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2001 Website Updates

Log of all the changes and updates with the website.

December 17, 2001

Updates for the Pantheon: Gorokh gets -2 hp regen (1 less than it was), -1 sp regen (1 less than it was), -5 cold (maximum resistance to ice is 90% and frost is 95%) Poison Fog spell for Gnarg is now a low level spell (requires 50 grace). Added attack type slow for Lythander, reduced acid resistance to -15 (from -40) and poison resistance to -30 (from -40). Reduced Mostrai's fire resistance, now +20 (instead of +30)

December 5, 2001

New map summaries: Lord Ramsdre Mansion, Mudman's Place, Tobias Tower, Santo Dominion Toll Street, St Dominion Sale, Undead Bungalow - all located in Santo Dominion.

Novermber 29, 2001

New map summaries: House of Power, located in Scorn. Also Hanz und Franz Panzer, Hut, The Little Peacock and Litte House of Horrors - all located in Santo Dominion.

November 21, 2001

New map summaries: The ARENA, Random House, Gnarg's Cave, Prison, Port Gate, Gatehouse and Temple of Ruggilli plus summary updates for Central Library, House of Healing and Pirate's Arena - all located in Scorn.

Novemeber 16, 2001

New map summaries: Scorn Castle, Mosely's Magic Books and Chess Club - all located in Scorn.

November 12, 2001

Update in the Crossfire Pantheon. Avatar updates for Gea (Ent to Panther, 1000 hp to 500 hp) Gnarg (Large Troll to Small Troll, 1000 hp to 500 hp) and Ruggilli (Flaming Skull to Fire Elemental, 650 hp to 400 hp) Note: The spoiler does not reflect these changes yet.

November 2, 2001

Update in the Crossfire Pantheon, new holy relic items for Ruggilli (whip) and Gnarg (bracers)

September 10, 2001

More details listed on the Maps by Level page. Includes city name and average level. Pantheon update for Devourers checked into CVS (repelled to path Light, instead of denied.) Huge site update for the mids crossfire server, http://mids.student.utwente.nl

August 22, 2001

New look for the website is now in place.

July 31, 2001

SDL CFClient - Alpha Release in CVS, more details available in the announcement. Fog of war code checked in CVS, find out more in the announcement.

June 19, 2001

Crossfire win32 binary release 1.0.0b11 & win32 compiler package, instruction are available in the announcement. CF Java Editor v0.960, more details available in the announcement.

June 4, 2001

Java client update now available, v1.0 alpha. Java map editor in beta release, v0.910 DX Client upgrade available, v1.25

May 18, 2001

New Screen Shots and updated client view.

May 16, 2002

New mailing list: Crossfire Administrators List used for discussion of issues on running a Crossfire server.

May 14, 2001

Crossfire v1.0.0 released

May 3, 2001

Update for the DirectX client, v1.20

April 30, 2001

New Mapset called Squishi available for testing and feedback. Squishi (and Destiny) maps available on the damn.informatik.uni-bremen.de ( server.

April 23, 2001

Update for the DirectX client, v1.16

April 20, 2001

New map section: Caterham. Map names listed along with location.

April 17, 2001

Hidden Valley has been correctly renamed to Valley of the Three Sisters. New map summaries for Wooded Village and Necropolis of Gax. Map summary updates for Tower of the Three Sisters, Evil Shrine and Large Compound. All maps are located in Valley of the Three Sisters.

April 12, 2001

Page updates for Unfinished Map Summaries and Maps by Level.

April 8, 2001

New release for Crossfire, v0.98.0

March 27, 2001

New mailing crossfire-maps for discussing issues related specifically to crossfire maps.

March 20, 2001

Version 1.02 of the DirectX Client now available for download. New release for Crossfire, v0.97.0 Map summary updates: Goblin Isle, Portia's House and Drunken Shark. All maps are in Port Joseph. New map summaries: Moogly Bill's Quest (Fort under Siege, Moogly's Grave and Treasure Island) in Port Joseph; Bloodwell, The Adventurous Shop and Adventurers Guild in Stoneville; Tower of Ordeal in Lonetown. Name correction for Titan's Castle (Castle/Fortress) map - it is now called Fortress Ang since that is what random scrolls/books call it.

Mar 14, 2001

Added a link for the latest daily snapshot of the CVS code, on the CVS page. Crossfire TODO list now online.

Feb 26, 2001

Race and class information updated in the Crossfire Handbook and Player Stats page. CVS page updated with the latest news on moving to Sourceforge - CVS FAQ now needs to be updated and checked for accuracy. New page - Debugging Tips.

Feb 13, 2001

New release for Crossfire, v0.96.0  Map-Making Tutorial by Andreas Vogl now online. See anywhere you can help? Player Stats page updated to include Race and Class Information. More Suggestions listed in the Crossedit FAQ section. See the sample tile sets provided by:

Mårten Woxberg

The Roguelike Graphics Page (Maintainer) - http://come.to/trgp

Jihad Roguelike (Tile Artist) http://jihad.leminator.org

Mitsuhiro Itakura



Feb 12, 2001

Graphics added to the all of the Monster pages in the Spoiler section. Map update for Dark Forest (aka Dark Temple). Fixed some broken links in the Crossfire Handbook section. Updated Crossfire Pantheon. Castle Magara and the Warehouse in Wolfsburg had new map tiles added.

Feb 8, 2001

Minor updates to the Crossfire Pantheon. Graphics added to the Monsters: A to D page in the Spoiler section. Spells and graphics added to the Magic page in the Spoiler section. Map updates on Fire Temple and Tower of Demonology to reflect CVS updates.

Jan 25, 2001

Updated release of the DirectX client. Screen shots also available. Update in the Crossfire Handbook - Holy Symbols. Three more Crossfire websites listed on the Links page. More servers are taking advantage of the metaserver, up to 7 now.

Jan 19, 2001

Updates to chapters 1 through 7 of the Crossfire Handbook.

Jan 17, 2001

Local mirror of the RedHat client RPM's now available at http://crossfire.real-time.com/Clients/rpm/

Jan 15, 2001

Update in the Crossfire Handbook; Chapter 1 - Introduction and Chapter 2 - Characters. These chapters should reflect the updates with v0.95.8

Jan 10, 2001

Update on the gods of the crossfire pantheon - please note this is a new link:
http://mids.student.utwente.nl/~avogl/gods_pantheon.htm New server, also updated on the Metaserver page.

Jan 2 & 3, 2001

Balance issues for the Crossfire pantheon - suggestions and ideas for Valriel?
See the first post and the followup post in the Devel mailing list. New DirectX client for Windows