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2002 Website Updates

Log of all the changes and updates with the website.

Dec 20, 2002

Updated Crossfire FAQ now includes information on item_power
Revision 1 of identifying the major cities on the Big World Map

Dec 13, 2002

Starting Character Guides (alchemy, summoning, combat and faith) now online
Better navigation within the DM Commands page
New Web Polls available

Dec 6, 2002

Alchemy spoiler page updated with all formulae
Work being done on the mailinglist server, expect flakey behavior the next couple of days

Nov 22, 2002

Website Poll now available
New map summary - Dragon Guild
Updated Site Index, an alphabetical listing of all the pages in the website

Nov 1, 2002

Multiple updates in the Spoiler section
Added two new themes

Oct 28, 2002

Update for the Crossfire Java Map Editor, v0.983
Map Summary update: Scorn Royalty Quest and Guild Houses Inc

Oct 10, 2002

Updated the spoiler with new monsters (bear, polar bear, wolf, dire wolf, giant rat, air witch, earth witch, fire witch, water witch, and chaos witch)
Added two new themes

Oct 7, 2002

New website now online
Update for the Crosfire Java Map Editor - v0.982
Website Themes are now available
Updated Players Command page with killpets
New Section: Map Editors - includes Java Editor and CF Edit
Mac OS X client available via Fink
Game Commands- Players and DMs
Map Guide has moved
New page - Character Guide; it will include character creation, race and class information. Also a section dedicated to the dragon race
FAQ has been updated with new questions, not all are answered though...
Requirements is in desperate need of updating
Disclaimer about using godpower noted in the Mapgquide- Things to Avoid
New Page - IRC
The massive spell table has been divided into sections and updated with more content and information
Reformatting for all the Spoiler pages (and many others..)
Added screenshots of some of the city maps
New pages in the Spoiler section: rings, holy symbols, amulets & talisman, cloaks, and bracers. Note: This is a far from complete list.

Sept 16, 2002

Crossfire 1.4.0 and Client 1.4.0 released

Aug 16, 2002

Updates for the Java Editor, current version 0.980

July 8, 2002

New maps available for testing:

Another map set available for testing:

Updated Documentation on Objects, Races and Treasure is also available at:

July 2, 2002

Crossfire 1.3.0 released.

May 31, 2002

First draft of a guide on the new Dragon PC class.

April 28, 2002

Crossfire 1.2.0 and Client 1.2.1 released


March 20, 2002

Crossfire 1.1.0 has been released


January 2, 2002

Crossfire client 1.1.0 has been released. This is the gtk and X11 client.