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2022 News

Log of all the changes and updates with the website

Jan 10, 2022
  • GitStats update for Archetypes, Gridarta, GTKv2 Client, JX Client, Maps, and Server
  • GitLog update for Archetypes, Gridarta, GTKv2 Client, JX Client, Maps, and Server
  • Doxygen update for Gridarta, GTK Client, JX Client and Server
  • Gridarta for Crossfire map editor snapshot released - README.txt
  • Gridarta for Crossfire map editor installer snapshot released - README-gridartainstaller.txt
  • Changes in the map editor release:
    • Add --use-mapdir command line options
    • Without this option Gridarta opens the map files given on the command line
    • With this option Gridarta interprets the map files as relative paths in the configured maps directory
    • Allow to edit scripts using an external editor.
      • The editor can be set in the options dialog (File|Options...) under External Applications|Editor
      • An empty input field (the default) uses the built-in editor. Examples are 'emacs' or 'xterm -e vim'
      • Spaces in the command name or in following arguments can be quoted: '"/usr/bin/some editor"'
      • The file to edit is passed as the last argument.
      • Problems while starting the editor are reported in the status bar
  • Windows GTKv2 Client .exe snapshot released - README.txt
    • Changes in the Windows GTKv2 client snapshot:
      • Added 'mapscale' command to change map scaling
      • Right-click a tile to walk to it, double right-click to attack
      • Spells window shows spell icons
      • All commands, not just key bindings, are shown when command echo is enabled
      • Improve text readability in the 'Black' theme
      • Image caching has been disabled until some bugs can be fixed
      • OpenGL and SDL renderers have been removed
      • Fixed several bugs in the Pixmap renderer
      • Fixed mouse-click examine showing the wrong tile