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2000 Website Updates

Log of all the changes and updates with the website.

Dec 28, 2000

New server added to the Servers page. The map section for Stoneville has been updated. The map listing and their locations (only) reflect the latest changes with the v0.95.8 release. A similar update for the other areas on Dragon Island is probably next.

Dec 22, 2000

Metaserver is up and running, search of the mailing lists and website now available.
The map section for Santo Dominion has been updated. The map listing and their locations (only) reflect the latest changes with the v0.95.8 release.

Dec 19, 2000

The website upgrade to DreamWeaver is complete. Now it's time to start updating the content. Website search function should start working soon once the site gets re-indexed from today's publish.

Dec 12, 2000

Upgrade to UdmSearch requires a re-index of the website and mailing lists. The search feature will be unavailable for a couple of days. This site is going to lag behind on the latest updates for a couple of weeks. The site is being reworked in DreamWeaver. Right now, I´m about 75% done.

Nov 29, 2000

New release for Crossfire, v0.95.8   This site is going to lag behind on the latest updates for a couple of weeks The site is being reworked in DreamWeaver.

Nov 9, 2000

CVS Mailing list at SourceForge

Oct 28, 2000

Update in the CVS Section - class and race information in summarized tables

Oct 24, 2000

Update in the Crossfire Handbook - now includes sections on Diseases and Glowing Crystals.

Oct 17, 2000

Updates for the CVS section. Class/Race changes in CVS now, ready for review. Updating this website is in process.

Oct 6, 2000

Reworked the search capability and links on the website and mailing lists.

Sep 26, 2000

A new server is up and running - find out more on the Server Page. Crossfire 0.95.7 has been released

Sep 6, 2000

Thomas Greene's destiny maps added to CVS. No summaries available at this time, more information is available from the E-mail list.

Aug 24, 2000

Update on the Servers page - a new one added, and an update on another.

Aug 1, 2000

Map summaries for the Library in Scorn; Red Island and the Practice Houses in Red Island.

July 11, 2000

Graphics now updated for Spoiler sections; Armour, Weapons, Bows, Special Weapons, Helmets, Shields, and Other Clothing. Still missing monsters, though.

June 26, 2000

Spoiler updates for Armour and Jewelry. Very important update on the new Mailing List setup, see the actual post or view it on the Mailing List page.

June 22, 2000

Crossfire 0.95.6 released  Updates on the Crossfire Mailing Lists. Update to the Server list.

June 16, 2000

Spoiler updates for Monsters: E to H, Monsters: I to L, Monsters: M to P, Monsters: Q to T, Monsters: U to Z. I still need the graphics, can anyone help me out with this?

June 9, 2000

Crossedit Mapguide now online. Spoiler updates for Weapons, Bows, Special Weapons, Armour, Helmets, Shields, Other Clothing, and Monsters: A to D. I still need the graphics, can anyone help me out with this?

May 30, 2000

New server added to the Servers page. Map Design page now called Map Czar. Started the Crossedit FAQ page.

May 22, 2000

New look to the website, same layout. Added a site history feature, available at the top and bottom of all the pages (except the index page...)  New Page: Map Design - used for bug finds, testing bug fixes, and improvements of maps already in existence.

April 27, 2000

Map summaries:  Strange Mountain, Grukk´s Tower, Kjerringhola Cave, all in Separate Areas. Ebony Tiger Thief Guild in Lake Country. Map Update: Golmoru´s Hut in Lake Country.

March 25, 2000

Map summaries:  House of Healing in the City of Scorn, Barud-Dur and (start of) Dol-Guldar in Separate Areas, and Burial Ground in Lake Country. Crossfire v0.95.5 now available. Bugzilla now open at http://bugzilla.real-time.com/ more details are available in a post to the Mailing List.

February 23, 2000

Malin´s Crossfire Chat now available - see what it is at:

February 9, 2000

Map fixes sent to the Crossfire Mailing List.

January 20, 2000

I am working on the Spoiler section, since it hasn´t been updated in over 2 years. I am about half way through it and as you can see, some of the information is missing. Anyone have any thing to add to it?  What about corrections?  Thanks.

January 17, 2000

Read about a couple of the bug fixes available for Crossfire, as posted in the E-mail list. New Crossfire server at nexus.v-wave.com - read more about it on the Servers page.

January 14, 2000

Summaries for the Volcano (Fire Temple, Mining Area, Research Center)  Now available - Crossfire Board - setup for questions, comments and general discussion.

January 13, 2000

Small update for Yarid´s House in Scorn. Addiontal information added to Chaos Lair and Snake Pit in Lake Country. Updated map summary for Wizard Tower and Mopoon´s Weapon Shop - both in Lake Country. New summary for Moria located in Brittany.

January 10, 2000

Updated summary for the Chaos Lair - part of the Snake Pit in Lake Country. New summaries for Jessy´s Castle and Jessy´s Zoo - both located in Brittany(Brest.)  Looks like the I have polls working again. Still needs some touching up though. Subscribe to the Crossfire Mailing List through a servlet on the Mailing List page.