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OpenGL Client

This client is deprecated and no longer supported; do not use it!


Native Windows/OpenGL Crossfire client.

Current Version:

0.2 (Beta) as of 16-Mar-2004

Screen Shot:

A screen shot of the OpenGL Client is here.



Source Code:

cvs -z3 -d:pserver:anonymous@cvs.sourceforge.net:/cvsroot/gul co crossfire-wingl-client

Release Notes:

Version 0.2: Bugfix release, the client now seems to be fully usable and reliable now (i played a long time this weekend, but one can never be sure). Changes: Fixed 2 bugs in the bind/unbind key code (one of which had really hazardrous effects), and 1 bug in the fog of war code, which lead to a crash because the player left the virtual 512x512 fog of war map. The player now also goes into command mode, when the player clicks the single line edit control. New features: Sound support (with DirectSound), zoom info/inventory function

Version 0.1: Native Windows/OpenGL Crossfire client 3D graphics card required, needs a high resolution, at least 1280x1024, after starting the game, you can get into the command edit mode by pressing 'e', after this you can edit your keyboard bindings with 'bind' and 'unbind', initially you can move around with the numpad keys.