  • Provides players with a spells msg when they learn the spell (r20491)
    • By providing the information straight up, new players can gain an insight into what the spell is doing
  • #837 Jumping while captaining a vehicle moves player out of vehicle, but doesn't relinquish control of vehicle - Bug fix to add a simple check whenever we jump to make sure we aren't in a vehicle (r20495)
  • Add messages and flag for paralysis, allowing for smarter handling of paralysis in the future (r20502)
    • Also disallow eating food when starving and paralyzed, since it is incogruous to do so
  • Tweak apply on spellbook of known spell to identify the spellbook and name the spell in the client message (r20505)
Crossfire Atlas News:

May 19, 2017

  • Link summaries on the home page with applicable spoiler warnings
  • New pages
    • Cults - Sortable table listing cult map names or maps that contain a cult altar, cult name and region location (except apartment and guild maps)
    • News - index of site updates and related news for www.crossfireatlas.net

Latest File Releases:

Select a client based on the OS that you wish to use while playing Crossfire, REQUIRED
Package Version Date Download
 GTK-v2 Client, Linux 1.72.0 2017-Aug-13 Download
 GTK Client, Windows 1.72.0 2017-Aug-15 Download
 JX Client snapshot 2017-Sep-17 Download
  • For a complete list of available clients, visit the clients page.
  • For those who are looking to host their own server, visit the server page.
  • For those looking to create new or modify existing maps, visit the map editor page.
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