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2003 Website Updates

Log of all the changes and updates with the website.

December 10, 2003

The GTK client 1.6.0 and server 1.5.0 have been ported to IRIX 6.5. At the moment, the -sdl option for the client causes a crash, and there is no sound.

November 10, 2003

Windows GTK Client update, v1.6.0

October 30, 2003

New maps available for testing, see http://www.cse.buffalo.edu/~jsantore/cf_maps/ for more information.

September 8, 2003

Santo Dominion map summary updates for A Little Opara, South Light House, North Light House, Permanent Apartments, Seafarers Den, Well and Stig's Hut.

August 13, 2003

On-line documentation of CF Client, CF Server, and CF Java Editor generated by Doxygen

June 2, 2003

New Crossfire messageboard/forum at: http://forum.metalforge.net
New Crossfire Wiki at: http://crossfire.freezope.org/

April 30, 2003

New Navar map summaries - Cathedral, Coliseum, Family House, High Court and Library

April 29, 2003

New page for the Win32 GTK Client. New Red Island map summaries - Ancient Ruins, Beach, god Finger Quest, J.Griffin's hut, Red Town, Shining Tower, To-jyo's hut, Underground Caves and Watch Tower. New Lone Town map summaries - Magic Show, Tower of Ordeal, Tower of Pupuly and Lone Town Well

April 18, 2003

New section, Walkthroughs - includes map walkthroughs for Beginners, Stores and Newbie Tower

Mar 21, 2003

Updated Experience Table, now goes up to level 115. Map Summary update: Lord Butakis' Elite Training Tower in Lake Country

Mar 12, 2003

Map Summaries: House by the well, The Burning Adventurer, Thieves Den and Dragonmountain - all located in Stoneville. Old Tower, Short Tower, Stairs down to Cellar, and Well to Catacombs - found in Wolfsburg.

Mar 06, 2003

New Dread Knight and Demonspawn Shield graphic - vote your opinion online
Map Summary: Enter at own risk, located in Stoneville

Mar 03, 2003

Map Summaries: Dragon Hangar, Beginners 2, Dark Elf House, Key Sale House, Brxzl's Home, Luxory Manner, Little House, Small House, House with Apartment, and Pixies Delight all located in Stoneville

Feb 25, 2003

Crossfire 1.5.0 and Client 1.5.0 released
Map Walkthrough - Beginners
New Poll - Should characters start with max HP/SP/Grace at first level?
Map Summary, Well of Intelligence in Stoneville

Feb 7, 2003

New Guide - Orc Knuckle

Jan 31, 2003

Spoiler update, new monsters (Banshee, Elf Guard, Elf man, Elf lass)

Jan 22, 2003

CFJavaEditor update - Testversion 0.984
New Spoiler page - Attack Messages
Added 5 new Web Polls
New Website Themes

Jan 10, 2003

FAQ update - Stealth and Monsters
New Web Poll - What map would you recommend to a new, level 3 player?
Preview a screenshot of the Plane of Fire map/set
New page - Social/Emotion Commands
New page - Crossfire Sitemap

Jan 03, 2003

Character Creation HOWTO now online
Crossfire Primers (as found in the Hall of Selection) now online
Updated navigation in the Guides section