July 2008 Commit Log

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quinet 2008-07-31 14:15 Rev.: 9691

If an object of type CHECK_INV blocks movement (e.g. move_block all) and if
it contains a message, then display that message to those who are blocked.
This allows the inventory checkers to behave a bit like locked doors.

27 lines of code changed in 2 files:

quinet 2008-07-28 08:10 Rev.: 9688

Allow other archetypes than fingers to be given as trophies in arena battles.

85 lines of code changed in 7 files:

quinet 2008-07-28 07:47 Rev.: 9687

lib/smooth: updated by 'make collect' after Ryo's changes to the archetypes.

6 lines of code changed in 2 files:

mwedel 2008-07-24 22:32 Rev.: 9684

plugins/*/Makefile.am: Remove -Xlinker -export-dynamic -Xlinker -Bsymbolic
from extra LDFLAGS. Those are gnu specific linker options which cause
the plugins to fail to compile when not using gld. I've tested the build
without those options with gld on linux, and all works fine, so not sure
if those are still needed - in theory, libtool should cover that. If
those options are still needed, configure.ac should get updated with a
a better test.
MSW 2008-07-24

16 lines of code changed in 8 files:

quinet 2008-07-20 04:49 Rev.: 9584

Automatic style fix: replace "foo* bar" by "foo *bar", remove extra spaces inside parentheses, etc.

3199 lines of code changed in 187 files:

quinet 2008-07-20 03:23 Rev.: 9582

Style fixes in files that were using foo[ bar ] instead of foo[bar], slight reformatting of Win32 code.

227 lines of code changed in 10 files:

ryo_saeba 2008-07-19 10:14 Rev.: 9564

Win32 compilation fixes.

13 lines of code changed in 6 files:

quinet 2008-07-19 07:41 Rev.: 9563

Fix for bug #2017790 "Cannot build talking books, listening books or signs".
Fixed the incorrect usage of the function can_build_over(), refactored and
simplified the code, made functions static, added test to prevent the same wall
from being rebuilt several times, do not remove the marking rune prematurely if
a listening book cannot be built.

308 lines of code changed in 3 files:

anmaster 2008-07-18 05:48 Rev.: 9443

Fix bug #2009686 "party password does not work if 8 characters long". 8 chars
long passwords broke with party_rejoin to auto rejoin on login due to 9 char
buffer and assuming the last char would always be an \n.

13 lines of code changed in 2 files:

anmaster 2008-07-17 08:33 Rev.: 9438

Fix bug #2017648 "applying devourer weap causes crash", this was a division by
zero bug that affected any "personalized blessings" weapons with a willpower in
the range 0-1000. Also fix some minor issues in the same code block (reordering
tests and reusing a variable instead of fetching it using get_ob_key_value

15 lines of code changed in 2 files:

mwedel 2008-07-08 00:47 Rev.: 9427

In debug log message, check for null value and substitute as needed - it is
not universal that printf("%s", NULL) will not crash.
MSW 2008-07-07

5 lines of code changed in 2 files:

quinet 2008-07-03 14:00 Rev.: 9390

Fix for bug #2009802 (alchemy experience not stored correctly): Remove useless
and dangerous casts to uint16 because both source and destination variables
are of type int, and the experience points for several recipes do not fit in
16 bits.

12 lines of code changed in 2 files:

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